The Heavens Above Stretched Out

The Earth and Ocean not a Globe




Note: The date is not on this issue that I have but I believe it’s one of the first issues, the date should be about 1894. They spelling, word usage is kept the same as in the original.

The Earth and Ocean not a Globe; but a circular-plane, according to the two great books of God, Revelation and Nature.

According to the book of Revelation, the word “world” is used more than 260 times in the Bible, and the word “earth” 350 times. The words, “round” or “globe” or “sphere” are never one applied to it. Not a single expression is used from the beginning of the inspired book to the end, suggestive of the idea that the earth is a planet, or, suggesting that the earth is anything else than a stationary plane.

1 Passages speaking of the heavens above as “stretched out,” and the earth spread forth and stretched out upon the waters, so that the line of the heavens is parallel with that of the earth. – Isaiah 42:5; Psalm 136:6. “To Him that stretched out the earth above the waters.” – Psalm 24:2. “He hath founded the earth upon the seas and established it upon the floods.” Genesis 1:10, informs us that the waters were gathered together unto one place, and called the seas, and upon those seas the earth was founded, consequently the waters are beneath and around the earth. The waters sustain the earth, sustain the earth as a whole. – 2nd Peter 3:5. “For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing or consisting out of the water and in the water.” R.V. Reads: “For this they wilfully forget, that there were heavens from of old, and an earth compacted out of water and amidst (or through) water, by the word of God.” Compacted – held together – leagued with – united. Now look! The earth is one – the continents appear to us who are on the surface as being a great distance apart, yet these continents are joined together; they are connected in the water and together they constituted one earth. These connections deep down in the water of continent with continent, are themselves sustained by the waters underneath. “The waters under the earth.” Those water under the earth, sustain the earth as a whole; sustain the earth in its entirely. “The earth compacted out of water and amidst water by the word of God.” The dry land above, or out of the water compacted, united with, the earth in the water and that again compacted, united with, the other continents, amidst or though water.

The continent of America is compacted, united with the continents of Europe and Asia, amidst or through the water of the Atlantic. The continent of Africa, though connected with Asia by the Isthmus of Suez, yet is compacted, united with Asia and Europe amidst or through the water of the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and probably Arabian Sea. Australia compacted, united with Asia amidst or through the water of the Indian Ocean.

God said, let the dry land appear, the dry land did appear. Let the waters be gathered together unto one place, and the waters flowed into the place appointed for them, beneath and around the earth. Here we are on this earth – living, moving, working, trading, buying and selling. This earth is a real earth, it is inhabited as God meant it to be, and some of our fellow beings go down to the sea in ships and see the wonders of God on the great waters. This earth is a real, material earth, and this material earth, really, unmistakably and without doubt, is compacted out of the water and amidst the water. But the planet earth of Copernicus and Sir Isaac Newton is not real – it has no material existence, it is fictitious and visionary.

2 There are also passages showing that the waters surround the earth have their bounds on the great southern circumference. Job 26:10, “He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end.” In Margin, “until the end of light with darkness.” In the R.V. Is is “He hath described a boundary on the face of the waters, unto the confines of light and darkness.” Job 38:8, 9, 10, “Who shut up the sea with doors when it brake forth.” 9 – “When I made the cloud, the garment thereof and thick darkness a swaddling band for it.” 10th and 11th, “And prescribed for it my decree (or boundary) and set bars and doors, Good Hope are the ends. The great God sitteth over the circle of the earth – over the north centre and seeth to the ends of the earth. Isa. 45:22. “Look unto me and by ye saved all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.”

Job 38:11 “And said, Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall they proud waves be stayed?” And far out there on the southern circumference, are solid and impassable ramparts of ice, barriers – cliffs of ice – forbidding and further progress of daring navigators. It was so with Capitan Wilks and Jas. C. Ross. Well, you ask: Do the Scriptures mention these solid walls and barriers of ice out there on the southern circumference? Yes, they do. Job 80:30; “The face of the deep is frozen.” The daring navigators on the southern seas, who have told us on the solid walls of ice – the barriers and cliffs of ice – disclose to use the meaning, the sublime meaning of such passages as Job 38:30; Ps. 33:7.

The earth and ocean together constitute an immense circular plane, according to the other book of God, Nature. There are phenomenal proofs that the earth is not a globe, with north and south pole, but that the earth is a plane, having central region for its north, and, the southern circumference for its south.

3 Long periods of light and darkness, regularly alternating is a phenomenal peculiarity of the north, but not of the south, and proves that the north is the central region, and the south is the circumference.

During the summer solstice, the northern or central region of the earth is illuminated for several months together, during those moths it is a long day without a night. This is a phenomenal characteristic of the north. This being the central region, the diameter of the sun’s orbit in June is much smaller than that of its December or winter solstice, its speed is not so great or rapid as it is in December when on its outer path, or orbit on the Tropic of Capricorn, consequently its rays continue over the northern centre for several months. But in the south this is no the case, though it would be if the earth were a planet. In the south, on the contrary, the day closes abruptly in summer, they have little or no twilight. In the south seas beyond the 50th parallel, the sun will be shining brightly, and, in a very short time, the sailor who happens to be aloft, will be in pitch darkness. The sun seems to drop below the sea. At Auckland, New Zealand, there is little or no twilight. At Nelson, it is light till about 8 o’clock, then in a few minutes it becomes too dark to see anything, and the change comes over in almost no time. Twilight lasts but a short time in so low a latitude as 28 degrees south, according to Captain Basil Hall, so that from 28 degrees south, to beyond 50 degrees south, there is little or n twilight. But, in the corresponding latitudes north, the twilight continues for hours after visible sunset. In the north at midsummer, for many nights in succession, the sky is scarcely darkened.

4 The difference between north and south with regard to organic life, vegetables and animal, show that the earth and ocean is a circular-plane. The long periods of sunlight in the north, develop with great rapidity numerous forms of vegetable life, and furnish subsistence for multitudes of living creatures. But in the south, where the regions is circumferential (not central as in the north, the sunlight cannot linger, but sweeps quickly over the greater southern circle, completing it in the same time as the shorter circle of the north, viz., 24 hours, and so has not time to excite the surface, has not time to aid and stimulate animal and vegetable life to the same extent as in the north, consequently in comparatively low southern latitudes, everything wears an aspect of desolation.

The South Georgia’s latitude 54 and 55 degrees in the very height of summer, is covered deeply with frozen snow; but in the farthest north, nature is adorned with summer beauty; flowers and grasses bloom during a brief and rapid summer. Keruelan, 49 degrees south, boasts 18 species of plants, only one being useful in cases of scurvy, it is a peculiar kind of cabbage; but Iceland, 65 degrees north, 15 degrees nearer the pole in the north, boasts 870 species of plants. Kerguelan’s land, or, Desolation island, was discovered in 1772 by M. de Kerguelan, a French Navigator. Here December corresponds to our June. According to Captain Morrell Keruelan is situated in latitude 48 degrees, 40” south, longitude 69 degrees 6” east. Many of the hills on this island, though of moderate height, were covered with snow, notwithstanding that the season was midsummer. January corresponding to our July. There is not the appearance of a tree or shrub on the whole island. Captain Morrell, 1822 to 1831, in latitude 62 degrees 27” south, longitude 94 degrees 11” east, met with extensive fields of ice, one of which would have measured 150 miles, east and west.

The bones of musk oxen, killed by Esquimaux, were found on the 79th parallel north, while in the south, man is not found above the 56th parallel of latitude.

These differences between north and south could not exist, if the earth were a globe, turning upon axis and moving in an orbit round the sun. the latitudes corresponding north and south, would have the same degree of light and heat and the same general phenomena. The distance round a globe would be the same at 50 degrees south as at 50 degrees north, and the surface at the two places would pass under the sun with the same velocity, and the light would approach in the morning and recede in the evening in exactly the same manner. There would be a sameness of phenomena north and south, if the earth were a globe; but the differences are in harmony with the doctrine of the circular-plane of the earth and ocean.

5 The meridian lines diverge southwards, and the degrees of longitude increase accordingly; but if the earth were a globe, the degrees of longitude northward or southward from the equator would diminish.

From the known distance between two places in the south on or abut the same latitude, and the difference of solar time (or difference in longitude) we can calculate the length of a degree at that latitude.



Parry Sound District


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Globe Earth Math

Here is a handy chart to print out and take on experiments or show others. This tells you various distances an object would be below the horizon. IF YOU STILL SEE some object at this distance then “We have a problem Huston!” By the way, the mathematicians gave us this figure based on the earth being 25,000 miles in circumference, using spherical geometry.

Print this out and take it with you when you talk about the flat earth.

Curvature chart

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Facts Should Not Contradict Each Other

Heaven above 1

Taken from” The Earth” publication.

Hatfield Cottage, Gwendoline Road, Leicester, England.

Sept. 3rd, 1903

Dear Brother Aldridge,

I have to thank you for you letter, received on Sunday last, August 30th.

I do not deny that you have in the south a centre around which the southern stars revolve. If some Zetetic deny this is is because they have not yet seen the evidence for it. But as you know that the southern constellations revolve around a so-called “pole,” so we know that water everywhere is level, and the earth (or land, see Gen. I. 10) therefore a plane. If the earth were a globe, according to popular belief, the surface of all canals, rivers, and seas, would be convex.

It is as inconsistent of the globularist to deny that water is level as it would be of me to deny your evidence about the southern stars. Both are evidently facts, and no fact should be contradicted. The fact that water is level is utterly inconsistent with globular theory, but the motions of the heavenly bodies have, speaking generally, nothing to do with the shape of the surface of the earth. But you and I are both Christians, and we ought alike to respect the Word of the Creator. No part of the Bible can be more undoubtedly the Word of God than the Ten Commandments which God spake on Mount Sinai. In the Second Commandment “God said” that:

Heaven is “above,”

The earth “beneath,”

And the water “under the earth.”

Can you reconcile this with the whirling globe theory? Where is heaven on such a hypothesis? Shall we as Christians accept the teaching of God’s Word respecting his own Creation, or shall we accept the “hypothesis” of “science” falsely so-called?

We Zetetics hold to the plane-earth doctrine because it throws so much light on Scripture statements, and strengthens our faith generally in God’s Word: but I have publicly debated the question here on the basis of “science” along, and I have never yet met a man who could give me one irrefutable proof of the earth’s globularity, or its supposed awful motions. We know that all infidels stand on the side of the astronomers, because modern theoretical astronomy subverts Bible teaching. Where, then, should all Christians be found? Let us stand together on the side of God’s Word. You in the south could help us in the north; and we in the north may be able to help you in the south.

You say, “the sun moves apparently from east to west.” Why not believe the evidence of your senses, that is, that the sun does move? The Bible says the sun moves; and the same good book says that the earth is established so that “it cannot be moved.” Can you give me a proof that the earth moves as astronomers affirm? I would like to see such a proof.

There maybe, and I think there are, some difficulties still remaining on the Zetetic side; but one thing is certain, our teaching does not tend to subvert faith in the divine inspiration of the Bible.

I shall be glad to see your further photos. Please mark which way the stars revolve – your camera being of course pointed to the south.

With kindest regards, believe me, yours faithfully,


Note: This old flat earth post titled: Facts Should Not Contradict Each Other reminds us of today with the Coronavirus. Just think of the regulations that have been set down for us to follow.

Here are some contradictions:

You have to stay 2 meters apart. But you can’t take a drive to a park to walk.

You can walk your dog in town. But you can’t take your dog for a drive to a park and walk it.

You can not visit your friends while you stay outside their home. But it’s OK to chat on the street if you keep your distance.

You are only allowed one exercise a day, such as walking. But you can go out later and walk to the shop.

It’s OK to be in a food store as long as you keep your distance. But other shops have to be closed (as if you can’t keep your distance there).

The government encourages you to work at home, which usually involves using a computer and/or stationary. However, computer shops are closed so you can’t have any repairs done; the shops that sell stationary goods are closed, as they, too, are considered non-essential. So, how can people do their work and help the economy?

You can buy food for yourself and for your dog. But you can’t go to a pet shop to buy dog food.

You are to limit your time outdoors to protect your health. But you can’t go outside for fresh air and sunlight which is good for your health.

You are told to stand 2 metres apart to protect you from the virus. But it’s OK if you stand downwind from someone.

Someone will tell you off if you stand too close to another person. But it’s OK if the cashier is close to you.

You are told to wash your hands – presumably to protect you from the virus. But you face is exposed to the “virus” all the time.

I hope you see the many contradictions we have to live with. Yet, there are many people who accept both as being OK. Here is what God has to say about that: A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. James 1:8

In short, we have unstable people who are leading our respective nations.

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Covert hypnosis, mind control techniques, PSYOPs used daily to manipulate you

Mind control and the flat earth

hollywood flat earth  In order to get the public to continue to believe in the lie of a heliocentric universe, all sorts of techniques are used. The Elite have this down to a science.

This has been quite a feat, given the rugged individualism that was the hallmark of early America. But it is obviously working. Americans are largely sheeple, cooperatively allowing the mass media, government propaganda and corporate marketing machines to determine what is right, true and fashionable.

The only defense is education. If you are not aware of the covert processes used to infiltrate your subconscious mind, then you are much more likely to fall prey to them.

Were you aware that US government operatives know how to use hypnosis to induce trance, provoke an average person to commit murder, then forget that it happened? This process has been documented as part of the government’s effort to create a real Jason Bourne-like operative. Of course, experiments were secretly forced upon healthy yet vulnerable citizens and mental hospital patients, but that is another story.

Find out more at CLICK HERE.

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What is Man?


I hope that you are doing well, during this time of lock down. The lock down may end by tyranny will not. Expect to see more draconian laws and people conditioned to accept it, to even beg for it, thinking it will “give them peace and safety.” Anyhow, here is another flat earth article to read…

The Earth

Issue 39-40


Note: The choice of words, grammar and spelling is kept as in the original.

A “Development” or a Creation?

Christ-Ozarks-2In conclusion we ought at least briefly to notice this ancient and important question. It is strictly germane to the subject yet Mr. W., I find, ignores it as a question, and quietly assumes throughout his article the unproven doctrine of human “development,” or evolution. Of course the globular theory and the evolution theory go together; they are, so to speak, cousins germane. Every evolutionist as a matter of fact is a globite or globularist; and every globite ought in consistency to be a believer in evolution. Some evolutionists stop with the physical evolution; but others, more consistent, carry the doctrine into the realm of spirit, or “mind” as well as matter.

Mr. Wallace seems to be of the latter class. As a theosophist he evidently believes in the natural immortality of the soul or spirit; which he would call the “man.” Whereas the Bible, agreeable to the facts of everyday experience, everywhere teaches that man, the real material man, though in temporary possession of “spirit” is mortal by reason of sin. At the same it sets before man “the blessed hope of eternal life” as the gift of God through our Lord Jesus the Christ. That splendid reasoner, Paul, clearly sets forth this doctrine as the peculiarity of the Gospel of Christ. He says that to them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory, honour, and IMMORTALITY God will render, or give, Eternal Life (Rom. ii. 7). A man does not “seek” for that which he thinks he is already in possession of; and so the theosophist, with others who may have unconsciously imbibed this pagan doctrine, refuse to come to the Christ that they may have this eternal Life (John v. 40).

The theosophist, moreover, not only imagines that his individual immortality will reach into the unending future, but he also believes that it has come down through millions of years from the dim and eternal past. In fact he claims that man is a sort of lesser god, that he does not surely die, but is slowly progressing through dreary ages, cycles, and re-incarnations towards a greater godship. Thus they not only deny the Creation as described in the Word of God, but they dethrone the Creator of the world as revealed therein; while they blindly accept the delusive promise, “Ye shall be as gods knowing both good and evil.” This phase of the subject is carefully concealed from the general reader, but it comes out near the end of the article under review. Mr. W. says that such thinkers as himself “believe that we ourselves are the SOLE and sufficient result” of the forces of this self-evolved universe. What is this but saying that men by “development” are, or may become, the only gods in existence. Thus belief in a fictitious universe leads men to set fictitious values upon their own individualities. Nature knows no such values, as many often be seen by its wholesale destruction of life both by flood and by fire; and the Bible, ever faithful to the facts of nature, and our own personal experiences, shows that because of Sin, Death at present reigns in the world; and that, at present, the Son of God “only hath immortality” (I Tim. vi. 16).

Man’s place in Nature is therefore that of a creature – a creature formed out of the dust and liable to return thereto (Gen. iii. 19). But the Gospel of the Christ comes with the glorious hope of a new Life, a new birth by a Resurrection (not a “re-incarnation”) from the dead. Compare Dan. xii. 2, and John v. 28,29. And this priceless boon is offered to anyone who will honestly obey the reasonable and necessary conditions. “For God so loved the world (this one and only world) that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have EVERLASTING LIFE.” – John iii. 16. And whoever honestly reads the life record of this God Begotten Son must acknowledge that He is worthy of our faith and trust.

Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift. May every true Zetetic strive to attain thereto.


“Hatfield Villa,”

Gwendolen Road, Leicester. June, 1903.

Note: Make sure you watch for my next post on this subject (theosophist) and how it’s affecting society today.

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Prepare For Food Shortages

Prepare For Food Shortages

With what is going on in the world today, I feel that I should take a break from my regular posting on the flat earth and give you my thoughts on what to do now in order to prepare your family for what is ahead.

No matter where you live, your country is probably experiencing food shortages. Have you check the shelves of your supermarket lately? Do you see what little they have on the shelves? Hopefully, you would have prepared before this. If not, you can still do some preparing.

Then, I thought, maybe that is why food stocks are low in most supermarkets. Now, that most people have stopped over buying, that there are people who are still doing and hope to make a big profit by selling food on e-Bay! This is my theory, but I’m sure that many people have thought of this already. So, I guess if enough vultures are doing this, it creates an artificial demand, which is what they are hoping for.

As of this writing, wife order more on ASDA – about £150 worth. (If you ask why such a big order, it’s because we don’t expect to get much of it like last week.) Now, it’s another matter if we get it. There will probably be a lot of food that they will be out of and not even have a substitute for. We’ll see they do come next Wednesday.

If this food shortage continues, things will get ugly in a short time.

During the Soviet Union, they created a famine by their idiotic polices whereby the Russian and Ukrainian people starved by the millions. You can buy an old book called, Gruesome Harvest, where it’s documented that 6 million Ukrainians died. This is because of Stalin ordering his agents to take all the grain from the farmers – including what the farmers eat and what the animals eat. This was a deliberate famine.

Since it’s the same mind-set of people in control, don’t be surprised that they are doing the same thing in creating an artificial famine now. They did it in the past, and they’ll do it again. This time, they are using this phoney Corona Virus as a cover.

Now, I pray that you are prepared but there is more that all of us can do; you never really are prepared for events like this. After all, we don’t know how long this contrived shortage will last, nor how ugly it will get. So, here is what I recommend that you do when you go shopping.

First, go to various supermarkets when they first open and see what you can buy. Since fresh produce doesn’t last long, here are some other things that should be bought that do last a bit longer.

  • brown rice
  • dried beans
  • lentils
  • whole wheat couscous
  • dried fruit
  • raw nuts and seeds
  • sprouts of all kinds
  • planting seeds
  • potatoes
  • whole wheat flour
  • oatmeal
  • millet
  • finally canned beans, frozen vegetables

To sum up why I say to buy the above is, that you have a combination of longer shelf life and nutrition. That is why I say whole wheat, brown rice, raw nuts/seeds and sprouts.

There is probably, at this time, little in the way of buying the above at your supermarket but try anyhow. Your next step is to buy online from Amazon, e-Bay and any other site that you know of.

You should also check with local health food stores as well as those online. There, you can buy food that most people don’t think of – until the very last thing. So, you’ll have more of a chance of getting this food. Yes, it’ll cost more but it’ll be worth it.

When you go on e-Bay, you’ll see people are already over-charging. This is what I expect when I came home from the shop. Many people probably overbought with the expressed purpose of selling at a high market-up online. I’ve seen rice sell for £1.50 – £2.50 per 100g! That’s a lot for little that you get. I wonder if e-Bay will stop their sales?

If you have a yard, start your planting now, especially the food that grows the fastest. If not, start in pots.

Get extra potatoes, cut them up and put them in the ground. What you don’t know how to grow, search online to find out how. You might want to look on YouTube first as it’s easier to follow along.

Hopefully, you already have guns and ammo. If not, it is too late to get them now. You’ll need it to protect what you have.

If it gets bad, which I pray it doesn’t, but if it does, do NOT open the door even if you see your neighbour (that never came around before); do NOT open the door to a stranger. Why? They could barge right in and steal your food and anything else you have of value. Desperate times people do desperate things – remember that! It would be better to act like you are not at home. So, if someone tries to break in, you have the inalienable right (which means it’s granted from God) to protect family and property.

If you live in the city, get out IF you can! It will get mean and dirty there in times of crises.

A lot more can be said, but I’ll have to end it here.

Let us keep the faith and continue to pray. Remember when Christ returns, it will not be with peace but with a sword (peace will come afterwards).

Don’t forget to check out my other blog – talking mostly on the Corona Virus. I’ve added a lot more since I first posted about this site. Click Here for the link.

God Bless


PS. I’ll post more on survival later.

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International Bankers and the Flat Earth


One of the biggest crimes committed on Christians is that of charging interest on money. The Bible uses the word “usury,” so what modern preachers AND bankers say is that “We don’t charge usurious rates, we have interest – this is different.” Well, it is is not, as the Bible clearly states “an increase.” Find out what usury/interest does to a nation in this easy to understand booklets on the subject. You will never look at a Banker the same way!

You might be asking what does this do with the flat earth? First, I would like to say, which I said before, is that our people should know that there is more than one massive conspiracy going on. When we know what lies are being told us, we can prepare accordingly. As far as the flat earth, if you haven’t read the booklets below, I highly recommend you do, then you’ll better understand what I’m about to say.

We all know that NASA received billions of US tax dollars each year. I heard a recent figure of $13 billion. As a banker, the more that the government borrows the more money they make – naturally. Since the US government can’t pay its loans, this interest is carried over each year. In short, the Bankers make even more money. Now, as far as the money that NASA borrows, the Banksters (similar to gangsters) like the people are told the earth is a globe, otherwise, there would be no agency such as NASA. And, the same can be said by other space agencies in Europe, Japan and China. Naturally, the Bankers probably really believes the earth is a globe. But if the the world woke up to learn that the earth is flat, all of these government space agencies will cease to exist, thus, the profits for the International Bankers will be that much less. Yes, it’s small in the total sum of what is borrowed but it does contribute to the total that is borrowed.

Note: Be sure to check Other Conspiracies tab on the Home page. More will be added in the future.

Billions for the Bankers Debts for the People

Merchants of the Earth

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Very Strange Reasoning by Globe Earth Believers

Driveway level 4

Can’t Level Driveway

Some critics of the flat earth really make it easy for us to refute them. Here is one case…

One argument that Kent Hovind said in one of his debunking videos is, he tried to level his driveway and try as he could, he couldn’t do it – or words to this effect. He was implying that since he couldn’t get his driveway exactly level, that supports the globe earth model. How stupid! The person he had on the video agreed with him, too.

Why doesn’t Kent try a carpenter’s level – it’s not rocket science! lol

Because you can’t make your driveway level does not prove a globe earth OR a flat earth.

Any construction worker or carpenter worth his salt will be able to get what they are working on level. If Kent told a master carpenter that his frame for a wall in the house is not level, he would show him that it is. If he persists, he would tell him to take a hike! When you don’t have something level it is because of the work that you did – NOT because the earth is a sphere!

If I lived in Kansas – which is a flat state – and I made my driveway on a slight incline, does that mean that the state is hilly? Of course not, but this is the silliness that some people go to, including science teachers, to “prove” that the earth is a globe.

By implication, does Kent Hovind think that because we live on a globe there there is no place on earth level?

If I live on a hill and I built my house on level ground and make a driveway on level ground, did I make the hill flat? Of course not, so why do people believe a statement like what Kent Hovind (and others like him) made?

Need I say more?

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A Belief In The Strength Of Numbers

A Belief In The Strength Of Numbers

Think of the flat earth; think of the Coronavirus when reading the following…

It’s much easier to turn on the boob tube and let others tell you how to think and how to behave.

A belief in the strength of numbers also comes into play. After all, tens of millions of people all believing the same thing can’t be wrong, can they? History has shown us that almost without exception, yes, they are all wrong.

It’s tough going through life while having both love and disdain for your fellow man. Love for their hearts; disdain for their cowardice, stupidity and refusal to think for themselves.


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Where This Is Leading To?

Where This Is Leading To?

The Coroanvirus is getting the spotlight but that is not where we should concern ourselves with. The danger is what is coming next: More government, which means more slavery.

Click Here for this very interesting video.

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