Mind Control

Controlling the People Through Mind Control

US Sec of Navy admits they oversee mind control research

Here below is a link to a document, made available on the web by the Federation of American Scientists, in which the Secretary of the U.S. Navy admits in writing that the Navy is the authority giving approval for research in “severe and unusual intrusions” on human subjects, such as mind control work.

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CIA Admits Involvement in Mind Control

Their case resembles the plight of Hollywood star Matt Damon’s character in the hit movie series that began with The Bourne Identity.

As in the new follow-up film The Bourne Ultimatum, they claim that they were guinea pigs in a series of bizarre experiments to erase their memories and reprogramme them.

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Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture

Two women tortured, brainwashed and prostituted by the Illuminati paint a disturbing picture of how the world is really run. Both say they were prostituted to world leaders as children.

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TV and mind control

The Gate Keepers

No one has every been able to control data as Google has. Jesus said that there will be End Time deception, it has to involve the manipulation and control of data. Jesus knew of the End Time Control of information and we see it here with the biggest social media sites. Find out who they are, Click Here.