Flat Earth In Slide Presentation 1

Flat Earth In Slide Presentation 1

Here is part 1 of the flat earth presentation in a slide presentation. To open, you’ll need Microsoft Word or Open Office (which is free) to view this. I hope that you like this. With a slide show, it should help you in explaining the flat earth to family and friends.

Created by fixedearth.com which is no longer online, sorry to say.

Click Here.



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Suppression and elimination of certain powerful Truths is what “Hate Crime” laws are all about.

Suppression and elimination of certain powerful Truths is what “Hate Crime” laws are all about.

Think about it, all that is “politically incorrect” is against some kind of truth. And what is being called “politically incorrect” and what can get you fired from your job, charged with a crime and getting banned from social media is being broaden. For example, in Germany, Austria, France and several other countries in Europe, if you don’t believe in 6 million Jews being gassed, you can find yourself in prison. If you speak out against a certain group of people or their religion the same will apply. How are will this hatred against Christians and White people go? Find out by Clicking Here.

Warning, it might be too much for some of you but the story has to be told.


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Is Truth a Matter of Personal Opinion?

Is Truth a Matter of Personal Opinion?

By Arnold Kennedy

Is truth just a matter of personal opinion? Isn’t one person’s view of ethics just as
valid as another person’s? Are not all views, in essence, the same? And does the whole
issue of truth and ethics really matter? Does it make any difference? Can the honest
seeker of truth decide without accurate data? In our consideration of ethics — the moral
evaluation of what is right and what is wrong — we will need to overcome some common
misconceptions people hold in this arena of ethical determination.

Misconception #1: ALL TRUTH IS RELATIVE

Personal opinion doesn’t determine reality. (For example, I can choose to believe
that the earth is round, but the reality of the matter is that the earth is flat and stationary! You may still choose to believe that it’s a globe, but you’ll still be wrong! Ed.)

Another way of stating the claim that all truth is relative is to say, there are no absolutes! Yet in response to this claim I must ask, “Are you absolutely sure there are no absolutes?” It is humorous to note that the rejection statement — “There are no absolutes.” — is, in fact, an absolute!

Is the statement “All truth is relative,” true? No, it’s impossible since it is a selfrefuting statement, one which contradicts itself. It is, in fact, making a statement of
absolute truth when it claims, there is no absolute truth!

Some examples of self-refuting propositions would include, “I’m a truthful liar”; “I’m an
honest thief”; “I’m a compassionate killer”. All of these statements are false since they are
internally contradictory and therefore self-defeating!

Applying this idea of moral relativism would say that each person is entitled to act
on his or her own personal system of right and wrong regardless of the results. Hitler
applied this philosophy and it is claimed by some that he caused the murder of six million
Jews. And if right and wrong are relative, then he was just as entitled to act on his system
of belief as you or I. ‘That’s absurd!’ you say. And that’s exactly my point.

To continue to assert the idea of moral and ethical relativism is absurd and is an
attempt to construct an imaginary world filled with chaos. For example, while letting your
car run outside the store one day, you see some-one getting into your car to drive off with
it. You run outside and say, “You can’t do that!” Their response is, “That’s just your
opinion, so why should I listen to you?” You tell them that it’s wrong to take your car. They
remind you that truth is relative, and their opinion is just as valid as yours.


This is partly a restatement of the first misconception that all truth is relative. If you
had a brain tumour that was cancerous and needed to be treated, whose opinion would be
more valid – would you go to a brain surgeon in Auckland or would you go to Ford
Plumbing on Waiheke? If all views were equally valid, then it wouldn’t matter whose
opinion you accept.

Billions of people were taught that the earth revolves around the Sun in the solar system,
while God tells us the earth is the centre. Are each of these views equally valid and true?
Since these views are mutually exclusive both cannot be true at the same time.
Investigation and evidence proves the falsity of a heliocentric universe.

Let’s apply this same reasoning to the religious arena as we consider the
question of Jesus’ identity. Christianity claims that Jesus is God, Islam asserts he is a
great prophet, but not God. And Judaism and Hinduism believe Jesus to be a great moral
teacher, but nothing more. Can all these views be equally valid when they are
contradictory? Of course not. Such a conclusion is absurd! Therefore, all views cannot be
equally valid nor true! One must, therefore, look to the evidence available to observe that
which is true apart from our opinion.


This statement is deceptive, because it has an element of truth; but it does not state
the heart of the issue accurately. First, no person has the ability to force you to believe
anything. The old adage says it well, “A man convinced against his will is of the same
opinion still.” Therefore, it’s impossible to “force” a person to believe something; since
believing is a matter of wilful choice. Secondly, most, if not all, would agree that it is
unacceptable to use force, manipulation or coercion to attempt to persuade a person.

When these first two issues are cleared up, we see that the real issue underlying this
misconception is that some people falsely think it is wrong to hold one view above another;
since they believe all “truth” is relative. One result of this third misconception is to falsely
think that it’s unacceptable to attempt to prove that any particular view in question is false. Yet those who hold this view forcibly argue that their view should be adopted over and above another. Strange lot. Aren’t we?

Therefore, the real issue is — is it acceptable to attempt to persuade someone to a
particular view while preserving their freedom to accept or reject that view? Yes, it is; and
we readily do it all the time in the market place of ideas. Let’s look at a couple of pointed
illustrations concerning the legitimate use of persuasion.

If a friend of yours was thinking about committing suicide, wouldn’t you try to convince him to the contrary? We have, in fact, a moral responsibility to communicate truth to others for their own well-being. Persuasion can be both morally right and the responsible thing to do.

If a research chemist found the cure for AIDS, would it be acceptable for him to keep it
quiet and tell no one; since he wouldn’t want to force his views on anyone else? Of course
not! Rather, he should communicate the truth as clearly and gently as possible and allow
each person to choose whether to accept or reject the solution.

Now that we’ve looked at some common misconceptions, let’s look at the proper
foundation for truth.


So far, we have seen that objective and absolute truth does indeed exist and that
this truth is not relative. We have discussed that not all views are equally valid, because
some views are false and others are true. And we have considered the legitimacy of
persuasively discussing one’s views in order to convince.

I have said before, that anyone who does not believe that two plus two equals four
is an idiot. There is only one right answer and an infinite number of wrong answers. And
your math professor wouldn’t be rude or narrow-minded to insist that four is the only right answer!

Since there are absolute laws, does it not stand to reason, that there must be a Law
Giver? Since there is ultimate truth does it not suggest that there must be one who is
Ultimately True? This Law Giver, therefore, must be the source of both natural law and
special revelation. I am, of course, talking about God, the Creator, the ultimate Law Giver
and source of all truth. There is nothing wrong with considering the ultimate authority to be the ultimate authority. If an absolutely morally perfect God exists, then by his very nature he is the ultimate authority for what is good and what is not.

Truth is objective because God exists outside ourselves; it is universal because
God is above all; it is constant because God is eternal. We must realise, “It is impossible to
arrive at an objective, universal, and constant standard of truth and morality without
bringing God onto stage. Therefore, there is only one source for objective absolute truth:

But there are two avenues through which it has been revealed: special revelation
and natural law. Natural law includes the make-up of the world and the moral absolutes
that are observable and deducible from evidence in our world. Note that these absolutes
are observed by us, not determined by us. Examples of natural law include the fact that
most people agree that the murder of innocent people is wrong, that the wilful starvation of young children is wrong, and the violent act of rape is morally wrong. Yet natural law must always be tested by God’s spoken revelation to mankind.

We have spent some thousands of years trying to drag ourselves out of the
primeval slime by searching for truth and moral absolutes. In place of Truth we have
discovered facts; for moral absolutes we have substituted moral ambiguity. We now
communicate with everyone . . . and say absolutely nothing. Our society finds Truth too
strong a medicine to digest undiluted. In its purest form Truth is not a polite tap on the
shoulder; it is a howling reproach. What Moses brought down from Mount Sinai were not
Ten Suggestions . . . they are Commandments. Are, not were. The Ten Commandments,
which were given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai, represent the most famous
codification of absolute truth in the history of mankind.


Ethics deal with what ought to be, not what is. Seeking to ethically evaluate an
action or moral system apart from an absolute moral basis is like jumping into a car and
driving to an unknown city without a road map or any sense of which direction to travel.
Therefore, we need a moral compass or yardstick by which to measure and discern the
moral rightness of a particular action or ethical statement.

First, is the means by which an action or an event is carried out. Is it right to
accomplish something good if immoral means are used?” No, it is not morally right to do

Second, what is the motive behind the action or thought? Is it love, concern,
compassion, kindness, or is it greed, selfishness, pride or self-promotion? Proper motive
alone, however, is not a sufficient test to determine the rightness of an action. One could
have an altruistic motive and yet, the means accomplishing the task be faulty. We have
been created with a desire and a need to know God. Therefore, is it moral to seek to know
that God? Yes, but there are both morally acceptable and morally unacceptable means by
which to do this. Certain religions of the ancient Middle East were involved in child
sacrifices to appease and commune with their gods. The motive might be positive, yet the
means and the results are morally and ethically wrong. Why is it wrong? It’s wrong
because of the immoral means and the harmful manifestations it produces. Yet, most
critically, it is wrong because the Absolute Law Giver, God the Creator, has said, “Thou
shall not murder!

Third, we are to be concerned with the manifestation or the intended “results” of
the action. Does my action cause people to be harmed or helped, truth to be propagated
or lies to be embraced? It’s not enough that my motive be pure and the means be moral;
but to be comprehensively morally good, I must also have the intention of a good moral
result. For example, a dearly loved friend might be suffering great pain due to a temporary
illness; and out of compassion and concern, I might be motivated to ease that pain. But if,
as the physician, I ease his pain by knowingly injecting him with an overdose of morphine,
my act is morally wrong. This situation reflects the moral motive of compassion, the means of medicine, but an immoral result, which is premeditated murder.

If something is truly right, it must flow from the proper foundation of absolute truth
and pass the tests of motive, means, and manifestation reflected by objective and
universal truth.


Hinduism, paganism, and witchcraft make statements like this.

“All good and all evil is relative to the individual point of growth . . . but, in the
highest sense, there can be neither good nor evil”. – Swami Prabhavananda
“When your intellect has cleared itself of delusions, you will become indifferent to
the results of action, present or future”. – Bhagavad-Gita.

So what difference would it make whether we praise or curse, counsel or rape, love or
murder someone? If there is no final moral difference between these actions, then
absolute moral responsibilities do not exist. Cruelty and non-cruelty are ultimately the
same. Good and evil are illusionary distinctions Pagans and witches express their ethical
views in more positive terms than that of Hinduism. Yet, they still reflect the moral
relativism and subjective ethics that accompanies
pantheism. They claim that morality is a subjective experience… a learning thing without
any ultimate right and wrong learned as you progress through life. If it is subjective,
however, it can change from day to day and from circumstance to circumstance.

If there is no absolute moral standard, then one cannot say in a final sense that
anything is right or wrong. But, if right and wrong are determined by how I feel, and how I
feel can change, then what I perceive to be right or wrong can change too. The
abandonment of an absolute moral standard leads irresistibly to the absence of ethics and
morality. The result is that each person determines his or her own moral standard.

Humans, then, become their own gods and decide, each in their own way, what is good
and what is evil. The end result is that evil becomes good and good becomes evil. That is
upside down morality!

The Hebrew prophet Isaiah observed and condemned this inverted morality when
he said, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light
and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
Witches do not believe that true morality consists of observing a list of thou-shall-nots. Their morality can be summed up in one sentence, “Do what you will, so long as it
harms none.” In law New Zealand has gone this way. We hear talk about victimless
crimes. If we think this through, we can understand our huge increase in crime. We are
busy passing laws which conflict with each other; these are what our Commissioners of
this and that can never cope adequately with. With the prevailing philosophy, they must
and do favour the criminals at the expense of the victims.

For us to evaluate if something is harmful or helpful, there must be an objective standard
by which to determine harm. All but one of our political parties have no objective standard.

It is up to us to decide what sort of future we want to have as a country. Otherwise our
ship of State will drift with the prevailing winds and will inevitably suffer shipwreck. This
shipwreck need not be a sudden crash but rather a slow moral deterioration. Deterioration
is never sudden. No person suddenly becomes base. Slowly, almost imperceptively,
certain things are accepted that once were rejected. Things once considered hurtful are
now secretly tolerated. At the outset it appears harmless, perhaps even exciting; but the
wedge it brings leaves a gap that grows wider as moral erosion joins hands with spiritual
decay. The gap becomes a canyon. That way which seems right becomes, in fact, the way
of death. Evil is first abhorred, then ignored, then tolerated, then participated in with a very
compromising and sometimes socially accepted means. What was once considered evil is
now good and what was considered good is now evil. In the language of a witch, “May
there be understanding and love among all people of all ages, of all races, of all nations, of
all sexual orientations, of all lifestyles and of all religions . . . and whatever your particular
spiritual orientation is . . . call to Mother Earth if it feels right for you”.

Simply because something “feels right for you,” does not make it morally right in the
least bit. Is it right to accept all sexual orientations without regard to any objective ethical
and moral evaluation? If so, could we not argue that paedophile activity, which is sexual
activity with children, is acceptable? If you say that it’s wrong, I will ask, “On what basis do
you make your conclusion?” This scenario is a logical conclusion to an ethical system that
is subjective and which advocates the principle, “If it feels right, do it.”

Let’s apply the harm principle to two conflicting opinions concerning the question of what
happens to a person at and following death.


The first view is that of reincarnation, which is held by witches, pagans and the
entirety of pantheism. The idea of reincarnation seems to witches to be not only much
older, but more reasonable and right than the concept of only one short life, to be followed
by heaven for the righteous. If the idea of reincarnation is wrong,
then to believe it will ultimately result in great and eternal harm for the individual.

Reincarnation, in fact, would not have its name carved on the pillars of heaven, but rather
on the gates of the grave.

The second view is that of physical resurrection and moral accountability held by
Biblical Christianity. The New Testament declares, “It is appointed for men to die once and
after this comes the judgement”. This conflict in truth claims is neither imaginary nor trite; rather it’s an issue of incredible importance and consequence.

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You Are A Temple Of God

You Are A Temple Of God

What do you think when you see a person who has tattoos all over his/her body? Do you gaze admiringly and compliment him? Or do you turn your head quickly away? My reaction is to think he has defiled a body which God provided. The word “grotesque” always comes to my mind. Worse yet, that body is a Temple in which God lives (or did live). The Bible makes clear that our bodies are temples of God. Tattoos are equivalent to spray painting graffiti all over the holy Temple of Solomon in ancient Jerusalem. Tattoos are a blasphemous defilement!

Defiling the exterior surface of God’s Temple is bad enough, but what about one who offers poisoned food to the altar inside? Think about that. The Bible teaches that offerings must be the very best, without blemish, perfect. What do you think about one who offers foods which are toxic with chemical poisons?

Nearly every food sold in a supermarket is loaded with chemical poisons (boldly listed on labels) that would defile the inside of your body which is on loan to you. God has given you a flesh body for a purpose, that you might use it to express righteousness in a corrupt and ugly world. You have a body which can serve as a lighthouse through which God can beam His light to others. You have a purpose, a God-designed destiny for which a healthy body is of great benefit. So, how do you maintain and care for the Temple in your care? Do you defile the outside with tattoos? Do you defile the inside with chemical poisons that are in nearly every commercial food? Or do you care for your Temple by giving it only the purest and most natural foods that God has prepared in His animals and plants? As the caretaker, do you care if it is filthy, sickly, weak, and diseased? You might ponder whether God cares what you do.

Okay, perhaps the thought has registered in your mind that you have a responsibility for something greater than mere sensual gratification of your human nature. For those who care, let’s first consider what things are harmful to you, things which defile you and even destroy you. There are three groups of physical things which can defile you.

The three groups are Food additives, Pharmaceuticals, and Narcotics. All three are poisons which act upon you in specific ways. They are all DRUGS which will eventually destroy you. Later in this article we will look at something which John saw in his Revelation which indicates that such drugs will be used against God’s true children by their enemies. For the moment, we will look at the three groups.

FOOD ADDITIVES: There are thousands of different drugs used for commercial foods. Some of them are so dangerous that the FDA requires they be listed on labels. Another fifteen thousand or so may be used without listing them. Many of these drugs preserve food from rotting by making it poisonous to bacteria. Some drugs are used to excite your taste buds; they are called “excitotoxins.” MSG is an excitotoxin which is so powerful that it commonly causes atrial fibrillation of the heart. But, it makes food taste better! Some chemicals are used to color foods to make them visually appealing. Thousands of different chemicals are permitted under the label listings of “natural flavors” or “artificial flavors.” Some chemicals are placed in foods by processors which stimulate your appetite so you will eat more at the time, or which cause you to crave more of it later (addictive). Then there are poisons which get into crops from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Then there are the chemicals which are most dramatically changing the looks of our society, from thin people to obese; these are the growth hormones (steroids) given to meat animals. Beef, hogs, chickens, and turkeys may be the most dangerous foods you could eat because of the many chemicals in them. Then there are the non-foods which are promoted, even through health-food stores, like soy beans and palm oil, and others which never were used as food by our ancestors. Refined white flour products rob the body of essential nutrition, leaving one deficient in B vitamins and minerals like magnesium and zinc. Sodium nitrite (preservative in bacon and other foods) causes colon cancer. All vegetable oils are dangerously harmful. Hydrogenated oils are in margarine and many foods today, even though the World Health Org. had tried to outlaw them decades ago. Hydrogenated oils cause cancer, birth defects, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, and a long list of other serious ailments. Soft drinks leach calcium from bones. Markets are selling disease-in-a-box rather than food! Then, besides all the chemicals, foods are made harmful by refining methods which remove all nutrients (as with sugar & flour), and you buy the non-digestible leftovers. Then there is the terribly poisonous chlorine in your tap water. Worse yet is fluoride which is put in tap water because it is a byproduct of the aluminum industry, and it is too expensive to dispose of it as hazardous waste. Fluoride is one of the most dangerous toxins on earth. Their disposal problem was solved by putting in the water you drink! Then there is the pasteurization process, most notably for milk, which destroys all the healthful enzymes, micro-organisms, flora, and anti-pathogenic bacteria. Perhaps no other food is so important to good health than naturally cultured raw milk. But, once it has been pasteurized, it is nothing but harmful to you. Sadly, well-meaning adults give it to innocent children! It is a genuine miracle of God that bodies can survive to adulthood with the poisons we feed them. Food manufacturers should be charged with homicide, for they do it knowingly. Back in the 1950’s there was a radical health promoter, Jack LaLane, who is now in his nineties and in vibrant health. He has a simple motto: If it is made by man, don’t eat it. That includes all the agriculture crops that are chemicalized while growing. Some are even waxed afterward, so you can’t wash the poisons off! But they sure look good on display, don’t they?

PHARMACEUTICALS: These are nothing but controlled poisons which are designed to affect specific symptoms you might be suffering. They do absolutely nothing to promote good health. It is not a secret that mainstream medical practitioners don’t believe in cures. They treat symptoms ONLY. They, with the protection and help of government agencies, actively oppose any cure that is developed or perhaps was used effectively centuries ago. They will prosecute any person who spreads information about an effective cure. For instance, diabetes is easy to cure by a change in diet, but doctors convince their patients the disease is incurable. Thyroid glands are routinely removed without ever informing the patient that a simple iodine supplement (iosol) will restore the gland to normal function. Surgical removal of the gland guarantees the patient will be purchasing the pharmaceutical synthroid till the end of life. There are many effective cures for cancer, but all are outlawed in the U.S. Graduates from medical schools have been trained in pharmaceuticals and surgeries while being brainwashed that all ancient healing therapies are useless folk remedies. Doctors graduate as true-believers that modern science is the ONLY effective therapy. Even healthy food supplements are being outlawed in favor of poisonous pharmaceuticals. The international codex alimentarius is already being enforced in Europe, placing herbs and nutritional supplements under control of licensed doctors, making them illegal for public sale. Even herbs, long considered as food, have been made illegal. Citizens are prohibited from healthy nutrition while being forced to rely on foods and drugs that are poisonous to the body. The recent passage of CAFTA makes that codex now enforceable in the U.S., so you might get ready for it. Soon you will be just a prisoner whose diet is restricted to the poisons which international officials prescribe. If that isn’t a genocidal pogrom, what is.

Once you realize the facts about these organized and deliberate attacks against you, will you still reject the idea of conspiracy? You live a few years of youthful vigor and then you live a few more ailing years under the destructive therapies of mainstream medicine and expensive medical insurances. And then you die many years earlier than if you had not been poisoned. America has the poorest state of general health in the world today, and the highest-cost medical care. Doesn’t that tell you something? You are being deliberately destroyed, and it is a well-planned genocide that has been in work for many centuries. I could tell you the whole history of it, but that is too lengthy for this article.

Regarding ailments and diseases, they all have one thing in common. They all result from free-radical damage. Except for physical injuries and broken bones, all other problems are caused by free-radical damage. There are two kinds of food, healthy ones with anti-oxidants, and harmful ones with free-radicals. Free-radicals are created by chemicals used in fertilizers, pesticides, and food additives. Commercial processing methods, and even your microwave, convert healthy foods into harmful ones with free-radicals. Those free-radicals rob your cells of oxygen and cause damage to the mitochondria, the fuel burning engines, in your cells. Free-radicals scar arteries and other tissues so that cholesterol must be deposited as repair patches. Cholesterol is a good guy and, by patching the damage, keeps you alive longer than you could live otherwise. Cholesterol is used by the body to repair free-radical damage. Excessive buildup of cholesterol is only because you have been damaging yourself to excess. Then the buildup can actually block an artery, causing a more serious problem. Heart disease would not exist except for free-radical damage. Neither would cancer or diabetes or any other disease. What can you do about it? Simple. Stop eating unnatural foods. To correct damage already done, eats lots of things high in anti-oxidants, like blueberries or any dark colored berries, and cherries, and grapes, and dark wines. There are many foods high in anti-oxidants which can help you recover from damage already done. You might also wonder why the government is conducting a full-out campaign to lower your cholesterol, thereby leaving you without a natural repair tool to keep you alive. By the way, of your total cholesterol, 25 percent of it is in your brain, being essential for clear thinking. It should be no surprise that senile dementia and Alzheimers are diseases on the increase because of deadly cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and a national campaign to avoid such lifesaving foods as eggs and others which are high in blessed cholesterol.

NARCOTICS: The entire world is plagued by narcotic drugs. Rather than the gradual decline in health from poisoned foods, or the more agonizing attack on your body by pharmaceuticals, these narcotic drugs are the fast track to death. Up until the early years of the last century they were legal for public purchase in America. Coca-cola became popular because it contained cocaine. Laudanum was a tincture of opium popular for all kinds of purposes by the common people. Heroin and marijuana were legal. Absinthe (aka wormwood) was the popular drug of abuse for those willing to abandon their lives to that slippery slope of destruction. But, most people used drugs responsibly and they never became the horrific social problem we know today. Early in the 20th century such drugs were outlawed in America. But, that did not stimulate enough surge in their abusive use, so the Prohibition Act was passed to make alcohol illegal. The authorities actively prosecuted alcohol use but paid little attention to the opiates, resulting in a transfer from alcohol abuse to hard drugs. When the market became great enough for hard drugs, alcohol was made legal again. It was all planned and deliberate.

The story behind drugs-of-abuse is a long and complicated one. For the past two centuries a world drug cartel has controlled the economies of the world, and most of the political governments. Yes, we have been under the dictates of that world syndicate (Illuminati) for nearly two centuries. Without going into the lengthy history, I will sum up the facts briefly. In the 1830’s that drug syndicate used the fastest Clipper Ships to transport opium from Afghanistan to China, which was the major market. The recent war in Afghanistan was necessary because the Taliban had prohibited the opium poppies. Afghanistan has long been the major supplier of ninety percent of the world’s opium. In 1832 a subchapter of the world drug syndicate was incorporated at Yale University with the official name of William Russell Trust, to become known by a nickname of Skull and Bones Club. A competitor drug group located in Boston was then merged with the Yale organization. Because of the various international intrigues that accompanied such lucrative and dangerous ventures, a sophisticated world-wide intelligence network was developed by the cartel. In 1955, when the U.S. wanted its own intelligence agency, the Yale club offered theirs. It was first known as the O.S.S., but the name was later changed to C.I.A. It’s directors have always been Bonesmen from Yale. George Bush Sr. was head of the CIA for a while. China is still a major player in the world drug business, and George Bush was also an ambassador to China. Today, Bush Jr. works for the same agenda as his father and his grandfather. They are achieving complete world domination for the Jewish Illuminati. The world drug trade and the United Nations and many other globalist-seeking organizations are all headed by the same upper echelon. One of their primary goals is to exterminate the white European race of true Israelites; they do it by promoting race-mixing, by wars, and by poisons in foods, medical drugs, and narcotics. Secondly, they must crush all Islam because the Muslims will NEVER yield to Jewish dictatorship; they will die for their cause and that makes them unconquerable. Islam (the false prophet of Revelation) must be destroyed. Muslims know that if they lose in Iraq, they lose all! For anyone interested, you can find lengthy information about all these things on the internet. You merely need to wake up and look behind the mind-numbing media and the lying politicians.

I said I would speak further about what John saw in his Revelation regarding drugs. It is in chapter 8:10-11, being the 3rd Trumpet. In the book of Revelations, Trumpets announce tribulations for God’s children of Israel, which are the white European Christians. Bowls of wrath indicate tribulations for the Edomite race of Jews who are the eternal enemies of Christ’s true sheep. The Jewish assault against Israelites (later called Christians) began even before Jesus was born. John’s vision was symbolic of the drugs and poisons which would plague us. 8:10 (TRUMP 3) and a great star fell from heaven, burning as a lamp, and it fell onto a third part of the rivers and onto the fountains of the waters; (11) and the name of the star is called Apsinthos [wormwood]. And a third part of the waters became Absinthe, and many men died from the waters because they were made bitter.

Interpretation: A star is an angel, a spiritual force, and here not a good one. In this case it stimulates an attraction to drugs. The Absinthe drug is sometimes called Wormwood. It was popular in Europe and America until the early twentieth century when it was outlawed. It was highly addictive, mind-altering, and mind-destroying. Wormwood here in this text is a SYMBOL for drug-abuse, more prevalent than ever in these end-times. It is the Jews who promote and profit most from the drug trade, just as they did with the slave trade. Because of this, the Jewish politicians will never really oppose it, except in pretense for sake of votes. Drug addiction tends to kill one’s spiritual nature. “Many men died from the waters.” Many children of God are lost to this devil in present day. In a very real way, the euphoric feeling attained through drugs is the devil’s substitute for the spiritual bliss one might feel during prayer, Bible study, or meditation. Perhaps drugs provide Jews with the only spiritual bliss possible for children of Satan. This plague that serves the testing and strengthening of God’s children also serves to punish that race which foists it upon us.

CONCLUSION: Your body is a temple of God. You are the caretaker of it, appointed by God. It is important how you treat its exterior and its interior. Just as you would never think of tattooing your skin, so you should be equally reluctant to poison it with commercial foods, pharmaceuticals, or narcotics. Your health is important to God, but it is your responsibility. Once you realize there is an active war against you by an enemy who wants you exterminated, perhaps you can then stand up boldly and think for yourself. Perhaps you can extricate yourself from his clutches, but it won’t be easy. You would actually have to DO something to make changes in your lifestyle, your behaviors, your habits, your addictions, and even perhaps the location where you live.

Pharmaceuticals are fairly easy to give up. I can tell you personally of several people who were dying and by giving up ALL their many prescription drugs, which their doctors said were essential, they revived to live active and healthy lives. One was my mother, around whom the family gathered years ago because she was nearly dead. Today, she is active, walking the malls and enjoying her life. Her quadruple bypass was fifteen years ago, and she is doing wonderfully since getting off all pharmaceuticals. Foods are more difficult to change. You will not give up eating entirely, but you need to find natural foods that haven’t been processed by any company. That pretty much means you must live away from a city and have your own cow, chickens, garden, etc. where you can avoid the poisons. That is what my wife, Lisa, and I have done. We rarely buy anything at a supermarket anymore. Our diet is simple, and we feel marvelously better than when our bodies were loaded with toxins. We have no health insurance, or even Medicare, nor do we go to doctors.

If you want to venture forth on a path to good health without doctors or expensive health insurance, I recommend you get a book by Kevin Trudeau publ. in 2004, Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. It is sweeping the country right now, as an expose of the medical industry and the food industry. It delights me that it is written by a Jew who has the insights to expose his fellow Jews for their crimes against us. As good as the book is, unfortunately he tends toward vegetarianism and he stresses that one eat foods which will make your urine and saliva alkaline instead of its healthy slightly-acid pH level of 6.4 to 6.8. If you are cautious about those two errors, the rest of the book is a mind-blowing explosive revelation about the industries which are intentionally trying to kill us. You can get it at Amazon.com for $17.97 instead of its normal retail price of $29.95.

Personally, I believe that I am an heir to the vineyard which my Father has prepared for us. It is my primary goal to prepare myself for that inheritance and my destiny. I encourage you to consider yourself as an equal heir, and to enjoy the freedom from all the poisons in commercial foods and from your doctors. God is the great healer and there is nothing He cannot CURE. You cannot trust in poisonous drugs and also in Him, for the one will cancel out the other. Jesus said you cannot serve God and mammon both. If you dare to make a clear choice between the two, He will support and strengthen you. Otherwise, your demise is quite predictable. I would be thrilled to walk at your side into the new kingdom. It has been promised that we shall rise up with wings as eagles; we shall run and not be weary.

by Roger Hathaway, August, 2005

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Phoney Math to Rule Out a Non-Moving Earth

Phoney Math to Rule Out a Non-Moving Earth

(Taken from TSE Pt 2-History Big Bang pp. 7, 8 of 13: … Furthermore: there was a meeting of Communist Scientists in London in 1931 which was when Gamow was at Cambridge–and the year he was called back to be Master of Research at Leningrad U. (There are three pages of rare quotations that relate to that London conference on the furtherance of Communist ideology through “science” given at that link above.) The following samples from those pages bear heavily on this entire web page effort… Note these statements from Communist (i.e., atheist) “scientists” at that London Conference:

“Modern physics rejects absolute inertia.” 28 [“Why?! Because modern [i.e., atheist Communist] physics must insure for all times that the Earth moves. All Communists are atheists who must believe in evolution. The Bible’s stationary Earth teaching must forever be forbidden by “physics”!]

“The teaching of the self-movement of matter received its full development in the dialectical materialism of Marx, Engles, and Lenin.”29 [Does that sound like “physical science” to you?]

[Engles said]: “…one of the BASIC THESES of dialectical materialism [communism] is the inseparability of movement from matter.”30 [“Basic is pretty strong, wouldn’t you say? This reminds one of Marx’s exultation over the advent of Darwin’s book: “You have given me the ‘Basis’ for my system!”

“The mathematisation of physics…is continually growing and physics is becoming more and more dependent upon the fate of mathematics.”31 And that was over 75 years ago!

“This special mathematics–the tensor analysis, the matrix calculus, the theory of characteristic numbers–has for the greater part been created by the physicists themselves, for ordinary mathematics is unable to satisfy the requirements of present day physics”32 [Who says “No inertia allowed”? Physicists.]

“For mathematics there is only one way out: conscious, planned reconstruction on the basis of materialist [no God] dialectics.”33 [Step right up and witness the Politically Correct Science that has made the Earth move with a clever mathematical model when all known phenomena is readily explained by a stationary Earth Model!]

“To overcome the crisis in present-day mathematics, to reconstruct it along socialist lines, patient and persistent work is necessary… Preceding from Leninist theory…we [scientists] in the Soviet Union shall reconstruct the mathematical sciences.”34 [They succeeded in “reconstructing” the mathematical sciences.. This Phony “New Math” was then implanted in Science Departments in the world’s Universities where it became an indispensable weapon in an “all or nothing” spiritual warfare. This pivotal battle has been between the Pharisee’s “creation scenario” of 15 billion years of evolutionism and the Christian’s Biblical “creation scenario” which required no evolution whatsoever. The credibility of both religions stands or falls on the credibility its foundational “creation scenario” of which the moving or non-moving Earth is the keystone.

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Brainwashing Children Into The Globe Earth

Brainwashing Children Into The Globe Earth


Brainwashing children at a young age into a universe filled with trillions of planets have been going on for a long time. The latest is what I had seen at a library recently. I had to take a picture of this. This is in the children’s section of a library and the theme of their Summer Reading Challenge was “Space.” Reading the text under each planet tells you want the planet and atmosphere is made of. The ironic thing is that the text is of a second form student and not 3-7 year olds.


It would be interesting to talk to a chemist without talking about the flat earth and see what he says; how it’s possible to have, for example, an ammonia atmosphere next to another atmosphere composed of a different composition (as is claimed to be on the planet Saturn). Ask him if this can be created in a laboratory and what other conditions would have to be met. He would of course, say it’s impossible and give you the reason. But if you then tell him that this is how it’s on Saturn, he would, in his cognitive dissonance, say it’s possible.

If you read what atmospheres and ground composition of various planets are suppose to be composed of, it’s really ludicrous. Astronomers just throw non-sense together, add some high-sounding words, talk in the Queen’s English while looking down their nose at you, and people believe him without question. After all, he is the “authority!”


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UFO believer and flat earth debate

Stanton Friedman and Mark Sargent

Many of you know that Stanton Friedman is one of the biggest advocates of UFO, ETs and life on other planets. All people who believe in UFOs also believe in a heliocentric universe (globes travelling through space). UFO believers either don’t believe in a flat earth or they never heard the facts about the flat earth.

By the way, Mark Sargent gave some misleading information. For example, he allowed the plausibility of a dome that stretches way beyond the earth – ‘like putting a large bowel over a 50 cent piece’ he said. Sargent also said of the possibility that Aliens are just not allowing us out. It is God that is not allowing us outside the dome.

People who know about Sargent, like Eric Dubay, claims he’s a shill. But putting that aside this video should be interesting.

Back to Friedman, once they accept it they have no choice but not to believe in other planets and life on some of them. What will Stanton Friedman believe in the end? Will he continue to live in a fairy tale or will he accept the truth? Friedman has a lot at stake for he made a name for himself as a big advocate of UFOs; he has written many books on the subject in which he derives his income from. Will he give this all up and become a flat earth believer or will he stay a UFO believer with billions of planets travelling through space. Listen and find out.

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Law is Discriminate and Intolerant

The Very Nature of Law is Discriminate and Intolerant

We hear that we should not discriminate and that we should tolerate others who have a different lifestyle than our (i.e. homosexuals). We are told that if you do, you are a hater, bigot and racist. These people of tolerance claim that they don’t have intolerance others; that they don’t discriminate. But they do – they are just hypocrites!

All laws are intolerant and discriminate – whether they be man’s laws or God’s laws. If you were to drive through a school zone where the speed limit is 20 miles per hour. That means it does not tolerate 40 miles an hour. If a policeman was watching drivers, he is able to discriminate between 20 mph and 40 mph, or at least his radar gun that does. We all accept this, but when it comes to laws against certain people and lifestyles we don’t. Why?

To answer the “why” we have to look in other areas of life. If we look at physics, we know that there are certain laws of what can and can’t be done. If you look at chemistry the same thing; at biology, the same thing. And what do scientists do? They record those laws – of what can be done – and even give it a name. An example would be, “the law of conservation of angular motion.” Now, what happens if you break one of those laws? You’ll have disaster.

So, what determines those laws of physics, chemistry and biology? Yahweh, God, who created us and everything else. Now, if a student of chemistry were to ignore one of those laws (say mixing of one kind of chemical with another, and you get poisonous gas), what would happen? Disaster and the student – who refuses to discriminate – will get killed. We might know, in our finite mind, of why this is so, but if you obey this law, we live and have a prosperous life.

We have to obey the laws of fields of science that we are talking about. And those laws are based on preceding laws that established that. And all of this goes back to Yahweh, who created these fields of science.

When we are told in the Bible that we should live under God’s laws, this is done for our own good – IF you want to have: health, peace and prosperity. Otherwise you would have chaos – which is what we see today. So, the people that are pushing all of this toleration and not to discriminate want to destroy the natural order of things. Can you think of Satan and those who follow him?

Reading through the Bible you’ll find example after example of intolerance and discrimination. Yet, the churches, who claim that discrimination and intolerance is a sin actually engage in this. For example, they preach that God’s laws are “done away with.” So, would they allow someone who preaches that we are still to obey God’s laws, statues and judgements – and show biblical support? No, they will not tolerate such preaching in their church.

The fact is, that the Leftist/Communists/antichirsts also do exactly what they claim they don’t.

Do you think that the average church will allow us to talk about the flat stationary earth? Do you think they will allow us to talk about the people who are pushing the Big Bang, spinning planets and suns? Of course not! They will not tolerate us. Even to give a talk at some collages about the flat earth, you would be heckled, laughed at and even called names.

In conclusion, we should not tolerate anything that is against God’s creation. We observe God’s creation and law in the laboratories, but not when it comes to social interaction with each other. Why? Because there is a group of people who want to see the destruction of God’s People and the setting up of His Kingdom here on earth.


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Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible, part 6 continued

Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible, part 6 continued

More Unyielding Evidence of Flagrant Deceptions

In The Measurement of Star Distances

  • Fair education Foundation, Inc.
  • Marshall Hall, Founder and Author
  • Bonnie Hall, President
  • (fixearth.com, no longer online)

Keeping in mind what we’ve already seen in Part V about the Besselian parallax quicksand upon which the so-called “science” of measuring distances in space is built, let’s focus now on several pages of further hard evidence which shows that those fantastic distances are phony baloney from start to finish.

Anyone seriously looking at today’s textbook cosmological science which has tricked the world into believing that the universe is 15 billion years old and 15 billion light years thick must keep these twelve facts in mind as they continue to weigh what has gone before and what is to follow:

Fact One: The incomprehensibly old and vast universe that has been taught as scientific truth for generations is first and foremost an evolutionary concept from start to finish.

Fact Two: This evolutionary concept includes the acceptance of a belief that the Earth itself evolved c. 4 1/2 billion years ago.

Fact Three: The Copernican Revolution (officially launched in 1543) gradually established the belief that our Earth was just a lucky accident that happened to be the right distance from an ordinary star we call the sun. This belief begat the “logical” conviction amongst the “intelligentsia” that there would be other “earths” with other life on them amongst the ever increasing myriad of suns/stars that astronomers were allegedly finding and the ever increasing ages and distances they were assigned.

Fact Four: All of the points of light that were called stars that could be seen were too small and too far away for their distances to be determined by normal trigonometric and geometric methods. Undaunted, other pseudo mathematical means were formulated by Bessel in 1838. His formula immediately pushed the closest stars out to distances that had to be accounted for in multiple light years.

Fact Five: As pointed out, Bessel’s “breakthrough” in establishing mind-boggling distances to the stars–which is still the standard cosmological foundation for measuring distances to the stars today–was based on the unproved premise that the Earth orbits the sun. This premise allowed the base of a triangle to a star to be 186,000,000 miles, the diameter of the alleged orbit of the Earth around the Sun. If, however, the Earth is stationary with the sun orbiting it–as all observational evidence insists–then the base of that triangle is only 8,000 miles. That means that Besselian “math” puts the “nearby”stars 23,250 times too far out.

Fact Six: Time is the hero of the evolution plot, both for the universe and for Earth. Without the billions of years that the space “sciences” have assigned to the alleged evolution of the universe, the evolutionary explanation for all that exists takes its proper place at the top of the list of deceptions that has led mankind away from the truth about the universe, the Earth, and humanity itself.

Fact Seven: Though traceable to Pythagoras, it wasn’t until The Copernican Revolution provided a mathematical model for a moving Earth that the physical sciences–powered by ever more arcane/occult mathematics–gradually got on the heliocentricity bandwagon. The effect of this Revolution was to remove the Earth and Mankind–along with the sun, moon, and stars–from being the entire focus of God’s Plan as stated in the “creation scenario” of the Bible…to a “creation scenario” where there was no focus, no plan, and no need for God…or, certainly, no Biblical God offering a plan for eternal life to mankind. The Copernican Revolution not only declared the Bible wrong, and not only made the Earth and Mankind insignificant accidents in a universe full of star/suns with fantasized planets and evolving life forms, it also provided an open door for theoretical science to steadily expand the age and size of the universe to fit the present Big Bang Kabbala Model of the Pharisee Religion.

Fact Eight: The Copernican Revolution from its beginning to this very hour has been based on seven assumptions each one of which defies all observational and experimental evidence, and is upheld solely by: a) A clever mathematical model; and: b) A growing conviction now believed to be unshakable that the distances to the stars are so great that it is simply unimaginable that they could go around the Earth nightly as the Bible demands and as observation and photos confirm.

Fact Nine: By its conquest of the Physical Sciences, the Copernican Revolution has gradually and almost completely destroyed the Bible’s claim to be the Absolute and Inerrant Truth from God. This success paved the way for the recent triumph of another “origins scenario” wherein the Earth and Mankind and the sun, moon, and stars were not unique and central to a great Plan by God, but rather were merely the by-products of the interaction of cosmic forces over eons of time since the alleged “Big Bang”.

Fact Ten: With a “science”-endorsed rotating/orbiting Earth accepted virtually everywhere–including Christian Churches–the stage was set for the conquest of the Biological Sciences by those promoting the evolutionary mind-set. Though percolating for over a century before Darwin, it was he who gave the movement a “scientific natural selection” mechanism in 1859. Then the evolutionary premise for all that exists spread rapidly to the “Social Sciences” (K. Marx et al), the “Behavioral Sciences” (S. Freud et al), Philosophy and Education (F. Nietzsche, J. Dewey, A. Einstein et al), the Arts (Bartok, Picasso, Joyce et al), along with a century of physicists and astronomers …culminating in NASA’s “Origins Program” of Kabbalists Sagan and Goldin and on to the present hour where Kabbalist Physicist Schroeder et al treat Big Bangism as if it is factual, and equate the Biblical six days with 15 billion years.

Fact Eleven: The long-hidden fact that all of the essential components of today’s “science”-backed evolutionary explanation for all that exists, i.e., Billion of years; Copernicanism; Relativity; Big Bangism; an Expanding Universe… is really a religious “creation scenario”, is now out in the open. As documented repeatedly on this webpage and confirmed by Kabbalist Physicist Schroeder et al, Rabbinical writings in the Kabbala centuries ago described the Big Bang evolutionary “origins scenario” that is the basis of all of man’s “knowledge” today. In short, Big Bangism and all that goes with it is the fulfillment of an anti-Christ, anti-Bible religion of Pharisaic Judaism masquerading as “theoretical science”.

Fact Twelve: There is an alternative model of the size and structure, age and purpose of the universe, the Earth, and mankind which is 100% Biblical, 100% scientifically viable, and 100% logical. This alternative model rests on the premise of a stationary Earth that is supported by all observational and experimental evidence. This solid premise reduces the size of the universe to less than one ten trillionth of what is cited in textbooks today.

With that said, it’s time to add to the list of ways that the space “sciences” have been and now are deceiving the world about the size and age of the universe and thereby maintaining the evolutionary mythology. Though there are enough quotations in the files beside me to make a good-sized book; I will try to present the meat of what is going on in the next 16 pages. Consider these quotations which tell of facts about space science and the comments that apply to those facts:


Quotation: “If one could look through the 200 inch telescope on Mt. Palomar, one would see stars as nothing more than the same points of light you would see by simply walking outside and looking up. Why are stars the sole hold out in the resolution revolution up to now? Simply put, stars are very small and very far away….” 1 (Note: Emph. added to many of the citations throughout.)

Comment: Even when we look through telescopes almost 17 feet wide the stars look the same as when we go outside and look up. What we see through a monster telescope costing many millions of $ is not altered, enhanced, resolved. Strange isn’t it? Why? Q:”…they are very small and very far away”. (Yeah, and you have 26 different measurement “techniques” to get them “very far away”, don’t you?


Quotation: “…But the atmosphere…blurs the ability to see detail…. This is why telescopes in space like HST , are so important…” 2

Comment: Amongst some very pertinent background info on Edwin Hubble there is a statement made by Hubble himself about the so-called “Hubble Expansion” being attributed to him concerning the alleged recession of the stars from a Big Bang. This is a statement that is basically ignored by one and all: Hubble himself said: “There is no evidence of expansion and no restriction of the time scale, no trace of spatial curvature….” Wow! As for any other critics of turning to the Hubble Telescope for final answers, this astronomer aptly notes: Q: “…anything which decouples the link between redshift and expansion is viewed with horror, as both of these factors link to the age of the universe through the Hubble Constant.” 3


Quotation: “…the Hubble Deep Field only surveyed 1/36 millionth of the sky!” 4

Comment: One 36th millionth! That’s a pretty small potato patch to be extrapolating about potatoes all over a universe that is 36,000,000 times bigger than your sample, isn’t it?


Quotation: “Concept designs for the ESO telescope, dubbed the ‘OverWhelmingly Large Telescope’ (OWL), call for an instrument with a 109 yard (100 meter) aperture [!] made up of segmented mirrors to peer deep into the universe…. At its heart is a system known as adaptive optics, which allows astronomers to correct for the blurring effect of the atmosphere…. OWL scientists hope their telescope could find…other potentially life sustaining biospheres…. OWL is expected to cost over $1,000,000,000….” 5

Comment: If blurring is a problem and space telescopes solve the problem, why are ten countries (ESO) planning an earth-bound “OverWhelmingly Large Telescope (OWL)” with an opening bigger than a football field that costs a Billion Bucks? Well, of course, to Q: “find other potentially life sustaining biospheres”, what else?? Everything comes back to establishing the evolutionary mind-set for the universe, Earth, and Mankind. This is a religious “creation scenario”, not science! The religion is Pharisaic Judaism; the holy book describing this “creation scenario” is the Zohar Kabbala.


Quotation: “How did the universe begin and evolve? How did we get here? Are we alone?…. Our missions and research generate most of the coolest news coming out of NASA…. Our science stretches…to the beginning of the universe, billions of light years away.” 6

Comment: NASA spokespeople regularly ask these deep, deep questions about the Origins of Everything. Then, as usual, Evolutionary Big Bang Expanding Universe answers are supplied in the next paragraph as if they were strictly secular conclusions with no religious bias. If, however, those “answers” have an indisputable religious origin that is many centuries old and that religion has always been the overt adversary of the Bible’s creation account, what does that mean to you?


Quotation: “Galaxy Evolution Explorer Mission Status, May 6, 2003 News Release, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology: …engineers…have powered up both the digital processing unit, which houses the main computer, and the detector front-end electronics box, which contains the photon discrimination and processing logic….High voltage is essential for the telescope to gather the ultraviolet photons that will help scientists piece together the story of how and when stars form inside galaxies…. The Galaxy Evolution Explorer mission will image millions of galaxies across 10 billion years of cosmic history, which is 80-percent of the way back to the Big Bang….” 7

Comment: Obviously the Big Bang evolutionary mind-set with its 15 billion light year age for the universe is the mother of all that is programmed into the “main computer” and all it controls in this “gee whiz” operation. Is there anyone alive who thinks that anything that doesn’t fit that mind-set is going to be programmed into that computer?! The GEE mission “will image” [not “see”] millions of galaxies and they will be Q: “80 percent of the way back to the Big Bang”. This “Explorer” knew precisely what it was to “discover” and report before it was launched!


Quotation: “Ground-based Optical/Near-Infrared large Telescopes are crucial tools…but their image quality is severely limited…leading to more and more sophisticated techniques….Until recently, the astronomical telescope has remained a ‘passive instrument’…. Without any in-built corrective devices to improve the quality of star images during observations…. Because of the high bandwidth and the small field to which correction can be applied, adaptive optics uses a small deformable mirror…. In some current projects, the possibility of using a large deformable secondary mirror is being developed….” 8

Comment: There are plenty of $ going into “more and more sophisticated techniques” to build into telescopes “corrective devices to improve star images”, including “deformable mirrors”…. My Thesaurus equates “deformable” with “distorted, abnormal, misshapen, disfigured…” Does this sound like an all-out effort to accurately report what can really be seen where stars are concerned?? The images demanded by the evolution paradigm are created by this kind of fraudulent use of technology, pure and simple. Lot’s more on this where, along with other tech fraud in space “science”, we learn that: Q: “The New Generation Space Telescope is designed to produce “a pretty ratty image that looks like an interference pattern [so that] a series of interference patterns can be combined to form a perfect synthesized image..” (Note: The name of the NGST has been changed to: the James Webb Space Telescope.)


Quotation: “No matter where astronomers point their telescopes, they see a distant sheet of light surrounding us. Beyond that shell of radiation, astronomers can see nothing….” 9

Comment: This author goes on to give the standard explanation, namely that this “radiation” is Q: “the faint afterglow of the big bang”…. But wouldn’t the Biblical Model with its massively reflective crystalline “shell”–described throughout this series–also present astronomers with a “distant sheet of light surrounding us”??

Of course it would! Another key point here is that Q: “astronomers can see nothing” beyond that “shell of radiation”. What they claim to see is fabricated and computer programmed, as this Creationist scientist who is beginning to smell a very big rat notes: Q: “It is well to remember that a great deal of modern cosmology, especially when its practitioners are trying to predict its destiny and rotrodict its origin, is sheer mathematical manipulation and evolutionary philosophical imagination. ‘It ain’t necessarily so!” 10 A hearty “Amen” to that!


Quotation: “Where do the laws of physics come from?” (an MIT astrophysicist was asked. He replied:) “We are a long way from being able to answer that one.” 11

Comment: The Creationist scientist writing the article sums up his review of the Big Bang literature: Q: “…They simply do not know how our galaxy began. Even less could be known about other galaxies….It is well to remember that they do not know how the cosmos evolved–or stars, or galaxies, or anything else…” Wow! 12


Quotation: “A small spherical universe after all”? This is a sub-heading in a piece by a professional astronomer and a leading geocentrist who goes on to say: Q: “…researchers have particularly studied small universe models, which explain the billions of visible galaxies as repeating images of a smaller number of actual galaxies”[!]. (He continues): “…spherical spaceforms (geometries in which the universe is viewed as a sphere) have come back to the forefront of cosmology”[!]….13

Comment: You say you haven’t heard any such thing on your evening news?? Maybe its because that news is programmed by people with the same evolutionary fixation as those who are running NASA’s “Origins Program”. They are spending Billions of your tax $ to promote the Kabbalist “creation scenario” whilst they simultaneously destroy Biblical Christianity. It’s the old “killing two birds with one stone” game. Problem is: Truth in science and in the Bible are the birds being killed!


Quotation: “The Doppler Redshift results from the relative motion of the light emitting object and the observer. If the source of light is moving away from you then the wavelength of the light is stretched out, i.e., the light is shifted toward the red….”14

Comment: The redshift voodooism is the life-blood of Kabbalic Big Bangism. Notice this from another source which addresses the “redshift controversy”:


Quotation: “It is known that many astronomical observations cannot be explained by means of the ordinary Doppler shift interpretation. The mere examination of a recent catalog of objects having very large redshifts shows that among 109 quasi-stellar objects, in which both absorption and emissions lines could be measured, the value of the absorption redshift in a given object, is always different from the one measured in emission for the same object. It is clear that such results cannot be explained as being due solely to a Doppler redshift. A New mechanism must be looked for, in order to explain those inconsistent redshifts and many other observations related to the ‘redshift controversy’”…. 15

Comment: The props that are holding up the Kabbalic Kosmos are threatening to give way on all sides. There is really no true scientific strength in those props. They are going to break and set off a veritable firestorm of God’s Truth that will begin with a non-moving Earth and lead to the unmasking of all of Satan’s deceptions upholding his Babylonish empire (Rev. 17:14). Notice these other props and how they are always fabricated out of the Kabbalic alloys of billions of years, heliocentricity, relativism, big bangism, and an expanding universe:


Quotation: “The Cosmological Redshift is a redshift caused by the expansion of space. The wavelength of light increases as it traverses the expanding universe…. The Gravitational Redshift is a shift in the frequency of a photon to lower energy as it climbs out of a gravitational field….” 16

Comment: This account brings up an interesting question about both of these baseless hypotheses:

Q: “Astrophysical observations show that the electromagnetic radiation originating from cosmological objects is often redshifted. Except for some hypothesis such as assuming that it is a gravitational redshift, this has always been interpreted as a Doppler shift. To date, the interaction of light with interstellar gas has not been seriously considered as a possible mechanism responsible for the observed redshift because no known forward scattering process could be demonstrated to lead to an effect compatible with common astronomical observations.” 17 Comment: Is it not time to consider retro-reflected starlight from the Biblical crystalline “shell” illuminating non-luminous bodies on the “far side” which are themselves reflected off of that shell? Why can’t all this be the “mechanism responsible for the observed redshift and scattering process” that “is compatible with common astronomical observations”?!


Quotation: “Another interesting scientific problem for today’s astronomer is the direct observation of surface features on stars. Now, we only have high resolution photographs of the Sun in which we may see spots, prominences, flares…. We do not have comparable photographs of any other stars than our Sun….[!!]18 Comment: All of the fantastic claims of modern cosmology about billions of galaxies and trillions of stars that are millions and billions of light years away from Earth are pure hypothetical hogwash. They cannot even resolve the most elemental details of the closest star (which they claim is 24 trillion miles away [1.3 parsecs; 4.1 light years], which claim–you will remember–is based on using the assumed Earth orbit diameter of 186,000,000 miles to make a trigonometric triangle). “Listen” to this:


Quotation: “If we tried to observe alpha Centauri, our nearest solar-like star at a distance of 1.3 parsecs, its disk would have a size of 7 milliseconds of arc, almost 270,000 times smaller than the apparent size of the Sun! …a very big telescope is necessary to resolve the star’s disk, let alone observe star spots on its surface. In fact, to see the surface of alpha Centauri in visible light we would need a telescope with a mirror diameter of 14 meters [c.45 feet], larger than the Keck telescopes in Hawaii. To resolve spots would require a telescope at least 100 times larger than that [c.4500 foot aperture!!]. Such a large telescope is well beyond our present day technology, if we try to construct one using a single mirror….” 19

Comment: Here is a plain admission that there are no ground based telescopes in existence that can see any characteristics whatsoever of even the closest star (which is 23,250 times closer than they say anyway!), and that the technology doesn’t exist to build one 15 football fields wide at the end. Hence, other means to keep the Kabbalist mythology afloat have to be invented…and cost be damned! Here is how this latest multi-billion dollar video game technology for astrophysicists is being played out:


Quotation: “…However, it is within our present capability [to see something on the closest star] if we use interferometric techniques. Invented by Albert Michelson in the 19th century [and used repeatedly with results showing no earth orbit!: Ed.], the interferometer makes use of separate telescopes that are widely spaced rather than on a single large mirror…. Most visitors to an optical interferometer will not recognize the array of optical elements as a normal telescope….” 20

Comment: If the “array of optical elements” don’t add up to a “normal telescope” then they must add up to an “abnormal telescope”. What is an “abnormal telescope”? What does it tell us? Well…


Quotation: “The U.S. Navy [Huh? Why?] has a “prototype Optical Interferometer… outside Flagstaff, Arizona…which combines several small optical telescopes [which are] connected to each other [by vacuum tubes…an unmentioned “abnormality”]….their resolving capability is increased to that of a single 125 foot optical telescope…. But because the telescope lacks a large mirror, it can only see very bright objects, in fact, the human eye can pick out stars that the [interferometer] telescope cannot. [!!]…. With conventional telescopes, the stars still really look like points of light. With optical interferometers, of which the Navy type is one, you can begin to see a thickness and a size to these objects….21

Comment: The human eye can pick out stars that this supposed telescopic marvel can not even pick out !! …but with it you can begin to see a thickness “of these objects”…. You figure it out! And these interferometer array abnormal telescopes are the cosmologist’s rage today…with big bucks laid out for construction in several countries around the world and with numerous University Grants.


With a reminder to go to NASAs Hanky-Panky for some more very interesting insights into the “abnormalities” involved in the construction and use of computer programmed telescopes (and cameras), and Redshift Fraud for more on Redshift and Infrared, let’s shift to another key area of the deception game in the Big Bang Drumbeat (BBD) about the universe being 15 billion years old and 15 billion light years thick:

The Celestial Sphere

Quotation: “The celestial sphere is an imaginary sphere of gigantic radius with the earth located at its center….” 22

Comment: Plain enough….


Quotation: “The Celestial Sphere was (and remains) a useful way in which to represent the Universe and, in fact, it is still the way astronomers choose to model the observable sky….” 23

Comment: Gotcha! As these or any other descriptions of the Celestial Sphere plainly show, a model of the universe that has a stationary earth at its center works just fine for all purposes, “and, in fact, is still the way astronomers choose to model the observable sky….” That’s interesting, isn’t it? But on the heels of all such plain admissions comes the cautionary note to any reader who might be so thickheaded as to ask why the model that works and is used is not the true model! For example, on the same page with the first quotation, we read: Q: “Because of the Earth’s yearly orbital motion, the Sun appears to circle the ecliptic.” 24 The warning following the second quotation is equally stern: Q: “Hmmm, but wait a minute. Physically the [Celestial Sphere] model does not make sense as we know that the Earth is not stationary….” 25 The fact is that both warnings are lies; there is no proof of the Earth yearly orbiting the sun, and there is no proof that the Earth is rotating. The Celestial Sphere is God’s Astronomical Model for producing the Truth about the Universe, the Earth, and Mankind.

Positional Astronomy Library

Quotation: “SLALIB is a library used by writers of positional-astronomy applications. Most of the 185 routines [helio-based, big bang paradigm] are concerned with astronomical position and time, but a number have wider trigonometrical [i.e., “distance”] …applications.” 26

Comment: Basically, it seems that the bulk of all computer software for modern cosmology utilizes this service or a similar one. Except for a few geocentric coordinates where they can’t be avoided, all routines are based on a rotating, orbiting earth…as are the spurious Besselian trigonometric distance benchmarks.


Quotation: SLALIB has “…no routines for calculating physical ephemerides [positions] of Solar-System bodies.” 27

Comment: I take this to mean that all the “routines” including “astrometry” (distance measuring) that are provided for computer programmers are designed solely for deep, deep space cosmology, and that all such routines assume an orbiting earth and a universe that is billions of light years thick. Many Q: “individual experts have written their own software already” we are informed. 28 Whoever does it, the point is that all of today’s cosmological applications routinely promote a universe–with billions of galaxies and trillions upon trillions of stars–that is already 15 billion light years thick and growing. This whole foundation is built on sand, i.e., the sand of a mythological moving earth and the sand of the false religious “creation scenario” of Kabbalism.

Infrared Astronomy

Quotation: “Infrared astronomy is the study of celestial objects by means of the infrared radiation they emit, in the wavelength range from about 1 micrometer to about 1 millimeter. All objects, from trees and buildings on the earth to distant galaxies, emit infrared (IR) radiation…. Most of the energy radiated by objects ranging from interstellar matter to planets lies in the IR wavelengths; IR observations are therefore significant in studying asteroids, comets, planetary satellites, and interstellar dust clouds where stars are forming. Finally, because the expansion of the universe shifts energy to longer wavelengths, most of the visible radiation emitted by stars and galaxies during the early stages of the formation of the universe is now shifted to the IR range; studies of the most distant objects in the IR spectrum are necessary if astronomers are to understand how the universe was formed…. COBE [Cosmic Background Explorer] detected small temperature variations in the cosmic microwave background radiation that provided vital clues to the nature of the early universe and its evolution since the ‘big bang’….” 29

Comment: Here is a prime example of a technology with a proven utility on earth being used to further the big bang paradigm where it is incapable of proving anything without claiming easily falsified and programmed “small temperature variations”, etc. Does anyone think that only greedy corporate CEO’s from Enron, etc., “cook their books”? The Space “Science” Establishment has more to lose than any 50 giant corporations in the world, and they will do anything to keep the Kabbalic Universe Mythology alive. Speaking of “cooking the books”–an Accountants jargon for crooked bookkeeping”–connect these dots….


Quotation: “The Cookbook Camera is a CCD camera which I built [and used with] a 16-inch, f/4.5 Newtonian Reflector telescope…. Color images on this page [spiral galaxy and halo nebulae] have been produced by using one of two methods. Most of the color images were obtained using cyan, magenta, and yellow filters…. This method…combines a series of exposures through each of the colored filters… The second method…combines a white (no-filter) luminance image with a series of exposures through red, green, and blue filters to provide chrominance…. 30

Comment: And you thought all those pretty color pictures of planets and galaxies and nebulae, on your Telly and in books and magazines, etc., were the real thing??


Quotation: “Astroart 3.0 is a complete software for image processing, photometric astrometry, CCD control and image stacking for CCD and film imaging. Advanced filters: Maximum entropy deconvolution [i.e., the freedom to apply any number to explain complicated things they can’t understand]; Image stacking: Automatic on sets of images, pixel precision….Alignment and rotation…automatic processing…color maximum entropy performs more iteration time; up to 4x faster than other software [i.e., “more iteration time” refers to the measure of the frequency of an occurring event within a system (universe) and the assignment of any probability of distribution in the universe.]31

Comment: All functions are premised on a heliocentric “solar” system and an expanding universe paradigm, of course. “Gee whiz” gimmicks will help you play the game more efficiently and make it more fun…. just don’t ever wonder where the facts are that make this a “science” exercise and not just a computer game with a hidden indoctrination facilitator that is far more clever than any of the announced features! For example: You might want to learn Q: “How to enhance dust halos in high resolution CCD Images of Comet C/1995 01” by going to this webpage: 32 Or, you might want to learn about Q: “The KISS Principle in CCD Imaging”, or, “how many interesting images can you make with ridiculously simple equipment?” (where you can also learn to “deconvolute”, i.e., remove or separate any complications that arise). 33 Or, you might want to Q: “create a sort of unsharp mask…: this will softly blur the image”.34 Hey, I’m not knocking all this and a ton of other “imaging” techniques for real and imagined objects in space. It’s called “Astroart” after all, and these are artists adding a little zip and dash and color to the sport. Just remember, it is artwork that enhances a certain religion’s concept of the universe, nothing more and nothing less.

Mass – Luminosity – Magnitude – Distance

Quotation: “Physically, Polaris is a very massive star of the ‘F’ (bright yellow) classification. It is particularly notable as being one of the nearest Cepheid variables to Earth…. This is important because Polaris’ four-day cycle of swelling and contraction is directly related to its mass, which is in turn related to its luminosity. This means that we can calculate the star’s absolute magnitude with some certainty, and comparing this with its observed apparent magnitude, we can compute its distance…which is just over 431 light years. 35a

Comment: Let’s see…. “431 light years”…. That is roughly 2,500,000,000,000,000 miles [two quadrillion, five hundred trillion miles…or about twenty eight trillion times as far away as the Sun…(and this is one of the “nearby stars” in the current cosmological video game!)]. Now, we’ve seen it admitted that telescopes simply have not been able to resolve [i.e., show any detail] about any star. They are just “points of light” no matter what they try, and that is the bottom line. But note the alleged known detail involving “variables” and how this allegedly determines mass…which is then connected to its luminosity which, in turn, allows a calculation of the star’s absolute magnitude which can then be compared with its apparent magnitude and viola!…we get a distance of “just over” two quadrillion, five-hundred trillion miles! Along with TIME, “DISTANCE” is the name of the game, folks. It’s the heartbeat of the Big Bang Kabbalic Kosmos. But this stuff is a joke! “Cepheid variables”, my foot! “…four day cycle of swelling and contraction”…give us a break! They can’t even get an honest angular measurement, but they can theorize all the mass, luminosity, absolute and apparent magnitude, and swelling and contraction and arrive at a distance that is “just over” 431 light years…not “about 400 or 425 or even 430, but “just over” 431! [This kind of aura of “scientific exactitude” is always a dead giveaway of a cover-up for deception. The same false science arrogance has always been evident in age claims by evolutionists. One example of hundreds: “For 167 million years dinosaurs dominated the world of the beast and then mysteriously vanished from the earth. 35b The Earth–along with the sun and planets–is said to be going around the Milky Way Galaxy at about 500,000 MPH. How long does it take to go around once? This source says 200-230 million years. 36 This source says 225 million years. 37 This one says 250, million years. 38 That’s a range of 50,000,000 years! And there is zero hard evidence that we are moving at all! Liar, liar; you’re pants are on fire!]

Apparent Magnitude & Absolute Magnitude

Quotation: “To a great extent, the brightness of objects in the sky depends on their position [distance from Earth] in space. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, but it is a dwarf star, and not particularly luminous in stellar terms [in dictionary terms brightness and luminous are the same] – it appears brilliant because it is less than nine light years [c.50 trillion miles] away. By comparison, the star Deneb in Cygnus appears much fainter than Sirius in the sky, but is actually a supergiant thousands of times more luminous than Sirius – it appears fainter because it is more than three thousand light years [c.18 quadrillion miles] away. For this reason, the brightness of objects as they appear in the sky is properly referred to as their apparent magnitude [i.e., what you can actually see and measure]. A separate scale exists [oh boy!] – absolute magnitude – to describe the intrinsic brightness [the one made up from jerking spectrum technology around to get it on the Kabbalic distance scale] of an object, irrespective of the location of its observer….” [a meaningless statement…how many options does an observer really have??]. 39

Comment: We have just witnessed a massive hornswoggle that is a major part of this Orwellian doublespeak concerning a given star’s magnitude…and ultimately its distance. Let’s see how that “separate scale” for “Absolute Magnitude” is derived:


Quotation: “A means of describing the intrinsic brightness of a star or other object: the effect of distance on the object’s magnitude is eliminated by calculating its brightness as if it lay a fixed distance of ten parsecs (about 33 light years) from the Sun. 40

Comment: Whoa! Can’t we all see how this calculation of the brightness based on a fixed distance for all stars gives a carte blanche license to assign any size and distance to every point of light seen or imagined beyond that fixed distance??! THIS IS A MAJOR KEY TO UNDERSTANDING HOW A 15 BILLION LIGHT YEAR THICK UNIVERSE WITH BILLIONS OF GALAXIES FULL OF ALL SIZES OF STARS HAS BEEN CREATED BY A FALSE SCIENCE ESTABLISHMENT. After all, 99.99% of all the stars claimed in the Big Bang Kabbalic universe are said to exist at distances of hundreds and thousands and millions and billions of light years beyond this fixed distance marker–33 light years–for the calculation of brightness. Absolute Magnitude is an Absolute Joke, and the joke is on all of us! [Furthermore, when we recall that the Besselian parsecs are derived from an unproved earth orbit model providing a mythical 186,000,000 mile baseline for an angle to a “nearby star”, we realize that even the 33 light year distance marker is part of the joke, and that the foundation for all “this joke is on you” levity goes back to the one—now if you’ve heard this one, stop me–about how the Earth rotates on an axis and orbits the sun…. ] Actually, every bit of the high sounding pseudo-science that has been stuffed into the Kabbalic Paradigm by their ad hoc formulas, mathematical fumididdles, and technology manipulation, can be explained simply and adequately in the light of all that is known. That is to say that it all can be explained by the Biblical Geocentrism Model of a universe that is less than one light day thick with the stars stars circling the Earth nightly [See: Size-Structure Pt 4] and being reflected off of a crystalline dome encasing this temporary universe created by the Biblical God. [See: Size-Structure Pt 2, (p.6) – Size-Structure Pt 1, (pp.6.7)]

Radiation of Light

Quotation: “Commonly, radiation refers to the electromagnetic spectrum, which, in order of decreasing wavelength, includes radio, microwave, infrared, visible-light, ultraviolet, X-ray, and gamma-ray emissions. All of these travel through space at the speed of light (186,000 mi per sec) but differ in wavelength and frequency…. All types of electromagnetic radiation can be reflected and absorbed in the same manner as is visible light….” 41

Comment: The only certain point here is that “All types of electromagnetic radiation can be reflected and absorbed in the same manner as is visible light.” This fact can be applied directly to the earth-centered Biblical Model of the Universe wherein starlight is reflected countless times off of a crystalline dome in patterns that are erroneously being attributed to more stars, galaxies, nebulae, etc.


Quotation: “…We don’t know exactly what Light is, or what the nature of Light is…. The question of whether Light is a wave or a particle is still being debated.” 42

Comment: Obviously this dilemma is reason enough by itself to put all stellar distance dogma over in the science-fiction section part of the library. In spite of all the cocksure news releases to the contrary, Space “science” still doesn’t know what the nature of Light really is or how their spectral analyses are affected by it.


Quotation: “Wave theory, like Darwin’s theory, is a natural theory…. Wave theory is only the beginning of another way to understand the universe…. Wave theory, which like Darwin’s theory is based primarily on the natural sciences which show that everything is subject to change….” 43

Comment: This bias toward the wave theory of light propagation seems to be based on the belief that it supports the evolutionary mind-set behind a Big Bang Kabbalist universe better than the particle theory. The idea that “everything is subject to change” is diametrically opposed to all that is actually known about the universe, and to the Biblical teaching that stability and predictability describe the course of life–everything “after its kind”–the changelessness of the heavens– attested to by all observational evidence–and the nature of God Himself, for example, Who Is “the same, yesterday, and today, and forever” (Heb.13:8).


Quotation: “According to the relativity theory: It is impossible for a particle to have a velocity faster than the velocity of Light in a void…. Einstein considered the last point to be fundamental to the theory of relativity. Recently, a discovery was made that could change the entire theory of relativity. This discovery was that electromagnetic waves can obtain a velocity greater than that of Light…. What is the effect of this? Does this destroy the theory of relativity? There haven’t been very many studies on this yet, and there isn’t much information available, so we still don’t know….” 44

Comment: Again, the fat is in the fire on this one. The only interest here in this ongoing controversy is whether there is a promotion of the wave theory over the particle theory as part of the distance and age figures concocted to advance the Big Bang Kabbalic Agenda. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….


Quotation: “Standard Candles are objects of a given class (e.g., certain types of stars, supernovas, etc.) whose distance is computed by comparing the observed brightness to an assumed absolute luminosity.” 45

Comment: Here again is a major distance computation based on a totally assumed Absolute Luminosity which–as we saw earlier–is pre-set for any stars beyond an already phony 33 light years. As noted, at least 99.99% of all the alleged trillions times trillions of stars in the Big Bang Universe are claimed to be hundreds, thousands, millions, and billions of light years distant from Earth. That means that essentially all “standard candle” distance figures have no basis in reality.

The Drake Equation

Quotation: “The famous Drake Equation gives the number of intelligent civilizations able to communicate within our own galaxy> N=R*fs*fp*ne*f1*f1*fc*L<“. 46

Comment: Drake partnered with Sagan in concocting this perfect example of a pseudo-scientific equation for arriving at “the number of intelligent civilizations able to communicate within our own galaxy”.


Quotation: “In this equation, the number of advanced technical civilizations N is assumed by multiplying the following variables: N = 250 billion (number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy)***fp = 1/4 (fraction of stars that have planetary systems)***ne = 2 (number of planets in a given system that are ecologically suitable for life)***f1 = 1/2 (fraction of otherwise suitable planets on which life actually arises)***f1 = 1/10 (fraction of inhabited planets on which an intelligent form of life evolves)***fc = 1/10 (fraction of planets inhabited by intelligent beings on which a communicative technical civilization develops)***fL = 1/100 (fraction of a planetary lifetime graced by a technical civilization)***N = 6 million (approximately).” 47 Comment: SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is something you hear about quite a bit. One example: Lieutenant “Bud” on the popular “JAG” TV series is an avid promoter of SETI on the program, as was made plain in a segment I saw a couple of nights ago. Operating under [Quote]: “The Planetary Society” (of which Dr. Carl Sagan was the first president)… ” is a non-profit, tax-exempt membership organization (100,000 dues paying members) dedicated to the exploration of the solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life”. The Drake Equation.. “was developed by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake at Cornell University.”48 At the formative meeting at Green Bank in 1961… Q: “conference members concluded that the number of communicating planets could range from fewer than 1000 to more than a billion. Most of them thought the higher number a more likely estimate. .”…they called for a vigorous radio search for extraterrestrial intelligence, using very large computers, and patience to search for at least 30 years” 49 [That was 50 years ago and the Search has found absolutely nothing, nada, goose egg. Sagan–who is often quoted from the first line in his book Cosmos which was based on the blockbuster TV series by the same name (‘The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be’)–also himself admitted before he died in ’96 that of his NASA supported [and taxpayer funded] missions: Q: “None of these [spacecraft] encounters has yielded compelling, or even strongly suggestive, indications of extraterrestrial life.” 50


Quotation: “SCIENTISTS WIDEN THE HUNT FOR ALIEN LIFE…Dumb or brainy, fair or hideous, extraterrestrial life forms are often pictured by scientists and writers of science fiction [the perfect oxymoron!] as inhabiting worlds just the right distance from stars–neither too hot nor too cold…. But, a quiet revolution is now challenging this view and shaking the foundations of exobiology, the study of the possibility of life elsewhere in the cosmos [i.e., a “science” with no data whatsoever!]. Alien life, the new thinking goes, might not actually need the warming rays of a nearby star. It might thrive inside dim moons and planets…. Now scientists wonder whether similar environments [to the Earth’s] elsewhere in the universe are home to alien microbial hordes and, in some cases, to large beasts and beings higher up the extraterrestrial food chain. This change in thinking drives the excitement over Mars and Europa, a large moon of Jupiter…. Scientists also speculate that the interiors of up to ten bodies in the solar system may harbor extraterrestrial forms of life…. ‘We’re in a paradigm shift’, Dr. Frank D. Drake, a pioneer in the scientific hunt for extraterrestrials, said in an interview.” 51

Comment: You will recognize “Dr. Drake” from the “famous Drake Equation”, who, along with Dr. Sagan and other excited Planetary Society members settled on “scientifically” finding within 30 years about six million planets within the Milky Way alone where we could expect to discover highly evolved “extraterrestrials” playing a comparable version of Rachmananov’s Second Piano Concerto and going about in at least 1932 model Stutz Bearcats…and quite possibly some in “flying saucers”. Alas, the Search has produced nothing–except a lot of hot air hype and pleas for more billions for funny telescopes, etc.–and the deadline is long past. Thankfully, no new “Drake Equation” seems to be in evidence for the latest excitement and expectations of finding microbes and large beasts and…who knows, maybe some chimpanzees riding scooters in Q: “subsurface environments” on “Mars, Europa and extrasolar planets”. 52 Drake is not without support in this new “paradigm shift” that was launched–interestingly–just months after Dr. Sagan died without the first piece of evidence for his Milky Way paradigm. Indeed:


Quotation: “The tumult [over the paradigm shift] is changing not only mind-sets but also exploratory plans. [Whoa!] The National Science Foundation, the government’s main source of financing for basic science [basic what?] recently started a program called Life in Extreme Environments…and NASA is revamping its whole approach to alien hunts…[Did you get that?!] even though experts still debate the likely size of light-based “environments… and Circumstellar Habitable Zones”….. Dr. Gold of Cornell proposed in 1992 that bacteria might be ubiquitous throughout the upper few miles of Earth’s crust…and that ‘Such life may be widely disseminated in the universe…suggesting that the solar system alone might harbor as many as 10 alien biospheres’…. ‘Planets that go through a volcanic phase may routinely spawn life’, says U. of Wash. oceanographer Dr. Delaney… ‘It’s the evolution to the higher forms,’ he added, ‘that may be the unusual event’.” 53

Comment: There is still more than enough zeal and money to keep up the search for those elusive highly evolved Star Trekian apparitions that former U. S. Pres. Carter (MA physics) and Pope John Paul II et al have sent messages to in the past. After over fifty years of abject failure to get any responses or demonstrate one indisputable piece of evidence for extraterrestrial life of any sort, NASA, the NSF and different scientists decided in ‘97 that they had better spread their bets out a bit. Hence, the big excitement over finding ways to get some “bunker buster” probes under the surface of the Moon, Mars, large asteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, a moon of Neptune, and other targets in the “solar” system. In 1992, as we saw, Dr. Gold of Cornell [where Sagan was at that time] stressed Q: “…that bacteria might be ubiquitous throughout the upper few miles of Earth’s crust….and that ‘Such life may be widely disseminated in the universe….” Curiously, Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe and Sir Fred Hoyle were articulating the bacteria theory widely at least four years before Gold wrote about it! Wickramasinghe in particular had already launched his and Hoyle’s “Panspermia” concept of how evolution began on Earth (and all over the universe) with bacteria being pooped out from passing comets during those always assumed billions of years. He said flatly that the Darwinian Model was incapable of explaining how evolution began on Earth or could crank it up anywhere else, and that comets nurturing bacteria in their wombs have been whooshing around the universe for billions of years seeding the earth and millions of other alleged planets…and this is the way all life really began, by golly. Don’t laugh! Comets pukeing out bacteria is the new savior of biological evolutionary mythology; “Panspermia” is now the unholy grail. [See: TSE Pt 1-Cosmic Ancestry] It looks to me like Dr. Gold–realizing that Darwinism is incapable of explaining life’s beginnings–tuned in on Wickramasinghe’s frequency as the wave of the future for biological evolutionism, and he and all the other excited folks have got The National Science Foundation putting up the big (taxpayer) bucks and NASA supplying the exobiologists (scientists with no data) and the launch pads. “Bunker buster” designs for plowing through the surface of those planets and moons and coming up with at least some bacteria are already built and headed for a Martian moon. And, of course, these probes wouldn’t take with them the bacteria they are going to find. Nah…how could you even suggest….Perish the thought!


Further Comment: NASA’s pre-programmed software for its computerized telescopes and cameras [See: NASAs Hanky-Panky] –both land-based and on space vehicles–is a ready-made setup for fraud in pursuit of its goal to present the world with “confirmation” of evolving life in outer space. That stated goal: “to find our cosmic roots” is the heart of NASA’s “Origins Program” and no lie is too big to bring it to pass. Does anyone have the remotest doubt that the pre-programmed software in those telescopes and cameras is 100% locked into the “math” based on an orbiting earth and all of the fanciful fabrications of distances that we’ve seen up to now?? Don’t we all know that whoever controls the programming of computer software controls the results the computer gives?? Star distance garbage in, star distance garbage out!! Pure and simple…. Nobody talks about this with NASA officials…nor the whole evolutionary mind-set controlling the Kabbalist Space Agenda, but the possibilities for establishing a lie with computer software and totally fooling people with the result is a well known capability. All that is required is motive and the means to pull it off. The whole Kabbalist Kosmology Agenda has both! [See: Space-Science Hypnosis] Here is a quick, clear, current, and important illustration of how computer software can establish a lie as the truth and fool people into thinking they are witnessing a wonderful marvel of technology at work:

Quotation: “Bob Urosevich heads Ohio-based Diebold Election Systems Inc. (DESI). His brother Todd is a vice-president at a competing company, Omaha-based Elections Systems & Software. These two companies count nearly 80 percent of the votes cast in the United States…. Aviel D. Rubin, an associate professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins and technical advisor of ISI, [issued] a 24-page report, “Analysis of an Electronic Voting System…released on July 23…. ‘The most fundamental problem with such a voting system is that the entire election hinges on the correctness, robustness, and security of the software within the voting terminal….’”54

Comment: The same concept applies precisely to the software in the computer programmed telescopes and cameras which have all but established the Copernican-based Big Bang Kabbalic Universe as “scientific virtual reality”. [See: Virtual Reality Fraud] Writing in their book (VoteScam) on the power of fraudulent use of pre-programmed computer software in voting machines, James and Kenneth Collier concluded: “The concept is clear, simple, and it works. Computerized voting gives the power of selection, without fear of discovery, to whomever controls the computer.”55 Apply that fact to the Virtual Reality Universe created by the Kabbalist controlled Space Program and you will begin to see how far God has allowed high-tech fraud to go before He exposes it and the world-controlling evolutionary mind-set which undergirds all of modern man’s “knowledge”.


Quotation: “Based at the University of California, Berkeley, SETI [Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence] has recruited more that 4 million volunteers around the world…to scan the galaxies for space aliens. The volunteers download a screensaver that lets SETI access their computers when they’re not using them to help process the massive amount of data collected by the world’s largest radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Harnessing all that computer power and getting those processors to crunch data on a single project is what’s called distributed computing, or data harvesting…. Using special software that activates when the computer processor has been idle for a while, a PC set up for distributed use can wake up and do something positive–like looking for signals from outer space for SETI….” 56

Comment: Excuse me! Something productive?! After more than 50 years and who knows how many billions of dollars and endless movie, TV, and written media hype, there has not been the first burp from space on the screen. Nothing. Zero. Nichts. The only payoff–and it’s a big one!–is the steady boost in the religious stock of Kabbalic Evolutionism, Inc., which is listed as “Space Science” on the Big Board. And now they’ve got four million extra computers tithing their time and electricity to serve that religion’s “Origins Program” propaganda machine and bring in more converts! What a deal already! Try doing something comparable for the Biblical Model of the Universe with taxpayer money and see how far you get! But for the Kabbalic Model the vault is open and all media is at your disposal…. Verily:

Quotation: “…modern cosmology has become nothing but a morass of conflicting mathematical models…. Why should we pay any attention to these cosmological speculations? No one outside this professional clique of specialists in higher mathematics and theoretical physics can really understand them–especially when they disagree with each other and repeatedly revise their theories anyway….57


This is probably as good a place as any to shut down on these quotes which basically usher modern cosmology and all that is built on it over to the fiction stacks in the library. It is tempting to go on for other 15 or 20 pages with Big Bang Bashing quotes, but this should be enough to do the job.

Maybe later…if more is called for….


From Part I in this Series on “The Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible and Non-Theoretical Science” to this point at the end of Part VI, the evidence reveals that modern cosmology’s 15 billion year old and 15 billion light year thick universe takes the prize as the Blue Ribbon deception in all of recorded history. From its Copernican foundation to the latest “paradigm shift” there is not one single fact to be found in the entire knowledge-controlling concept. Not one.

By way of contrast, the Biblical Model of the size and structure of the universe based on a non-moving Earth at its center accommodates every aspect of what is actually known.

Go to Part VII to see: a) What the unmasking of this crowning deception masquerading as “science” means for everyone on Earth; b) Several illustrations promised in Part I which show the simplicity, clarity, beauty, and observed reality of our Biblically described temporary universe of less than one light day’s radius….


1 – “The Optical Interferometer: Completing the Work of Galileo”, by Tyler Nordgren; http://www.nofs.navy.mil/projects/npoi/science/diam.htm, accessed: 5-14-03, p.2 of 5

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Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible, part 6

Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible, part 6

  There are multitudes of people who have been indoctrinated with the Darwinian evolutionary lies who do things they wouldn’t do if they knew they had been deceived about the fact of their divine origin and their option for eternal life on a New Earth through Jesus Christ. Another–and apparently two or three times larger multitude–has welcomed the evolutionary indoctrination and will hate its exposure because deception fits their nature, false pride, whatever (John. 8:44-47; II Thess. 2:12).

As for religions–Christianity in particular–the fact is that evolutionary indoctrination and dissemination has placed ALL churches in the anti-Bible camp relevant specifically to the plain non-moving Earth teachings. Moreover, most–not all!–of these churches are even more deeply trapped in an anti-Bible mode by their acceptance not only of a Bible-denying rotating and orbiting Earth, but also by their acceptance of the evolution of the Universe, the Earth, and all plant and animal life…including the evolution of humankind itself. The amount of crow that is going to have to be eaten over these two issues alone in the churches is going to going to cause a sharp rise in: a) Sackcloth and ash stock; b) The need for padlocks for doors on willfully Bible-denying churches; c) Major Christian opportunities for those honestly duped–both in the churches and in the world–who “can receive a love of the truth” (II Thess. 2:10) when they find out what it is.

Indeed, as other false doctrines are forced into the glare of resurgent and unyielding Biblical Absolutism caused by the falsification of heliocentricity and evolutionism, the single option that will remain for both clerical and lay Christians will be to drop their present labels and declare total allegiance to proven “precept upon precept, line upon line” Bible doctrines. This is the Final Church, the one without spot or wrinkle… where everyone is of one mind about what is a truth from God and what is a lie from Satan.

One common label amongst Christians today–i.e., “Theistic Evolutionist”– will be inadmissible for any who would claim to be followers of God after Babylon has fallen. This diabolic virus–saying God used evolution to create–is basic Kabbalism; it is not Bible. It refutes the Bible on its first page and destroys its credibility as the source of Absolute Truth all the way to its last page. Scores of millions–including the Papacy–have been snared in this web of deceit. Their choices will narrow to three when Babylon Falls, viz., 1) Repent and get on God’s side; 2) Join the Satan worshippers; 3) Get on God’s side for convenience sake (a temporary and doomed 3rd choice [Rev. 14:9-13 or I Thess. 4:16,17]).

Another such label which will be increasingly in evidence as God’s Truth Blitzkrieg brings Babylon down is one that is scarcely if ever uttered, but nevertheless is one that is solidly entrenched in ALL churches; namely, the “Theistic Heliocentrist”. Like “Theistic Evolutionist” this diabolic virus refutes the Bible on its first page and continues to do so throughout the Scriptures. Without this virus the whole Kabbalic Universe could not have been brought to its present stage and the evolutionary mind-set could never have matured and succeeded in its masquerade as “science”. Consequently, it could never have gotten this far in its replacement of Bible Creationism and the God and the Plan behind that Creation.

Aside from the secular impact of isolating and eradicating this Copernican godfather of all truth-destroying false science viruses, it is Biblically promised that it is in the Christian Churches where God will begin His Judgment and cleansing by removing all the false science generated doctrinal spots and wrinkles that are dependent upon the Copernican lie of a rotating and orbiting Earth…and the Darwinian and Saganian evolutionism made possible by that lie (I.Pet. 4:17, 18).
So, face it: There is not the first piece of verifiable proof for a moving earth nor any of the Video Game Cosmology that is built on it. The world has been deceived into adopting the Kabbalist religion’s concept of the origin of all that exists. With his standard “Angel of Light” modus operandi, Satan entered the academic scene all dressed up as “secular science”. “Science”, we’ve all learned, has no religious ax to grind (like those old superstitious Christians and that remnant of Jews who still look at least to the Old Testament for God’s Truth…and the anti-evolutionist Moslems). No, no…. “Science” sets mankind free from all of that primitive nonsense. ha, ha…

Well, as it turns out, this “science falsely so called” (I Tim. 6:20, 21) is the glue that is holding Satan’s Empire together!

That glue is dissolved by the Biblical Model of the Size and Structure of the Universe seen in Parts I through VI and numerous other relevant links on this web page, and by the efforts of other geocentrists now demanding to be heard. Though a billion voices will rise like the Ephesian silversmiths of old to clamor “Great is the Cosmos of the Evolutionary Scientists”, that lie and all that rests upon it will be exposed and the entire world will be divided into two camps…God’s and Satan’s… just as the Bible foretold over nineteen centuries ago (Rev. 17:14; 13:4-7).

The Biblical Universe Superimposed onto the Astronomer’s Standard Celestial Sphere

By Superimposing The Biblical Universe onto the Astronomer’s Standard Earth-centered Celestial Sphere one can immediately see how simple and scientifically friendly our “small” Universe really is…and how totally confusing, assumption based, and unnecessary the atheist Big Bang Paradigm of the Universe really is….

So…with a scientifically sustainable and Biblically certified “Small Universe Model”–now demonstrated and accessible throughout this Series–the necessity of choosing between the controlling Kabbalist Model of the Universe and the Biblical Model of the Universe begs for a decision from those who understand the mega- importance of this issue because Truth about the Origin of everything is at stake.

The understanding that should be clear by now to readers of this web page is that there is a spiritual line drawn in the sand over this whole issue and everybody in the world is directly affected by their belief in how they themselves and everything that exists came to be. All knowledge that shapes a person’s life begins and remains with what they believe about the Origin of life and everything else. The Biblical Model of a young, small Universe with a stationary Earth at the center that was once on the other side of that spiritual line in the sand has long been abandoned…even by churches with Bibles on their podiums which confirm that Model repeatedly.

Thus, even the scores of millions of people who totally reject the evolutionary explanation of Origins–but continue to believe in a rotating, orbiting Earth–have been tricked and are stuck with a belief in the antichrist Universe which is the mother of all modern day evolutionism…the very concept they totally reject!! (Even those God has chosen for Himself [the “elect] can be deceived: Mark 13:22!)

Try looking at it this way: Without a universe billions of years old there would be no TIME for evolution to occur. Right?? I mean, TIME IS THE HERO OF THE EVOLUTION PLOT, and, guess what?- Atheist model of the Universe has given evolutionists those billions of years that are absolutely necessary to carrying out and completing the plot because Copernicanism makes that Model possible!

In short: Atheist model demands: a) Acceptance of a universe that has been evolving for 15 billions of years (after a Big Bang) and is about 15 billion light years thick; b) Acceptance of a rotating and sun-orbiting Earth which evolved 4.6 billion years ago; c) Acceptance of a figure of 3.8 billion years ago as the starting point for the evolution of life; d) Acceptance of the evolution of all plants and animals over those 3.8 billion years; e) Acceptance of a belief that the evolution of mankind from simian ancestors was achieved about a million years ago.

We’ve all been taught that these evolutionary answers for the origin of all that exists are facts of “secular science” so–unless we know better–we believe that this is the truth, and we factor that belief into the way we think and live our lives. If “science” says it, it must be true…look at all those billions of years for it to happen! All hail “science”!

But wait! The secret is out! The real Origin of the Big Bang Paradigm of the Universe which is providing those billions of years for evolutionism to occur is found in a holy book of an avowedly anti-Christ religion, not in any fact of true science! False science–under the misleading title of Theoretical Science–has been the instrument used to establish the atheist Universe with its evolutionary billions of years and thereby, not only fool the world, but slowly destroy the Bible’s Credibility from Creation through Jesus to Heaven.

Well, be assured that the omniscient Biblical God has anticipated every move of this diabolical strategy (Acts 15:18; I Pet. 1:20; etc.). Indeed, He has already begun to reveal not only the secrecy and fraud surrounding the atheist cosmos, but He also has already begun a measured release of the hard evidence which shows the world that Copernicanism is both the Keystone and the Achilles Heel of Satan’s entire edifice of deceptions about the universe, the Earth, and mankind.

The evidence of this centuries-old secret plan for establishing an evolved universe, Earth, and mankind has only recently been brought into the open. The deception involved in the global success of the Kabbalist Model has been documented and that documentation is overwhelming. The facts do not lie….

The cat is out of the bag!

Blessed be the name of the Biblical God of All Creation forever!


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