World War I and II

World War I and II

Warning: This video is not for everyone, as it’s “not politically correct” but it is truthful. Some people can take some of the truth but not all of it.

The Greatest Story Never Told

This is the story of Adolf Hitler that you never heard from the mainstream media or the New World Order – for obvious reasons. This is the German side of what happened before and during World War II. The full film is 6 hours long and is produced by Englishman Dennis Wise. You’ll have to do a search for find the rest of it. The reason being is that those in power do not want you to see it.

Talking about world conspiracies, this one is one of the greatest that has even been kept from us. Viewing this video will give you a better understanding of why we have the problems that we do today and why there has great effort in keeping the truth from you.

If you have the software, you might want to download this while you can before it’s taken off line.

History is the agreed upon lies by the Victors.” Napoleon Bonaparte


Historian David Irving Lectures on the Holocaust and Other Subject of WW 2

Listen to what happens to you when you speak the truth in “democratic free” Germany – it’ll make your blood boil.


Benjamin Freedman On The Khazars

Freedman in a speech delivered in 1961. You might want to check out other videos on this same subject to learn more about the people who ruthlessly rule over us.

World War I: The War That Ended All Peace

by Zionist turned Christian Benjamin Freedman. Find out the real reason why World War I started. This, you will not hear in the schools today.

These two videos will be in the section Other Conspiracies/World War I and II


What Hitler Said About the Jews, Freemasons and Zionism