Exposing the Anti-Christ

Exposing The Anti-Christ

When was it used in the Bible? How was it used?

Constantly we hear “Is Obama the Anti-Christ?” There has always been such speculation over certain historical figures. People anticipate a personal, singular, evil Anti-Christ to torment us for a period of years before the “end of the world”. But does the Bible really tell us of such a person? Here we will have a short examination.

In the entire Bible, the word “antichrist” only appears on five occasions, one of them in the plural, and all of these are in the short epistles of John, at 1 John 2:18, 2:22, 4:3, and at 2 John 7. Here we will see what those passages say in the King James Version of the English Bible.

In the first epistle of John, at 2:18, we read: “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.” So we see that there were many antichrists even at John’s time. To wait for a single future Anti-Christ, rather than investigate to find out who it was that John was talking about, Christians are depriving themselves of great understanding.

Further on in his epistle, at 2:22-23, John states: “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Yahshua is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father”, and in the historical context of John’s writing, the apostle can only be describing the Jews. In first century Judaea, people who accepted Christ lost their identity as Judaeans (“Jews”), and amalgamated with their fellow Greek and Roman Christians, all becoming “one in Christ”. Facilitating this amalgamation, evidently, is the fact that at that time they were all actually alike. The first century historian Flavius Josephus testifies that the only way by which the Judaean men were distinguished from the Greek is by the fact that they were circumcised (Antiquities, 12.5.1). Josephus expressed this idea speaking of men exercising in a gymnasium, where such activity was commonly undertaken in a state of nudity.

John continues at 4:1-3: “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Yahshua Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Yahshua Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” So while Christians await “The Anti-Christ” whom they believe to be some future beastly ruler often depicted with science-fiction quality abilities, the truth is that the antichrists have walked among us for thousands of years already! Many of them today are still called “Jews”, and adhere to that same false religion in which they rejected Christ! Their spirits are not from God, but are rather from their own father – the devil (John 8:44). John speaks of them further, at 1 John 5:10: “He that believeth on the Son of God hath witness in himself; he that believeth not God hath made him a liar: because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son.” The Jews, by rejecting Jesus Christ, esteem God to be a liar, while hypocritically claiming to be of God!

In John’s 2nd epistle, the apostle reinforces the instruction that those who deny Jesus are the antichrists, at verse 7: “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Yahshua Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.” So we see that the Jews are liars, deceivers, and antichrists! In the same epistle, at v. 9: “Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.” John proceeds to instruct his readers as to how to treat those who reject Christ, at vv. 10 & 11: “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him Godspeed: For he that biddeth him Godspeed is partaker of his evil deeds.” To “bid Godspeed” is archaic language meaning simply “to greet”. So it is evident that Christians certainly should not keep company with Jews, nor even so much as greet them!

Paul makes a statement similar to 2 John 9-11, while discussing sound Christian doctrine, at 1 Tim. 6:3-5: “If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strife of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmising, Perverse disputing of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself.” And so, Christians, if they truly believe their Bibles, all those who push anti-Christian laws – they have been the antichrists all along! Yet, these are the ones who cry “persecution” all long. It’s the Christians who have been persecuted. Christians must, of course, also reject anyone else who denies the Christ. It is only when we stop accepting evil that we ourselves could ever be healed.

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KJV Bible Only

KJV Bible Only

I notice that an old Post on the KJV Bible is not longer on YouTube. So, here is another one that is professional. Let’s see how long this will be online before the censors come.

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What Stars Really Look Like

What Stars Really Look Like

Look at what stars really look like through a telescope and tell me if that is what space agencies show? The same applies to “planets”. All we see is photoshop images and before photoshop came along it was artistic renditions.

Excuse the bad “music” that is used on this video by whomever made it!

It looks like the video I wanted to post YouTube didn’t want me to. So, here is another video and this time I put a direct link instead an embedded link (click on the picture). Hope this helps.

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Fake Moon Landing: Testimony by William Cooper

Fake Moon Landing: Testimony by William Cooper

Bill Cooper talks on various topics in this old audio. Part way through this audio the host talks about the fake Moon landing with other information that is not often heard.

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Big Pharma Controls All In The United States

Big Pharma Controls All In The United States

If you wonder why millions of Americans are sick, here is part of the reason – Big Pharma. Another reason is, that people eat food that they shouldn’t.

It looks like Big Pharma is controlling what is hosted on private sites, like CFE Ministry and the video platform Brighteon.com I had embedded other videos on this blog before by Brighton with no problem, but now I see an ad came up by BBC News iPlayer. That is not what was suppose to play. So, now I will put a direct link (click on the picture) and see if it takes you to the actual video site. IF it doesn’t, then you know that Big Pharma as redirected the video again, too. We’ll see what happens.


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Scrubbing Nordic History By Destroying Ancient Artifacts

Scrubbing Nordic History By Destroying Ancient Artifacts

This video is about how the Swedish Government is destroying ancient artifacts using the excuse of “cost” to have archaeologists come in. When, in reality, the reason is to destroy the history of our White heritage. This is not an isolated problem but one that is happening in other White Christian nations of the world. You will NOT find this in non-white nations as that would be “racists” if they destroyed their ancient objects!

Even if a museum has enough of whatever artifact that has been discovered, is still no reason to destroy these old objects. IF that was the case, they should be given to collectors and dealers; they will gladly take them off the government’s hands. In fact, they will even pay (at a reasonable price) for such objects. Those from the Viking Age will go for even more money. So, the excuse that it’s “too costly” to have all the objects classified is a lie!

There can never be enough of old objects. Even IF museums have enough, there are thousands of collectors that would like to add them to their collects. With more availability, and costs being reasonable, it would attract more collectors. Then, there are those who collect for investment purposes that would love to add it to their portfolio.

The reason reason why this destruction is going on is, that they want to eliminate the White culture of our history.

In England, one of the many ways that they are destroying their Saxon culture is that liberals don’t like the black face that is used on the Morris Dancer; they don’t like the word “Black Country” being used. The reason why “Black Country” came about had nothing to do with the Blacks but because it was an industrial area and there was a lot of black suet. Of course, the Communist Left was told about this, they know about this, but they ignore it and want to make it a racist thing.

How some people are fighting back is, that metal detector hobbyists are keeping quite; putting the artifacts in their collection or selling them off to other collectors.

How far will this madness go? I won’t be surprised that, in a few years, the museums themselves will destroy what they have – as being “too racists.” If you look at what ISIS done in Syria, they destroyed ancient monuments. And with them entering our former White Christian nations “as persecuted refugees,” they will soon demand that our museums destroy the Aryan culture that is displayed there, too!

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Climate Change Hypocrites

Climate Change Hypocrites

Scientist speak out on global warming hoax

Well, Greta Thunberg, we have listened to scientists and they tell us something different. Here are some facts you can use to expose the global warming hoax. Now, we do have climate change BUT it’s not caused by too much carbon dioxide emissions! It’s caused by chemtrails and HAARP, which is causing the excess rain in some areas and lack of rain in other areas of the world.

Note: If you should come to this page and find no videos, do not be surprised as this means that YouTube censored it – as they are doing with other videos that are telling uncomfortable truths.

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True Thanksgiving Day History

The True Thanksgiving Day History in America

The True Thanksgiving Day History by Pastor Emry in 1974 – a sermon that you will not hear in churches today.

There has been much re-writing of American heritage and of our first Thanksgiving. One lie that are told today is that, “If it weren’t for the American Indians, we would not be here today…”

Also find a printed sermon of the biblical aspects of Thanksgiving. CLICK HERE for that.

We have lost the blessings that God bestowed upon us for our disobedience of not following His laws, statues and judgement. Instead we follow man’s laws.

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Degrees of Sight On A Flat Earth

all-horizons-flat-3Globe earthers will often quip that ‘if the earth were flat, then we could see all over it!’ but this is, of course, ignorant and inaccurate. If you stand on the beach, a plain or prairie, you will find the horizon extends about three to six miles around you – depending on the weather and your eyesight. The range of the human eye, our field of vision is from 110 to 1 degree, and the smallest angle under which an object can still be seen is 1/60 of 1 degree, so that when an object is 3000 times its own diameter away from an observer, it will cease to be visible. So, for example, the farthest distance at which one can see a 1 inch diameter penny, is 3000 inches, or 250 feet. Therefore, if a ship’s hull is 10 feet above the water, it will disappear from the unaided eye at 3,000 times 10 feet, or 6 miles. This has nothing to do with the supposed ‘convexity’ or ‘curvature’ of the earth and everything to do with the common Law of Perspective.

The horizon of an observer is distant or near according to the greatness or otherwise of his elevation above the surface of the supposed globe. If he stands 24 feet above sea level, he is said to be in the centre of a circle, which bounds his vision, the radius of which in any direction, on a clear day, is six miles. A local gentleman tells me that he has watched a boat-race in New Zealand, seeing the boats all the way out and home, the distance being 9 miles from where he was standing on the beach. I have seen the hull of a steamer with the naked eye at an elevation of not more than 24 feet, as a distance of 12 miles, and in taking observations along the South African coast, have sometimes had an horizon of at least 20 miles at an elevation of 20 feet only.

The distance of the horizon, or vanishing point, where the sky appears to touch the earth and sea, is determined, largely by the weather, and when that is clear, by the power of our visioin. This is proved by the fact that the telescope will increase the distance of the horizon very greatly, and bring objects into view which are entirely beyond the range of vision of the unaided eye. But, as no telescope can pierce a segment of water, the legitimate conclusion we are forced to arrive at, is that the surface of water is level, and that, therefore, the shape of the world cannot be globular, and on such a flat or level surface, the greater the elevation of the observer, the longer will his range of vision be, and thus the father he can see. Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny

On the shore near Waterloo, a few miles to the north of Liverpool, a good telescope was fixed, at an elevation of 6 feet above the water. It was directed to a large seamer, just leaving the River Mersey, and sailing out to Dublin.

Gradually the mast-head of the receding vessel came nearer to the horizon, until, at length, after more than four hours had elapsed, it disappeared. The ordinary rate of sailing of the Dublin steamers was fully eight miles an hour; so that the vessel would be, at least, thirty-two miles distant when the mast-head came to the horizon. This 6 feet of elevation of the telescope would require three miles to be deducted for convexity, which would leave 29 miles, the square of which, multiplied by 8 inches, gives 560 feet; deducting 80 feet for the height of the main-mast, and we find that, according to the doctrine of rotundity, the mast-head of the outward bound steamer should have been 480 feet below the horizon.

Many other experiments of this kind have been made upon sea-going steamers, and always with results entirely incompatible with the theory that the earth is a globe. Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, ‘Zetetic Astronomy, Earht Not a Globe!’

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Geographers in Congress

Geographers in Congress

From Earth Review, No. 5, October 1895

By Lady Blount, F.B.P., ect., and W. T. Wisbman, F.R.G.S., F.B.P., etc.

(Members of the Sixth International Congress, London, 1895).

Antarctic Exploration


Antarctic base Chile.

  “Even great Astronomers do not always escape erroneous conclusions, and sometimes they have to recant absolute mistakes of reasoning and calculation.”

“ For several thousand years people supposed that the earth was a great platform surrounded by the sea.”

“ They certainly knew nothing of the real shape of the earth.”

“ David who lived a good while before Homer, did not speak of the ‘ round world.’ There is no such word as ‘ round ’ in the original Hebrew, nor in our Bible version of the Psalms.”

“ The common Latin phrase for the earth, ‘orbis terrarum,’ and in the Latin Vulgate Bible, translated ‘ The round world,’ does not mean a globe, but a round disc, or wheel.”

Sir Edmund Becket, BT., “Astronomy,” 7th Ed., preface p. 5. pp. 1-2.

According to the above quotations, astronomers are sometimes erroneous in their calculations, reasoning, and conclusions. Yet, with unproved and unprovable assumptions, they have the audacity to contradict the God-Inspired writers of Holy Writ; and practically deny the cosmica teaching of Moses, and the declarations contained in the Psalms, and in the Prophets ; concerning The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, and The Earth. Thus making the God-sent Messiah (in whom many of them profess to believe), a liar! Disregarding the fact, that this same Messiah, the Prince o f Prophets, and the Coming King of all The Earth, endorsed “ Moses, The- Psalms and The Prophets,” The declaration that for thousands of years, men knew nothing of the real shape of the Earth, is not supported by an atom of proof What do moderns know o f its shape ? They have never been to, and consequently, have never seen, beyond the circumferential ice-barriers, that, surround the southings, and yet they say, “The Earth is a whirling Globe,” We now present our readers with a few sentences, culled frim the Geographical Congress official papers, dated Monday, July 29th, 1895, and also from the London Daily Newspaper reports, of its meetings in its issues of July 30th, “ The sixth International Congress resumed its session yesterday in the Imperial Institute, Section A presided over by Mr. Clement Markham was devoted to.

Polar Exploration


Bases on Antarctic

  Dr. G. Neumayer (Hamburg), dealt with the ‘ Scientific Exploration o f the Antarctic Regions.’ He said a liar;— ‘ Any conclusion which may be drawn from records o f Meteorological and hydrographical data, at present in existence, must o f necessity be incomplete and fallacious! It is of high importance, to furnish accurate geodetic data to determine the figure of our globe! A gravity survey would be of the highest importance. The study of the phenomena of ice, the origin and nature o f icebergs…without which it will be difficult to arrive at definite results respecting the various epochs of the earths existence. Connected therewith is the nature of ice-caps, which probably cover the region surrounding the South Pole! The question o f the causes of the variability of geographical latitude { the undulations o f the earth’s axis), will probably be greatly elucidated. He hoped that the grand example set fifty years ago on the field o f South Polar Exploration, might be renewed in our days!”

Sir Joseph Hooker, who was introduced by the Chairman, as the only survivor of Sir James Ross’ Expedition, said :— “ He believed he was right in saying that the key to the future knowledge of terrestrial magnetism, lay very much in the ascertainment of the exact position o f the South Magnetic Pole. We knew nothing of the meteorology of the whole of that enormous area, and could only at the best, make guesses, and assumptions( I) ” We conclude from the foregoing, that it is the modern scientists, and not the ancients, who know nothing of the shape of the Earth. In reference to the great, unpenetrated, southern circumferential ice-barrier, and its unexplored beyond; these “ learned men,” impose upon the world, their weak hypotheses, and vain theories ; their confessed ignorance, guesses and assumptions; and declare there is a magnetic spot or centre, which they term a ‘South Pole’ in order to uphold their whirling Globe theory. But the ‘Geodetic data’ for mysticism is passing away, and the unprejudiced thinking world now ask for witnessing facts, sound knowledge, exact science, and truth!

Clement, the first co-Pastor or co-Bishop o f Rome in his first epistle to the Corinthian Eulesia (included in one o f the ancient collections o f the Canon o f Scripture) writes: “The unfathomable and unsearchable floods o f the deep, are kept by His command; and the conflux (hollow or depth) of the vast sea, being brought together by His order into its several collections, passes not the bounds that He has set it, but as he appointed (commanded), so it does remain. For He said :— ‘ Hitherto shalt thou come, and thy floods shall be broken within thee. The ocean, impassible to mankind, and the worlds that are . beyond it. are governed by the same commands by their great Master.” Chap. ix., 9— 12. Archbishop Wake’s translation.

Until Astronomers, Geographers, and so-called scientists, give us facts for fiction, truth for ignorance, and also discover “ The South Pole,” and its “ Ice-Cap,” all believers in the Deity’s graciously revealed Word, must reject and resist the infidels who practically deny and make void the Holy Inspired Writings ! Clément’s epistle was read in the primitive Ecclesia, an evidence o f its authority. Photius, the Patriarch of Constantinople, in the 9th century, and others, have objected to its genuineness, because Clement speaks of “ Worlds beyond the Seas ! ” The Apostle-taught Clement is a far higher authority than the man-taught Photius ! Scripture and Reason, condemn the learned lumber, of false philosophers, with their guesses, silly senile suppositions and gas-assumptions! These men insist contrary to natural laws, and also contrary to logic; that The Earth is a whirling Globe, going round with other motions, at a terrific rate, carrying on its surface moveable objects, enveloped in rare air ! Simply upon theory and without a single proof!

Beyond the circumferential southern ice-bound oceans Clement declares that the are “Worlds!”

The Bible also emphatically declares;

“ The pillars of the earth are Jehovah’s. He hath set the world upon them.”— I. Sam, ii., 8.

“ Of old. Thou hast laid the foundations of the earth.”— Ps. cii., 25.

“ Ye enduring foundations of the earth.”— Micah vi., 2.

“ Thou hast established the earth and it abideth.”— Ps. Cxix.. 20.

“ The world also is established that it cannot moved.”—Ps. cvi., 10 and ciii., i.

“ Jehovah founded the earth on its bases, that it should not be moved fo r ever, and beyond ! ”— Ps. Civ., 5.

“ For He hath founded it upon the seas and established it upon the floods.”— Ps. Xxiv., 2.

What are, so-called, Christian Hierarchies, with their multitudes of Priests and Parsons doing, that they should allow these infidel Globites to dupe and mislead the people? Is it because they are

mere hirelings!? Either the Bible lies or its opponents! Which? How can there possibly be a “ South Pole,” and an “ Ice-Cap,” to the unknown Circular Southings?

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