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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.

What Stars Really Look Like

What Stars Really Look Like Look at what stars really look like through a telescope and tell me if that is what space agencies show? The same applies to “planets”. All we see is photoshop images and before photoshop came … Continue reading

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Fake Moon Landing: Testimony by William Cooper

Fake Moon Landing: Testimony by William Cooper Bill Cooper talks on various topics in this old audio. Part way through this audio the host talks about the fake Moon landing with other information that is not often heard.

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Big Pharma Controls All In The United States

Big Pharma Controls All In The United States If you wonder why millions of Americans are sick, here is part of the reason – Big Pharma. Another reason is, that people eat food that they shouldn’t. It looks like Big … Continue reading

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Scrubbing Nordic History By Destroying Ancient Artifacts

Scrubbing Nordic History By Destroying Ancient Artifacts This video is about how the Swedish Government is destroying ancient artifacts using the excuse of “cost” to have archaeologists come in. When, in reality, the reason is to destroy the history of … Continue reading

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Climate Change Hypocrites

Climate Change Hypocrites Scientist speak out on global warming hoax Well, Greta Thunberg, we have listened to scientists and they tell us something different. Here are some facts you can use to expose the global warming hoax. Now, we do … Continue reading

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True Thanksgiving Day History

The True Thanksgiving Day History in America The True Thanksgiving Day History by Pastor Emry in 1974 – a sermon that you will not hear in churches today. There has been much re-writing of American heritage and of our first … Continue reading

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Degrees of Sight On A Flat Earth

Globe earthers will often quip that ‘if the earth were flat, then we could see all over it!’ but this is, of course, ignorant and inaccurate. If you stand on the beach, a plain or prairie, you will find the … Continue reading

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Geographers in Congress

Geographers in Congress From Earth Review, No. 5, October 1895 By Lady Blount, F.B.P., ect., and W. T. Wisbman, F.R.G.S., F.B.P., etc. (Members of the Sixth International Congress, London, 1895). Antarctic Exploration   “Even great Astronomers do not always escape … Continue reading

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Christians Who Are Wilfully Ignorant About the Flat Earth

There are Christians who are wilfully ignorant about the flat earth. Why is this? I can think of several reasons. They are afraid of what others will think They are mentally lazy and don’t want to do the work They … Continue reading

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What Many Christians Might Think Of Me As A Flat Earth Believer

There are millions of Christians who believe the way they do simply because they don’t want to offend others who go to the church they do. This applies not only to the belief in the flat earth but on ANY … Continue reading

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