Moon Landing Hoax

What Happened On the Way To The Moon?

This is put out by UFO TV. I want to let all know that I don’t believe in UFOs. This video is not about UFOs but about exposing our so-called Moon landing.

One of the augments that globe earth believers have is that Americans went to the Moon. Thus, it’s necessary to destroy this argument before you move on to the flat earth. This video gives the “official” side of the Moon landing, but you hear how their arguments are met.

Discredit Moon Landing Hoax Video

There are some people who try to debunk the debunkers, as this guy on the Moon landing hoax did. What he actually did was pathetic that I feel like writing back in the Comments section, “After watching your video I’m more convinced that the Moon landing was a hoax!”

If you notice whenever you read or see a video on a “debunking the debunkers,” they really make a fool of themselves. Lets see what this guy said…

#5 Flag Waving

This guy claims that that reason why the flag was waving was because of the kinetic energy left after the astronaut touched the flag, as his explanation is there’s no resistance with air so the flag moves more.

What is wrong with this statement is, does he know how much longer a flag moves where there is no atmosphere? No, he doesn’t. Tests can easily be done here on Earth but if they were done, you can be sure that he will not show it. To me, it was a lot of movement of the flag after he touched it that kinetic energy could not have done all of that.

But what is not mentioned is, that according to NASA the flag was made of nylon. This is the big give away that the Moon landing was a hoax! How can a nylon flag (or any material flag) withstand temperatures of + 240 F. which is what we are told the daylight temperature of the moon is? It would burn up. Of course, he doesn’t bring this up as he would not be able to answer it.

#4 Footprint

The footprint was made because there is no moisture on the moon; in other words no moisture makes a foot print! In reality, it’s the other way round. Think of when you walked on the beach where the sand is dry, you cannot make a print of the lines in your shoe because there is no moisture; moisture holds the sand together. Yet, walking in your same shoes on moist sand you leave a footprint. So, what was shown by NASA in their Moon landing video, shows that there was moisture in the sand, which means that the video was made on the Earth.

He goes on to say that the Moon “has a dry lunar like dust…” This is what makes it impossible to show details of a the sole of a shoe. In reality, it’s just the opposite. If I was not a flat earther, I would ask what planet did he come from!?

Saying that there is so much dust on the Moon and that this is unsettled because of no atmosphere, this is an argument in our favor and not his. If you look at any photo of the Moon, you see astronauts with not a speck of dust on their face mask or even their boots; you don’t see dust on the landing feet of the lunar module, either.

#3 No stars seen

He claims that the reason why no stars are seen is because the Sun is up and reflecting off the Moon. He says the only way to see the stars is to block the ground view. He tried to compare this to seeing the stars in a city – which you can’t. But what is wrong with this comparison?

“If the foundations is wrong, everything built on it is wrong.”

The fact that all of this talk is based on the hypothesis and theories that the Moon is this, is that, is whatever. This guy is talking like all what the scientists have figured out here on Earth is what reality is. So, because we can’t answer all the arguments, he must be right! That’s not the way it works.

The fact is, that nearly all of what we are told about the Moon is simply not true, such as: that it’s a quarter of a million miles away; that it’s travelling around the Earth and around the galaxy, etc., etc. When we talk about the flat earth would dispel the whole myth that we did go to the Moon.

#2 Neil Armstrong

This guy talks about Neil Armstrong (the first man that ‘stepped on the Moon’) and made comments on what he said. Then he talks about some barber that cut his hair and sold it for $3,000 without Armstrong’s knowledge. I say, “What in the HECK does this have to do with the Moon landing? Nothing, of course, but this is a cheap diversion.

Going on, he said that Armstrong didn’t like giving interviews and didn’t like being asked questions by the media. He attributes this to just being nervous in front of a group of reporters. You bet he was nervous! Anyone would be when they are told they have to lie or ELSE! I don’t buy that it was ‘stage fright’ that Armstrong didn’t give interviews. If you look at him along with the other two astronauts in their first interview back in 1969, why were they ALL nervous, why did they look so dejected? They should have been ‘over the Moon’ (I couldn’t resist that one, ha, ha).

Three astronauts and they looked like they were afraid of the media after what they supposedly went through? No way. The fact is, that they were told to lie and there was some kind of implied threat to them or their families. People don’t like to lie – including these men – but they had too, and it SHOWED in the psychology.

The way Armstrong acted supports our belief that they didn’t go to the Moon.

#1 Camera cross hairs behind object

Finally, in this guy’s debunking, he talks about the camera cross hairs being behind objects and that this would be impossible unless the photo was tampered with. He goes on to explain this as when an object is over exposed, it looks like the cross hair is behind an object. Now, this would make sense, but here is what was shown: Some photos he showed were NOT over exposed yet the cross hair was behind the object (case in point was the astronaut on the land rover). This proves our case not his! So, what did he show? He did showed a real over exposed section of a video, where there was a light spot on an otherwise non-over exposed picture. And on this spot the cross hair was white out. But this is simply selective choosing. The funny thing is, he did not show the other pictures – which he surprisingly put up – that showed the cross hair behind the object. In short, he witnessed against himself (which the Bible talks about that some people do).

To summarise, “Thank you whomever you are, as you made me more convinced that there was a Moon landing hoax!” (Of course, I knew about this hoax long before I knew about the flat earth.)

It is good to see how others try to debunk whatever topic – not just the flat earth. When you look at their arguments you’ll know what to expect when talking to critics and how to answer them.