Morgellons Disease

Morgellons’ Disease and Synthetic Biology

Morgellons Disease is an attack on all humanity. It is, in essence, the creation of synthetic biology where fibers, that have a form of life, grow in your body. This is dropped on us from Chemtrails dropped from planes flying over head.

This video starts with chemtrails, then shows the fibers that have been taken out of people (about 24:00). The chemical composition is given of what these fibers consist of.

I encourage you to do your own research on YouTube by using the word: Morgellons. You decide what this is. This is anoter example of the attack on humans. The “Elite” not only want to make us sick and kill us but they are also interested in change our very biology.

At 1 hour in the video, there is a video clip of the Universe, but just ignore that part.

Hollywood gives in their movies, little clues of what is happening or what to expect. In the movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, made in 1956 listen to these prophetic words:

“Your new bodies are taking you over – cell for cell, atom for atom…and you’ll be born into an untroubled world.”

“Don’t fight it, Miles. It’s no use.”

“Their bodies were now hosts harboring an alien form of life – a cosmic form.”

Alien Fibers: Morgellons Disease – ABC’s Nightline

Note: If you have a condition like this and need help you will NOT get it from the typical medical clinic or hospital. If you need someone to talk to who can help you, I advise you to talk to Caroline at: This is located in Cyprus. (By the way, she is a flat earther 🙂 She uses live blood analysis with a dark field microscope, ozone therapy and nutrition to help people get well. I highly recommend her services.