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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.

The Indians Did Not Save Them

The Indians Did Not Save Them   Like all of history, the truth is covered up about Americans celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Twenty-first Century subversives, who write much of our present text-books, and “history,” try to tell us the English Colony … Continue reading

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Google Controlling The News

Google Controlling The News Google has powerful control over what people read, as you know. The latest is that it’s making it more difficult in finding RT News reports – by burying them further down in search results. This does … Continue reading

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Rob Skiba’s Interview with ABC Nightline At The First Annual Flat Earth Conference

Rob Skiba’s Interview with ABC Nightline At The First Annual Flat Earth Conference It would be interesting to see what was actually aired on ABC TV and how much they cut out. If they did, and people are shown the … Continue reading

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Immigration by the Numbers

Immigration by the Numbers This is video plainly shows of what immigration does to a nation. You may have seen it but for those who have not, it shows that allowing people from the third world into your country does … Continue reading

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Flat Earth and Funny Pictures

Flat Earth and Funny Pictures You might get a laugh out of these flat earth meme pictures! They drive the point home real quick. .  

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Flat Earth Conspiracy Theorists On The Rise

Flat Earth Conspiracy Theorists On The Rise A recent Illinois TV station admitted that flat earth conspiracy theorists are on the rise (YEA!). Which is true. They are worried that more and more people do not believe the scientists. Well, … Continue reading

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More Energy Directed Fires

More Energy Directed Fires When I heard about the strange fires in California, I heard the narrator say they were done by some kind of energy directed weapon. I thought this was the only one. Well, I was wrong. Here … Continue reading

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Fake Moon Landing

Fake Moon Landing One way to introduce people to the flat earth is by talking about the moon landing. You don’t start off by saying it was fake but you introduce facts that makes you friend start to question … Continue reading

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Gravity: A Catch-All For Everything

Gravity: A Catch-All For Everything Note: Sorry for the delay in posting but my computer is in the repair shop and the one I’m using now is an old one that has Windows XP on it and I just managed … Continue reading

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One Way How The Government Is Planning To Murder Us

One Way How The Government Is Planning To Murder Us Check in your area and see what they have. Check near your home. Some people are using organite to neutralise it but I don’t know if this would work. I … Continue reading

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