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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.

Spinning Ball of Water in Slow Motion

Flat Earth Experiment Putting water on a spinning ball and filming it at high speed to see what it looks like.   This is what happens when the ball is spun by hand (a couple of miles per hour at the … Continue reading

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Jesuits and the Flat Earth Cover Up

Here is a good article that I found online today. It’s about the Jesuits and how they kept the flat earth information from the public. It’s a long and well researched article. This essay is an attempt to lay the … Continue reading

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Paul Harvey and Freedom

Paul Harvey On Freedom It’s true today as it was back in 1965.  

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Christians Who Are Wilfully Ignorant About the Flat Earth

Christians Who Are Wilfully Ignorant About the Flat Earth There are Christians who are wilfully ignorant about the flat earth. Why is this? I can think of several reasons. They are afraid of what others will think They are mentally … Continue reading

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Attraction is a Myth

Attraction Is A Myth From Earth Not a Globe Review, January 1895 By “ Zetetes” The attraction of gravitation a myth ? Y e s ! a fabulous story, with no foundation in fact, though having an APPARENT support in … Continue reading

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Flat Earth Firmament

Flat Earth Firmament .

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Better Alternative Than Hydroxychloroquine

Better Alternative Than Hydroxychloroquine There is much talk about the use of Hydroxychloroquine in fighting covid-19. Patriots and all those in the alternative media are upset in getting their accounts closed who mention this on social media sites. They get … Continue reading

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Needing Permission To Do Everything

Needing Permission To Do Everything .

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NASA Masonic Conspiracy

NASA Masonic Conspiracy Apollo Mission’s Masonic Symbols In 1961, William Branham said: “I tell you now, it’s a program that’ll take you a hundred billion, billion, million light years beyond the moon. That’s right. And there if you go to … Continue reading

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International Space Station Docking

International Space Station Docking Click Here The ISS video portion is not to scale. If the ISS is supposed to be 200 miles up or less, then the Earth is COMPLETELY out of proportion, it should be MUCH bigger than … Continue reading

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