Another Stupid Theory By Evolutionists

Coming From the Centre of the Big Bang

galaxy 1“We are told” by evolutionists, astronomers, high school teachers and assorted scientists that all planets and suns are travelling at 670 million miles per hour (the speed of light) away from where the “Big Bang” originated. And this “Big Bang” occurred about 13 billion years ago. Keep in mind that the origin of the Universe is always changing but for now, we’ll keep it at 13 billion years ago.

Here we are 13 billion years later all travelling at the speed of light. If we go back in time, it stands to reason that all the heavenly bodies were closer. This, astronomers and other scientist agree. Now, to show how ludicrous this theory is, consider this: the closest star is about 4 light years away – which is Alfa Centauri A. So, this star should have been so close as to be “kissing cousins” to earth only 4 years ago! But if someone should say that this star did not converge on the earth but came from a different direction. OK, let’s proceed. What about if we go back 1,000 years in time, what other planets would we have bumped into? What other suns would be closer to us?

Astronomers can give us the names and locations of all the stars that are within 1,000 light years; they probably can also do this for stars that are within 1 million light years away. What I’m saying is that there are thousands of such stars that are within 1 million light years. Perhaps the numbers is in the millions. Now, we are also told by evolutionists that there was life on the earth during this time and that the earth itself is a couple of billion years old. So, going back in time, retracing our travels through the cosmos, earth would have collided with at least hundreds of these stars. Or, we would have at least been too close that it would have burned up all life on earth. But has it? Asking astronomers, teachers and everyone else who believes in the heliocentric model why hasn’t this happened.

In fact, according to the theory of heliocentric believers we should have been burned up with some star getting too close within our life time but such is not the case.

Here is another thought, with Alfa Centauri, I remembered many years ago in high school that this star is 4 light years away. Students must have been told this for 100 years years. The distance Alfa Centauri is exactly the same today! Do you find this strange? How in the heck can the distance of two object travelling at an incredible speed of 186,282 miles per second, going in their own separate direction still be exactly the same distance apart?!

These are good questions to ask your teacher or friend to get them to think; to get them to question what “they were told.” Hopefully, they will discard the lies and accept the truth of the Word.

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How to Heal Yourself of Anything!

How to Heal Yourself of Anything!

by Dr Richard Schulze

Like everyone else, flat earthers should know how to get well and stay well. Dr Richard Schulze really knows how the body can heal itself but we have to give it what it needs. God gave us herbs to help us to just that and Schulze is a real herbalist.

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Flat Earth: Enoch’s Domed World

Enoch’s Domed World

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Remember What You Saw

Remember What You Saw

As you know, Queen Elizabeth II died this past week. Since then, we have seen crowds of people in front of Buckingham Palace, the memorial services in St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Accession of King Charles III, with more public events soon to come. There will be public viewing of Queen Elizabeth’s casket, the crowds in the street and the future crowning of the now, King Charles. Keep these images in mind in the coming months. Save the pictures and videos if you can. Why?

If the insane leaders have their way, there will be more lockdowns, social distancing, wearing face masks and more booster ‘vaccines’ coming out; and we are told that there is a highly contagious virus that is going round. What a joke!

What has happened in the past few days, and in the days to come, show thousands of people close together, talking and singing all without facemasks.

Yesterday I saw King Charles getting out of his car at the entrance of Buckingham Palace and shake hand after hand of mourners in front of the gate. Yesterday evening there was a church service with what looked like over 1,000 people sitting next to each other. This morning at 10am there was proclamation of Charles III at St James’ Palace, with the Accession Council, where you had former heads of state, current heads of state, and other dignitaries. The room was packed, people standing next to each other talking, shoulder-to-shoulder.

Do you actually think that government and health officials would risk the life of King Charles by having him mix with the people? I think not!

Now, if this C virus is real, if the variants are real, if there is such a thing as contagious diseases, they would not allow this. Yet, do you think that the government would allow the nation’s leaders to get together? I think not! If what we were told two and a half years ago was true, it would be true today. It would be true all over the world – IF this was science.

Yet, as the same time if you go into a surgery (clinic in American English) or hospital you are told to wear a facemask. Now, they are asking to test for C if you are going to have any kind of tests done or surgery. If all is required to go to a hospital because of C, why is it you don’t need a facemask or be tested for this ‘virus’ to go anywhere else? What they are saying is, that a going to hospital is the most dangerous place to be. If that is the case, people would be safer staying at home. Well, the fact is, that this has always been the case – with some exceptions – but that is another topic.

Hopefully, people will wake up when the government tries to enforce the same measures this fall and winter; that they will use equal force as that being used against them to stop this insanity.

Remember, people are not dying being together, they are dying because of what was done to them.

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Talking About Flat Earth to Jehovah Witnesses

Talking About Flat Earth to Jehovah Witnesses

Jehovah Witness 1I had mentioned that I talked to a Jehovah Witness about the flat earth and talked about Isaiah 40:22, where God said he sits on the circle of the earth. The girl looked in ‘their’ dictionary on her iPhone and said that it means sphere. The conversation went on and I didn’t have time to think and respond to her comment.

About a week later I went to their website (, specifically,

and saw the following: a quote from Isiah 40:22

a section that says, ‘Is the Bible scientifically accurate,’

a section that says, ‘Does the Bible tech that the earth is flat?’

along with other sections.

This is where they get their stock answers. If you want to see what they would say, it’s found on their website (just type in what you are looking for).

And some other section about the flat earth. I had not known this the last time I talked to a JW. Then, I looked up in Google the definition of the word ‘circle.’ I knew they had it wrong. Google brought me to a quote from Oxford Dictionary giving the definition about circle. It said this under meaning 1:

a round plane figure whose boundary (the circumference) consists of points equidistant from a fixed point (the centre).

“draw a circle with a compass”

If I get a chance, I’ll confront them with their change of meaning; asking them that if they think they know more about the definition of words than Oxford. I’ll tell them to ask any math major and ask them the definition of ‘circle.’

I don’t expect to get anywhere with people that are so brainwashed, but if I can put a little doubt in their minds, like I did before. This is the start of when a person questions their belief – in this case, a false belief. And I’ll see what happens. For those who refuse to see the truth, God told us what he does. 2 Thessalonians 2:10-13 “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness…”

One of the things that I said the last time I spoke to Jehovah Witness was, what Solomon said, “’He that judgeth a matter is a fool.’ A trial along Christian standards is, that you hear both sides of the story. Just because you heard what the accused murderer did, does that make you a murderer?”

I waited for the two girls’ response. They said, “No.”

“Likewise, you have to listen to the other side of the story (or other sides), as truth has nothing to hide.” I think that this put a little doubt in them. I will let them ‘connect the dots’ in terms of what they are told to read. As with all cults, they only want you to hear what their preacher or guru says and what materials they are given – to listen to no one else.

Of course, many people would say they would just ignore them. But doing so does not convert them. We do learn about people who left cults, such as JW, and that was because what someone took the time and said something to them that made them to think for themselves.

Bible says that you admonish them once or twice and if they will not listen, then you ‘shake the dust from your feet,’ as the ancient Middle East idiom goes. That means that you don’t waste your time going back again and again. The biblical principal is, that you spend your time with someone else who hasn’t heard the message for the first time.

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The Genesis Revelation: Nephilim, Nimrod, NASA, Flat Earth

The Genesis Revelation: Nephilim, Nimrod, NASA, Flat Earth

By Rob Skiba, may he rest in peace.

Small note for thought: at 1 hour 8 minutes in Rob talked about the translations that had ‘circle of the earth’, while a few deliberately changed it. The Jehovah’s Witness has circle, but when I told them about it, the girl went to ‘their’ dictionary and said ‘sphere.’ Can you imagine that! That’s how they deceive. Yet, this is not how mathematicians define it – just do a search. Maybe the JW will get brazen one day and simply change ‘circle’ in their bibles.

This is from Oxford Dictionary: 1.

a round plane figure whose boundary (the circumference) consists of points equidistant from a fixed point (the centre).

“draw a circle with a compass”

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Flat Earth Clues Greece Podcast

Flat Earth Clues Greece Podcast

I don’t agree with everything that Mark Sargent said and you, probably do, too.

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Wikileaks releases Moon landing cut scenes filmed in Nevada Desert

Wikileaks releases Moon landing cut scenes filmed in Nevada Desert

Wikileaks NASA

Click Here

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Alien Invasion Is Judgement From God

Alien Invasion Is Judgement From God

Crime-EnglandWeekly Sermon, 4 September 2022

Alien invasion in Christian nations is a judgement from God, part 1 (of4)

It’s not that the enemy is smarter than us or was able to infiltrate, but these people are brought into our nation as a judgement from God for not following his laws, statues and judgements. We will only be able to defeat our enemy (domestically and foreign) by obedience to his Word. This is the reason why the establishment doesn’t want us to believe in God. And for those who still do, the Edomites make sure that it’s a water-down twisted version of what the Holy Bible really says.

(The other three parts are below the link.)

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Wikileaks releases Moon landing cut scenes filmed in Nevada Desert

Wikileaks releases Moon landing cut scenes filmed in Nevada Desert

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