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Welcome to the Bible Study section of our website. You’ll hear sermons that you’ll never hear in the mainline churches today. In order to navigate through all the lies and deception that is told us, it’s necessary that we know the Bible. I decided to create a separate topic on this website that is different from the Conspiracy section. I’ll leave the Conspiracy section for the secular topics.

From time to time I’ll add more to this section as well as creating subsections.

One of the many lies that modern day preachers tell us is, that Christians should be pacifists. This is not supported by Scripture.

God’s Vengeance Upon Edom (Edomites), part 2

Weekly Sermon, 14 July 2019

For part 1, do a search on YouTube with the above title and “part 1”.

Thought Police In Light Of The Bible

Weekly Sermon, 7 July, 2019

Which Bible Would Jesus Use?

Weekly Sermon 30 June, 2019

Deification of Man

Weekly Sermon 23 June, 2019

Scripture Reading: 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4.  For the whole text of the sermon, Click Here

When We Are Ignorant of Slavery

Weekly Sermon 16 June, 2019

Many good Christians are ignorant of their slavery, just like we read in the Bible. Also covered is the meaning of un-circumcised and unclean – do they refer to us or to the non-Israelites?

Drugs In The Bible And It’s Relation Today

Weekly Sermon 9 June, 2019

The Bible talks about drugs using such words as ‘sorcery’. God condemned much of the practices of the day. Now it’s even worse, though the preacher did say there are situations where the doctors do good.

What The Bible Says vs What The Churches Teaches

Weekly Sermon 2 June, 2019

There is a big difference between what the Bible says and what is taught in churches today. This topic is on self-defence.

New World Order Is Not God’s New World Order

Weekly Sermon 26 May 2019

Sermon by Ted Weiland

The New World Order is not God’s New World Order. Find out who is behind the order. As Franklin Roosevelt once said, “Nothing in politics happens by accident.” (That includes Pearl Harbour by the way.) We don’t elect our leaders, they are pre-elected, and with internet ballets, it’s easier than ever. (Forget the Russians, it’s our un-elected leaders who influence the elections.)

Why Mad Men Are Not Killed?

Weekly Sermon 19 May, 2019

Have you every wondered why man men are not killed – at least not until a war that lasted a long time? Sure, they are killed eventually but why do you have people like Dick Cheney and George Schultz say, “The last thing we want to do is killed Saddam Hussein.”

Think of Bashar al-Assad, with all the bombing that has been going on in Syria, why haven’t they bombed Damascus? This has been left untouched. (Actually, the real mad men are not in some third world country thousands of miles away.)

You might have guessed it, now that you think about it, as I never thought about it until I heard this message – then it all makes sense.

Click Here to listen to the audio.

Ignorant Professors by Pastor John Weaver

Weekly Sermon 12 May, 2019

Richard Hoskins On God’s Law

Weekly Sermon, 5 May 2019

Richard Kelly Hoskins is a dedicated Christian Identity speaker that you may not have heard of. He is now in his 80s. Here he talked about God’s Law many years ago.

In this day and age where it OK for man to make laws but not to follow God’s Law, you have people who believe in the State wonder why there is all these problems. They have never considered their ways. If man’s laws were so good, why is everything so messed up? In England, with all this talk about “health and safety” why is it that the more “health and safety” laws we have, it produces disease and danger? That’s what these laws produce – disease and danger.

It’s time that we get back to living under God’s Laws!

What The Bible Says About Survivalist, Extremists and Right-Wingers

Weekly Sermon, 28 April, 2019

Don’t let the media control your thinking, hear what the Word of God says.

One Man Shall Chase a Thousand

Weekly Sermon, 21 April, 2019

Christianity verse The World, part 1

Weekly Sermon, 14 April, 2019

Listen to Ted Weiland being interviewed on Liberty Radio explaining God’s laws verse man’s laws; how man’s laws are burdensome while God’s laws are light.

Click Here for audio.

The Other Israel

Weekly Sermon, 7 April 2019

Here is an old video showing biblical truth. Though I don’t agree with everything, there is much that I do agree with. You will not hear the message in modern-day churches today.

If you should come across this video and there is nothing here, then that means the day came where YouTube censored this video, too. And, it would not surprise me. So download this, and other videos that show uncomfortable biblical truths, while you can.

God’s Solution For Poverty

Weekly Sermon, 31 March, 2019

Part 1

(Just do a search for part 2, 3, by using the words: God’s solution for poverty.)

The Curse of Canaan

Weekly Sermon, 24 March, 2019

Who are the Canaanites today and why does it matter?

Click Here for the PDF article.

Thought Police, Part 2

Weekly Sermon, 17 March, 2019

Continuing with Ted Weiland’s sermon on the Thought Police, given in 1990. With the recent shooting in New Zealand this past week, this is being used to change the laws there and to control out thinking.

Thought Police, Part 1

Weekly Sermon, 10 March, 2019

The idea of a “thought police” has been around for a long time. Listen to this sermon by Pastor Ted Weiland from 1990. Now, more than ever the government is trying to control out thoughts, and when they do that, they control our beliefs. This control has biblical origins, too.

They Do Always Err In Their Heart

Sermon, 3 March, 2019

They do always err in their heart; and they have not known my ways.
Hebrews 3:10

Do not the political leaders err in God’s ways and have not known Him? Just about everything they say and do is contrary to God. You can say this to the educational leaders and anyone else of influence today. Find what happened to some of the people in the Bible when they did contrary to the teachings of Yahweh, God.

Judgements Of God: Are They Still In Effect Today? Part 1

Weekly Sermon, 24 February, 2019

The average Christian out there thinks that the judgements of God has been done away with. So, if you wonder why we have so many problems today, this is the reason.

New Testament and God’s Law

Weekly Sermon, 17 February, 2019

Many Christians think that the New Testament is not compatible with God’s Law and they explain it away by saying that it was done away with on the Cross. In this sermon, you’ll know how to answer such un-Scriptural teachings.

There Is Nothing New With The New World Order

Weekly Sermon, 10 February 2019

There is nothing new with the New World Order. It’s just like the Tower of Babel, it just has a new face.

God’s Laws vs Public Schools

Weekly Sermon 3 February, 2019

This sermon is about comparing what Yahweh, God said and what the public schools in America teach. Listen to the goals of what the schools want to teach you. The National Education Association (NEA) wants your child to learn the ways of the heathen. Is that what God wants us to know? Are we to ‘appreciate’ the values of other religions, and the NEA calls for?

Read Deut 6:4-15 and you tell me if we are told to learn from, appreciate other religions and cultures.

What America Needs To Be Great Again

Weekly Sermon 27 January 2019

by Colonel Jack Mohr

We often hear ‘Make America Great Again’ but we don’t hear the specifics things to make America great again (or your country, wherever you live). Sermon from 1985
Find out what your country needs…

Health and Sin

Weekly Sermon, 13 January 2019

There is a relationship to health and sin, as we read about Christ saying to a man he healed, “Go and sin no more.” What does this actually mean? How can we learn from this? Most of us are unhealthy because of eating what God condemns in his food laws. Others are sick because of the sin of others who are subjecting those who are trying to live a healthy life. An example of this is bio-engineering and the spraying of chemicals and heavy metals in the sky. Another example is of fluoride put in the water. So, in some cases we are sick by what others are doing to us.

Listen to how health and sin is related in this Bible message.

Why Is God Scattering Israel?

Weekly Sermon 6 January, 2019

With Pastor Dave Barley