If Chemical Weapons Are Used Again

Musings 19, September, 2018

         If Chemical Weapons Are Used Again

President Donald Trump threatened Syria that if chemical weapons are used again against Syrian civilians, they will use military action. We know that this is just an excuse for the US to oust President Assad from power. But do you realise how stupid it it? Do you see what side the US is really on and who they are supporting?

This is exactly what ISIS wants – real or imagined chemical attack! For, if this happens, they know that they will have the Syrian government destroyed, which is what they want, but the US will be doing it for them.

Anyone with common sense will know that this will encourage ISIS to use the chemical attacks – if they have to – and then call in “the White Helmets” to “document” this. If they don’t use it or don’t have any access to the chemical weapons, they know that the US does and will use it on their behalf. ISIS could not have wished for anything better! In fact, they know that no chemical weapons would have to be used at all – like last time. All they know is, that if a false flag event is created and followed by fake news, that’s as good as if deadly chemicals were really used. Then, the West will come to their rescue – all under the pretence that the West if fighting radical governments (in this case, President Assad).

Only time will tell to see what happens.

Evil All Around

When you stop and think of all the evil that is going on in the world such as: knife crimes in the city of London (and crime all over), of the sick murders that are going on around the world, of corrupt government, of lying in the press, in corporations, in the schools, people are asking why this is happening (if they care at all).

Sure, crime has been with us all through history and it’s wrong, but what I’m talking about is the frequency, the magnitude and the absolute horrific types of crime that is happening. And people are still asking why all of this is happening. Well, to Christians who really know their Bibles, they know it boils down to one fundamental reason and that reason is, that we do not following biblical laws.

The further away we get away from Yahweh’s laws, the more crime and immorality we have – it’s a “cause and effect” issue. So, if the atheists, agnostic, Buddhist or whatever other religion you can think of, thinks that they can run the government – look at the mess we are in. We have been told for decades that we should have a secular government. Well, look at what we have now! Isn’t it secular? It sure is!

When will it stop? It will stop with the return of Christ; it will stop when He changes the hearts and minds of the people. May God speed the day!

When you have so-called “moralists” say, “I’m not a Christian but I don’t believe in murder and stealing, either,” they really don’t have the whole picture. You can’t really have people who are not Christian run the government; you can’t have people who say they are atheists, for example, and also claim that they are moral. Sure, they personally may never steal or murder but these people can’t run the government. Why? Simply, because all it takes is another atheist/agnostic to come along and give their standard of morality and claim that it’s just as good as the next person. For, who do they use as their standard? If they say, “Society norms,” this is not good enough. For “society norms or morality” CAN and DO change! You have seen this in the past couple of decades with one topic being politically incorrect to the next one.

The morality of what is being pushed on the public changes each year with what is considered “taboo.” One time you could be proud of your White Christian Heritage, now, you have white people apologising for being white. Yet, these are the people who say they have a moral standard! They do have a moral standard but it’s not God’s, and even their standard is changing over time. So, it’s not surprising to see that there is more crime, disease, government control, and lack freedom than ever before.

So, whenever you hear a non-Christian spout their hatred of God’s laws as the laws of the land, you can tell them, as you heard Oliver Hardy say, “Well, here is another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.”


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Rapture Hoax: A Doctrine of Irresponsibility

Rapture Hoax: A Doctrine of Irresponsibility

Hoaxes abound and this one is from the church; its been pushed for the past 100 years or so. It’s called “The Rapture.” Listen to this week’s sermon under the Bible Study tab at the top of the page.

Note: There is a blank spot around the 40 minute mark; just wait a minute or two and the audio will come on again.


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Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit is Rotting (as is the story that we actually went to the Moon)!

Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit is Rotting

  Smithsonian in race to save Neil Armstrong’s historic Apollo 11 spacesuit as researchers reveal it is ROTTING and it’s about time considering the whole story that we went to the

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber compound that is used in making a variety of products including WETSUITS. This is what we believe all along – that the film we see of astro-nots in space is really taken in a tank of water! Neoprene has tiny bubbles in it, so when divers go deep, it compresses. Well, if the astro-nots were on the Moon, and the Moon has less “gravity” and density, it would expand. I didn’t see them look like balloons as they were bouncing on the Moon.

Neoprene does insulate divers against cold water, however it has its limits and can not do so down to the supposed extreme temperatures of the Moon. Extreme temperatures also crack any kind of plastic very easily, so, how do spacesuits survive this?

In this article from the UK’s Daily Mail, we are told that the spacesuit is made of 21 layers of various plastics, which include Nylon and neoprene. Since when do these materials keep you at body temperature at extreme heat or extreme cold? And, if this was so, why can’t we buy clothes off the racks today? After all, with the technology we have and the new materials, it should be easier to make and cheaper to sell. We don’t have it because none exist! And, I doubt that it’s made of 21 layers to begin with. Why? Because they never plan to cut open the spacesuit to show the public in the first place.

This story is like all the rest – it is created and made into news to give credence to the lie that we went to the Moon in the first place!

Source: Click Here.



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The Historical Accuracy of the Bible

The Historical Accuracy of the Bible

There are many topics that can be discussed to show that the Bible is historically accurate. Since my last post was on Noah’s Flood, I will focus on that. If the flood was universal, which I believe it was, than other cultures would have something to say about it.

Genesis 7 and 8 tell us of the destruction of the world by a great flood. To many, the story of the flood is actually a recording of ancient myths. However, we have much evidence outside the Bible to show that the flood was a reality and that the Bible is true. Notice the flood traditions of ancient peoples. One scholar lists 88 different traditional accounts. Almost all of these agree that there was a universal destruction of the human race and all living creatures by a flood. Almost all agree that an ark or a boat was the means of escape. Almost all are in accord in saying that a seed of mankind was left to perpetuate the race. Many add that wickedness of man brought about the flood. Some even mention Noe. Several speak of the dove and the raven, and some discuss a sacrifice offered by those who were saved. To anyone familiar with the biblical account, the similarity is astounding. The universality of this tradition is such as to establish that the biblical flood was not a figment of someone’s imagination.

In 1872, George Smith, discovered the now famous Babylonian flood tablets. In these, a certain person was told to build an ark or ship and to take into it seed of all creatures. He was given the exact measurements and was instructed to use pitch in sealing it. He took his family into the boat with food. There was a terrible storm which lasted six days. They landed on Mt. Nazir. He sent out a dove. It came back. He sent out a swallow. It came back. He sent out a raven and it flew back and forth over the earth. When these people were safely out of the boat, they offered sacrifice to the gods. The account differs from the Bible in some particulars, but is so much in agreement with the Scriptures as to make one wonder how the historical nature of the flood could be questioned.

Furthermore, archaeology has found positive evidence of a great flood in some ancient cities. At Susa, a solid deposit of earth five feet thick was found between two distinct civilizations. The nature of the deposit establishes beyond doubt that Susa was completely destroyed by a flood which was not merely local. At Ur, the ancient home of Abraham, a similar deposit of water laid clay eight feet thick was found. This deposit clearly shows that Ur was destroyed by a flood of such proportions that is must have been a vast flood such as the one of the Bible. Further evidence could be presented, but this should be sufficient to demonstrate that the Biblical flood was a reality.

Again, Luke 2:1, mentions “Caesar Augustus” as the ruling monarch of the Roman Empire. In Luke 3:1, we are told that John the Baptist began his ministry in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar. This shows that Augustus was no longer on the throne. Still later in Acts 25:21, we find Paul appealing his arrest to Augustus. A superficial reading might lead us to suppose that the Bible contradicts itself. But on close examination, with other known facts, we find that the emperor at that time was Nero, whose full name was Caesar Augustus Nero. Of this Albert Barnes says, “The reigning emperor at this time was Nero. The name Augustus properly denotes that which is venerable, or worthy of honour and reverence. It was first applied to Caesar Octavianus, who was the Roman emperor in the time when our Saviour was born, and who is usually called Augustus Caesar. But the title continued to be used of his successors in office, as denoting the veneration or reverence which was due to the rank of emperor.”

The attacks upon the credibility of the Bible have served to make stronger, not weaker, the conviction of every lover of the true Word of God.


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Local Flood vs Worldwide Flood – Which?

Local Flood vs Worldwide Flood – Which?

For the wrong reasons some people hold onto the global earth flood (really worldwide flood) and others hold onto the local flood. Was Noah’s flood local or worldwide?
Most churches today teach that the Flood was local, as this fits with the social engineering that is being pushed down our throats by the media today that everyone came from the same race.

If the Flood was local, why would God:

Why did God have Noah build an ark? Why would the ark be huge? Why would He have all the animals come on board if the Flood was local?

If it was local, all God had to do is tell Noah’s family to move out of the valley. And for the animals, they would not have been effect. This, the local flood believers do not adequately answer! They can’t answer without lying or looking foolish.

Arguments that people use to say that the Flood was not worldwide:

There are no water stains on the Pyramids.
Where did all this water come from?
Where did all this water go to?

For the first question, the explanation is simple. Since when were water stains indelible marks that can withstand the test of time (thousands of years through all kinds of weather)? A water mark is not something that last permanently. And with the wind blowing the sand, it would wear anything on surface away! Also, this is assuming that the Pyramids were built before Noah’s Flood.

Where did all the water come from? If these people read the Bible more carefully, they will know that there is water above the heaven (atmosphere) as told in the Creation Story. We also read of the “windows of heaven.” Then, there is the Great Deep of water that is BELOW the earth (not just what is WITHIN the earth). Of course, being a student of the flat earth you know this. But even before you talk to these people about the flat earth, if they just read the Creation Story carefully, they will also be told this.

We know that water seeks its own level but the heliocentric people ignore this. Whatever water that fell on the earth would be drained off and go below the earth. This would be the same areas of the world where the tides come from and return to, but that is another story.
Finally, for those good Christians who don’t fall for the lie that all the races came from one race of people, this local Flood would account for where the other races came from after the Flood and that’s why, in part, they believe the Local Flood story.

Some of the people who hold onto the Local Flood do so because they say how can various and diverse races come from one couple (of the White race)? Now, these people are good people who do know a lot of Bible truths, and they are attracted to the Local Flood idea to explain how we still have Negroes and Asiatic people today.

We know that the various and diverse races did not spring all from one race – whether it be the Nordic/Saxon/Celtic/Lombard (White race) or the Negro or Asiatic races. As God said, Kind produces after their own kind. Even the very liberal and Communist people know that this is true for animals, but they don’t admit this for humans, otherwise, it would destroy their argument and reason for a New World Order of a mix race multitude. If you have two pure-bred Negroes to have children, they will ALWAYS be like their parents; they will be of the Negro race and not some other race. The Leftists try to show this is not true and what do the produce for evidence? A very rare albino, which Kent Hovind did, which is nothing more than a defect in the DNA where the skin does not produces pigmentation. But looking at such pictures you can tell that the person is definitely a Negro, with the facial features and hair texture being the same.

So, people who realise that we are being told lies from all quarters, and they know that the various races can only be produced by separate races, think that the only possible way for us to have diverse races today is that Noah’s Flood was local only; that the other races existed outside of the Flood, and, therefore, account for the different races today.
As a side note, let’s not get confused with the mixing of the races. They do NOT produce a new race but are a mixed race as the word implies. Other people use the word mongrel.

“If Noah’s Flood was worldwide, then where did the other races come from?”

Good question. When we read about the story of Noah and his family, we read about the animals that he took on the ark. Now, we know that not every land creature is mentioned but does it need to be mentioned? We know by the reading that it is implied, and other words are used, to describe this. Can you image if authors have to go into every bit of detail in order to explain something? Do you realise how long a book would have to be in size? The Bible would be much larger than needed if God were to write like this (as He inspired Prophets to write).

The Ark was very large as we are told. In fact, no ship after Noah’s was as large until thousands of years later, and that was in the 19th Century. Therefore, it would require more help than Noah’s family, which totalled eight people to feed and care for the animals. So, he needed help. It is very probable that these people were the servants from other races; that they came aboard the ship to do this. They will also be released afterwards and travel, over time to other parts of the world to populate those areas and do their job in maintaining those areas of the world by keeping the animals in check.

Some People Get Down Right Mean

Listening to some pastors who talk in support of a Local Flood, they get down right mean. There is Steven Anderson who has a YouTube channel that says words to the effect, “If you don’t believe in a local flood you are a blasphemer of God.” It really gets me how some Christians use the word “blasphemer” to anyone who disagrees with their version of the Bible – sounds more like a cult to me! Well, if they were more informed, they would know that is not what qualifies as a blasphemer. If that was the case, I think there would be very few people in Heaven! When you think throughout history of all the good Christians that did not go to “the right church,” or that “the right church” did not exist at the time. Well, this Anderson guy said the same thing when he had a sermon on the flat earth – that anyone who believed in the flat earth was a blasphemer of God.

Dear Reader, even if you are a globe earth believe, I do NOT say that you are a blasphemer and that you will not be in Heaven. For this is not the qualifying factor to be in the heavenly Kingdom. But I’m sure you already know that.

The Critics Arguments For a Worldwide Flood

Then, there are those who build a “straw man” to show our side of the argument, as if to show that they are being objective. Yes, they do give some of the arguments of what worldwide Flood believes would say but only part of it.

There is one Christian Identity pastor who admits that there are fossils of sea creatures found on mountain tops. This is what Worldwide Flood believers use as a claim. But this pastor says that’s because of a local flood that happened there at some time in the past. Can you imagine how illogical that statement is! But here is where critics don’t examine the issue further.

How do you get a flood on a 6,000 foot mountain, for example, without the rest of the lower ground being flooded? This is where a flat earther knows the simple physics of “water seeks its own level” comes in at. You can’t have a flood on the top of a mountain without all the lower parts being flooded. If the flood came halfway up the mountain, that means the whole earth would have to be flooded up to that point. Otherwise, the water will keep draining off at the lowest point. In other words, you can’t have a flood on a mountain; you can heavy rain on a mountain; you can have a dam break and the valley flood but you’d never get a flood on a mountain. Don’t forget, it would not just have to be any flood but one where masses of earth move that suddenly captures fish and other creatures into the soil.

Yahweh, God made it quite plain in His perfect wording so as to make it understood that the Flood was worldwide when He said it covered the tops of the mountains. If it covered the mountain tops that means everything was covered. If only the small mountains were covered, that would leave the larger ones exposed and God did not say that there was some ground that was not covered. Therefore, it could only be a Worldwide Flood – exactly as the Bible described.

I encourage you to do your own research. In the meantime, Click Here for more good points as to Noah’s Flood being worldwide.


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Flat Earther busts Everest picture everyone is using to prove Earth is round

Flat Earther busts Everest picture everyone is using to prove Earth is round

Here is a picture that is suppose to show that the earth is round. In the next picture it shows the original shot (without the curvature lens) of a flat horizon. What the globe earthers would do to further their lie is unbelieveable. The the original story here. Click Here.

Conspiracy theory fan wins $20,000 workplace discrimination payout

Maybe you, too, can receive a payout for believing the earth is flat! Click Here for the story.



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Message to Ignorant Pastors Who Are Against The Flat Earth

Message to Ignorant Pastors Who Are Against The Flat Earth

Some of these pastors are sincere but they are sincerely wrong. While others are the false prophets that God warned us about.




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Flat Earth: The Ultimate Litmus Test

Flat Earth: The Ultimate Litmus Test



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Flat Earth Debate Among Students

Flat Earth Debate Among Students

Here is a debate by a team of globe earth believers vs flat earth believers. It’s great to see this, and prayerfully, there will be more in the future. It’s time that the globe earth believers start explaining their beliefs in light of physics.


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Musings 2 September, 2018

Musings 2 September, 2018

First, I would like to say that there is a new sermon posted under Bible Study (at the top of this page). It’s titled: Judgement from God, part 1.

There was an advert I saw on Yahoo for a film and it’s called “Happy Times Murders.” It’s about making fun of murders, as the title implies. It is labeled “Appropriate Audiences” but it should be x-rated. This is the next step in degeneracy. It’s the same tactic used many years ago to change the morals of the public.

I hated watching the trailer and I certainly will not watch this film. But such things are necessary to know what is going on and to warn others not to even pop into the theatre when it comes to town.

Back, I think in the 1970s, they made films that made light of homosexuals that made people laugh. Then it got more serious, now if you say you are against queers, you are labeled a ‘hater’ or ‘facist’ or whatever. I see the same thing with murder now. Mark my words, but I hope that I’m wrong, and that is, they want to make the public see murder as acceptable. Of course, it would be the “right kind of murders.” but this is not far fetched as it might seem. Remember during the Roman times when they made a sport of slaves and had them fight to the death in ring before a roaring audience; when Christians were murdered by crucifixion with some being burned on the cross. Is this what the sick-os in Hollywood are planing?

A Planned Chemical Attack Again

Is another planned chemical attack being set up and blamed on the Syrian government? This is what Russia thinks will happen, as reported here (Click Here)

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov warned Washington against new reckless moves in Syria.

What everyone seems to ignore, even the alternative news sites is, where is ISIS getting all the weapons and ammunition that costs 10’s of millions of dollars? They certainly are not getting it from the villages and towns that they are raiding! Where are they getting the Toyota trucks with machine guns mounted on them? It’s obvious – from the U.S. Government! They are being supplied by them and they have to come in from some road or flown in. I’m sure Russia knows about this and is keep score.

What Is Really Going On In the Illuminati

Testimony of ritual murder inside the Illuminati and even cannibalism, as one witness testified on Ophra Winfry years ago.


Toxic Grease in Space?

Interstellar space is filled with “toxic grease” that would make future space travel very difficult, say researchers. This is, according to the University of New South Wales. Would you believe it? I think the only toxic grease is found in NASA! I need not elaborate more to intelligent flat earthers – only to globe earth believers.


Tumblr is another social media platform that has been around for years. This is somewhat like Instagram. “So, what is Instagram?” In short, it’s another time waster for people who don’t have a life. But the point I’d like to make is that millions of people go on Tumblr and are influenced by it. Well, they are just like the other internet giants in that they are preventing the truth from getting out. If you go to tumblr.com and type in “Flat earth,” or anything that has to do with the flat earth, you come up with all kinds of negative and snide remarks about us. It seems that even the smaller companies like Tumblr are into the mind control game, too. I just wonder if you will get your account dropped if you post pictures that support the flat earth. But even if you don’t, if you are not found in their search engines, it’s just like you posted nothing. Well, such is life today.

Winston Churchill Praised to Heaven

Just the other day I heard a newscast of the grandson of Winston Churchill being praised. You would think he was talking about Christ. According to the speech, this guy did no wrong. Of course, it was his grandfather but still I would not make any person into a saint. The fact is, there is a very dark side of Winston Churchill. If you read the book by famous British historian, David Irving, he wrote a book about him.

David Irving is a prolific author but the book in question is titled: Churchill’s War. You can hear Irving’s speech on the subject here…

Here is what one viewer of the above video said:

“This man is a towering historical scholar of legendary proportions. I’ve listened to my fair share of academic lectures in my day, and this one takes the cake. Not once did this giant refer to a note. He recites from memory, and forgets not a single detail. He moves at lightning speed, and never misses a beat. I’ve just discovered David Irving, and I can’t get enough. His devotion to, and love of, his craft is enough to move one to tears. Pure genius!” James Jospeh Finn



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