Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public

Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public

When you read this article and the following related articles, think in terms of the flat earth that the government is hiding from you, as you will learn the techniques that they use. To be sure, they have even more advanced brainwashing techniques but this should be a good start.

By Dick Sutphen

The Birth of Conversion/Brainwashing in Christian Revivalism in 1735. The Pavlovian explanation of the three brain phases. Born-again preachers: Step-by-Step, how they conduct a revival and the expected physiological results. The “voice roll” technique used by preachers, lawyers and hypnotists. New trance-inducing churches. The 6 steps to conversion. The decognition process. Thought-stopping techniques. The “sell it by zealot” technique. True believers and mass movements. Persuasion techniques: “Yes set,” “Imbedded Commands,” “Shock and Confusion,” and the “Interspersal Technique.” Subliminals. Vibrato and ELF waves. Inducing trance with vibrational sound. Even professional observers will be “possessed” at charismatic gatherings. The “only hope” technique to attend and not be converted. Non-detectable Neurophone programming through the skin. The medium for mass take-over.

I’m Dick Sutphen and this tape is a studio-recorded, expanded version of a talk I delivered at the World Congress of Professional Hypnotists Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the tape carries a copyright to protect it from unlawful duplication for sale by other companies, in this case I invite individuals to make copies and give them to friends or anyone in a position to communicate this information.

Although I’ve been interviewed about the subject on many local and regional radio and TV talk shows, large-scale mass communication appears to be blocked, since it could result in suspicion or investigation of the very media presenting it or the sponsors that support the media. Some government agencies do not want this information generally known. Nor do the Born-Again Christian movement, cults, and many human-potential trainings.

Everything I will relate only exposes the surface of the problem. I don’t know how the misuse of these techniques can be stopped. I don’t think it is possible to legislate against that which often cannot be detected; and if those who legislate are using these techniques, there is little hope of affecting laws to govern usage. I do know that the first step to initiate change is to generate interest. In this case, that will probably only result from an underground effort.

In talking about this subject, I am talking about my own business. I know it, and I know how effective it can be. I produce hypnosis and subliminal tapes and, in some of my seminars, I use conversion tactics to assist participants to become independent and self-sufficient. But, anytime I use these techniques, I point out that I am using them, and those attending have a choice to participate or not. They also know what the desired result of participation will be.

So, to begin, I want to state the most basic of all facts about brainwashing: In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or believed, that he had been brainwashed. Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators, claiming they have simply been “shown the light” . . . or have been transformed in miraculous ways.

The Birth of Conversion

CONVERSION is a “nice” word for BRAINWASHING and any study of brainwashing has to begin with a study of Christian revivalism in eighteenth century America. Apparently, Jonathan Edwards accidentally discovered the techniques during a religious crusade in 1735 in Northampton, Massachusetts. By inducing guilt and acute apprehension and by increasing the tension, the “sinners” attending his revival meetings would break down and completely submit. Technically, what Edwards was doing was creating conditions that wipe the brain slate clean so that the mind accepts new programming. The problem was that the new input was negative. He would tell them, “You’re a sinner! You’re destined for hell!”

As a result, one person committed suicide and another attempted suicide. And the neighbors of the suicidal converts related that they, too, were affected so deeply that, although they had found “eternal salvation,” they were obsessed with a diabolical temptation to end their own lives.

Once a preacher, cult leader, manipulator or authority figure creates the brain phase to wipe the brain-slate clean, his subjects are wide open. New input, in the form of suggestion, can be substituted for their previous ideas. Because Edwards didn’t turn his message positive until the end of the revival, many accepted the negative suggestions and acted, or desired to act, upon them.

Charles J. Finney was another Christian revivalist who used the same techniques four years later in mass religious conversions in New York. The techniques are still being used today by Christian revivalists, cults, human-potential trainings, some business rallies, and the United States Armed Services . to name just a few.

Let me point out here that I don’t think most revivalist preachers realize or know they are using brainwashing techniques. Edwards simply stumbled upon a technique that really worked, and others copied it and have continued to copy it for over two hundred years. And the more sophisticated our knowledge and technology become, the more effective the conversion. I feel strongly that this is one of the major reasons for the increasing rise in Christian fundamentalism, especially the televised variety, while most of the orthodox religions are declining.

The Three Brain Phases

The Christians may have been the first to successfully formulate brainwashing, but we have to look to Pavlov, the Russian scientist, for a technical explanation. In the early 1900s, his work with animals opened the door to further investigations with humans. After the revolution in Russia, Lenin was quick to see the potential of applying Pavlov’s research to his own ends.

Three distinct and progressive states of transmarginal inhibition were identified by Pavlov. The first is the EQUIVALENT phase, in which the brain gives the same response to both strong and weak stimuli. The second is the PARADOXICAL phase, in which the brain responds more actively to weak stimuli than to strong. And the third is the ULTRA- PARADOXICAL phase, in which conditioned responses and behavior patterns turn from positive to negative or from negative to positive.

With the progression through each phase, the degree of conversion becomes more effective and complete. The way to achieve conversion are many and varied, but the usual first step in religious or political brainwashing is to work on the emotions of an individual or group until they reach an abnormal level of anger, fear, excitement, or nervous tension.

The progressive result of this mental condition is to impair judgement and increase suggestibility. The more this condition can be maintained or intensified, the more it compounds. Once catharsis, or the first brain phase, is reached, the complete mental takeover becomes easier. Existing mental programming can be replaced with new patterns of thinking and behavior.

Other often-used physiological weapons to modify normal brain functions are fasting, radical or high sugar diets, physical discomforts, regulation of breathing, mantra chanting in meditation, the disclosure of awesome mysteries, special lighting and sound effects, programed response to incense, or intoxicating drugs.

The same results can be obtained in contemporary psychiatric treatment by electric shock treatments and even by purposely lowering a person’s blood sugar level with insulin injections.

Before I talk about exactly how some of the techniques are applied, I want to point out that hypnosis and conversion tactics are two distinctly different things, and that conversion techniques are far more powerful. However, the two are often mixed . . . with powerful results.


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From An Old Sermon: The Battle for the Mind

From An Old Sermon: The Battle for the Mind

by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Sermon

“Gird Up The Lions Of Your Mind…” From The Apostle Peter

When you listen to this old time sermon, think of the Bible truths that are hidden from us; think of the verses that refer to the flat earth. Yes, “Gird up the lions of your mind.”




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Hollywood Damage Control

Hollywood Damage Control on Flat Earth

If you haven’t already noticed, over the decades, Hollywood has been doing its utmost in keeping the globe earth belief alive. So, here is a video I thought you’d be interested in.





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Caroline Carter Rest In Peace

A Health Warrior and Flat Earther Passed Away

Caroline Carter, Truth Seeker passed away in Cyprus.

This article is a small tribute to someone that my wife had known and held dear – Caroline Carter. Caroline had died this past Wednesday, June 6.

We had met her while living in Cyprus. If you will, I would like to tell you a short story.

It was back in February, 2010 that I went to a healing exhibition where I had a table. This was located in Paphos. There, I had met a German woman who had another table. We chatted a bit and I introduce a subject of chemtrails.

About a month later I received an email from someone who said that she heard of me from Samantha. This lady asked her if she knew anything about chemtrails, and she said just a little, from this guy she met at the healing convention. Well, this other woman wanted to meet others who knew about chemtrails and have a meeting at her home. This lady turned out to be Caroline Carter.

Through correspondence, I finally called Caroline. She said that she would like to have a meeting at her home. She lived Sea Caves, while my wife and I lived in Limassol. We agreed to meet, and when the day came, we drove out to see her. Some other people knew a little about chemtrails, but I had seem to know the most. From this meeting a life-long friendship started.

Over the course of 2010, we had met to discuss topics of mutual interest. The other topic of interest was natural healing. We all knew that the allopathic medicine was killing people and we were big supporters of natural healing of various kinds.

Caroline had recently started a healing client called Healthy Healing Cyprus, out of her home. In other words, some of the rooms were for business, with other rooms for her private life. The home she rented included a lovely yard that had a big patio with a swimming pool.

Her website is: And, if this should not longer be online by the time you read this article, type in this address at: where all websites are saved. Of course, there is no one else to take over the business, so you can’t make appointments or order any products

Over the past 8-9 years, Caroline must have helped thousands of people with their health problems, including cases where doctors said was impossible. Today, these people are alive and well and at a faction of the cost if they went to hospital.

Caroline new how crooked the pharmaceutical profession is, as she used to work for one of them. She also found out what worked and got people well – all without medication. In her clinic in Sea Caves, Cyprus, some of the treatments she used included: live blood analysis, ozone therapy, colonics and nutritional supplements. Her latest treatments was helping people with Lyme Disease, which doctors say is incurable. The result being that she got clients from different parts of the world with her successful treatments.

The fact that she was providing effective remedies that the doctors could not, brought the wrath of the medical profession on her. But that did not stop Caroline.

Along with learning of the cover-ups and lies of Big Pharm, Caroline learned about other conspiracies and false flags. As a result, my wife and I had many discussions on this. During the short time that we lived in Cyprus, there occurred the Gulf Oil Leak (more like a flood!) and the deadly chemical they used to so-called correct it, called, Corexit. Then, the following year there was the Fukushima disaster. But one of our main topics of discussion was was chemtrails and Morgellon’s Disease.

Morgello’s Disease sufferer.

Caroline had been a big sufferer of Morgellon’s Disease and was never able to get rid of it, but just to contain it. Diet did play a big part and if she deviated from it, it came back with a vengeance.

There were times that Caroline would call me to help clients who had some form of emotional problem, as she did not deal with this, but she realised (though discussion with me) that it was getting in the way of their healing. In other words, there were times that she make progress with the client because of some block; that’s when she called me and I came over and used mainly Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to get them over their issues, whether it be depression or some other trauma from the past.

Chemtrail display in Paphos Harbour

Caroline and her partner, along with other friends, Jayne and my self supported a group who had a stand in Paphos Harbour that told the people about the spraying of our skies. This brought the local TV and newspaper media there. When the cameramen were there, I said to them, “If you don’t believe in chemtrails, then look up at the sky!” The camera swung around to record live the spraying. The timing couldn’t have been better. The reporter couldn’t say a word but he couldn’t deny it, either.

Reporters covering the chemtrail display.

  A few months after that, we were invited to go to Nicosia, as Caroline was invited to speak before a select group of politicians. So, we rode up with her. Caroline told the small group of what geoengineering is (chemtrails). The preceding weeks more and more people in Cyprus were waking up to the chemtrails, especially the farmers who saw that it was affecting their crops. Naturally, since Cyprus does not have an air force, they knew that the problem came from the Great Britain, as they have an airbase there.

Pointing out chemtrails to denying reporters. Paphos Harbour.

  Along the way I introduced Caroline to other conspiracies, which enabled her to form a complete picture of what is going on around us. The last one I had told her about was one that I discovered myself long after I had moved from Cyprus; it was because I had just learned about it myself. Back in 2015, I wrote to here about my recent discovery and sent her links and posed some questions to her. Then I told her that the earth is flat. She did her research and came to the same conclusion. She shared this with her husband. She couldn’t believe it (as a matter of expression) but did believe it and became a flat earther.

Of course, I shared this information with other friends that are still living in Cyprus. Since we all knew about the New World Order and the evil people who run it (there names and who they are), there are now more flat earthers on this lovely island.

In conclusion, Caroline Carter was a real fighter for the Truth and didn’t back down where others would have folded. I just pray that God will send another Health Warrior to carry on.

Caroline Carter’s funeral will take place Wednesday, 13 June at Peyia Cemetery, Cyprus. The gathering is expected to be large, with all the people she had know and who have been helped with their health issues.

I thank God above that there are people like You who are doing your part in spreading the Truth, and I just pray that you continue to do so. God Bless you all.



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Rockets Hits Firmament

Rockets Hits Firmament

Rockets seem to get stuck, exhaust goes out. Also, near the end it talk about what the Firmament is made of.



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Charles Couglin: Drive the Banksters and Usurers Out

Charles Coughlin: Drive the Banksters and Usurers Out

Father Charles Coughlin had millions of followers in the 1930s and 40s. Pray to God that we should have men that knows the truth and has great oratory skills today as Charles Coughlin did.

Another Speech Made Against the Bankster in 1933




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Outlawing White Neighbourhoods

Outlawing White Neighbourhoods

Coming to a neighbourhood near you.

Here is a good YouTube Channel that talks on subjects that the Liberal press will never touch. – it’s called Red Ice. Here is one of their videos, titled: Outlawing White Neighbourhoods.


Talking about an assault on the White Race, this one attacks all races…

5G Sterilizaiton Program

Some people are smashing these devices!


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From Atheist To Christ

From Atheist To Christ

How one man was led to Christ AFTER discovering the flat earth.







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How Much Proof Is Needed

How Much Proof Is Needed?


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Do Not Love The World Nor The Things In The World

“Do Not Love The World Nor The Things In The World”

If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever. ” – I John 2:15 -17

Yes, in the beginning, in Genesis, we read that God created the world and it was good. We must think back to when He said it – it was before all the evil and violence that occurred. Not only do we have wickedness among the people but certain wealthy people have corrupted what God created. Such things as damaging and even changing our DNA. They have poisoned the water we drink, the food we eat, the soil and air they have polluted.

When you talk to those who are not Christian, they love the world, meaning, they love the world political and economic system. Most of the wealthy are very materialistic, that they think nothing of starting a war in order to rape other nations of their natural resources, or to get them trapped in the ungodly usury system and get them tied into the world banking system. This, in short, impoverishes the people and makes certain people extremely rich. Yes, they love the world and all that is in it. As Christian people who know their Identity, we do not love this world system.

If you look up the Greek word for “world” here it means, “cosmos” or “world order.” This is what we are against, are we not? We are against just about everything that this “world order,” or “New World Order” is pushing. So, don’t think I mean being against the Earth and all of God’s beautiful creation.

That doesn’t mean that Christians should not like nice things and have a better standard of living, it’s that we are not to love the Beast System that we have in place.

It’s plane to see that loving the things in the world order is contrary to God. Yet, the Edomites are pushing people to be materialistic. Just look at Madonna and her song, Material Girl – making being materialistic look cool. The antichirsts uses technology to push their system; they know how music and films can be used to make people think “it’s the cool thing to do.” They know psychological programs and triggers work to get you to join the crowed; to make you feel as an odd ball if they don’t join your friends; that if you are different, you are a racist and Nazi. Maybe it is this group of people, along with others, that they fear most, so that is why those use such labels. Check out what the opposition really believes and don’t let the enemy tell you what they believe; when you do this, you’ll find the opposite is true.

Think of the world system (cosmos). Do you love:

  • anti-Christian films?
  • anti-Christian “music”?
  • Chemtrails?
  • GMO food?
  • allopathic medicine?
  • Vaccinations?
  • dumbing down of our children?
  • fake news?
  • wars?
  • usury banking system?
  • immigration and allowing the kinds of people in?
  • forced integration in our neighbourhoods?
  • homosexuality?

Do you like this? Of course not! Then you should be against the world – the world system. For any Christian who really loves God and His Laws, it’s quite easy to be against the “New World Order,” as they call it. There really is nothing “new” about this; it’s an age-old system used by the enemies of ancient Israel, some of whom were the Canaanite and Edomites (whose descendants are with us today).

Do we not stand opposite of globe earth believers? Are we not opposite of Evolutionists? This is all part of loving the world. We love the world as Yahweh, God, created it and not what has become now.


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