Stanely Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick The Moon Landing

In any flat earth debate a person can bring up, “We went to the moon, so how can geocentricism be true?” or questions of this nature. As you have seen on Christian Flat Earth Ministry website, we have a video about the Moon landing hoax, but there is more to it. We have the producer of the filming of this hoax and his unique photographic techniques used to fool the world.

Kubrick’s skills include: director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor and photographer.

Just about every move goer knows of the legendary films produced by Stanley Kubrick, but very few know of his involvement behind the Moon landing hoax. Stanley also put cryptic messages in his films telling the world what he had done. Of course, you have to be on the lookout for such message – which I hope to post later. In the meantime, here is one video talking about the faking of the Moon landing itself.

For those who are not familiar with Stanley might know of the names of the movies he made, some of which are:

Dr. Strangelove, The Shinning, Eyes Wide Shut, and of course, 2001 A Space Odyssey. Which, my no accident was filmed the year before we went to the “Moon.”

Showing this video (as well as others) during a flat earth debate should help in your discussion of the flat earth.

More exposing videos will be posted here in the future by Stanley Kubrick or about Kubrick, so keep an eye out on this section of the website.

Pt (1 of 5) Make sure you check out the other parts of this documentary (it should show up in your YouTube play list).