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Talk on Gravitation, Part 4

Talk on Gravitation, Part 4 Universal Gravitation, a Pure Assumption Yes, the Bible does “ teach that the world is flat ” approximately; and consequently there is no need of “the law o f gravitation” to “draw everything to the … Continue reading

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Talk on Gravitation, Part 3

Talk on Gravitation, Part 3 Attraction is a Myth The attraction of gravitation a myth ? Yes! a fabulous story, with no foundation in fact, though having an APPARENT support in some terrestrial phenomena. Many people imagine that gravitation is … Continue reading

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A Talk on Gravitation, Part 1

A Talk on Gravitation, Part 1 What is gravitation?   We are told a that gravitation exists throughout the universe is the reason why the smallest things fall down, such as a pebble to why planets remain in their orbits. … Continue reading

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