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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.

Where’s The Fuel On Turbo Jets?

Do Turbo-Jets Run On Air? .   Advertisements

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More On The Fake Chemical Attack in Syria

More On The Fake Chemical Attack in Syria I guess you all know by now that the chemical attack in Syria was fake. But in case you don’t know or have doubts, here are some links to check out. This … Continue reading

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National Debt Scam

  National Debt Scam Easy to understand economics in 16 minutes.   Our Sick Society, As Illustrated In A Cartoon .  

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A Double Minded People

A Double Minded People “How long will you halt between two opinions?” I Kings 18.21 . God talks about a double minded people and asked us, if God be God then follow him. If Baal be god than follow him. … Continue reading

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Fake News Reporting On Fake News

Fake News Reporting On Fake News Here is the proof: it’s all scripted. Let us hope that these media giants go bankrupt! Is it any wonder that the media talks with “one voice” when it comes to the flat earth … Continue reading

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The Conspiracy That Has Murdered Millions Of People Each Year

The Conspiracy That Murders Millions Of People Each Year There is a conspiracy that I’m sure you have all heard of, and that is the medical lies that have literally murdered millions of people each year. I’m sure you know … Continue reading

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Why Do Christians Get Sick?

Why Do Christians Get Sick? This could be the most important videos that you see! Why do Christians get sick. For many Christians they think that this is normal – after all the rest of mankind gets sick. Those that … Continue reading

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NASA Bloopers

NASA Bloopers Always good for a laugh… .

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Syrian Chemical Attack – Again

Syrian Chemical Attack – Again Here we go again, another chemical attack by Syria! Yea, sure! You may notice that this has come on the heels of the so-called Russian chemical attack on a Russian double agent in Salisbury, England. … Continue reading

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What The Bible Says On Immigration

What The Bible Says On Immigration The Immigration Scam We know that what the Bible says about the earth has been covered up (being flat and stationary) is to get us to more easily believe in Evolution. There are other … Continue reading

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