Flat Earth News 26 March 2019

Flat Earthers Plan Cruise To End of The Earth

It was reported in the UK The Telegraph that there will be a cruise to the Antarctic to prove that the earth is flat. Well, real flat earthers know that such cruises prove nothing. I believe that this is a way to make us look stupid. Real flat earth believers know that you can’t go by land, sea or air deep into the Antarctic, so why just sail to the coast? Anyhow, here is the link to the short article – Click Here.

It seems like the mainstream media deliberately spread false rumours in order to make flat earth believers look stupid. We all know that sailing to the Antarctic proves nothing, but it does prove that the ‘talking heads’ of the media are stupid. Some are doing it deliberately, which makes them … The following is what a real flat earth believer said…

Flat Earth Conference Leader Said Cruise ‘blatantly false’

Click Here for the article.


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The Wings of the Earth

From Flat Earth News

December 1992

babylonian map  The expression “wings of the earth” which occurs in the Bible (usually translated “ends” as in Job 38.13) is sometimes appealed to as proof that the earth is a sphere and flying, as it were, around the Sun.

Rotherham, in the Emphasized Bible, says that the reference to “wings” is “simply poetic” language for “ends of the earth” – p. 525. But the expression could be derived from some ancient concept of the world, certainly not in accord with modern theories. For example, this “Babylonian map of the world about the sixth century B.C. Taken from a tablet in the British Museum. It portrays the earth as a circular disc, with “the seas surrounding the world indicated by the large circles…the two broken vertical lines represent the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.”

babylon map

Babylonian Map 500 BC

  What makes the map so interesting is that it depicts wings extending from the rim of the world: the biblical “wings of the earth?” These symbolic wings represent the fact of the earth floating on the waters, so this piece of evidence, contemporary to the days of the Bible, shows us what, if anything, the expression “wings of the earth” refers to: not a sphere flying through the sky or space, buut a flat disc floating on the surface of the primordial waters – of the deep or ocean (Gen. 1.9-10)

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New Social Media For Freedom

New Social Media For Freedom

You’ve heard me talk about Gabi and Dissenter – the social media platforms that are fighting for freedom of speech. Well, there is another ‘kid on the block’ and it’s called Dissenter. It’s called PocketNet, and is located at: pocketnet.app I had just signed up to it and it looks good (it’s free). It’s better than Gabi, as this works off a chain-block system, like bit coins. There is no centralization to this, which means that there are no owners and the government can’t take it down. It works off what is called nodes, and as long as there is one up, people will still be able to communicate to others.

The creator of this program is a Russian who became an American many years ago. He’s a mathematician, and with the help of some other like-minded people, developed this social media site.

With freedom at stake, Daniel believes that it’ll get a lot worse – and so do I. With that in mind, you can be sure that believers in the flat earth and other conspiracies will have their accounts closed. Well, now it the time to check out PocketNet, but before you do, here is a video that has an interview with Daniel.

PS. If you have problems with this program, they have a great team at live chat and are very helpful. If you like what you see, kindly spread the word and let your friends know about this. In the future, you might only have sites like this where you can hear about the flat earth and other conspiracies.



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Your iPhone Is Tracking Every Step You Make

Your iPhone Is Tracking Every Step You Make

This is not full proof but this video does show you what the Communist State is doing. While this tracking is not compliance right now, you can turn it off. But even if it becomes law, doesn’t mean that you have to comply with it. Unless your god is the State and not the Creator.

My solution is, that you really don’t need a iPhone. Just get one of those old mobile phones where there is no GPS tracking. After all, do you really have to go on social media when you are out? No!

Here are the instructions to make it easier on what to do:

Settings, Privacy, Locations Services, System Services, Significant Locations. Then it will ask you for your password; enter that. Then you’ll be shown all the locations that you’ve been to with the time. You have to delete the History first. Go all the way to the bottom and tick Clear History. Click Confirm History. Then you are all done.

In the Locations that is listed it even tells you what shops you’ve been in and how long!

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Where’s Satellites?

Satellite-dish-1  There are no satellites in the sky. I know this is hard to believe but just consider the following.

Point 1: They say we can see satellites in the sky with the naked eye. Now, they are anywhere from 100 miles up to hundreds of miles up. We are told that they are the size of a school bus. With that in mind, how far away can you see a school bus as it does down a straight road? Not far, as in a couple of minutes it’s out of sight. So, how can you see something that is 250 miles up? Even with the light reflecting off of it by the Sun, that light would be so small – you’d wouldn’t see that either.

Point 2: Did you ever notice that you can’t get mobile phone signals in the woods or in many valleys. Why should that be when satellites would beam it down to you from above. This is because the signal goes from one tower to another.

Point 3: Why are satellite dishes pointing along the horizon? Why aren’t they vertical? IF there were communication satellites, many of them would be over head and all satellite dishes would be closer to 90 degrees up but they are not. Go out and look at homes that have satellite dishes and notice the angle they are pointing. They are pointing more level to the ground because they are picking up relay signals that are also on the ground. This is how ALL mobile phones operate.

Point 4: With the proliferation of the mobile phones, especially in the past 15 years, you also see a proliferation of cell phone towers. Look at the tops of higher buildings in your town; perhaps your apartment building has one. The reason for all these microwave towers are, in part, to relay all the phone signals. This should not be necessary when one satellite could cover one country or a good part of it. Satellites would be a lot cheaper and more effective than putting up thousands of relay towers that you see.

When people get lost, it is not satellite information that is used by rescue workers, it’s from the nearest phone tower to the person that went missing that is used.

You may ask, “Do I need a satellite dish?” And the answer is, “No.” You can use an antenna – which are cheaper and not unsightly as satellite dishes. So, in short, you are being scammed into buying a satellite dish when you can use a good, tall antenna to do the work.

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Did you feel the tilt?

Did you feel the tilt?

 Today is the first day of spring, but the astronomical spring begins on 20 March 2019 and ends on 21 June 2019.

According to the meteorologist site: “The astronomical calendar determines the seasons due to the 23.5 degree tilt of the Earth’s rotational axis in relation to its orbit around the sun. Both equinoxes and solstices are related to the Earth’s orbit around the sun.”

Did you feel the tilt? Did anything fall off your shelf? Was there a sudden shift of the Sun in the sky when the tilt came? No, I didn’t feel a thing and neither did you. We must have been lied to again! Anyhow, have a happy spring!


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National Geographic vs Flat Earthers

National Geographic vs Flat Earthers

This is a break down of the film that National Geographic made interviewing flat earthers. Naturally, National Geographic pushes the spinning globe earth at all costs.


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Controlling The Future By Creating Disasters

Controlling The Future By Creating Disasters

Have you ever thought how evil people control the future by creating disasters? If you take the recent New Zealand shootings, it is turning out as I predicted. There is an agenda for all this, just like there is for other mass shootings – to get certain laws passed that would not have been possible otherwise.

The talk by the politicians and relayed to us by the talking media heads is, “We must go after extreme right anti-immigration groups.” They are doing this now in New Zealand and Australia, of which we are told by the BBC, “That this has a world-wide edge.” The plan is quite obvious and that is, to ban groups and political parties that are anti-immigration. With the rise of new political parties in Europe, the antichirsts are definitely afraid of the the new trend. They must stop those who are against their New World Order and getting all the races to mix – with the exception of the ‘self-chosen few’ who will dominate the world.

Another way that they are controlling the future by creating these mass shootings is, by outlawing guns. They will use a step-by-step process where not all guns are outlawed but only certain ones, until you get like England where the only guns the people can own are shot guns.

Finally, you hear the word “far right terrorists” trying to make anyone who is on the “right” as terrorists. Of course, the final aim is to outlaw any group and political party that the Edomites determine are right wing.

The people, of course, will go along with the passage of new laws in the heat of the emotional storm that these two mosques shooting has caused. It’s just like what they did in the 9-11 attack in New York City, when they pass the “Patriot Act”, which is really a misnomer. Though the people would still would have been against it, that was no problem for the Edomites. In fact, they were even afraid that most politicians would be against it, so Congress was forced to vote on it without reading the bill. This sounds like something that could only happen in a Communist country. Well, you are right, for America is really a Communist country! Don’t believe me? Look at the Communist Manifesto, which are the requirements to take over a nation. Nine of the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto have been in place in America for many decades now.

So, that his how the future can be controlled – by creating mass shootings and other disasters in the present.

Will this enable the antichrists to win? No. We are given victory in the book of Revelation!



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Another Hoax Exposed: Fossil Fuel

Another Hoax Exposed: Fossil Fuel

With the recent post of dinosaurs being a hoax, you may ask, “Doesn’t oil come from dead dinosaurs?” No, it doesn’t. “Doesn’t oil come from plants and other living matter?” Again, the answer is no. Find out what this retired oil executive says. When you see this, everything starts to make sense.



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Comments on New Zealand Shootings

Comments on New Zealand Shootings

Article 1, Click Here

Article 2, Click Here

You have all read of the New Zealand shootings by now and how the political leaders from around the world are sending in their condolences. Well, I could say a lot, but what I’ll do is just let you read the Comments under these two articles – they tell it all. People world-wide are seeing through the lies – from the ‘Father of All Lies’. Also notice, the number of ‘Like’ or ‘thumbs up’ on these replies.

Many people are seeing this as a contrived event; either as a false flag, that it never happened, OR, that it did happen but with a ‘Manchurian Candidate.’ Here is something that one person wrote on the Yahoo articles under Comments, “why is the face of the murderer covered up when his face was already shown” (the scene when he was taken into court). Good question. I mean, we are not talking about a little child who is under age, but an adult that was caught. Could it just be that he is part of the Establishment, or is a ‘crises actor’? I don’t know, it’s just a question.

Of course, as it is brought out in the Comments, that the aim is to clamp down on gun ownership in New Zealand. And, if you think that is to ‘conspiratorial’ consider this, a number of years ago, Australia had a mass shooting where many people were killed. And guess what? Many types of guns were outlawed right after that. But did homicides go down? No, they went up! (As was predicted by those who do own guns.)

Do take time to read the two articles and the Comments below them.


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