The World Is Starting To Wake Up

The World Is Starting To Wake Up

FE on Dutch TV

You Can’t Stop This Movement



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Just a Quick Note

Just a Quick Note

Thanks for all those who joined on our mailing list! I’m at the library now using the computer as my computer crashed. I’m ordering an inexpensive computer and waiting on that. What they shipped out yesterday was the wrong one! I’ll make a comment on what I observed and how this simple mistake made me realise what the Internet Giants are doing and even how it affects us flat earth people and all truth seekers.

So, when I get online again at home, I’ll be adding more posts and start with the first of the newsletter.

By the way our Stats are up!

God Bless

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Video: Flat Earth and the Bible

Video: Flat Earth and the Bible

Flat Earth Creation summed up in a couple of minutes.



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History of Astronomy From The Roman Empire To The Present, part 17

History of Astronomy From The Roman Empire To The Present, part 17

Einstein’s Theories Examined

What Einstein suggests is this:

The observer is located on the surface of an earth which is rotating on its axis, and at the same time travelling through space at many thousands of miles an hour, consequently his place, or locality, is continually changing with respect to an imaginary point fixed in space. Notwithstanding this change of place, electro-magnetic laws appear to act precisely as they would if this place was not changing its position with respect to that point. Therefore Einstein argues that electro-magnetic currents must, in reality, vary their speed, and so adapt themselves to the changing conditions in such a manner as to “seem the same to the observer as if he had not changed his position.” Unfortunately he is unable to show any reason why electro-magnetic action should do this remarkable thing; for he treats it as a thing that had intelligence, as if it wilfully acted in a manner calculated to deceive the observer.

When reduced to its essence, this argument proves to be no more logical than the idea that the street might be moving while the wagon was at rest. Einstein has been betrayed into supposing a thing that is altogether impossible, i.e. that a physical law can act in an unnatural manner, and yet produce an effect which appears to be normal; because he began by assuming that the locality of the observer was changing, and that assumption was untrue! Now if he can realize the fact that the earth is actually at rest, he will find that his difficulties all disappear; and that Electro-magnetic laws do not alter, neither does the locality of the observer change.

But as Einstein persisted in shutting his eyes to the fact that the earth is stationary he did not see the incongruity of his assumptions concerning electromagnetic action, so that— in order to support his contention— he was led still further into error, and compelled to repudiate two of the Laws of Dynamics, viz.: 1. “Lengths of rigid bodies are unaffected by motion of the frame of reference;” and 2, “Measured times are likewise unaffected.”

He says that these two laws of dynamics are untrue, and thought to prove they were wrong by the foregoing argument, so it becomes necessary for us to prove the fallacy of that argument in such a manner as to leave no doubt whatever as to what is true, and what is false; the two “Laws of Dynamics” 1 and 2, being the stake at issue.

Einstein believes that the earth is rotating on its axis in the direction of the arrow in diagram 28, at the rate of 1,000 miles an hour; and that at the same time it is travelling, en mass, in the same general direction along its orbit at 66,000 miles an hour; therefore he thinks that an electro-magnetic current must travel from B to A in less time than it will take in travelling from A to B, because B is all the while running away from A, while A is always going towards B. Therefore it appears that the measured length of a current passing from B to A (and also the time it takes) will be shorter than the measured length and time of a current passing in the opposite direction from A to B; (hence his contention that lengths of bodies and measured times must both be affected by the motion of the observer.)

Of course we know that his premises were wrong, and that A and B are both located on an earth which is at rest; but, for the purpose of the argument, we will waive that, and assume the Copernican astronomy to be true. Then his argument is not so unreasonable as it seemed; indeed it almost has the appearance of being true; but Einstein has forgotten that the observers at A and B are both on the same earth— that they both use the same Greenwich Mean Time— and that the Electro-magnetic wave passes from one place to the other by convention— so that the earth’s atmosphere offers the same facility to its passage from A to B, as it does from B to A.

And that is the trifle that turns the scale against him. The fact that the whole operation takes place within the terrestrial atmosphere gives equal conditions to an electro-magnetic current passing in any direction within that atmosphere; the same being unaffected by anything that may, or may not, take place in ethereal space, which the earth and its atmosphere in its entirety is unconscious of. Thus, an electro-magnetic wave passes from A to B in the same time as it passes from B to A, just as a train travelling at a uniform speed of 60 miles an hour goes from Bristol to London in the same time as it will go from London to Bristol; while the length of the railway track measures the same from Bristol to London as it does from London to Bristol.

And so the Laws of Dynamics 1 and 2 remain true; while Einstein’s contention has been proven false.

The whole hypothesis of Relativity has failed, both in the mass and in detail, under our examination, so that, unable to support itself, it can no longer aspire to support any theory of the universe. Therefore our judgment remains unaltered. Copernican Astronomy stands condemned, and has lost its last, and perhaps its ablest, living advocate.

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Anti Communist Song

Anti-Communist Song

Here is a song that I never heard before. It sounds like it was written many years ago but it is still relevant for today. This is something that Christian Patriots should be singing the next time they have a march. Enjoy…


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“Charities” Like The American Red Cross Are Selling Donations Claims Some People

“Charities” Like The American Red Cross Are Selling Donations Claims Some People

Charity Rip Offs





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Kirk Cameron said God sent hurricanes to teach humility

Kirk Cameron said God sent hurricanes to teach humility

The heathens are raging!

Headline from the Daily Mail, UK:

Outrage after Kirk Cameron claims God sent Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to teach us ‘humility’ and to make sinners ‘repent’… as he prepares to fly OUT of Florida

Here is the video that is making all the fuss – with non-Christians, of course:

“Kirk Cameron has received a huge backlash on Twitter after uploading a Facebook video airing his thoughts on the current natural disasters occurring in the world right now, calling it divine punishment.

“His video, which has more than 250,000 views, attracted a lot of attention as the 46-year-old actor has said that God sent us the hurricanes to teach us ‘humility, awe and repentance.’

In the video the former Growing Pains star, who was at the airport leaving Florida, said: ‘We know that weather is sent to cause us to respond to God in humility, awe and repentance.’”

Read more:

This proves that God does punishes his people for disobedience. If he didn’t, there wouldn’t be any “outrage.”

First, I don’t know what the real percentage of people who does not agree with Kirk Cameron is, but it doesn’t matter. Notice how the newspapers never presents the other side. If Kirk’s Post or Tweet was viewed by fundamental Christians the response would be massively in favor, but you won’t hear this from the newspapers.

If majority of people don’t think that God is punishing us, that is expected from the accused – they simply LIE! Think of what the people said about Noah when he was building his Ark; they ridiculed him but the purpose of the flood was because of them! In short, I wonder how many heathens will die as a result of Hurricane Irma? Time will tell, as of this writing Hurricane Irma is beating down on Florida.

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History of Astronomy From The Roman Empire To The Present, part 16

History of Astronomy From The Roman Empire To The Present, part 16

Einstein’s Theories Examined

  Now we are free to deal with his Law of the Constancy of the Velocity of Light.

We are told that Light is a material thing, and that a beam of light is deflected from a straight line by the gravitation of any and every thing that lies near its course as it passes within their sphere of influence; and we are further assured that light always maintains a uniform speed of 186,414 miles a second. . . . We have, however, to remind Professor Einstein that the “Velocity of Light 186,414 miles a second ” was determined as the result of experiments by the physicists— Fizeau, Foucault, Cornu, Michelson and Newcomb, all of which experiments were conducted within the earth’s atmosphere, on terra-firma; the last between Fort Myer and the Washington Monument.

In all these experiments a ray of light was reflected between two mirrors several miles apart, so that it had to pass to and fro always through the atmosphere, and it is not to be supposed that light, or anything else, can travel at the same speed through the air as it would through the vacuum Einstein supposes space to be.

Let us reverse this in order to realize it better. It is not to be supposed that any material thing travels at no greater speed through a vacuum than it does through air, which has a certain amount of density, or opacity. If anything does not distinguish the difference between air and a vacuum, then it is not a material thing; it cannot be matter. On the other hand, anything that is matter must of necessity make such a distinction, and in that case its velocity can not be constant.

Again, if a ray of light can deviate from its course by the gravitational pull of the sun, or of any other celestial body it has to pass, it must accelerate its speed while approaching that body; and slacken it again in reverse ratio after it has passed; hence it follows that its velocity is not constant.

Once more, if a ray of light can bend by its own weight, or by the law of gravitation, it is subject to other conditions, and therefore is not absolute. . . The length of the course used by Newcomb in the final determination of the Velocity of Light was 7.44242 kilometres (return course). If the ray of light had deviated by a hair’s-breadth from an absolutely straight line, it never could have passed through the interstices between the very fine teeth of his revolving wheel, or return precisely to the appointed spot on his sending and receiving mirrors, which were 3.72121 kilometres, or more than two and a quarter miles apart in a bee-line. The fact that the ray of light did pass from mirror to mirror, and through the wheel, proves that it maintained a straight line; hence it is certain that it was not deflected from its course by the gravitation of the earth between the two mirrors; wherefore it is obvious that it was not affected by gravitation.

So we find that the very experiments by which the accepted 186,414 miles per second as the Velocity of Light was measured— experiments which were carried out with the utmost painstaking and minute attention to detail— prove that a ray of light is not influenced by the gravitation of the earth in the slightest degree.

Therefore, if those experiments were good enough to warrant all the world in accepting the “Velocity of Light” they may be equally well adduced as proof that a ray of light does not bend by its own weight; and that light is not affected by gradation…And if it is not influenced by gravitation a ray of light cannot be deflected from its course by anything it has to pass, so that its course remains true to the direction in which it was discharged; and that is a straight line in every direction from the source.

(Lord Kelvin tells us that “Light diverges from a luminous centre in all directions.” )

In brief— we find that Light is not a material thing, that it is not subject to gravitation, that it has no weight and does not bend, and that it does not describe any kind of curve ; but that it is “ an expression,” in the same sense as sound is an expression, and that— as such— its velocity varies according to the density of the medium through which it passes; and that therefore the Velocity of Light is not constant, and Einstein’s Second Law is entirely wrong! The question of the “ether versus empty space” remains unaffected by his theories, and the stars that glitter like veritable diamonds in the sky are exactly where they appear to be.

So much for Einstein’s Second Law. Now let us examine the other, the first law, or as he calls it—“The Principle of Relativity”: which states “That all inertial systems, that is, all systems which move with uniform and rectilinear velocity with respect to each other, are equivalent in expressing the laws of natural phenomena.”

That is what the law is stated to mean. It may not appear very inviting to the general reader, but he will find it quite interesting as we proceed, though it is, of course, of very great importance to every student of general science and mechanics. As a matter of fact it is not a law at all, it is a statement. At the same time it is not a plain statement; for it is equivocal, and means something which it does not say; it is a statement by implication. It is as though we were to say— “Hello, Jones, how long have you been out of coal?” That would make it necessary for Jones to prove that he had not been in coal, in order to dispose of the implication; and so it is with this statement of the Principles of Relativity; it is an implication.

Taken literally it is true; for it states what is already known; but it implies the reverse of what it states— “that all systems which do NOT move with uniform and rectilinear velocity with respect to each other are NOT equivalent in expressing the laws of natural phenomena!” and that is very much more important.

Now if we carry this innuendo to its logical conclusion, and put it into simple language, it means— “that no reliance can be placed upon any deductions which are obtained by means of observations to the heavenly bodies, because they are taken from the surface of the earth, and the observer is moving at a different speed than the object under observation.”

There would be a certain amount of truth in that if the earth was really moving; though, even if that were so, the effects of relative movement could be” easily overcome by taking two observations simultaneously from opposite sides of the meridian to which the object was vertical. The effects of time would be eliminated in that way ; and a mean would be formed by comparing the two opposite observations. And so we find that neither the statement (or law), or its implication, have any value. The statement might just as well have never been made.

With mental agility worthy of a better cause, Einstein leads from his Mechanical Principle of Relativity up to the Special Principle of Relativity, by means of one of the most extraordinary arguments it is possible to imagine ; but, strange as it is, and inconsequential as it may seem, this argument really affects everything that comes within the range covered by the word “Relativity”; and for that reason we will not allow it to pass unnoticed.

After admitting that Electro-magnetic laws do not alter according to the system in which they occur— that is to say— after admitting that Electro-magnetic laws act the same all the world over, he proceeds to argue precisely the contrary, by saying, quite definitely, that in reality they do alter, and offers to prove it by the following statement: “The motion of each locality on the earth is constantly changing from hour to hour, but no corresponding changes occur in electromagnetic action.”

Of course this has all the appearance of a man flatly contradicting himself, and it might even appear to be nonsense, but in reality it is a very pretty argument of the most elusive kind which it is a pleasure to meet. I will confess that I admire Einstein: he skims so close round the edge of the ice.


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Google and Artificial Intelligence

Google and Artificial Intelligence

Note: I’m taking a risk now, but I hope that with this information Google doesn’t make it harder to find this flat earth website. If it does, it just proves what I’m saying and what this video shows. Time will tell.

It seems like Google is out to control the world. while this is not new to many of us, they seem to be ramping up the pressure to do so. Google now will put a previously high ranking website and lower it to one of obscurity if they don’t like your content. So, it’s just a matter of time before they go after flat earth sites like the one you are on. I venture to say that there are many of you who found Christian Flat Earth Ministry by a Google search.

There are many websites that are in the cross-hairs of Google and not just flat earth websites. When people are searching for the truth it will be harder to find. One topic that Google wants to see put down the Orwellian Memory Hole are those who advocate holistic healing of one kind or another; website who expose the dangers of vaccines, orthodox cancer treatments and such. They simply don’t want people to know that there is a fast, natural and, for the most part, painless way to heal yourself.

As the above video says – he who controls Artificial Intelligence (aka, Al) will control the world. In light of this Vladimir Putin told a class of students and teachers from across Russia, this past September 1, on this very topic. He said, “Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind. It comes with colossal opportunities, but also threats that are difficult to predict. Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.” He continued, “If we become leaders in this area, we will share this know-how with entire world, the same way we share our nuclear technologies today,”

What Can We Do?

Unlike most people who write about the problems of the world and leave it like that, I like to end with some of the things we can do.

There are alternatives to Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Alternative to Google

Alternative to Facebook (this site is dominate in Eastern Europe and Russia)

Alternative to Twitter

Alternative to YouTube

Now, you might know of others that you’d like to share with the rest of us. The long and the short of it is, anyone that is on the internet will already be in the data base of those who hate us but we should not let that stop us from reaching out to others with the truth.

Saving Videos

Videos that could be banned should be saved before Google either takes them off line or makes it real difficult to find. There are programs that you can get that will allow you to download YouTube videos. Another way to do it, which takes longer is, you can buy a program called Fast Stone at This cost $20 but is well worth it. This is a software that takes pictures and videos of your screen. So, when you see a video you can make a video of the video. This takes longer as you have to literally let the video play while you make a video of it.

Saving All Your Files

With all the text, audio and video files, you should have an external hard drive and or DVDs with your information on it. Do not store it in the same place as your computer but have it store at another premise. Think in terms of: What is some people raid my house? What if there was a fire? What if I’m barred from my own home? What if someone stole my computer? What would I do in this situation?

In short, you want to be able to preserve the truth so you can share with other people. Always be one step ahead of the enemy.

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