Flat Earth Answers Biblical Questions

Knowing the Flat Earth Truth Answers a Christian’s Questions

I had been a Christian all my life and it was just recently that I learned about the flat earth. Before I learned about the geocentric model I had some questions in the back of my mind. These unanswered questions did not shake my faith in Christ but they were questions anyhow.

Some of the questions I had were as follows:

“God must be busy in some other part of the universe to know what is going on here.”

“I wonder if the other intelligent life on other planets are free from sin?”

“If there are other civilizations that have sin, how can their sins be washed away unless God has more than one son?”

“Since we are told that there was no death until there was sin by Adam, does that mean there was no death on other planets?”

“If there was death on other planets, then are they in some other time frame to explain that?”

“Are we part Alien, as claimed by people like David Icke? If so, where does that leave us and the promises in the Bible that we are God’s Children?”

“Would we still be Yahweh, God’s Children if we are DNA re-arrangement by some Alien race?”

“In John 3:16, it says that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes on him shall not die but have ever-lasting life. Then, how would others be saved on other planets? It means that everyone else is without sin – if the Bible is true. Or, Yahwheh, God has more than one Son, so wouldn’t this be a conflict of statement?”

“We are told that Heaven is above us. So, is this meant figuratively or are we to believe this literally?”

Of course, there are other questions that could have been asked but I never thought of it as I didn’t take the other Bible verses literally (which we should have in light of the geocentric model of the earth). One such verse I didn’t think of is that “everyone would see Christ coming on the clouds.” Verses like that and without knowing about the flat earth facts, I had to make this verse fit my belief. This is what we all do, instead of thinking “outside of the box,” we do some mental gymnastics to make everything fit. Of course, there are those who simply lose faith, and this is sad.

With everyone seeing Christ, I, personally just accepted this at face value and not tried to figure out the mechanics of it. I believe that once you have this attitude, you are better off. Your getting to Heaven does not depend on you knowing all the answers in the Bible, you just have to know the most important one, which is, “No one comes to God except through Jesus Christ,” plain and simple.

As you can see, I had some answered questions. Though this did not weaken my faith in God’s holy word, I just had some unanswered qustions, which are now answered now that I have stuided the flat earth information. I hope you do, too.

Once you know about the flat earth, the true nature of what stars and planets are, and that there is a firmament or dome over the earth, then many of the above questions are answered. For example, that we on earth are the only people “out there,” (with the exception of Angels of the Heavenly Host), you’ll know that there are no other planets much less other planets with ETs on them. So, this answers questions about sin, Christ is the only Son of God, and that there are no other people to be saved.

When we are told in the Bible that “heaven is above” us, it has much more meaning than if this is a universe with a billions light years of space all around and that we live on a globe. For example, where would “above” be? Would it be above Germany 500 million light years, or would it be above Austrailia, which is “down under,” and 1 billion light years away? Where would heaven be? And if God is there, He certainly would not a personal God being so far away.

Where would “above” be, going from the top of the planet, from the equator, or from “down under”? And, how many light years “above” would that be, 1,000 or 1,565,000 light years? And, what galaxy would that be behind? And, what constellation would that be behind? And, what planet would it be on or be behind? This is not “above”!

Now, if Heaven is, say, 3,000 miles above and with us being on a flat earth, this “above” is literally the same for everyone; then the words of God has much more meaning. Of course, when the Bible was written the ancient world believed in the flat earth and that we were the only ones here and not aliens who could visit us and do us harm.

Flat earth facts fits in well with the Bible.