Bible Study

Welcome to the Bible Study section of our website. You’ll hear sermons that you’ll never hear in the mainline churches today. In order to navigate through all the lies and deception that is told us, it’s necessary that we know the Bible. I decided to create a separate topic on this website that is different from the Conspiracy section. I’ll leave the Conspiracy section for the secular topics.

From time to time I’ll add more to this section as well as creating subsections.

One of the many lies that modern day preachers tell us is, that Christians should be pacifists. This is not supported by Scripture.


Rapture Hoax: A Doctrine of Irresponsibility

Weekly Sermon 16 September, 2018

Judgement from God, part 2

Weekly Sermon, 9 September, 2018


Judgement From God, part 1

Weekly Sermon 2 September, 2018


Weekly Sermon 26 August, 2018

Know Thine Enemy, part 11

Howard Freeman: Unknown Christian Patriot of Long Ago

Posted 25 June, 2017

Among some of the things that Howard Freeman talks about is his experience in introducing real Bible truths in his Baptist church and the difference between a de jure and a de facto government.

Which Bible Would Jesus Use?

By Pastor Texe Marrs

Jesus carried or picked up a scroll while teaching in the temple. If He was here today, what Bible would He use? Not all the Bible are the same so it’s important. When you change a word, you change doctrine. That is why there is a warning in the Bible for those who do change it – their name will be taken out of The Book of Life.

Do you know that there are differences in the same versions of the Bible? They can’t even agree amoung themselves.