The Myths of World War II

The Myths of World War II

Whenever the media, government and academia is united on a subject, when they tell their ‘facts’ you can be sure the opposite is true. Such is the case when they talk about World War II. Listen to Mark Weber of Institute of Historical Research ( tell just some of the myths of the war. There is much more to tell, but in order to give you an idea, this short video is a good start.

There are many conspiracies in the world that the public is kept from, and the truth about World War II is one of the biggest ones. I know you’ll have, “But what about this…and what about that?” But like everything else, we have to learn one thing at a time.


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Jet Turbine Gasoline Hoax

Jet Turbine Gasoline Hoax


Notice how thin the wing is compared to the people.

There is a new conspiracy that I discovered yesterday and that is the jet aircraft gasoline hoax. You might have already known about this but there are many who don’t. Here are two videos that tell part of the story. I would like to add a bit myself.

The videos attempt to show that jet planes do not use fuel, though they tell you they do and say how much they use. We are told that the A-30 Bus can carry 86,000 gallons of fuel and that this is stored in the wings and along the fuselage. The fuselage of on Airbus is: 4.14 m (13 ft 7 in) height, 3.95 m (13 ft 0 in) width, 3.70 m (12 ft 2 in) cabin width.

To get an idea of how much 86,000 gallons is, here is how much 9,000 gallons takes up: A swimming pool that is 12×20 with an average depth of 5 feet equals 9,000 gallons. Get a picture of that in your mind’s eye or find a picture on the internet. Now, picture 10 of these pools. So, ask yourself where is there this much room on a passenger plane?

Here is part of what is inside a plane wing. You have seen this when the plane lands. With the electronics and gear, it doesn’t leave much room for fuel, does it?

Looking at the plane, you see the passenger area – no fuel there.

We look underneath at the cargo area – no fuel there.

We look at the skinny wings (which we are told where most of the fuel is) – no fuel there.

Look at the huge turbo jets; they are fans inside with electronics surrounding it. So, no fuel there!

(Take a look at the wings shown here. In one picture you see how thin they are compared to the worker on the plane. In the other photo, you see the landing flaps, the ground underneath and the electronics on the other side.)

When you look at the wing in this photo, you mean that thousands of gallons of gasoline is in this other section of the plane? There is not space to put it.

Some might say that they have seen planes fuel up. First, I want to say that the propeller planes DO need fuel; they are prison driven. The fighter planes of WWII had fuel. What I’m talking about is jet engines.

Swimming pool

Pumping ‘gasoline’

Here is something interesting that is not pointed out in the video but I had thought of. If the fuel is in the wings, why is the pump under the wings? When we fill up gasoline in our cars, the opening is above the fuel tank NOT below. This is how it is on planes that do take fuel. The reason is simple: when you open the nozzle, any fuel that is inside will fall out. It’s known as “water seeks its own level,” and in this case, it’s fuel. The worker might think he is pumping fuel in there but he isn’t. What is it? All I can say is, I know what it ISN’T.

Concorde diagram

The pictures we do see that is a diagram of the inside of wings, we are told that is where the fuel goes. Again, “we are told.” How many times we are told things from the government and academia that is not so, such as: we are told the earth is a globe. Keep this in mind when you read about the fuel that the turbo jet of whatever make and model carries.

You might ask, “Does the pilots know about this? Does the ground crew know about this? Does the airline know about this?” IF they do, they are not telling. They might not have ever thought about this as I never thought about it and you never thought about it.

Most airline companies lease their planes – they don’t own it. So, let’s speculate a bit. The compnay that actually owns the airplanes might not say a word. The airline that leases it might know but not say anything, as this would be a good excuse to charge more for the flights; a good reason to chage more each time a barrel of crude goes up in price. The airport might be playing along in this game and there might be a deal where they charge just a fraction of what it really costs.

Do The Math And Expose the Conspiracy!

There are a lot of things that we are told that simply isn’t true. And one way to expose the lies is: just to do the math. Doing the math on many events that we are told happened or of things in our natural world can be exposed by doing the math. Exposing the gasoline hoax is one of them.

Take the amount of fuel that a given jet airplane takes. Find out the volume that would take. Find out the weight. Find out the size of the airplane. Find out the area that is not used by passengers, cargo and electronics. Does it add up? If not, that means we are being lied to!

There are other videos on the internet that talk about this topic, so I encourage you to do your own research.

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Hypocrisy of the UK’s Stand on the Russian Spy Incident

Hypocrisy of the UK’s Stand on the Russian Spy Incident

When Theresa May and Gavin Williamson attack Russia on the poisoning of an ex-spy, Sergi Skripal, and the poisoning of his daughter. They say that this is break of international law that poison was used on the people in the UK.

So, let’s look at some facts.

Some unknown poison was used to kill there two people. Though now it is believed that they know what is it. The fact is, that the compliant is that they were poisoned by Novichok. I’m sure that there would be the same complaints if they were killed in any other matter. So, what we have to look at is the following:

1 Has the UK done anything like this to other people in other countries?

2 Has the UK done anything like this to their own people?

3 Has any allied of the UK done that that they never criticised?

The answer to the first question is, “yes,” the UK has. Take a look at what they have done in Iraq and other Mid Eastern countries of the world. Do you think that they will tell what they have done in their own newspapers? Do you think that MI 6 will tell of their dirty secrets? Of course not! In fact, it might be on the books that the UK will not use biological weapns, but laws are usually broken by secret agencies.

I’m not sure if Britain has used depleted uranium but we know that the United States have; they have used deplete uranium in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is just as bad if not worse than the biological agent that was used. This is a poison (radiation) that keeps on killing. It contributes to birth deformities and it causes cancer to those who were exposed it.

So, even if the US was engaged in this but not the UK, the answer to question 3 above is, that they do not criticise the US; they have not expel government officials or have an embargo against the US. Why not? Because there is an agenda – in fact several agendas.

Take a look at what the US did in Vietnam by using Agent Orange. They said it was a defoliant, which is true, but it’s a very toxic poison to humans. The US government knew this in advance, as all manufactures have to reveal the harmful effects. The military has to know the side effects of any chemical agent they use. This is a poison used in other nations. This is like the Russian double agent that was poisoned. The only difference is that it was done in another country.

To answer question 2, “has the British government used poisons on their own people?” You bet they have, and was and is much, much worse than what Russian did (if they are responsible). This poisoning is being done on the whole population and it goes on just about every day of the year and has been going on for years. What is it? It’s the chemical spraying with toxic substances known as bioengineering or chemtrails.

Don’t say this is different. It’s only different in the application, the people used on, who is doing it, places and time. This is not pointed out. In fact, Theresa May and company will deny such spraying is going on despite the evidence we have to the contrary.

The US is doing bioengineering, too. They are doing it in other countries AND other countries are doing this to themselves. You can be sure that the UK is also doing this where they have military bases. Here are the facts for this:

  • The UK has a military base in Cyprus.
  • The US does not have a military base there.
  • Cyprus do not have an air force.
  • There are chemtrails in the sky over Cyprus.

Considering these facts we can proceed from there. So, it’s only the Royal Air Force that is spraying (poisoning) the Cypriots. This is illegal; they are guilty of what they are accusing Russia of; this is poisoning of a whole population not just a couple of people.

The poisoning of the sky in Cyprus has been brought to the attention of the media there, it has been brought to the attention of the appropriate government department in Nicosia, but what can they do? Cyprus does not have the air force to shot down these jets. They wouldn’t anyhow, because they are a small country AND the most of the members of Parliament have been bought off, too.

Therefore, the British Government is involved in poisoning other people in other countries. We have also learned that they do it to their own people in their own country. There is another agenda which will take another long article, so I will have to write on that later. In the meantime, I’ll focus on this topic.

What has the British Government done? They deny such practices are occurring. Isn’t this what they are complaining about Russia – that they deny it? The UK Government has done the same thing and they are denying it is being done.

Since government creates international incidents, which they have admitted to, and when there is an agenda to meet, they create an incident. Or, if one is really done by another country, they act like they have never done anything like this. With that in mind, it would be very easy for MI6 to have done it (or any other agency within the government). After all, you can be sure that the British military has their biological poisons, including the one that was used on Mr. Sergi Skripal. How can the public know IF some special forces within the UK military done it? It would be very easy to have some UK agent go up to that spy, poison him and then blame it on Russia. No one would be the wiser.

Notice how quick the blame was put on Russia when there was no proof! There still is no proof. The chemical lab in England now knows what biological chemicals were used, and they say that Russia had this since the 1980s (one report said from the 1970s). But so would other nations have this. Or they could have other chemicals.

Theresa May admits that it could have escaped from some lab in Russia. So, there is admittance by her that there is a possibility that the Russian Government was not involved. But the fact is, that in an incident like this easy for the UK government to do it and blame it on Russia.

Why Would Russia Kill An Agent This Way?

Why would the Russian Government kill a person this way if they wanted to hide the fact that they did it? It would be the last thing that they would do if what was used was something only the military had. They would not use a biological agent that would point to a government. They would not use any advanced weapon, either, that only a government would have. What Russia would do IF they did it, they would arrange for a car accident. They would arrange to make it look like a suicide. This has been used by governments around the world and they use these ordinary methods so as NOT to case suspicion on themselves. YET, what was used would point a finger at the government.

Russia could do the same thing to the British Government of having a Brit living in Russia killed. The Prime Minister wouldn’t like it, the people wouldn’t like it. But, you can prove a negative.

So, the question is, who would use something that even layperson can see that a government agency, another spy agency was involved? It would have to be used by the government who plans to blame another nation on it. They would get their biological poison out, something that only the military would have, use it and blame it on the country they chose.

The UK could just as easily blame it on the United States. You can be sure they are likely to have Novichok. It was not blamed on the US because they are a close allie and the agenda is to bring down Russia. But looking at the facts, there is no more proof of Russia doing it than the US – as both have this biological weapons. Of course, neither country will admit to possessing something that is banned by a treaty that they signed. So, in a court of law, there is no evidence. Yet Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Gavin Williamson are acting like Judge, Jury and Executioner.

In a court of law you would need evidence and this is not evidence. It’s like saying a guy was shot with a 38 calibre bullet and blaming it on a neighbour who has a Smith and Wesson 38. You need to get more evidence such as the rifling. If they don’t have that, there will have to be other evidence to proceed further. Yet, this is what we are expect to believe.

We are told of the biological chemical used (Novichok). Fine. But that is not enough. In this case, Gavin Williamson, Secretary of Defence, would have find out what other countries have this chemical – including the UK! First, do you think that the UK will tell you this if it’s banned? Do you think other countries will tell Mr. Williamson or Mrs. May? No! Do you think MI6 is that well connected that they would know all the secret military stock in the world? Heck no! So, how do you build a case on this?

This is all theory on my part but here is something to consider. Admittedly, just any nation would admit they had biological weapons, since most nations would have signed a treaty banning this. So, just because Russia first developed this, doesn’t mean that other nations have done so since the 1980s! But Britain would be prime suspect because they have an on-going dispute with Russia. For those who say why would Britain do it since this agent gave secret information to MI6? The answer would be that this agent served his usefulness. And if you really want to start a war (of whatever kind), you would have to make it look good. The British Government just could not target any ordinary Russian living in the UK, as this would not make any sense. So, they got someone whom Russia would be interested in having killed. When you have government who have no Christian morals, this is what can be expected, a government could kill an innocent person if it fills a need to do so.

When Theresa May’s, “This is an attack on our nation,” this is another lie. IF Russia did it, it can not be consider at attack on the nation. It simply was an attack on an individual (though a couple of other people were harmed, too). This is not the equivalent of spraying the population with barium, aluminium, lithium, etc., that we see over head. That is an attack on the nation. But I guess this is OK because it’s being done by our own government!

Some Added Thoughts

We know how dirty governments operate and how they can set up individuals and other governments to look like they did something wrong. Case in point: The Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, 9-11, false flag school shootings, and now this case with a Russian double agent being poisoned. We all know how the intelligence agencies have their black operations. So, here is a theory of mine:

After the fall of Communism there were a lot of things that were made known and also inventions that were for sale. It would be easy for MI6 or the CIA to have purchased the Novichok compound and bring it back to the UK. Then, when the occasion arose, to use this and blame it on Russia. This happens all the time by the above mentioned spy agencies. So, this substance “might” have the finger prints of Russia but that does not prove they did it.

Here is another thought: Then, there could be the completely false flag where they got a known agent that Russia would be interesting in (to make it look good). Then FAKE it that he and his daughter were poisoned (along with a passer-by and a policeman. Give big media coverage and grandstanding speeches in Parliament and blame it on Russia.

We know of the lies they have done before. In fact, here is a rare example where the UK Government ADMITTED they lied and that was when they said  Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. This was when Tony Blare was PM. Both the US and the UK were so cock-sure that Saddam Hussein had these weapons that it went on week after week in the media (just like we are hearing today about Russia).

But did they pull out of Iraq? Did they offer compensation to the Iraqis? No!

Again, all the public has to do on is the word that the government and media says. And don’t forget, “they never lie!” Yea, sure!

There simply is no logic used at all. And there certainly is no Christian moral standards used. It’s about time we get back to those standards.

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The Fraud Comes To An End: Stephen Hawking Is Dead At 76

The Fraud Comes To An End: Stephen Hawking Is Dead At 76

I believe a Post was made awhile ago on Stephen Hawking and the fraud that has been pushed on us by academia. Well, we are told that Hawking is dead. Below are some videos that tell he was a fraud, or should I say that the government and educational system had used him, or a dummy to say the things that he “said.” Anyhow, watch a video or two and you decide. You can find other videos of this guy who is said to have Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Dead Again

How Stephen Hawking Was Used by the Illuminati

Real Person Or Prop Of The Illuminati To Program The Masses?

Predictive Programming



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What Are The Writings On Your Wall?

What Are The Writings On Your Wall?

  The “Writings on your wall,” is a metaphor for your belief system. We all have “writings on our walls.” Some of them may be true, others false and others are simply how we view a situation.

Here is an example: “I think that was a great party we went to.” Another person who went to the same party would say, “I think it was lousy.” Why the difference? Because each person focused on something/someone different.

Eric, was talking to a group of people who were having a great time and laughing. While Hanna was with a group of people who were talking about their aches and pains and generally moaning.

This is a result of a different perspective.

Here is another example: Hanna believes that the World Trade Towers came down because it was an inside job done by the government. While Eric thinks that a couple of Arabs with box cutters flew the planes and made the two skyscrapers crumble. AND they somehow believe that the debris from these buildings made build number 7, that was not hit by a plane, come down and basically disintegrate.

Here are two different views from people who read the same news articles, watch the same videos on TV and listened to the same people (basically). Yet, their “writings on their walls” are different.

The “writings on our walls,” explains how events in our lives create our beliefs about the world around us and helps us navigate through life accordingly. We consult our “writings” and obey those dictates as if they were real.

The words on our walls are metaphors for our self talk. They represent the attitudes, opinions and beliefs that we have accumulated over the years. We constantly consult them when we hear a topic that has been brought up, such as the 9-11 bombing.

Your consistent thoughts become your reality. It could be based on the truth, a lie or simply your perspective and experience of a situation – like the two people at the same party in the previous example.

When you hear a story from the past, you consult what has already been written. Sometimes, you modify them according to new information you receive. Then, on rare occasions, you might make a 180 degree turn, as evidence comes up that you have not considered before. We all do this and this is part of life, part of the learning process.

What happens when you add new information to your Wall? First, it could be uncomfortable, as we don’t like to change. If all your friends know of your belief on a certain subject, because you often talked to them about it, and then you learned something to the contrary, it becomes very hard to change – IF you change at all. Take the 9-11 bombing, if you believed the government version and now you say that you believe that it had to be an inside job, that’s a big change! And, it becomes harder to change IF your friends all believe the US Government version; that if you don’t, you are a “conspiracy theorist.” So, you resist change – not because of the lack of credible evidence, but because you don’t want to be an outcast from your friends and lose your social standing in the community. So, it’s influence like this that determines what you believe and not the evidence to the contrary.

Our “cans” and “can’ts” are written by those we hold in authority, and we obey those dictates as though they were real. They are reflected in our careers, our incomes, our relationships, and even our self image.

The words on our walls are metaphors for our self talk; they represent the attitudes, opinions and beliefs that we have accumulated over the years.

You limits are different from mine because the “truths” written on your walls are different from the “truths” written on mine. Now, there are many areas where there are truths, but there are other areas that we think are truths but are only our interpretation – such as the party example given previously.

Side Note: There are those who say that there is no such thing as truths, or what are called truths are just interpretations. This is where the New Age crowd, the Law of Attraction crowd (however they want to label themselves) say. This is done so they can sneak in their eastern philosophy; to change our Christian world outlook, but this is another story.

Globe Earth Believers and Writings On Their Wall

Globe and flat earth believers have writings on their walls. I know I do. But the fact is, is what you believe based on facts, based on truth? This is what globe earth believers face. They have their authorities in government, academia, books and the news media. So, they must be telling the truth, right? After all, their friends and classmates believe in the spinning ball. So, will they even consider hearing what flat earth believers have to say? Many will not, certainly not scientists whose careers are related in some way to the spinning ball. When offered an opportunity to talk on the subject, they refuse. They give an excuse such as, it is not worth their time, that it’s below their “dignity,” to meet with flat earth believers. No, this is not the real reason, the real reason is that they don’t want to lose their jobs, lose their work associates and be ridiculed. So, their writings on their walls is not based on facts, but based on: income, social standing, friends they have, etc.

The response by such people is, “No it isn’t.” This is only natural. In fact, it’s their subconscious that takes over where they then consciously say things like, “That is rubbish in what you believe,” rather than objectively, calmly and without being emotionally charged, and look at the facts at hand.

So, check “the writings on your wall” to see if it aligns with truth!

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Humanoid, Clone, Demons

Humanoid, Clone, Demons

This Video Will CHANGE EVERYTHING You Know About MK ULTRA – Alter Egos! WEIRD and STRANGE Celebrity Humanoid/Clone/Demon Behaviours! ‘GET OUT’ from The Music Industry, Illuminati & Hollywood! Must Watch! Be Sure to Like, Share & Subscribe for MORE Content in the Future.

The strange behaviour of these ‘entertainers’ makes you really think that there is something wrong with them; they certainly don’t act normal!

Neil deGrasse Tyson Exposed | Hollywood Actor

Flat earthers know about the so-called ‘scientist’ Neil deGrasse Tyson who pushes NASA’s agenda. Is he an actor for ‘damage control’?


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Google Censorship Goes Ballistic

Google Censorship Goes Ballistic

Has Google censorship gone ballistic? It seems that way! Google, who owns YouTube, has Mike Adams’ channel, The Health Ranger banned. This had 1,700 videos! Adams has news about natural healing remedies, alternative news coverage and how to become self sufficient.

Do you think Americans have freedom of speech? Think again! We all know you can’t talk about race, Muslims, Jews and homosexuals and many people think that is OK. But they like the other ‘politically incorrect’ alternative news. Well, they better check again.

Adams is actually in agreement with the Establishment when it comes to race-mixing, homosexuals, etc. So, his videos never had anything about this – which can get you banned from YouTube. But Adams does have, or had, videos on medical corruption and lies. Among the other videos that were banned were: how to raise chickens, growing your own garden and raising donkeys. So, now this is too much for Google.

I had seen this coming many years ago, so this doesn’t surprise me. You see, the government wants you to believe in EVERYTHING that they tell you – which includes what the medical profession tells you. Then, they have gone so far that they don’t want you to know ANYTHING about being self-sufficient. After all, if you grow your own organic food that is full of nutrients, you won’t be eating GMO food. If you are a farmer, you won’t be using Monsanto’s GMO seeds and their Roundup.

The government doesn’t want you to know about how to raise chickens, but, instead, having to eat their sick chickens filled with drugs and raised on poor quality feed.

As I had mentioned in a previous Post, you should be downloading any and all good videos while you can. To do this, you can go to As you know, there are many great DIY videos that shows you ‘How to…’ So, I suggest you start copying them now – you never know when they will be taken down.

When you copy videos, you can view them at anytime, you don’t need internet connection. By having your own copies you can make a copies for friends to share.

But another thing you should consider is, that a day will come that you will not be able to grow your own food. This is already happening in some cities where police have told residents that they can not have a garden in front of their homes, or that they can’t water their garden because of ‘water shortage’ (that’s a good one and people fall for this all the time, lol).

Having a video on ‘how to…’ if fine, but what good is that if you are not allowed to provide for your family? That is why literally several million people have moved overseas to a country where there is freedom. (Sorry, US and UK, you don’t have freedom.)

I’ll repeat again from a previous Post, start downloading flat earth videos. I will not be surprised that this will come ‘under the hammer’, too. Flat earth videos are a great way of sharing with others what we know.

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More Truth Banned


More Truth Banned

A few years from now, looking back on why Twitter collapsed and YouTube was abandoned by every intelligent person, we’ll remember what these totalitarian tech giants did in February, 2018. Starting a few days ago, both Twitter and YouTube began scrubbing all videos and tweets that don’t follow the “official narrative” on the Florida school shooting.

Click here to continue reading more and watch the video.




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List of Banned YouTube Channels


List of Banned YouTube Channels

I had mentioned in a previous Post about certain videos being banned on YouTube. And that we should download what we can to preserve them. As you know, YouTube, Google and other internet giants are against freedom of speech. There have been a number of YT channels that are being targeted.

There is some free software to download YouTube videos. One of which is,

I had also mentioned that it’s time to use alternative social media sites to keep the truth out there. One alternative video platform is Vimeo.

Anyhow, here is a list of other YT channels that YT doesn’t like. You might want to do a search with the words of their name or their name followed by “channel” and check them out. I had noticed that there are two sites listed below that covers a lot about the flat earth. There may be others that I don’t know about as there are many listed here that I’m not familiar with.

This is not a complete list by any means. So, if you come across other channels, you might want to copy those videos, as well.

Here, I typed in Russian Vids and I did not see his channel come up on the left side, which you would when you type in anybody’s video channel or name. Now, this will not happen to everyone but to this guy, who is a flat earth believe, showed nothing on the right side. So, I hope you already downloaded flat earth videos. If there is other truth videos out there, you better download them now!

It’s useful to see what content “ThemTube” finds dangerous and to find to help spur a shift to alternative platforms to view truth-tellers and controversial researchers.


According to Joe

Adamic Amethyst


animal farm


aplaintruth (flat earther)

Arthur Koestler

Back to the Constitution

Barry Soetoro


Bombard’s Body Language

Brave New World

Charles Walton


Colin Flaherty


Darkness at Noon

David Seaman


Destroying the Illusion

Dr. Jerome Corsi

Dr. of Common Sense

Dustin Nemos

Dustin Nemos

Edgy Sphinx

Elliott Marxx

Factions of Freedom


Free Radio Revolution Revived





Jake Morphonios

Jay Myers

Jim Marrs

Joanne Steen

Johnny Supertramp


Kalika from “For the People”

Kearn Kearsy

Kevin K Johnston



Liberty Columnist

Mag Bitter Truth

Matrix Breakout

Max Malone



mgtow is freedom


Murdock Murdock

Operation Hal


Peekay Boston

Psyched Substance

Redd Dog Truth

Richie Allen Show


Ron Johnson

Russian Vids (flat earther)

Sargon of Akkad

The Black Child

The Kepler Telescope Channel

The Ochelli Effect

Titus Frost

Urban Moving

Victurus Libertas VL

WAP tech

Willy Myco


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Conspiracies in the Bible, part 2

Conspiracies in the Bible, part 2

Conspiracy to Overthrow King David

  In 2 Samuel, we read of another conspiracy (chapters 13-19) about one waged by Absalom against is father, David. Absalom conspired to have his brother Amnon killed. This caused bad blood between Absalom and David. Now, this was a government conspiracy and one at the highest level. Keep in mind it is this kind of conspiracy that the media and the Leftist/antichrists say that don’t exist.

Absalom had persuaded over 200 leading men of Israel to side with him, he suddenly proclaimed himself king according to plan. A battle ensued where 20,000 men were killed. Then, Absalom came to his untimely end when some of David’s men killed him while he was entangled in the tree.

David wrote:

(Psa 64:2)  Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity:

(Psa 64:3)  Who whet their tongue like a sword, and bend their bows to shoot their arrows, even bitter words:

(Psa 64:4)  That they may shoot in secret at the perfect: suddenly do they shoot at him, and fear not.

(Psa 64:5)  They encourage themselves in an evil matter: they commune of laying snares privily; they say, Who shall see them?

(Psa 64:6)  They search out iniquities; they accomplish a diligent search: both the inward thought of every one of them, and the heart, is deep.

(Psa 64:7)  But God shall shoot at them with an arrow; suddenly shall they be wounded.

(Psa 64:8)  So they shall make their own tongue to fall upon themselves: all that see them shall flee away.

(Psa 94:20)  Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?

(Psa 94:21)  They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood.

Jeremiah Knew About Conspiracies

(Jer 5:26)  For among my people are found wicked men: they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men.

(Jer 5:27)  As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of deceit: therefore they are become great, and waxen rich.

(Jer 5:28)  They are waxen fat, they shine: yea, they overpass the deeds of the wicked: they judge not the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper; and the right of the needy do they not judge.

Conspiracies are well documented in the Bible. It should be obvious to anyone that belief in conspiracies does not make one odd or paranoid. Whey pretend conspiracies don’t exist. The existence of conspiracies is a fact of life” Truly, someone would be a wacko to deny it – or they would be the enemy. Some may try to discount conspiracies by reminding us of certain false claims that have been made about conspiracies that never really existed. There is no question that false claims have been made about non-existent conspiracies. There are always false claims about any theory. But false conspiracies are put out by those who try to cover up the real ones. What they do is to promote a false one only to later knock it down. This is what is known as a “straw man,” in order to discredit wholesale any person or group that believes in conspiracies.

Conspiracies happens at all levels in life. If you don’t know what to look for you’ll be a victim of the conspiracy. By not knowing what is really happening, you are manipulated to think and act in certain ways. You believe vaccines prevents flues because you are told so.

There are conspiracies on the political level, on the religious level and on the advertising level – to name a few. You can become a victim of a conspiracy and not even know it. It’s funny but sad that those who believe in everything that the media tells them also have the most complaints in life – they just can’t figure things out. And the reason why they can’t is, that they rule out what they were told was a lie or a conspiracy. And when they do that, they’ll never learn the solution of what has to be done.

Conspiracy of Church Doctrine

There are conspiracies in the church, too. That doesn’t mean that the preacher knows about it, though sometime they do. If you don’t believe what is told in the churches, you are a wacko. (They will only say this to another Christian. If this was said to a Jew or Muslim this would not be “politically correct.”) For example, you know that there is no Rapture but the church believes that and if you don’t, you are thrown out; if you are a Catholic, you are excommunicated.

The truth is out there but you will not hear it from officialdom.

(Eze 22:25)  There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof.

(Eze 22:26)  Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them.

(Eze 22:27)  Her princes in the midst thereof are like wolves ravening the prey, to shed blood, and to destroy souls, to get dishonest gain.

Right here we are told of conspiracy by the prophets. This, of course, would be the modern-day preachers. The government loves this, as this is exactly what they want the Christians to believe. In short, “not to worry, don’t get involved in politics,” and “give unto Caesar what is Caesar as you will all be whisked off to Heaven.”

These verses apply to today’s society as much as in Ezekiel’s day. The “prophets” were God’s spokesmen in Israel. They were supposed to be the keepers of truth. The “priests” were the ministers; the administrators of those truths supposedly for the good of the people. The “princes” were the leaders who were supposed to put those truth into action and enforce them.

Notice how prophets, priests and princes (church and state) conspire together. Both Jeremiah and Ezekiel tell us that the public is so corrupt that it loves the conspiracy. We read:

(Jer 5:30)  A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land;

(Jer 5:31)  The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?

Notice that the priests are empowered to rule by the prophets who prophesy falsely. That is a conspiracy of church and state!

How does this work today? The churches teach their people that the U.S. Government rules by authority of God. They teach that the U.S. Government is the best government in the world; that the Constitution is God-inspired. They ignore the difference between God’s government and man’s government, and thus they strengthen the Beast System while blinding the people to the hope of freedom promised under God’s government. Man rules over man because the religious leaders brainwash the people – robbing them of the truth; and teaching them to submit to slavery and ungodly government.

We will continue Conspiracies in the Bible in part 3.

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