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Talk on Gravitation, Part 3

Talk on Gravitation, Part 3 Attraction is a Myth The attraction of gravitation a myth ? Yes! a fabulous story, with no foundation in fact, though having an APPARENT support in some terrestrial phenomena. Many people imagine that gravitation is … Continue reading

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Evolution and Gravity

Talking about evolution and gravity, we are told by evolutionists that the Universe was started by the ‘Big Bang’ and with it the stars and planets formed; all matter went out in their own direction and with it, the stars, … Continue reading

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So-Called Gravitational Stress

Note: I have a new video posted in Video 3 Page. The title is: “Missile expert talks about flat earth” In one of the videos by Kent Hovind on the flat earth, which I think is video 3, he talked … Continue reading

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Gravitational Wave Hoax

Gravitational Wave Hoax This “wave” was detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and reported by cosmologist, Lawrence Krauss at Arizona State University. Many of you may have heard the news released 11 February 2016, that scientists have discovered … Continue reading

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