Bible and Usury

The Bible and Usury

What Other Bible Truths Are Covered Up?

We all know that the government, media, educational system and churches covered up the flat earth truth. But what else have they covered up? As it turns out, they have covered up many other things. Now, I know I have to walk carefully when I bring up other subjects when it concerns the Bible. Just think on this for a moment. When you were first told about the flat earth, and assuming you are a Christian, how did you feel at the time? Did you resist the flat earth truth because your pastor did tell you? Did you resist it because when you did talk to your pastor or other Christian friend, they did not believe it?

When you did come to terms about the flat earth, it didn’t offend others because of their race, religion or sexual preference. After all, all religions and races were told that the earth is round and travels through space. But what if you were to learn of something else from the Bible but it offends someone of another religion – would you completely discount it because it?

It’s one thing to be called a “nut” or “strange” because you believe in the flat earth; you can take that – which you obviously did or you wouldn’t be on this page. But what if you were told something God plainly tells us in the Bible that offends someone of another religion, for example. You examine the evidence, you did your research and you come to the conclusion that you you’ve been lied to on another Bible topic . But if this topic offends someone of another religion or race, would you stop your search for truth? Would you immediately stop your research as soon as the first person used the word: hater, bigot, xenophobia of some kind in reference to your belief?

People today have been so conditioned that as soon as they are called one of the above words (among others) they immediately back off. Millions of people have a conditioned-reflect, that as soon as someone shouts “racist” for example, they back off on what they are beginning to learn – never to go there again. Unfortunately, millions of people do exactly that.

People know that if they are known as X, they can lose their job, lose their friends, lose their family. This, no one wants to do. And, we all know we have to keep our jobs to pay the mortgage. In fact, if you live in Germany, France or Austria, for example, you can be sent to prison even if you question that six million Jews died during the war. I believe that the sentence is three years in prison. Then, there is the rough time when that person gets out to find a job, as they now have a criminal record.

With this in mind, there are many people in the Christian/Patriotic/Nationalist movement that stop their learning when it comes to certain topics. This is a fact, as some people who have the biggest alternative news sites STOP at a certain point and go no further. In fact, it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad, that they genuflect at that thought of certain “taboo” subject and they attack a fellow Christian Patriot with words just like their enemy uses on them!

All of this is because it takes an extremely strong willed person to stand up for the truth. They would rather keep their collective heads down and maybe even join in the unholy chorus in attacking those who hold beliefs that are contrary to their own. I know it’s really tough to expose the full truth without fear or favor, as they have to keep their jobs social standing.

But let me ask you this, would you be like Peter who denied Christ three times, or would you stand up and say, “Yes, I known Him; He is my Lord and Saviour!”

We learn in the Bible that no one stood up for Christ “for fear of the Jews.” And so it is today.

Over the centuries there have been many changes in the Bible, and these changes were made in order for the antichrists (there are more than one of them) to gain complete control over God’s People. And for this, they have to say “Talking about the heathens is not politically correct.” Will we stop being “politically correct” and be “biblically correct” for a change!

In my life time I remember things that have changed to what is acceptable now. We used to sing, “Onward Christian Soldiers” but now we don’t, as we must be pacifist. Back when I was a child we were simply called Christians, but now it must have a prefix or suffix, such as: Judeo-Christian or Christian-Zionist. Oh, we can’t leave the Jew out.

I will, a little at a time, cover the topics that have been “taboo” in the churches and encourage you to do your research. As the Apostle Paul wrote, “test all things to see if they are true.” So, if there is some ecclesiastic body or some government leader says, “No, here is all you need to know,” don’t believe it. Just remember what Napoleon Bonaparte said, “History is written by the agree upon lies of the victors.”

That could lead to a host of other topics – lies about history – but for now let’s focus on the Bible. I shall start off with…

The Bible and Usury

Now, you may think that this will be a boring subject, that you have no interest in this. Though economics as it is taught today is boring, what I’m about to day I hope is not boring for you. As far as you not having any interest in it, economics affects everyone. The reason why we have the financial problems we have today – personal, state and national levels – is because we are in disobedience to God’s laws on money.

Yes, even this subject will offend people. It’ll offend the Bankers as well as those who make their money on some interest-bearing account.

A ton of information can be said on this subject, so I will simply highlight some of it and let you do your further research.

One book I highly recommend is, “Billions for the Bankers and Debts for the People,” by Pastor Sheldon Emry. This is a classic that was written many years ago that illustrates in simple terms the predicament we are now it.

Wars have been fought of the issue of a nation printing its own money debt-free and without the International Bankers, but lies are created for the reason of the war. If the truth would be told, people would not fight in the war. The lie is told by the nation that has the usury/debt system but the truth could not be told as who would fight for the profits on International Bankers? Thus, usually a political issue is created to use as the cause; or it might be a humanitarian created issue used as an excuse.

Another book I highly recommend reading and that is, “I Was An Economic Hit-man,” by John Perkins. He tells the story where he worked for the World Bank and that he was sent to various nations to get its leaders to sign for a loan. Those that did, everything went fine – for the banksters, that is. For the nations that didn’t, there was some war that was created. It could be a civil war or one by another nation. Or, it could simply be the killing of a President who “did not sign on the dotted line,” such was the case with an Ecuadorian President who died in a plane crash in the 1970s.

The nation that did sign for a loan, the Bankers knew that nation could not pay back – but that was all part of the plan. If a nation couldn’t pay back, the bank had their collateral in the form of mineral rights, oil or some other natural recourse. Of course, the people were taxed to death on money that was created out of thin air that didn’t cost the bankers anything. In the case of Ecuador, when they default on the loans, the international oil companies got the oil real cheap and in the meantime, did destruction to the Amazon rain forest.

I could go on and on, but I’ll end it right here. Hoping that this will give you another example of where the Bible has the answers and it’s usually in conflict with man-made laws.

The booklet “Billions for the Bankers and Debts for the People,” has a lot of reference to the Bible. This book, you can get free right here. The other book, which you’ll have to buy does not go into the biblical aspects but simply gives the story of the author who was invoiced in the world banking conspiracy.