The Gospel in Britain

The Gospel in Britain

Established long before the Catholic Church said it did.

God’s Kingdom Ministries

by Dr Stephen Jones

Perhaps no one caught the imagination of the Church in the Middle Ages more than Joseph of Arimathea. Much lore rose up around him as the centuries passed. However, there are some basic truths that stand out, proven by subsequent events as well as by genuine scholars, ancient and modern.

There is one undisputable fact that emerges from any serious study of early Church history: the Church in Britain was among the first to be established after the day of Pentecost. The Roman Church, of course, has long been embarrassed by this and has worked hard to hide the facts proving this. The British Church was not subject to Rome for many centuries, and thus the later Roman Church did not recognize them as being Christian until they came under Rome’s headship over six centuries after Pentecost. Yet, as Rev. W. Morgan tells us,

“The British Church was represented during his [Constantine’s] reign by native bishops at the Councils of Arles, A.D. 308, and Nice, A.D. 325.” (St. Paul in Britain, p. 111)

How could there be no British Church until the seventh century, when British bishops were represented at Church Councils in the fourth century? The main fact is that in the fourth century, those British bishops were recognized by Rome as Christians, simply because Rome had not yet demanded submission of all Churches in exchange for the right to be called Christian.

In fact, it is well known by all historians that Constantine himself was a British general, though he was part of Rome’s army. Rome had many generals from other nations, for their armies were full of foreign soldiers. Constantine was favorably disposed toward Christianity from the influence of his mother, Helena (Helen of York), who was also a famous early Christian song writer. As Sozomen tells us in his Eccl. Hist.. lib. i. c. v., “It is well known that great Constantine received his Christian education in Britain.” He also came into contact with the Roman-Christian teacher, Lactantius, while living in Nicomedia during the reign of Diocletian, for we read in Hans von Campenhausen’s book, The Fathers of the Latin Church, p. 79,

“Before the outbreak of the great persecution [303 A.D.], Constantine certainly stayed for some time at the palace of Diocletian in Nicomedia as a kind of hostage for his father. It is a likely guess that the young foreign prince had at least already met the equally foreign rhetorician of distinction.”

When the Diocletian persecution broke out, Lactantius was allowed to retire peacefully. However, the same author tells us that when Constantine later became emperor, he appointed Lactantius to be the tutor of his oldest son, Crispus, in Gaul at the palace in Treves.

In 596 A.D. when Britain was “evangelized” by the Roman missionary, Augustine (not the bishop of Hippo by the same name who lived two centuries earlier), his mission was not to convert the British to Christ, but to convert Christians to the Roman Church. Augustine was rebuffed. Morgan quotes Bacon’s Government of England as follows:

“The Britons told Augustine they would not be subject to him, nor let him pervert the ancient laws of their Church. This was their resolution, and they were as good as their word, for they maintained the liberty of their Church five hundred years after his time, and were the last of all the Churches of Europe that gave up their power to the Roman Beast. (p. 101)

“The soldier who interrogated Augustine at the oak of Conference seems, in like manner, to treat the question between them as one quite apart from doctrine.

“ ‘Does Rome possess all the truth?’

“ ‘All.’

“ ‘And you say we do–our usages only differ. Now of two men, if both have all their limbs and senses complete, both are equal. Because the Romans have noses, and we have noses, must we either cut off our noses to be Romans? Must all who have noses be subject to the Romans? Why, then, should all who hold the faith be subject to Rome because she holds the faith’?” (Morgan, St. Paul in Britain, p. 102)

Morgan quotes many ancient sources to show that the British Church had long been established and was in full strength by the time Augustine arrived there to subject them to Rome’s headship. On page 105 he quotes the Jesuit, Robert Parsons, in his book, Three Conversions of England, vol. 1, page 26,

“The Christian religion began in Britain within fifty years of Christ’s ascension.”

He quotes also Polydore Vergil, lib. ii,

“Britain, partly through Joseph of Arimathea, partly through Fugatus and Damianus, was of all kingdoms the first that received the Gospel.”

He quotes Sir Henry Spelman’s Concilia, vol., p. 1,

“We have abundant evidence that this Britain of ours received the faith, and that from the disciples of Christ Himself, soon after the crucifixion of Christ.”

Alford’s Regia Fides, Vol. 1, p. 19 is quoted as well,

“The faith which was adopted by the nation of the Britons in the year of our Lord 165, was preserved inviolate, and in the enjoyment of peace, to the time of the Emperor Diocletian.”

This referred to King Lucius, who had proclaimed Britain to be a Christian Nation, he says, in 165 A.D., while the Church in Rome was still suffering under the Roman Emperors. At the same time, Lucius was baptized by his 83 year old relative, Timothy, in 139. This Timothy was the son of Pudens and Claudia. Lucius was the grandson of Cyllinus, the brother of Linus and Claudia. [See Appendix 2.]

Morgan cites other ancient sources:

“In A.D. 600, Venantius Fortunatus, in his Christian hymns, speaks of Britain as having been evangelized by St. Paul.

“In the year A.D. 408 Augustine of Hippo asks, ‘How many churches are there not erected in the British isles which lie in the ocean?’ And about the same time Arnobius writes, ‘So swiftly runs the word of God that though in several thousand years God was not known except among the Jews, now, within the space of a few years, His word is concealed neither from the Indians in the East nor from the Britons in the West’.”

Morgan likewise provides us with quotations from Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople, in 402 A.D., Jerome (378), and Eusebius (320), all referencing the strength of the Church in Britain. Since the Roman Church claims these writers as their own, it is plain that they are being disingenuous in their claim that Britain was evangelized only in the seventh century. It is clear that there were many churches in Britain in earlier centuries. Only when Rome demanded submission in later centuries, denying Christian status to any Church that did not comply, was Britain suddenly denied Christian status until long after the failed Augustinian mission.

The question, then, is not whether or not there existed a British Church in the earliest days of the Church. The question is whether or not a Church must submit to Rome to be Christian. By Rome’s definition, no Church calling itself Protestant, Evangelical, Pentecostal, etc. is really Christian. They have a right to their opinion, of course, but they should not use that opinion to deny the existence of a non-Roman Church.

And so the Church of Rome in later years has attempted to suppress the near unanimous consent of its own early historians as to the early evangelization of Britain. For example, The Catholic Encyclopedia writes under “Joseph of Arimathea,”

“Likewise fabulous is the legend which tells of his coming to Gaul A.D. 63, and thence to Great Britain, where he is supposed to have founded the earliest Christian oratory at Glastonbury.”

No proof is given to sustain their disdain, and in a single sentence, they dismiss what virtually all of the Catholic Church historians have affirmed for many centuries. In fact, Morgan tells us on pages 63 and 64, that the antiquity of the British Church was unsuccessfully challenged in the fifteenth century at Church Councils, where the seating arrangement of the representatives were established according to the antiquity of their Church:

“This priority of antiquity was only once questioned, and that on political grounds, by the ambassadors of France and Spain, at the Council of Pisa, A.D. 1417. The Council, however, affirmed it. The ambassadors appealed to the Council of Constance, A.D. 1419, which confirmed that the decision of that of Pisa, which was a third time confirmed by the Council of Sena, and then acquiesced in. This decision laid down that the Churches of France and Spain were bound to give way in the points of antiquity and precedency to the Church of Britain, which was founded by Joseph of Arimathea ‘immediately after the passion of Christ’.”

(The Catholic Encyclopedia gives the date for the Council of Pisa as 1403, and the Council of Constance as 1414-1418.)

Another great fabrication of history thrusts Britain outside the boundaries of civilization just because they were outside the boundaries of the Roman Empire. From the perspective of the Roman government, any people outside of its borders were “barbarians.” Yet Britain had many centers of higher learning which were so rigorous that it took twenty years to master their courses in philosophy, astronomy, geometry, and many other subjects which, in that day, were accepted everywhere as the mark of civilization.

In the sixth century, Gildas writes of Britain:

“These islands received the beams of light—that is, the holy precepts of Christ—the true Sun, as we know, at the latter part of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, in whose time this religion was propagated without impediment and death threatened to those who interfered with its professors.” (J. W. Taylor, The Coming of the Saints, p. 141)

Gildas no doubt was referring to the writing of the Roman Christian lawyer, Tertullian, around 200 A.D. who had written in his Apology, V,

“Tiberius accordingly, in whose days the Christian name made its entry into the world, having himself received intelligence from Palestine of events which had clearly shown the truth of Christ’s divinity, brought the matter before the senate, with his own decision in favour of Christ. The senate, because it had not given the approval itself, rejected his proposal. Caesar held to his opinions, threatening wrath against all accusers of the Christians.”

Tiberius Caesar died in 37 A.D., thus fixing the time of the arrival of Joseph of Arimathea and his companions around that time.

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The Electric Universe

The Electric Universe

Several of the main conclusions of The Electric Universe Model fit The Geocentricity Model of the Bible like a glove. Notice:

galaxy 1A) The Biblical Model forbids The Big Bang Model now controlling Astronomy and Physics and NASA’s evolution-premised “Origins Program”.

B) The Electric Universe Model likewise rejects Big Bangism. “There was no Big Bang….”(1)

A) The Biblical Model repudiates the wholly misleading billions of light-year distances hawked regularly in all the media.

B) The Electric Universe Model declares that “The visible universe…is much smaller than we thought…. We have no idea of the extent of the universe”.(2)

“We have direct evidence of stellar evolution but in a time scale comparable with the human life time.”(3)

A) The Biblical Model contradicts all secular science about the age of the universe, dating its creation along with all else that exists in it during six 24 hour “evening and morning” days some 6000 years ago.

B) The Electric Universe Model concludes that “We don’t know the age of stars, since the thermonuclear evolution theory does not apply to them….We have no idea of the age…of the universe.”(4)

(Some amplification of these dramatic conclusions is given further along….)


This is not to say that this happy confluence of cosmological essentials which The Electric Universe Model shares with the Biblical Model is recognized (yet!) by EUM (Electric Universe Model) advocates. I have seen no indication in what I’ve read that these EUM folks are connecting their discoveries with anything Biblical. On the contrary, one can see that the exobiological evolution mind-set is well entrenched in statements such as this: “Life is most likely to form inside a brown dwarf star”, and “Our search for intelligent life shall therefore focus on the faintest close stars [the L type Brown Dwarfs] in the sky.”(5) But, a big break with standard Big Bang cosmology is evident in the word “static” in this quote: “The visible universe is static and much smaller than we thought”.(6)

Still, somewhere along the line–sooner than later, I expect–that agreement between the Bible and the EUM on some very basic cosmological essentials will ultimately become plain in all its implications for these folks; no doubt to the consternation of some and the joy of others. Nevertheless, welcomed or not, EUM discoveries contain the scientific rationale for dissolving not only the most nagging quasi-obstacle to a geocentric universe, viz., the alleged ever-increasing distances of stars that must revolve around the earth daily, but also threatens to scale down the age of the universe (and hence, Earth) so dramatically that there will be no time left for evolution to occur.

As to those alleged distances to galaxies, another able EUM advocate reminds us that the establishment idea that “…galactic distances can be determined by redshift is an assumption [and the] only basis of the further extrapolation that the universe is expanding and the only reason for believing that there ever was a big bang.”(7)

That same writer goes on to explain that even Hubble himself made it clear in his 1937 book (The Observational Approach To Cosmology) that he was very uncomfortable with the “recession factor” being attributed to him as “The Hubble Expansion”. If one just sticks to the observed facts, Hubble concluded, “There is no evidence of expansion and no restriction of the time scale, no trace of spatial curvature….”(8)

So the point to be heavily underscored here is that the ever-increasing confirmations of the impossibilities of the thermonuclear-furnace concept for our sun and other stars, coupled with the immediately intelligible concept of an electrical grid… arcing power from one ball of lightening (the sun, a star) to another through a highly conductive plasma, is a concept that is not only capable of sending modern-man’s “knowledge” of the universe based on Big Bangism to that overflowing ash-bin of discarded “scientific” hypotheses, but is, at the same time, opening wide the door to re-thinking and ultimately confirming the Biblical Model of the universe with our non-moving Earth at the center of it all.


Those who have begun to grasp the mega-importance of the Geocentrism Revolution now brewing–a revolution that will enlist true science in returning to the Biblical Geocentrism Model of the universe [See: Size-Structure Pt 1] -will have no difficulty in recognizing the other false science dominos that must fall when the heliocentric deception that made possible the Big Bang deception is toppled.

Just as the physical sciences were beguiled by Copernicanism and spurred on to bring about a steady deterioration of Bible credibility in the all-important Truths about the origins and nature of the universe, just so did that deterioration pave the way for the beguiling of the life sciences to embrace the Darwinian mythology. Thenceforth, the regression of modern man’s “knowledge” that has resulted because of the rejection of these two pillars of Biblical Credibility (ex nihilo creation of the universe with a stationary earth, and the creation of all life forms on the earth), is a regression that demonstrably gave birth to various shades of Marxism, Freudianism, Saganian extraterrestrialism, and, to a thoroughly confused and Bibleless Churchianity…merrily blown about by “every wind of doctrine” that comes its way.

So deeply imbedded in modern man’s psyche have these regressive phenomena become that historians in recent years have been labeling these times as the “Post-Christian, Post-Biblical Era”, foolishly believing (as I once did!) with atheist Nietzsche that: “God is dead. We have killed him with our science.” By contrast, the Bible (which limits no true science), gives this caveat: “…avoid oppositions of science falsely so called, which some professing have erred (made mistakes) concerning the faith.” (I Timothy 6:20,21).

The heliocentricity deception is the lynchpin, the keystone, the raison d’être of all these deceptions. It’s exposure will lay bare these “wiles of the Devil” that have come to rule modern man’s “knowledge” [See: Knowledge Impact] while submerging the Absolute Truths of God’s Word. The Electric Sun Model–intentionally or unintentionally–is coming forth as yet another slayer of false science’s mythical Big Bang counterfeit of God’s Creation, bringing with it a revelation which will quickly turn the telescope around and point back to its Copernican beginnings.


It is necessary to understand that the central plank of the EUM is this: “Stars are electrical transformers, not thermonuclear devices.”(9) Beyond the happy agreement with the Biblical Model in vital areas mentioned above that this central plank allows, these other agreements reveal that– when a few ad hoc heliocentric parasites are fumigated off of EUM–it will be seen to be quite compatible with the Biblical Cosmos Model….

For example, the arbitrary speed limit that Einstein set on light immediately bites the dust in the EUM. “The speed of light is not a barrier,” we are told (10). More Einstein-bashing is evident in these words of EUM physicist, Wal Thornhill: “Time travel is impossible”; “Space has no extra dimensions in which to warp or where parallel universes may exist”; ” There are no neutron stars or Black Holes.”(11)

As to “black holes”, Thornhill gives his conclusions about Einstein and his devotees:

“It seems to me that Einstein made it fashionable for theoretical physicists to live in their heads and perform “thought experiments”. It is one thing to frame hypotheses by day-dreaming but to think that experiments are carried out by sucking on a pipe in an armchair is pure “Disneyesque” fantasy. Einstein’s theory of gravity is the craziest explanation of the phenomenon imaginable.

I believe a recent cartoon in Scientific American has unwittingly shown us where black holes are to be found:

They exist inside the heads of theoretical astrophysicists!

And with their eyes wide shut and fingers in their ears, there they shall remain.”(12)

I personally am glad to read such assessments of Big Al, because, as readers of The Earth Is Not Moving know, and as many have favorably commented, the historical record of Einstein given in two chapters and elsewhere in the book lead one to these same conclusions about “black holes” or any other product of his “thought experiments”.

Sayonara Albert E… (A. E. was the choice of all Zionist controlled media to receive the honor of “Man of the 20th Century”. From the Bible-bashing Talmud/Kabbala point of view, he disserved to be so crowned. After all, his Relativity, curved space, etherless, time-warping nonsense not only rescued Copernicanism from the nose-dive it was in after interferometer experiments repeatedly showed no movement of the earth, they also laid the necessary ground-work for the introduction and success of Big Bangism, which further made possible the whole Saganesque brand of evolution of “extraterrestrials” now about to be foisted on the world thru NASA’s VR technology. [See: NASAs Agenda, NASAs Hanky-Panky, NASAs Spirit.Roots, Virtual Reality Fraud, Redshift Fraud, Size-Structure Pt 6]


Newton–like Einstein, over-praised and under-criticized by secularists and Bible liberals alike because his work seemed to establish heliocentricity–is also seen to be a first cousin to Humpty Dumpty in the Electric Universe Model. In the EUM, “…electrically charged bodies embedded in a charged Plasma Gas accounts for “99.999% of the matter in the universe….” More: “Electromagnetic forces are infinitely more powerful than gravity and capable of simply explaining phenomena attributed to Black Holes. Electromagnetic …forces can repel or attract. Gravity only attracts. [Plasma cosmology] is verifiable by experiment because of the enormous scalability of the phenomena.”(13)

Newtonian “gravity” simply can’t cut the mustard when it comes to explaining the phenomena in the universe that it has been called upon to explain.

“The mathematical shorthand that was developed for articulating the gravity view and for using the technologies based on it doesn’t work for the plasma view….the definitions are different, the facts are different, the math is different, the theories are different….”(14)

“Gravity… `sees’ fewer features and `sees’ them as disparate events, each requiring a separate ad hoc explanation…. The generality of gravity is obscured with ad hoc inventions, and those inventions fail to account for details intrinsic in the plasma view. Gravity fails to account for entire new observations, extrapolating itself beyond reality and into denial.”(15)

(My emph.: see note on TIDES at end….)

A summary quote about Newton:

“Newton was unaware of plasma. Today his disciples spend years in training, learning when and how to shut their eyes to it.. It’s not just the Big Bang, General Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics that are in trouble, but the foundation of all of them: GRAVITY IS AN EXHAUSTED AND BANKRUPT CONCEPT.”(16) (emph. added)


Further characteristics of the EUM as proposed by Juergens, Thornhill, Peratt, Lerner, Scott, the Achesons et al which enhance the Biblical Geocentrism Model will probably be included in future Monthly Bulletin Links on The Earth Is Not Moving web page. Look for them if the potential for the sensible features of this exciting new cosmological paradigm show the same remarkable alignment with the Bible Model that I am now seeing….


As something I personally view to be a near perfect example of the quotation above about Newtonian Gravitational Theory “extrapolating itself beyond reality”…I plan to take an eight page chapter from The Earth Is Not Moving entitled “TIDES” and link to it in the next Bulletin. If interested, look for it amongst the link titles after that date.



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Explaining the Tides

Explaining the Tides

The Moon Designed To Serve Mankind


No one would quarrel with the fact that there is a relationship between what the Moon does and what the Tides do. The Bible, after all, says that the Moon was designed to serve mankind through “signs” (which could certainly include Tidal phenomena), and through “seasons”, and by giving light.

Moon 6-2021However, to say there is a relationship or connection between the Moon and Tides is one thing; to say that the Moon causes and controls Earth’s tides (as the whole world has been taught as a scientific fact) is quite another thing.

In the first instance–since God has said that one of His purposes for making the Moon and having it behave as it does is precisely for man’s aid in such things as gauging tides, planting, harvesting, etc.–we see the relationship as supernatural. These are “signs” and they have always worked and they work now for those who read them. Thus, there is a relationship or connection between the Moon’s behavior and supplying useful and necessary knowledge for man.

In the second instance, however–since “science” has said it will explain everything in natural terms without God and will designate all supernatural explanations as superstitions held by unenlightened people–we find that the obvious connections between the Moon’s behavior and certain phenomena such as Tides must be explained naturalistically by the science establishment.

So, God gave His supernatural explanation for Tides, which man has rejected. In its stead, man has come up with a purely naturalistic explanation for the tidal phenomena. In short, man’s “science” has declared that the Moon’s gravitational pull (assisted by the sun’s pull) causes the Tides. This declaration is now counted as a “fact” of science.

Vern, one of these explanations is the Truth and one is a lie. Let’s see if we can find out which is which…. First, let us look at some facts and see where they take us logically. For instance, there is a real fact about a neutral gravity zone between the Earth and the Moon. I quote from a letter from NASA dated April 5, 1990 addressing this matter:

“…On a direct line from the Earth to the moon, equal gravitational effects would be found at approximately 216,000 miles, given a mean distance of 240,000 miles between the two bodies….”20 (Emph. added)

Other sources confirm this understanding. Figures XIV & XV {reproduced in book only} are taken from one of famed rocket scientist Werner von Braun’s books. They illustrate this neutral gravity zone.

OK. So all we are describing here is something that must logically be true if the statistics about the Earth and Moon gravitational pulls are fairly accurate. Earth’s gravity is said to be six times as strong as the Moon’s gravity, or said the other way, the Moon’s gravitational attraction is 1/6 or about 17% that of Earth’s gravity.

Somewhere between the two bodies the pull of one body has got to be overcome by the pull of the other one. At this point (which NASA says and von Braun confirms averages c. 216,000 miles from the Earth) there is a neutral gravity zone where the Earth’s gravitational pull becomes weaker than the Moon’s gravitational pull and, at this same point, the Moon’s gravitational pull becomes weaker than the Earth’s gravitational pull.

This circumstance is demanded by the gravity concept and all the supposed facts and laws that describe the Earth and Moon gravitational fields. OK, Vern? Now keep that in mind as we read what “science” says about Tides on Earth….

What “science” says is that the Moon’s gravitational pull reaches out thru the neutral gravity zone (where it couldn’t attract a balloon full of feathers, a dead horse, or the Astrodome) and goes on beyond 50,000, 100,000, 216,000 miles and sucks the big ole Earth toward it like stretching a rubber ball! I know it’s incredible; I know it’s insane, but that’s what the naturalistic (i.e., “scientific”) explanation demands that the Moon must do. Read it for yourself from these examples (which are repeated in every book on the subject):

“Strange as it may seem [yeah!], what we normally think of as the solid body of the earth is also affected by the moon, so that it too [the Earth, that is] has a tide. The landmass of the earth is elastic and actually rises and falls about 4 1/2 inches. We do not feel these land tides…but they do take place.” 23 (Emph. added)

In his book, The Lunar Effect, author Lieber says: “…the pull of the moon distorts the earth as if it were a rubber ball. The North American Continent may rise so much as a foot when the moon is overhead.”24

The famous “science” writer Asimov says: “…the earth, so to speak, is stretched in the direction of the moon. The solid earth does not stretch much, however (only about nine inches on each side), and only delicate measurements can show this stretch.”25

He’s lying about the “delicate measurements”, of course. No measurement shows this (and what the others said) or could show it. Mathematical decorations derived from and supportive of this crazy hypothesis might show a 9″stretch (twice what the other guy just said), but no measurement has or can show it.

In a kid’s “science” book we read: “Now the land of the earth does not move easily, but the waters do. The waters on the side of the earth closest to the moon pile up in a “bulge”, causing a high tide. But at the same time there is a high tide on the other side of the earth. What do you suppose is the reason for this? The answer is that, as the moon’s gravity pulls the water nearest to it a little away from the earth, it also pulls the whole earth a little away from the waters in the ocean on the farthermost side, setting up a second high tide there.”26

In The Moon: Earth’s Natural Satellite, author Branley says the same thing in explaining his diagram on the tidal phenomena: “…the ocean at E [the furthermost from the moon], because it is so much farther away is not pulled toward the moon as much as the solid earth; the earth is pulled away from the water; and the water is therefore deeper during this part of the tidal cycle.”27 (emph. added)

Branley then gets into some numbers which grow out of the myth he believes, numbers so contradictory as to be comical if the world weren’t mesmerized by this deception: “The tide-raising force of the moon is very small indeed, compared to the force of gravity. The tide-raising force of the moon is about 1/9,000,000 that of the earth’s gravity….”28

Wow. One nine millionth Let’s see; that means the earth’s pull toward its own center on its own crust and oceans and seas is nine million times as great as the Moon’s pull on the same features, doesn’t it? Nine million to one. Whew! Amazing, isn’t it that nine million mule power could be pulling something one way and one mule power could overcome all that every hour of every day and stretch the Earth and cause zillions of cubic feet of water to shift around everywhere! Yes, just amazing, especially when that one mule power stopped out there at the 216,000 mile neutral gravity zone! Momma mia…

Well, it would take a book to get into all the nutty theories that rest upon the central idea that the Moon’s gravity reaches out with ghostly fingers beyond its own back yard across another 216,000 miles of Earth’s gravity’s back yard and stretches a body with 81 times its own mass and 50 times its volume like a blob of dough.29

Part and parcel of this nonsense is the “tidal friction” goofiness spawned by Charles Darwin’s son, Sir George Darwin. This concept says that the tidal movements cause friction against the rotating earth and have been slowing it down about 1/1000 of a second per century (!) for some 5 Billion (that’s “B” as in Bill) years.30 Another author dealing with the same subject figures about 14 seconds a century for the slowdown. Anyway, Sir George figured this on back to where the Earth was spinning around every five hours or so and the Moon was so close you could kick it. However, all this tidal friction slowed the earth down over those billions of years to the present 24 hour, 1037 MPH speed, and somehow or other caused the Moon to recede to its present distance. George didn’t stop there, but figured this on into the future, concluding that:

“…after billions of years, earth will require 47 days to make a rotation and the moon will require 47 days to go around the earth.”31

For this “concept” (no more or less screwy and unscientific than his daddy Charles’ Evolution “concept”), Georgie is in the scientist’s Little League Hall of Fame in any book you pick up on the subject and was knighted “Sir” to boot. Makes one wonder who’s in charge of this world’s system of recognition and so forth, doesn’t it? (The Bible says, of course, that Satan the Deceiver is allowed to be god of this world until he is removed forever (II Cor.4:4). If that be true, then it is perfectly understandable why the individuals who advance Satan’s deceptions in the world would frequently be important figures in all aspects of that world system). [See: histrev]

Then there is that part of the gravity-causes-tides-looniness which brings in the sun’s gravitational effect. This tells how the sun’s gravity both assists and counteracts the moon’s pull to produce Spring Tides and Neap Tides which come about a week apart. The same principles apply. And then there is the supposed effect of the moon’s gravity on the Earth’s atmosphere…. And on and on. It would take a book, Vern, Imatella you….

Nevertheless, it hasn’t escaped the attention of any reader, I’m sure, who has come this far (Hello…), that the vast eons of time required for all this cosmic buffoonery to transpire fit hand in glove with that other master-myth of modern history, evolutionism. Time is the hero of both of these plots! Both of these myths have the same author. Both have the same future, namely exposure and destruction by the Truth of God in the coming Fall of Babylon. More on that in another place….

But just to make sure that all this Earth-stretching-to-cause-tides-concept is understood to be an integral, necessary part of the whole naturalistic, humanistic, heliocentric “wisdom” and “knowledge” where tides are concerned, let’s look at one more example. And believe it or not, Vern, I stumbled upon this gem in the bird-lover’s magazine, Audubon, for September 1989. It was an essay entitled “Pull of the Moon”. In it author Steinhart incorporates the conventional “wisdom” about tides in a way that speaks volumes about how deeply this myth has penetrated:

“There was plenty of reason for ancients to worship the moon. The moon exerts a profound influence upon the earth. As it passes overhead, its gravitational force pulls a bulge of sea water, causing the high tides. As it lines up with or opposite the sun,–at the times of the new or full moons–the tides are highest. It even pulls a bulge in the earth as it passes. Moscow rises twenty inches twice a day. And at times the Empire State Building is sixty-three feet closer to the Eiffel Tower. Because it tugs harder on whatever is closer, it pulls the earth more than it pulls the water on the far side of the earth. So there is a bulge of water on the backside of the globe too–a second daily high tide.”32 (emph. added)

Well, enough examples. In simple terms, as part of the world-wide indoctrination into heliocentricity, there had to be a mechanism to explain the motions of the heavenly bodies, what keeps them in their places, and so on. That explanation, that mechanism is called “The Law of Universal Gravitation”. It is credited to Newton but was first formulated by Kepler, as we’ve seen. This “Universal Law of Gravitation” is taught and believed by one and all but is, nevertheless, an absolutely insane concept which violates and contradicts its essential magnetic principle every second of every day, year in and year out.

Even if one can momentarily lock one’s brain into conceiving of a delicate balance between the Earth and the Moon’s gravitational forces, a balance that would be achieved by the most precise, exact and unvarying distance between the two bodies, then that same brain is boggled when it is confronted with the fact that no such stable distance exists between these two bodies (or any other two!). Indeed, the undeniable reality is that the moon regularly varies its distance from the Earth by over 31,000 miles! When it comes closer and closer it gets in the stronger and stronger pull of Earth’s gravity. How can it then resist that pull and start going against that attraction? Contrariwise, as it goes out to the apogee and is moment by moment breaking loose from Earth’s gravitational pull at tremendous speed, how can it stop the outward movement and start back??

Gravity doesn’t explain this. Gravity can’t explain it. Gravity doesn’t explain the tides. Gravity can’t explain them. The same is true of the Earth’s supposed annual orbit around the sun. The simple fact is that we are closer by three million miles to the sun at certain times than we are at other times.

The gravitation explanation for heavenly bodies doing what they do has no scientific evidence whatsoever behind it. It is pure nonsense from A to Z, a contradictory, illogical, impossible notion perpetrated upon the world by You Know Who to discredit the Bible.

Indeed, universal gravitation is a bankrupt and stupid hypothesis incapable of explaining tides( just the same as Darwin’s “natural selection” mechanism is now being recognized as a bankrupt and stupid hypothesis that is incapable of explaining evolutionism). These bankrupt hypotheses both have the same author, Satan the Deceiver. They both have the same purpose; undermining the credibility of Scripture. They both have the same destiny; exposure as lies to be adhered to only by those who “cannot receive a love of the Truth” (II Thess. 2:10), i.e., those who “willfully” embrace these lies when they know better (II Peter 3:5), by those, in short, whose real god is the Father of Lies (John 8:44).

Shall we gravitate to another topic, Vern, ole Chap?

By all means, Bo Bo, if you can but cease with these weightless attempts at levity!

I’ll try….

(Note: An overview of “The Electric Sun” Model which explains attractive and interactive phenomena in the universe much more sensibly than the “Gravity Model”….)


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Mathematical Evidence of the Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures

Mathematical Evidence of the Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures


A converted Russian nihilist, Ivan Panin, graduated from Harvard in 1882 as a mathematician. He then spent 50 years (wow!) on deciphering the mind-blowing mathematical structure of the Bible from the first word to the last. Since every letter in every word of the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts also has a numerical equivalent, every letter, word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, and even every subject has a definite arithmetical sum.

What follows is a severely abbreviated example of the kinds of phenomena Dr. Panin discovered when working with those numerical equivalents…regardless of whether they pertained to a given subject such as the genealogy of Christ, or a book of the Bible, or the Bible in its entirety. Marvel at each of these as you read:

· The number of words in the vocabulary will divide by the number seven.

· The number of words beginning with a vowel is divisible by seven.

· The number of words beginning with a consonant is divisible by seven.

· The number of letters in the vocabulary of a subject (like the genealogy of Christ) is divisible by seven.

· Of these letters, those which are consonants and those which are vowels both divide by seven.

· The number of words occurring more than once is divisible by seven. Those occurring only once likewise divide by seven.

· The number of nouns is divisible by seven. The numbers that are not nouns divides by seven.

· The number of proper names divides by seven. The male names divide by seven. The female names divide by seven.

· The number of words beginning with each of the letters of the alphabet is divisible by seven.

Having explained the function of numeric and place values in the Hebrew and Greek languages in Scripture, it is noted by way of example that the value of the word “Jesus” in Greek is 975, of which the numeric value is 888, and the place value is 87. These features produced these astonishing results in addition to the previous examples:

· The numeric value of the vocabulary is divisible by seven.

· The numerical value of the various alphabetical groups of words is divisible by seven.

· The numerical values of the various forms in which the words occur produce the same phenomenon.

Dr. Panin challenged any person to write one paragraph of 300 words intelligently and produce some numeric phenomena of like designs, and complete it within six months. Anyone who could do it would prove himself/herself a wonder. No takers.

Since many of the writers of the Scriptures were men from ordinary walks of life with little or no schooling, it is beyond astonishing that the same harmonious numerical features were found in different wording of the same or similar accounts, as in the four Gospels. Even more amazing, the number of words found in Matthew that are not found in any other New Testament book display elaborate numeric design. How did Matthew know that he had used words that would not be used in any of the other 26 books? He would had to have before him all of these books, and would have to have written last.

It so happens, however, that each of the other books shows the same phenomena! Did each writer write last?! If not, then, was each writer a mind reader as well as a literary and mathematical artist, never equaled and hardly even conceivable?

But that is just the start of Panin’s findings! He proceeded to prove that every book of the Bible carries such features, that each one is necessary to cause the numerical scheme of the entire Bible to work out correctly, and that nothing can be added to or subtracted from the Bible, as we have it, without spoiling these features. From the first verse of Genesis to the last verse of Revelation, these divine evidences are found. The God of nature is, therefore, proved to be the God of Scripture. The quarrel of modern skeptics, therefore, is not with believers of the Bible, but with God Himself.

Panin’s discoveries revealed that several numbers other than seven produced equally astonishing results. For example–having gone through detailed lists of the known and unknown authors of the Bible’s 66 books and through their arrangement from the Hebrew Received Text and the Greek Text and the numeric values of the names of those which have known authors–it was found that the sum was 721 elevens. The sum of the factors involved was 121 or 11 x 11.

The presence of these factors of 11’s in connection with the number, order and names of writers is either accidental or designed. That the number of books in the Bible should be a multiple of 11 might be purely accidental. Since, however, only every 11th number is a multiple of 11, the chance for any number being a multiple of 11 is only 1 in 11.

That this number could be so divided between anonymous and non-anonymous books that each class could also be a multiple of 11…. Well, this may also be accidental, but the chance of it happening is only one in 11 x 11, or one in 121.

That this number could also be divided between anonymous and known authors by 11’s among the authors of only one book and those of more than one may be due to chance, but the chance of this being accidental is only one in 11 x 11 x11, or 1,331.

Going thus far through the 8 features of 11’s noted, every one might be accidental, but the chances for their being so is only one in the 8th power of 11, or 214,358,881.

The sum of the numeric values of the 26 authors (7,931) is also a multiple of 7. Of this number the 21 writers of the Old Testament (3 sevens) have 3,808, or 544 sevens, and the N.T. writers have 4,123 (589 sevens). Of the 3,808 belonging to the O.T., 2,933 (419 sevens) belong to the writers of the Law and the Prophets, from Moses to Malachi, and 1,190 (170 sevens) belong to the writers of the so-called Hagiographa, from David to Nehemiah. Seven of the 21 O.T. writers (3 sevens) are expressly named as such in the N.T.; Moses, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Hosea, Joel. Their numeric value is 1,544 (222 sevens). The numeric value of Moses who heads the list and John who closes it, is 345 plus 1,069, totaling 1,414 or 202 7’s.

The Bible begins with the Hebrew word “beginning” and ends with the Greek word hagios, “saint”. The Hebrew word occurs in the following books (lists them) and the Greek word occurs in the following books (lists them)…. These books are 42 in number (6 sevens). Take the respective numbers of these books in the order of their place and there sum is 1,575, (225 sevens).

These eight features of 7’s in connection with the order and writers of the books may also be accidental, but the chance for these features of 7’s and 11’s happening together is one in billions.

The conclusion of these and many other similar features–the labor of a professional mathematician for half a century, remember–is what anyone open to the Truth will readily concede, namely, no mere human authorship of these phenomena is possible. Only a superior mathematical mind, the very mind of God could have planned these numeric results (unbeknownst to the writers themselves). Verbal inspiration of the Scriptures in this discovery of mathematical configurations which are immediately recognizable and instantly understood to be far beyond the capabilities of the mind of man must henceforward be attributed to a loving God Who has left no reason to change or doubt anything in His Guide Book to eternal life. “Study to show thyself approved” (II Timothy 2:15) is a fair request for God to make of all of us it seems.

[The foregoing is a sanforized and freely paraphrased version of Dr. Keith L. Brooks’ editing of Dr. Ivan Panin’s work, the full text of which may still be available from: Book Fellowship – Box 164 – N. Syracuse, N.Y. – 13212. I personally think this is a dynamite testimony to the miraculous inerrancy of the Bible and hence to its credibility and trustworthiness from the first word the last. Stark evidence of such un-dreamed of precision of detail leaves no doubt that this same ineffably wonderful God would not use “doublespeak” when He used “Sun, stand thou still” et al.

The Writings Of Ivan Panin, 1918, 586 pp is the full reference; See also Panin’s The Last Twelve Verses Of Mark,

56 pp.; Number In Scripture, E.W. Bullinger, D.D., 7 printings from 1894-1978, is another good source….]


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Unveiling Another Bible Cover Up

The flat earth truth is not the only thing that has been covered from us in the Bible, there are many other topics, too. When you read the Bible carefully, it’s plain that the earth is flat and stationary. Well, too, about the lost tribes of Israel – it’s right in the Bible. Of course, the NWO says it’s “politically incorrect” but that is what they all say about all truth that sets up free.

The Lost Tribes Of Israel Found

Where did we come from? Where are we going? Were the tribes of Israel lost or did we just lose our identity in our migrations? God said looked unto the rock that you were hewed.

Download this video while you can.

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Computer Generated Deception, part 8 (final)

Computer Generated Deception, part 8 (final)

More Unyielding Evidence of Flagrant Deceptions In The Measurement of Star Distances

Click to access computer-generate-deception-8.pdf

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Computer Generated Deception, part 7

The Mother of All Space Science Fraud Is At Work In The Measurement of Star Distances

Source: click here 

Considering that it must be clear by now that the whole matter of the structure and size of the universe is a contest between two religious teachings about the Origin of the universe and all that is in it, we must try to sort out which religious teaching we are going to accept when all the evidence is factored in.

Uppermost in one’s mind in this decision should be these seven points which have been shown to be demonstrable facts in previous discourses in this series and in the seven essays on “The Kabbala” particularly:

1) The indispensable foundation of all modern cosmology is the Copernican Model of a rotating, orbiting Earth and a stationary sun.

2) This foundational heliocentric model is built solely on seven interdependent assumptions which defy observational and experimental evidence.

3) The observationally verifiable transit of the stars around the Earth nightly is said by modern cosmology to be forever disproved because some of the stars are 15 billion light years distant and the speed they would have to go to get around nightly is so great as to be incomprehensible and foolish to consider; ergo, the Earth is rotating, causing it to appear that the stars are revolving nightly.

4) The determination of which model of the universe is the true one comes to rest on the matter of the “thickness” or radius of the universe, i.e., the distance from Earth to the furthermost known entity in the universe. Though theoretically the Machian Geocentricity Model claims any speed is possible, the Model is not taken seriously by very many people. The reason it isn’t taken seriously is because it also accepts billions of light year distances to the most distant stars and therefore must accept the speeds required to get them around nightly. When it is realized that those speeds are forced to be millions of times faster than the speed of light, the credulity of even those who want to believe what they see and want to believe the Bible’s plain stationary earth teachings, [See: Sixty-seven References – Gram-Semant] is stretched beyond the breaking point. This conclusion about distances and speeds is, of course, the conclusion that has been made by the world…and even Christian churches committed to Biblical Creationism. This conclusion speaks volumes as to not only the steady decline of Bible credibility and Christian influence since Copernicanism took hold but, beyond that, a solid explanation for the dramatic acceleration of that decline since the evolutionary mind-set which fuels Big Bangism began its conquest of academia and the media more than a century ago.

5) This situation forces all of us to stop and remind ourselves that triumphant modern cosmology has presented itself to the world as being a secular scientific enterprise while in reality–though the fact has been long hidden from the world!–the 15 billion year old and 15 billion light year thick universe concept is derived directly from one of the holy books of Pharisaic Judaism called the Zohar Kabbala. [See: NASAs Hanky-Panky – Kabbala 2 (p.7) – Kabbala 6]

6) Because of the centuries long secrecy surrounding the fact that all the essential elements of modern cosmology–15 billion years, Copernicanism, Relativism, Big Bangism, an Expanding Universe–are derived from the metaphysical Kabbala, the success and magnitude of the deception that has been palmed off on the world as “science” has created an entirely false picture about the size and structure of the universe. This “knowledge of the universe and its origin” has been portrayed as a contest between “science” and the Bible, and–via a ceaseless evolutionary drumbeat throughout the media and academia–the loud and clear message is that “science” has won that contest. However, since the cat is out of the bag about this incredibly deceptive covert religious operation–with all of its knowledge and culture-shaking ramifications–the exposure of what has really happened draws closer with each passing day. As the word gets around and the fact sinks in that the spiritual motivation of anti-Christ Kabbalism/Talmudism has always been to destroy the credibility of the Biblical Universe and the Biblical God behind it all, such an awakening to the truth of the matter will open even the most jaundiced eyes and establish a motive that can not be ignored. Whether that Truth is welcomed or hated will depend on the individual receiving it.

7) When those factual parameters are understood, even the most earnest skeptics should be open to discovering: a) What the Biblical Universe really entails; b) What true scientific support relates to it; and: c) What further evidence is required to determine which is authentic and which is fraudulent. Parts I, II, III, and IV have provided a basic understanding of what the Bible teaches and what facts confirm about the size and structure of the universe. It is clear from that understanding that there is one problem that causes people to be afraid to reject all of modern cosmology from Copernicanism through Big Bangism, and that problem is a conviction that “science” has proven that the stars are too far away to go around the Earth nightly as they are observed to go. That problem should dissipate as one begins to realize that: a) The Biblical model–and the historical and scientific facts that support it–shrinks the size of the universe to no more than a one light day, a size which allows the stars to go around nightly as observed quite nicely, thank you; and: b) All the “science falsely so called”–with which we have all been thoroughly indoctrinated–is a big, fat, hairy Virtual Reality Deception (VRD) from start to finish….[See: Virtual Reality Fraud]

When all this and more begins to really percolate in one’s mind, a veritable tornado of choices immediately threatens to overwhelm any thinking person. “It’s just unthinkable!” will top the list. Nevertheless, when one does come to grips with the inescapable reality that every facet of modern man’s “knowledge” [See: Knowledge Impact] is dependent upon a “creation scenario” embodied in anti-Christ Kabbalism disguised as “science”, the die will have been cast, the dice will have been rolled, the Rubicon will have been crossed.

Verily, once it sinks in what has happened to produce the evolutionary mind set that controls all but a fraction of everything modern man believes, there can be no turning back for the lover of truth. Whatever the personal cost in pride and all the rest, a choice will have to be made by every one regarding deception. That choice will be: a) Whether to prefer the lies about the evolution of the universe, the earth, and mankind, and all that is handcuffed to those lies…including death without hope; or: b) To be amazed but pleased to be freed from such deception and to know there is a Creator God with an eternal plan, and that this plan has been and is being offered to all who “can receive a love of the truth” (II Thess. 2:10), and; c) To seek His direction in what looms ahead under a Satan-empowered, Satan- worshipping , God-blaspheming, global government under which every last detail of genuine Biblical eschatology will be fulfilled [Rev.13:2b-7] [See: God’s End Time Drama]).

OK. Enough of that. It’s time to expand our understanding of how state-of- the-art technology has been and is being used to establish and uphold the Kabbalic Big Bang Model of an evolved and evolving universe of a size and structure that destroys the Biblical account of Creation and the Christianity that rests upon total Bible credibility. Previous essays on the use of high-tech fraud in this battle between the Creation Scenarios of two antithetical religions should be kept in mind as we go forward with this expansion of that theme. [See: NASAs Hanky-Panky – Virtual Reality Fraud – Redshift Fraud – Size-Structure Pt 6]

Fraud In The Measurement Of Distances In Space

The size of the universe is, after all, the bottom line between the Biblical Model and the Kabbalic Model, isn’t it?

The Kabbalic Big Bang Model is joined at the hip with the Expanding Universe Model. One has no meaning without the other. And the age of the Big Bang Expanding Universe Model is determined by the alleged distances from the alleged explosion that the stars and other objects have allegedly traveled to date, i.e., an incomprehensible 15 billion light years. Using the Einsteinian speed limit, this has taken 15 billion years at light speed. So, the universe is 15 billion years old and 15 billion light years thick according to today’s “science” supported by today’s technology. (Don’t forget: Each part of this “scientific” Model is derived from the writings of Kabbalist Rabbis from the 1st century to today [See: Kabbala 2, pp.2-4 -Kabbala 6])

Something that must be completely clear in our minds before going on to the distance measuring fraud upholding Big Bangism (mostly by people who doubtless have no idea what they are really doing) is that Big Bangism is first and foremost the intended final triumph of the concept of Evolutionism over Biblical (and Koranic) Creationism. Either an explosion 15 billion years ago created the universe, and the earth, and mankind by accident without any need for God…or maybe some kind of impersonal clock winder g-d; [See: ID Pitfalls] Or…a Designer God with an eternal Plan for mankind had the resources to do it and created all of it in six 24 hour days about 6000 years ago.

As it turns out, both of these Models require faith in separate “creation scenarios” from different books belonging to different religions. The world doesn’t know this, and believes its faith in an evolved universe and earth and mankind is a secular scientific concept upheld by solid proofs which have nothing to do with any religion. That fact, and the means by which faith in this “science falsely so called” has virtually triumphed (despite its being based 100% on assumptions which contradict all observational and known scientific evidence), makes the deceptive Kabbalic Model highly vulnerable despite its seemingly impregnable position in the world today.

Again, here’s why that is so: Every single aspect of Kabbalic Big Bang Kosmology is dependent on one’s continued belief that the Earth is rotating daily and orbiting the sun annually. If it is the Sun and not the Earth that is moving–as the Bible teaches repeatedly, [See: Sixty-seven References – Gram-Semant] and as all observational and experimental evidence confirms–then its Humpty Dumpty City for evolutionary cosmology and biology and all the rest of modern man’s “knowledge” [See: Knowledge Impact] that is built on those incredible myths masquerading as “science”.

So, is it possible that the entire construct of Kabbalist Big Bangism–which establishes an evolutionary mind-set about the origin of the universe, the Earth, and mankind–is a concept that rests wholly on continued faithful acceptance of a rotating, orbiting Earth? Is that faith in a rotating, orbiting Earth all that is holding up the Kabbalic religion’s “origins scenario” of a 15 billion year old explosion-generated universe that is 15 billion light years thick?? Can it be that the fate of this faith in this “creation scenario” of the religion of anti-Christ Kabbalism– which is far advanced toward destroying faith in the “creation scenario” of the religion of anti-Kabbalist Christianity–hangs in the balance wholly over the matter of whether the Earth is moving or not??

THAT IS PRECISELY THE SITUATION! Let’s establish first that it is an undeniable fact that the Copernican Heliocentricity Model of a rotating and orbiting Earth is the premise…i.e., the tightly muted but indispensable foundation of the Kabbalic Universe. Notice in the quotations which follow that this very premise is inseparable from the whole “science” of measuring DISTANCES in space:

The Copernican Premise Upholding The Big-Bang Paradigm

“Astrometric measurements not only determine the position of objects on the celestial sphere (sky), but also can be used to measure the distances to the stars. By measuring the change in a star’s position as the earth revolves around the sun, you can determine the distance to that star. This change in [a star’s] position [based on a sun-orbiting earth] is known as a star’s parallax….Astrometry is the foundation on which almost all of astronomy is based…the bedrock of methods for determining DISTANCES to astronomical objects….”1

So, plainly admitted, the whole concept we have of distances to the stars is founded on the premise that the heliocentric model of a sun-orbiting Earth is a fact. Just as plainly, if that premise is wrong then all the alleged distances to the stars are baseless. This understanding is vital to the truth of the whole matter when it is realized that those fantasized distances are the only thing holding the Copernican concept together in the first place! Another quote about this all-important parallax concept as a measure of distances to the stars confirms the dependency on a moving Earth:

“Trigonometric parallax is the apparent displacement of a nearby star against the background of more distant stars resulting from the motion of the earth in its orbit around the sun…. If a star’s parallax can be measured, it then determines the distance to the star….”2

Hmmm. Though still dependent “on the motion of the earth in its orbit around the sun”, we notice that the “trigonometric parallax” is only good for “nearby stars” which, this encyclopedic report notes, is only “useful for stars within 100 parsecs”. One parsec is defined as “the distance…equivalent to 206,265 times the distance from the earth to the sun, or about 3.3 light-years.” That would put “100 parsecs” some 330 light-years distant from an orbiting earth, virtually at our elbows in current cosmologyese. (Work it out arithmetically and see what you get in either miles or kilometers. Then try it with the Kabbalic 15 billion light-year distance and you will begin to get a real sense of the kind of funny-farm pretext of “scientific” exactitude that is involved here. One is reminded of Darwin’s annoyance with Sir Wm. Thompson’s calculation that evolution took 98 million years. Southall noted that: “Mr. Darwin represents that it must have taken three hundred and six millions six hundred and sixty two thousand four hundred years.”) 3

Now notice how the orbiting earth premise continues to be the foundation of all other techniques for measuring distances to stars that are claimed to be millions and billions of light-years away even though it is admitted that the trigonometric parallax method is limited to “nearby” stars:

“The first stellar parallax (the trigonometric one) was measured in 1838 by Friedrich Bessel for the star 61 Cygni. Its parallax of 0.3 places it at a distance of 3.3 parsecs or about 11 light-years….” 4

I had to read this two or three times before it sank in…and the same message is standard in all reports on the subject. What message? This blue ribbon pseudo-scientific hornswoggle that ranks up there with the best the Devil has to offer, that’s what! Herr Bessel’s “finding” (in 1838!) for the distance to 61 Cygni based on his trigonometric parallax hypothesis of parsecs has become the standard cosmological reference for distances to all the “nearby” stars! This is in spite of the fact that the method was calculated upon and was therefore deduced from the conviction in virtually all cosmological circles by that time that the earth orbited the sun and was on opposite sides of the sun every six months.. as has now become a “fact”, of course. Since any accurate application of parallax to the calculation of distances is wholly dependent upon the position of the observer relevant to that which is being observed, Bessel’s deduction was based on faith in the heliocentric assumption that the position of the earthbound observer changed every six months by some 186,000,000 miles (the diameter of the alleged earth orbit).

By contrast, Geocentric parallax is a technique which uses the diameter of the earth as a baseline. Because of this small baseline (8000 miles) this parallax is useful only for close objects such as the Moon and perhaps a few planets. Thus, if the earth and its observers are not orbiting the sun, the standard for distance measurements that is arbitrarily set at 206,265 x 93,000,000 miles based on an 0.3 parallax taken from an observation point 186,000,000 miles away from the previous observation point…those measurements would produce a distance that is 23,250 times larger than a distance calculated from a stationary earth! (8000 x 23250=186,000,000)

The importance of what has happened here relevant to true measurement of distances in space can not be overstated! The only reason any parallax at all showed up for Bessel’s star 61 Cygni (0.3) was because the baseline for the observer was assumed to be One-Hundred and Eighty Six Million Miles further away than the baseline of the observer six months earlier…thus giving a baseline on a triangle of 186,000,000 miles instead of 8000 miles!

The proof that calculations of “nearby” star distances are dependent upon the heliocentric assumption of a rotating, orbiting Earth couldn’t be more clear. What we have here is mathematical tautology, pure and simple, viz.,: The earth orbits the sun and provides a parallax figure which pushes even the close stars out 23,250 times further than they would be if a non-moving earth parallax were used. Then the light-year distances derived from this slight of hand are used to “prove” that the earth cannot be stationary because the stars are too far away to get around nightly!

Some epithets come to mind…but I forbear. Using stationary earth parallax, how far away is Bessel’s star 61 Cygni really? Based on an orbiting earth, he put it at 3.3 parsecs (about 11 light) years distant from earth. That’s about 64 trillion, 660 billion miles. If the earth is not moving, his figure is 23,250 times too big and the parallax distance would be c. 2 billion, 800 million miles (the alleged Earth to Neptune distance). That’s more like it, but stationary earth parallax calculations are too small to triangulate even at that distance.

An article from Sky and Telescope tells us that Bessel’s orbiting earth distance definition of a parsec is also applied to alleged distance benchmarks of 1,000 parsecs and 1,000,000 parsecs, both still rooted in the assumption of a heliocentric parallax diameter 23,250 times as great as a geocentric parallax diameter yields….

“Professional astronomers often use another unit [than the a.u. 93 mil. miles] for big distances: the parsec. One parsec equals 3.26 light years. (In case you’re really wondering, a parsec is the distance where a star shows a parallax of one arcsecond against the background sky

when the earth moves 1 a.u. around the sun.) A kiloparsec is 1,000 parsecs, and a megaparsec is a million parsecs.”5

Another source admits: “It is almost impossible to tell the distances of objects we see in the sky…but not quite, and astronomers have developed a large variety of techniques. [Have they ever!] Here I will describe 26 [!] of them. I will ignore the work that went into determining the astronomical unit [a.u.]: the scale factor for the Solar System, and just consider distances outside of the Solar System.


This method rates an A because it is the gold standard for astronomical distances. It is based on measuring two angles and the included side of a triangle formed by 1) the star, 2) the Earth on one side of its orbit, and 3) the Earth six months later on the other side of its orbit.6

Again we see the complete dependency on the unproved assumption of an orbiting Earth in calculating star distances. If that assumption is wrong, all alleged star distances upholding the pseudo-scientific Kabbalic Universe are 23,250 times too large right off the bat. That would be big time wrong, would you agree?!

But that’s not the worst of this built-in deception booster! No, no! All it does is to invite theory-happy cosmologists trained never to question the evolutionary mind-set to roll up their sleeves and see what they can come up with to “simulate” more stars and galaxies and nebula and planets and then to ascertain their distances with a great show of exactitude.

The article above notes that there are at least 26 different techniques for stretching star distances to fit the Kabbalic Big Bang Paradigm! Think of it! Twenty-six different theoretical models just to stretch star distances! Then think of all the mind-blowing software sophistication which is premised on previous assumptions that are handcuffed to the rotating-orbiting Earth assumptions…. All of this pre-digested “science” has been programmed into computerized technology for one purpose, namely, to push those distances out to the 15 billion light year boundary set by Kabbalist Rabbis centuries ago, [See: Kabbala 2] and currently articulated by Kabbalist physicist Schroeder [See: NASAs Hanky-Panky – Kabbala 6] et al.

Note to all these theorists: You can stop inventing those extra distances…. The Kabbalist “Origins Scenario” is settled on those figures and they are triumphant in the “science” world. That’s all that religion requires, so stop already! The age and size of the universe is agreed upon by one and all from the 4th grade through the Ph.D to be c. 15 billion years old and 15 billion light years thick. So, let’s just see you Bible Freaks who say the Earth isn’t rotating and orbiting the sun try to get those stars around a 45-47 billion light year track every night! Heh, heh, heh….

Comparisons and comments need to be amplified on the multitude of theoretical techniques that are pure and simple distance measuring deceptions being applied to bodies in space, not only stars, but even for planets beyond Saturn. Other means of coming up with those thousands and millions and billions of light year distances claimed by the Kabbalist Big Bang Paradigm must be believed…or that dog won’t hunt.

We are going to look at a bunch of those far out claims in Part VI titled: “Pages of Additional Evidence of Across-the Board Deceptions In the Measurements of Star Distances in Space” (Part VII after 11-1-03)


1 – FAME Frequently Asked Questions,, p.1, 6-1-01

2 –, Parallax,, html, p.1, 5-15-03

3 – James C. Southall, The Recent Origin of Man, (Philadelphia: J.P. Lippincott & Co., 1875), p 56

4 – Op. cit.,

5 – Sky & Telescope, “Words Ya Gotta Know”, Alan M. MacRobert,

6 – Trigonometric Parallax,’~wright/distance.htm, p. 1

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Computer Generated Deception, part 6

Physicists Create Phony Math to Rule Out a Non-Moving Earth

(Taken from TSE Pt 2-History Big Bang pp. 7, 8 of 13:  Furthermore: there was a meeting of Communist Scientists in London in 1931 which was when Gamow was at Cambridge–and the year he was called back to be Master of Research at Leningrad University. There are three pages of rare quotations that relate to that London conference on the furtherance of Communist ideology through “science” given at that link above.) The following samples from those pages bear heavily on this entire web page effort… Note these statements from Communist (i.e., atheist) “scientists” at that London Conference:

“Modern physics rejects absolute inertia.” 28 [“Why?! Because modern [i.e., atheist Communist] physics must insure for all times that the Earth moves. All Communists are atheists who must believe in evolution. The Bible’s stationary Earth teaching must forever be forbidden by “physics”!]

“The teaching of the self-movement of matter received its full development in the dialectical materialism of Marx, Engles, and Lenin.”29 [Does that sound like “physical science” to you?]

[Engles said]: “…one of the BASIC THESES of dialectical materialism [communism] is the inseparability of movement from matter.”30 [“Basic is pretty strong, wouldn’t you say? This reminds one of Marx’s exultation over the advent of Darwin’s book: “You have given me the ‘Basis’ for my system!”

“The mathematization of physics…is continually growing and physics is becoming more and more dependent upon the fate of mathematics.”31 And that was over 75 years ago!

“This special mathematics–the tensor analysis, the matrix calculus, the theory of characteristic numbers–has for the greater part been created by the physicists themselves, for ordinary mathematics is unable to satisfy the requirements of present day physics”32 [Who says “No inertia allowed”? Physicists.]

“For mathematics there is only one way out: conscious, planned reconstruction on the basis of materialist [no God] dialectics.”33 [Step right up and witness the Politically Correct Science that has made the Earth move with a clever mathematical model when all known phenomena is readily explained by a stationary Earth Model!]

“To overcome the crisis in present-day mathematics, to reconstruct it along socialist lines, patient and persistent work is necessary… Preceding from Leninist theory…we [scientists] in the Soviet Union shall reconstruct the mathematical sciences.”34 [They succeeded in “reconstructing” the mathematical sciences.. This Phony “New Math” was then implanted in Science Departments in the world’s Universities where it became an indispensable weapon in an “all or nothing” spiritual warfare. This pivotal battle has been between the Pharisee’s Kabbalist “creation scenario” of 15 billion years of evolutionism and the Christian’s Biblical “creation scenario” which required no evolution whatsoever. The credibility of both religions stands or falls on the credibility its foundational “creation scenario” of which the moving or non-moving Earth is the keystone.

Source: click here

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Computer Generated Deception, part 5

two guys talking 1If you would like to read the pdf file for Computer Generated Deception, part 5, kindly subscribe to our free newsletter. You don’t know what you are missing. For the subscription page, Click Here

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Computer Generated Deception, part 4

The Global Warming Obsession

Rests on Acceptance of Billions of Years of Evolutionism

The real story behind the increasingly impassioned rhetoric of global warming advocates is very different from “the sky is falling” arguments about melting glaciers and all the rest.

island-5The pressure from the all-knowing “Theoretical Science Idol” is what is driving all the hype. The USA has been a holdout on bowing to some of the dictates of this Idol–most especially on the issue of evolutionism–and this global warming concept is handcuffed to that “theory”. Indeed, its climatological models are based on an earth that has allegedly been evolving for over four and a half Billion years.

Never mind that historical records plainly show that comparable warming periods–and “little ice ages”–are cyclical phenomena, not doomsday scenarios.

Never mind that the same ozone patterns have been around since anybody started looking.

Never mind that the elevation of the Maldives Islands out of the Indian Ocean (av. 3 ft.) has not measurably changed in spite of all the hoopla about how much the icecaps have melted and how coastal cities around the world will be flooded in fifty years.

Never mind that China and India and other big polluters of the earth and its atmosphere–and their quiet refusal to get on the Kyoto bandwagon– doesn’t excite the passions of the global warming zealots like the U.S. holdout does.

So why is the political, scientific, and economic offensive to get the USA on board with the Kyoto agenda so intense? Just about everyone agrees that profit-driven corporations, etc., will pollute land and sea if they aren’t controlled by law. So such control is not the real motivation behind this Global Warming Obsession.

There is a deeper, seemingly mystical, transcendental motivation which causes environmental extremists to go way beyond championing reasonable regulations and initiatives relating to the environment. That motivation often takes the form of describing the peril of a certain snail or bird or plant as something sacred that must be protected above reasonable human concerns. This kind of quasi-religious zealotry has found in the global warming mantra its perfect expression, its true apotheosis. The endangered owls and snails have been localized issues. Ah, but the “Global Warming” issue’s real importance lies in its name, i.e., it is GLOBAL in its outreach!

As the world of sovereign nation states morphs into a global economic, cultural, and soon-to-be political and religious system, the long-hidden chief goal behind all of it comes into focus. That over-riding goal, that long-sought but now achievable political triumph over nation states is, above all else, religious. And not just religious, as we shall see, but specifically anti-Bible, anti-Christian religious. In point of fact:

Global Warming is one among many deceptions aimed at securing a final victory for a Religion that has one overriding goal which it is achieving through its control of the “theoretical” science establishment: That goal is the final destruction of all remaining resistance (in the USA particularly) to the acceptance of billions of years of Evolution as the one true “scientific” factor of how all that exists came to be as it is.

Once faith in the evolutionary explanation for the origin of all that exists is established in people’s minds, there are two and only two belief systems available that will take hold and color every aspect of such a believer’s life: First: They can become atheists, believing in no religion or “god”, but solely in random chance “evolution”. Second: They can accept some New Age “Force” or little g’d or g’ds which have worked with or “used” billions of years of evolution to create all that is, including mankind, (but belief in the God of the Bible Creationism is not an option).

Both of these belief systems are totally dependent upon billions of years of evolutionism. Neither can exist without those billions of years of “evolution”. Is there a religion that has given the world this belief in those necessary billions of years? Is there another religion that explains the origin of all that exists without any evolution whatsoever? Would not two such religions be implacable enemies with the highest motivation to discredit and ultimately destroy the other?!

These two Models–a) evolution; b) no evolution–offer mutually exclusive explanations as to what the Truth is about the Origin of all things. Since the Truth about the Origin of all things is unarguably the foundation of all knowledge [See: Knowledge Impact], it is certain that the entry of the evolution-dependent “Global Warming” Model into the Origins Sweepstakes is quite different from what its propaganda is telling us.

With that in mind let’s see how and why these billions of years of evolutionism are the real cornerstone of the Global Warming “News”, and then answer the big questions.

(Note: These are sample quotations that anyone can multiply many times on line.):


“Today the world faces global warming, but 34 million years ago a distinctly chillier menace was sweeping our planet…. Average temperatures around the world plunged 15 degrees Fahrenheit….during a span of hundreds of thousands of years…”


“Global warming isn’t opinion. It’s scientific reality…atmospheric greenhouse gases have reached levels not seen for millions of years…more carbon dioxide is now in the atmosphere than has been in the past 650,000 years….”


“…Global atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide methane and nitrous oxide have increased markedly as a result of human activities since 1750 and now exceed pre-industrial values over the last 650,000 years….”


Your One Stop Source for Information on Evolution July 2006:

“…Increasingly, it seems, global warming shows up on the front page of the newspaper–but the evolutionary implications of global warming often remain hidden….Global warming is certainly a climatic and environmental issue–but it is also an evolutionary one….”


“Study shows largest North American climate change in 65 million years…. The overwhelming majority of previous climate-change studies on the 400,000 year transition from the Eocene to the Oligocene epochs, about 33.5 million years ago, focus on marine environments….”


“…Over the last million years the Earth has fluctuated between colder and warmer periods. The shifts have occurred in roughly 100,000 year intervals…. During the last ice age, approximately 70,000 to 11,500 years ago….”


“…By analyzing glacial sedimentary rock in Oman, researchers have discovered evidence of hot-cold cycles roughly 850-544 million years go–during

the period when the earth should have been in a deep freeze….”

For their own reasons the following contrasting comments (and plenty of others!) on the global warming movement are of interest:


“Global Warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American People.”


“… Filmmaker Martin Durkin’s documentary ‘The Great Global Warming Scandal’…is airing in Britain this week…. Durkin says the greenhouse theory is ‘the biggest scam of modern times’.”

SCIENTISTS BY THE HUNDREDS EXPOSING GLOBAL WARMING LIES! http://canadafreepress/infrastructure.htm


Indeed, one needn’t dig very deep to determine that the now famous Al Gore documentary scaring the bejabbers out of everybody with its doomsday ice-melting, oceans-rising scenario, has as many critics from the world of science and politics and economics as it has supporters. We just aren’t hearing from the critics as much.

Nor do we hear that “Environmental Activist”, Laurie David (along with her husband, Comedian Larry David from the Seinfeld show) reportedly has “single-handedly forced the debate” by “discovering” and promoting the Gore Documentary…with a book, naturally. The money and prestige stakes in all this are enormous, of course, but “evolution science” is the real beneficiary. It stands to score three big home runs, namely: 1) Resistance to evolutionism in the USA, etc., will be further weakened; 2) Resistance to the Global Warming agenda and environmentalist extremism in the USA, etc., will be dealt a hard blow; 3) Another hard blow will be dealt to Bible Credibility regarding it’s plain teaching of a Creator God who could and did create everything (including mankind in His Image) in six evening and morning days with no evolution necessary.

This brings us to those big questions growing out of the “billions of years” that are the lifeblood of evolutionism. Followed by their answers, they are:

Q) What religion and what science are providing those eons of time?

A) Writing in Kabbala in the 1st century A.D., Pharisee Kabbalist Nechunya ben HaKanna–using a 42 letter name for g’d–determined the age of the universe to be 15.3 billion years. This is the same age that is in today’s textbooks. Other concepts of today’s Pharisaic cosmology (relativity, heliocentricity, Big Bang, expanding universe, superstrings, parallel universes) are found in 13th, 16th, 20th century Kabbalist writings.

Q) Does this Pharisee religion and this Kabbalist “science” have a g’d; or is it atheistic? Or, can it be either so long as it keeps the billions of years of evolution??

A) As long as the billions of years of evolution are retained, this Religion with its mystic Kabbala writings can accommodate both atheists and any g’d or g’ds or “Force”, etc., just so long as the God of the Biblical six day creation is eliminated.

Q) What religion and what science is there which explains the creation of everything in six days without any evolution whatsoever?

A) The Biblical Creation Account of the Christian religion (& some Orthodox Jews) teaches a God who had the power and resources to create everything in a literal evening and morning six day time frame with zero evolution involved…and ALL known science confirms this Account. [See: Virtual Reality Fraud, Kabbala 2, Kabbala 6, NASAs Spirit.Roots, Size-Structure Pt 6]

There is something else important that is true about those billions of years of the Pharisee Religion providing the indispensable “scientific” basis for teaching and promoting the Global Warming Movement: It violates the Establishment Clause of the U. S. Constitution! [See: HB 179 Evidence Pt2, HB 179 Addendum Pt3] Tax money funds textbooks, canyon markers, Foucault Pendulums, etc, all over the world. All of these venues regularly state that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old; that life began 3.8 billion years ago; that alleged epochs (e.g., Pleistocene, Eocene, etc.) lasting many millions of years have passed, and that modern humankind emerged as recently as Cro-Magnon Man 30,000 years ago.

All of these alleged “scientific facts” are the bedrock of the Global Warming dependency on billions of years of evolution. It is religious and it is illegal in the USA (and probably in other countries). If you don’t think so, try teaching and promoting a six day creation on a 6000 year old earth, and get ready to face a platoon of ACLU lawyers approaching with copies of the Establishment Clause in their pockets.

But, obviously, these evolutionary earth-science numbers are NOT THE SOURCE of those indispensable 15 billions of years. No, no! The earth is not the “beginning” of “creation” in the Pharisee Religion’s evolution-based “creation model” as it is viewed in the Christian Religion’s “creation model”. The 4.6 billion year earth age is merely the time of the alleged formation of the earth out of space gases and flotsam from the Big Bang, which textbooks tell us came c.11 billions of years after that mystical explosion started the Pharisee Religion’s “creation scenario”.

Thus, when Global Warming Zealots point to a host of “scientists” who support their dire warnings, they are not only pointing to scientists who are strong believers in the evolution model that encompasses billions of years of climatological change on the earth, they are pointing with equal conviction to a universe that is many billions of years OLDER than the earth. That is a fact, Jack.

What they have not known (or have ignored!) is that a BIG FACT has emerged in the last dozen years or so which puts an entirely new face on everything that is dependent upon or otherwise connected with “evolution science”. That fact tells the world: a) That a 15 billion year old cosmos is the first of several indispensable concepts that make up today’s Big Bang Cosmology, and; b) That it and ALL of the other essential concepts have their source in century’s old “holy Rabbinic writings” found in the mystic Kabbala, and; c) That those concepts, i.e., these Kabbalist “holy writings”, constitute today’s textbook cosmology which is an alternate, contra-Biblical (and contra-Koranic) “creation or origins scenario”.

This “scenario” has been conceived and nurtured in secret over many centuries by Pharisee Kabbalist Sages, and has been erected by a Theoretical Science Establishment made up of conspicuously Kabbalist-friendly “scientists” in all fields of “knowledge”. [See: Knowledge Impact] Moreover, this whole masquerade–which has deceived the world into believing its “science” was entirely secular, but which doesn’t have a secular bone in its body–has now been taught todo el mundo to be the scientific cornerstone of all “knowledge” with public funds. What a trick! What a deal!

Clearly, this now-out-of-the-closet fact [See: Virtual Reality Fraud, NASAs Spirit.Roots, Kabbala 2, Kabbala 6, Panin, Size-Structure Pt 6] automatically re-labels and transfers all of the “science” that is based on billions of years of evolutionism into a new category. All such “science” is automatically re-labeled and transferred out of the “secular” science category of information into a “religious” category of information. It is impossible to overstate the importance of this re-labeling of evolutionary “science”. Scientists–and all the rest of us–have been taught that “evolution science” is “secular” science with no “religious” agenda or source or connection of any sort. We now know that all of that teaching was wrong.

So now what!

Faced with these pregnant, easily confirmed facts, scientists (and all others) who value Truth and think they are furthering it by lending their voices to the Global Warming Movement, now have two choices: 1) They can try to ignore the dastardly–some would say, diabolical–level of deception involved, and the illegal financing of the Pharisee Religion’s evolution-dependent alternate “creation scenario”. Such an effort to ignore the nature and cost of this deception would clearly cancel any claims to be motivated by truth-seeking in this endeavor. A further conclusion that cannot be dodged is the one that shows that Pharisaic evolutionism has always served as a destroyer of the credibility of the Bible’s Creator God and His Word in both Testaments. Ultimately–for any who genuinely love deception and hate any truth that causes its revelation (II Thess.2:10)–one resolution will be to denounce Christianity and become Pharisees. 2) If a love of Truth outweighs all else, unwitting supporters of all evolution-dependent concepts (such as Global Warming) will do whatever is required to change and repudiate the deception in all of its guises.

Exposing the truth where “evolution science” is concerned carries with it a promise of loosing a “Truth Blitzkrieg” the likes of which the world has never seen, yet one that was written about in considerable detail over 1900 years ago…. In the end, God’s Truth Wins. [See: God’s End Time Drama]



Projected disasters from Comet and Asteroid collisions with Earth provide interminable themes for movies and books, as all of us can testify. These themes involve heroic efforts to prevent or modify the anticipated destruction or annihilation that is made to seem as something inevitable…just as with Global Warming inundating Florida and Hong Kong, etc. Science-fiction becomes just science. It’s just a matter of time we are told. It will happen.

As in the Global Warming scenarios–the point to note in these models–is that they are all derived from computer models which are themselves derived from and dependent upon acceptance of a Kabbalic Big Bang Universe which has been evolving for 15 billion years. Remember, the Big Bang is a religious model established on a mountain of fact-free assumptions and a hefty load of demonstrably fraudulent use of high tech software [See: TSE Pt 1-Cosmic Ancestry, Virtual Reality Fraud, NASAs Hanky-Panky, Size-Structure Pt 6, Redshift Fraud]. This religion offers you nothing but fear and lies dressed up as “science”. The other religion offers to all who will take it a loving, joyful, eternal plan from a God who neither needed nor employed billions of years to “evolve” this universe in all its intricacy and beauty and function.



Just in case you’ve not been sufficiently unnerved by the Global Warming and Asteroid Collision doomsday scenarios, here are a few more that have joined the movement to keep everybody white knuckled as they hear what “science” is predicting. “Gamma Ray Bursts” is a good one. In this mythology huge stars contract to the size of a period and then explode. “Gamma Rays” then stream out and slowly fry everybody on the earth. One “scientific model” uses an exploding star 8000 light years away from the earth as an example. So, relax; you don’t have to worry about that one for 8000 years. “Black Holes” are another fantasy from the theoretical science establishment. A star cools; enormous gravitational forces suck in everything in the neighborhood including light. Get it? That’s why they are called “black holes”. They are invisible! [See: Electric] Now we are told that “Wandering Black Holes” have been discovered and are drawing so close that in 20-30 years, mile high tides will kill millions.

(Don’t yawn you impudent dummy! And keep your head bowed to the “Science Idol” or else!) [Who said, “or else what?!] Volcanic Eruptions, however, are the real deal and there is some actual science involved in some of the warnings that are given. The thing to listen for when these are discussed is the fear-mongering based on the contra-scientific age of the earth used by evolutionist “scientists”. When you hear that Yellowstone erupted “630,000 years ago and is due to go again anytime”, a grain of salt is recommended. It could go again, but not because it did so 630,000 years ago. That is just more evolutionary propaganda.

There are some real threats out there: Nuclear War (intentional or unintentional). Pandemics (smallpox, etc.) and/or Man-Made Plagues (bio-engineered microbes, etc.). But Evolution-based Global Warming is waving the biggest flag, followed by the Big Asteroid Collision Scenario which left only some rat-like creatures around the last time, and it was these very rats, we are assured by evolutionary “science”, that evolved into the rest of the mammals in the world and finally mankind itself in only 65 million years. Ah well…. I–and thousands of others–believed this kind of craziness until we looked at the facts. It’s time to look!


There is another “Doomsday Scenario” that everyone needs to be aware of.

The absolute certainty of its fulfillment comes from a Book that has done what no other book has done. This Book records events that came to pass hundreds and thousands of years after they were recorded. It records events almost 2000 years ago and more that can come to pass in this age in which we now live. This Book tells us that a Satan-empowered Global Government will rule for a while during the last Act of God’s End Time Drama.1 It tells of the use of laser tattoos or biochip implantation. 2 It tells us of near-instantaneous international TV communications. 3 It tells us “drugs” abound. 4 You can trust this Book. It is like no other ever written, containing absolute Truth from the first page to the last. You can therefore trust its “Doomsday Scenario” to unfold just as it is written. Lay aside the half-truths you’ve learned and consider: This Book says plainly that this Earth and its heavens are a temporary reality that will be utterly destroyed5 and “flee” away forever.6 It tells of an eternal “NEW EARTH & NEW HEAVENS” (not “re-newed” [See: New-Renew]) 7

Check these Scriptures and determine what teachings are wrong and what to expect “one hour” (Rev. 17:12) after a Global Gov. starts:

1: Rev. 13:2b-7, 11-17; 2: Rev. 13:16, 17; 3: Rev. 11:9-13; 4: Rev. 9:21 “sorceries” KJV=”pharmaceuticals-medication-drugs” #5331, 5332;

5: II Pet. 3:1-12; 6 & 7: Isaiah 65:17; 66:22; II Pet. 3:13; Rev. 20:11; Rev: 21:1) [See: New-Renew].

There will be earthquakes and signs in the heavens (Luke 21:11; Rev. 16:18; etc.) in this time frame like nothing ever seen before. Count on it.

All of it will be the fulfillment of what is in this Book, God’s Book, and none of it will be what evolutionary scientists are saying.

If you really want to know what is ahead, check those Bible verses and the links, and get ready to choose between the Bible-destroying, Christ-hating, totally factless, Kabbalist Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm alternate “creation scenario”, and the one supplied by Moses on the first page of the Bible.

Source Click Here

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