Rob Skiba’s Interview with ABC Nightline At The First Annual Flat Earth Conference

Rob Skiba’s Interview with ABC Nightline At The First Annual Flat Earth Conference

It would be interesting to see what was actually aired on ABC TV and how much they cut out. If they did, and people are shown the raw footage, more people would wake up to the fake news media we have.

I just hope that the people who hosted this flat earth conference does a better job next year in getting the notice out, as I did not get any notice of this, otherwise, I would have notified you.


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Immigration by the Numbers

Immigration by the Numbers

This is video plainly shows of what immigration does to a nation. You may have seen it but for those who have not, it shows that allowing people from the third world into your country does not help world poverty. A good video to show your liberal friends.




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Flat Earth and Funny Pictures

Flat Earth and Funny Pictures

You might get a laugh out of these flat earth meme pictures! They drive the point home real quick.



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Flat Earth Conspiracy Theorists On The Rise

Flat Earth Conspiracy Theorists On The Rise

A recent Illinois TV station admitted that flat earth conspiracy theorists are on the rise (YEA!). Which is true. They are worried that more and more people do not believe the scientists. Well, I wonder why? They keep lying and more people will stop believing them.

Scientists are concerned more and more people don’t believe the planet is round. You can read the whole article here and see the video. In the meantime, I’d like to make some comments. (Note: Something is wrong with this program, so I had to leave the raw link below. Must be an attack by government black ops.)

They said: “Geological survey data shows Douglas county is the flattest county in Illinois, which is the second-flattest state in the whole country. On a clear day, it seems like you can see forever.

But you can’t.”

And that is where they end it. So, this is one of their “proofs” that the earth is a globe! What a joke! No wonder people don’t believe in “scientists.” Do they really believe what they say on the news? Of course people can’t see forever; people don’t have eyes like telescopes. I guess they think that’s because what you don’t see is beyond the curve. But if they view something that is beyond what we can see but not beyond what a telescope can see, and look through the telescope, they would be able to bring in view that which would be beyond the curve if the earth was a globe and approximately 25,000 miles in diameter.

Now, if they are insinuating that beyond what you can see is because of the curvature of the earth, then what do they say if someone can see 2 miles and another person 2.5 miles away? According to their logic, that would mean that the person who can only see 2 miles lives on a smaller earth than one who can see 2.5 miles!

I really had to laugh; one astronomer is named “Looney” – Leslie Looney. Is his name really Looney or is this a game that the sick-os that are in charge play on us? As you know, they have a belief in their secret societies that they have to reveals some truth or clue as to what they are doing.

Anyhow, here is the full article Click Here.

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More Energy Directed Fires

More Energy Directed Fires

When I heard about the strange fires in California, I heard the narrator say they were done by some kind of energy directed weapon. I thought this was the only one. Well, I was wrong.

Here are more strange fires that had energy directed weapons. One was in Portugal on Madeira Island this past June and the fire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Check out this video and ask yourself if this is normal. With such advanced weapons like this and having to be delivered by air planes, it could only be done by the military. So, who are our true enemies?

I’m just wondering what other fires that have been caused by some kind of microwave energy or laser? Soon people will be conditioned thinking that this is a normal fire and will forget how real fires look like. Just like people are conditioned to think that criss-cross tracts of white in the sky are clouds. In fact, when chemtrails first started 98% of the people thought they were just normal clouds, which means they did not have to be conditioned to see this – they accepted it as normal right away!

Unfortunately, people are doing the same when they see these fires. When will people wake up?



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Fake Moon Landing

Fake Moon Landing

One way to introduce people to the flat earth is by talking about the moon landing. You don’t start off by saying it was fake but you introduce facts that makes you friend start to question the narrative. For example, ask how Gus Grissom was able to talk on the microphone with a background noise of 140 decipals. Then introduce another fact. Of course, you can just show him this or other videos.

We know the moon landing was fake because there is no other planet out there. I had learned about the fake moon landing years before I heard about the flat earth and I’m sure you did, too, if you were investigating government lies at an earlier date. Then, when I learned about the flat earth, it makes sense that the moon landing was fake, too. Unfortunately, there are good people who are Truth Seekers that know the moon landing was fake but still believes in the heliocentric model of the universe. God willing, in time they will be open to know about the flat earth.

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Gravity: A Catch-All For Everything

Gravity: A Catch-All For Everything

Note: Sorry for the delay in posting but my computer is in the repair shop and the one I’m using now is an old one that has Windows XP on it and I just managed to get this connected to the internet – which I couldn’t until today. Thanks for bearing with me 😉

Gravity was invented by Newton for a catch-all for everything. Long before he was born, since the beginning of time, man knew that anything heavier than air falls. I’m sure that Adam noticed that rocks sunk in water and that when he through one up in the air it fell. But Isaac Newton had to come up with this thing call “gravity” to explain how people did not fall off a ball earth.

Newton’s imagination was creative but only fantasy – something that would only be found in a little child’s reading book. Gravity is what “scientists” wants it to be. On the one hand we are told that a larger mass attracts a smaller one. While, on the other hand, people and all objects are attracted to the middle of the earth – as we are made of iron and a powerful magnet in the center pulling everything to its core.

We are told that it’s gravity that keeps the moon in orbit around the earth and that the stronger pull of the earth prevents it from travelling off in space. Yet, we are told out of the other side of the professor’s mouth that the Moon is powerful enough to pull the ocean towards it. How is this possible if the gravity of the earth is 6 times more than the Moon?

Water is very heavy and weighs about 7 pounds to the gallon. Now, think of the weight of one square foot of ocean and this area is, for example, one mile deep. So, even if the Moon pulls this bit of ocean 1 foot closer to the Moon, think of the enormous weight it would have to pull. Now, you have a man on a small boat sitting over this water; how is it that he is not pulled up into space until he hits the Moon? It never happens and the reason why it never happens is because there is no such thing as gravity and no such law as the Moon affecting the tides on earth.

But, you may ask, “What causes the tides?” That is another subject, and I just want to keep focused on one topic here so as not to make this article too long. Just let me sum up with this: the ocean is obviously recedes somewhere beneath the earth and rises again.

If the Moon did affect the tides, then why don’t the lakes of the world also have high tide and low tide? After all, they are smaller bodies of water. By the so-called theories of gravity, the lakes and streams should all be sucked up to the moon – never to return again!

What we have, and the reason why everyone is stuck to the earth is:

1- the earth is flat

2 – and we are all subject to the law of density (that which is heavier than air falls)

That is why we can all safely stay in a boat on the sea, while, at the same time, a tiny butterfly can exert energy and fly above our boat. This should make flat earth skeptics think.

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One Way How The Government Is Planning To Murder Us

One Way How The Government Is Planning To Murder Us

Check in your area and see what they have. Check near your home. Some people are using organite to neutralise it but I don’t know if this would work. I guess some will stay with the old fashion method. Just pray for our deliverance.



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Jeff Rense Goes A Step Too Far

Jeff Rense Goes A Step Too Far

I recently read on the Rense website that there was a dispute between Jeff Rense and Jim Fetzer about the Las Vegas shooting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. In fact, Jeff has on his website, in the top article of his news section that “anyone who believes that no one was shot in Las Vegas is a sub-human.” Now, for Jeff to say this is completely out of character. Sure, he says that about Muslims, but then again, it’s what they have done to earn that title. However, when someone disagrees with him on a conspiracy issue is really strange. Fetzer and Rense do agree that it was a government operation but the difference comes in when Rense has an extreme reaction to those who don’t believe that no one was shot. Rense has some articles that claims to show people killed and injured. So, I thought, “Wow, I have to take a look at this as I haven’t see this before.”

So, with the first video that I clicked on is titled:

“Wounded, Bleeding Las Vegas Concert Victims Piles Into Pickup Truck By Heroic Citizens – Vid”

I clicked on it and I didn’t see what the title claimed! This came off the CNN website and it had caption next to the video that said: “Bleeding victims piled into pickup truck.”

I thought, “Wow!” The “Wow!” was not because of the bleeding victims but the lack of it! I saw the video again and took screen shots and then studied each picture. Sure enough, there was no blood – not on the victims, those that were helping them or on the ground!

Now, when you consider that there were no paramedics there to help; and when it was only other non-medical people helping out the best they can, you would expect to see lots and lots of blood. Consider that there was nothing used to cut off the bleeding. With no tourniquets that there should have been a trail of blood. But there were none. So, it seems like people “see” something when they are told so in a title although the video shows none. And I seems like one person who believe the title over the video is Jeff Rense. Now, this really smells as something fishy.

This whole video is a joke! In short, if you were to convince people that people where shot, you would not show this video. If people were really shot, then show one that has bleeding people, people in agony and the dead. You don’t show a video that doesn’t show all this.

But I still gave Jeff the benefit of the doubt and looked at another video that he recommends; the title said:

“HORROR Of Mandalay Massacre – Maximum viewer discretion WARNING we only post this to shut down agents & creeps who spread lies & disinformation that there were only ‘crisis actors and no blood – Vid”

This scene did show people that were wounded and dead – but were they really wounded and dead?

Why do I say this? Well, if this was the case, it would have been no problem for many videos and pictures to come forth to show this. Why wasn’t there any blood in the CNN video clip which as all of about 1 minute in length?

With all the mobile phones there, there should have been other videos. Now, I was told that the TV stations in the U.S. (and in the U.K, too) do not show bloody scenes. Even if this still holds true, it does not stop people from posting on their social media sites. Since you can see sick videos posted by ISIS, and YouTube allows it, there should have been a lot of videos or pictures uploaded by people who were there.

Agree or disagree about if there were deaths there or not. One thing we agree on is, that this is being used to make stricter gun control laws. So, since this is the aim of the media and government, then why not show more of this? Where are the news photographers? What about the pictures the police would have taken themselves? After all, to show more blood, death and dying would have a bigger impact on getting a law passed to confiscate guns. So, where are the videos.

About the video that I saw that showed those who were wounded and dead – us Truth Seekers agree that there are crises actors. Even those who are not truth seekers know that there are crises actors. So why couldn’t this be faked? Hollywood, which is not too far away from Las Vegas, can make realistic scenes. They use fake blood or they could have used animal blood in this shooting. Crises actors can easily play dead or wounded.

As far as the video that show “wounded and dead people” it showed only factions of a second, the pictures were terrible – even for an amateur. Half of the video had the guy’s finger over the lens. Strange! Anyone can hold their breath for a couple of seconds.

So, this four minute video of very poor quality is not enough to convince anyone.

Here is another thing to consider and that is, why weren’t there any reporters at the surrounding hospitals? Like any other scene of mass deaths, there are reporters stationed at the emergency entrance to local hospitals. I think that there are three hospitals in this area of Las Vegas. Reporters can’t go inside but they can stay outside. Why wouldn’t the police allow this? They could have gotten pictures of people going inside with real blood and showing real pain. Those who were wounded slightly would have been released. These victims could have given an interview when they were released. But I didn’t see any of this. Pictures like this would have been all over the media but there wasn’t.

What were we treated in the media? One picture predominated and that was of people lying down next to a fence with a couple of others climbing over – none of which were were wounded, dead or had blood on them. Strange!

This was a Country and Western Concert, which most of them are big gun supporters. Perhaps the government thinks that if this group of people were targeted (no pun intended) that they, too, would want to see guns confiscated. While those on the Left, would be glad to see these people be the victims of gun violence – which, of course, did not happen.

Divide and Conquer

We all know of the tactic of “divide and conquer” as it has been used for ages and that our governments have been known to do it. In fact, they are masters at it. This is used to weaken us, to have in-fighting and to make us weaker. We all know this, we can all agree on this. So, another fact is, that there is division on this issue: No one was killed, or there were people killed. The fact that you are reading this article means you have to have on or the other opion. But why should one side call the other side “idiot subhumans” as Jeff Rense has done, this would make the “divide and conquer” even bigger, would it not?

With Jeff Rense being big on the alternative right news, and him making a statement like he did, would alienate the people that supports him. This is the classic “divide and conquer”. This is an old war tactic. The question is, is Jeff Rense compromised? Could certain evil people within the government threatened him, his daughter or anyone else that he knows? Of course, IF this happened, Jeff can’t say this. So, the question we would like to know is, did Jeff take this stand on his own or was he forced to do so? Of course, he could not respond and say he was forced to do it. But the fact that he would call others who disagree with him, though they are on the same side – politically – and say that they are subhuman is too far out there. Jim Fetzer, was a friend of Jeff Rense and a regular guest on his show. So, in effect, he called someone that he previously had so much respect, and put in the subhuman category is going beyond the pale!

From video:











Notice the calm expression on the woman’s face who is giving first aid. Also, notice the guy in the background. It looks like he doesn’t want to lose his can of beer!

Where’s the blood on her hands?

  This picture shows the same girl with the headband on, who was preventing “bleeding” seconds earlier in the video, it shows her hand with no blood on it. How can this be? Looking at the video clip it’s easy to believe that people were shot and killed but when you see someone with no blood on their hands, it makes you wonder.

No blood, yet this person is suppose to have been shot, the person helping her has no blood on her hands; the guy in back is till holding his beer can! This says everything!

With this in mind, it would be easy for the crises actors to carry little pouches of fake blood or whatever Hollywood would use or animal blood for that matter. The point I want to make is, that it could be made more realistic, while still making the whole thing fake. Well, thank God this was not done as there is enough people falling for this.

Some people would say that this disparages the families that did have someone die, and that is why they take the stand that people died. However, this is ASSUMING that people were killed, doesn’t it? This is assuming, you have to look at the facts.

“So, where did the names of the victims come from?”

I’m glad that you asked, as Professor Jim Fetzer said on his talk show and what a researcher guest said is, that in part, the names and pictures of others came from other people who died on October 1. Some of them had lived in Southern California and some as far away as New England. There was one person who “died” that the family is raising money for cancer. Oh, really! Why have donations gone to a cancer society when the person did not die of cancer? Because, the fact is, that the person really died of cancer and was not killed in Las Vegas. Anyhow, I recommend you listen to this revealing talk show by Professor Fetzer, which is listed below.

Jim Fetzer’s Talk Show

Here are some more videos to consider:

Woman Not Hit After Her iPhone Shattered By Bullet During Las Vegas Shooting

Mobile phone saved a person but read the comments below.

The Comments:

Interesting… because a 5.56 bullet will penetrate straight through 1/8 inch steel plate at 200 meters.

Mike S

3 days ago

“Tells the story of survival?” LMFAO, any lie to sell a news story.

Konky Tv

3 days ago

Lol Android users calling bs because the only phone they know falls apart when it lands on a pillow.

The Dollar Guy

3 days ago

Wow. Looks like the damage was from a glancing strike or bullet ricochet that didn’t hit any critical internal components. If that still works, would bend the metal back and put into a new clear shell case and have a conversation piece.

A Man

2 days ago


NOBODY Beats The 9/11 Perps

3 days ago

Not evidence. That could’ve come from anywhere & been destroyed in any number of ways.

Leonard Ulrich

3 days ago

Wow! another cell phone “saves” the life of its owner, just like at the Bataclan massacre in Paris. The U.S. army should hand out cell phones to all troops! I’m surprised that bulletproof and fireproof foreign passports weren’t found at Las Vegas, but that would conflict with the “lone gunman” conspiracy theo… er, fact. Deprogram yourself:

Here is an interview that Jeff Rense gave to a survival victim.

The Comments:

It makes you think about this smooth talking guest:

his was a multiple shooter government operation hit job period

Wyde A. Wake

1 week ago (edited)

I’m sorry but this smacks of BS….he feels like a smooth-talking actor, and that letter he wrote while allegedly suffering “PTSD” is WAY too close to the bogus NWO script. Not buying.

John Parkhurst

1 week ago

where are all the bodies? blood?

james baker

1 week ago



1 week ago

Skepticism is wise but to completely dismiss is really stupid. Important contribution Rense… You’re a fine interviewer.

David North

1 week ago

Called Springs Valley Medical Center the day after and an emergency nurse called it a “drill”…”no deaths, no operations…just scrapes”. Called back a few days later and they were silenced. Smells like sulphur to me!

mike .D

1 week ago

Pools of blood anyone, bodies? Jeff ? Any pics?

This is the well written script that this guy amazingly written after such a traumatic event. Click on the link below to see how well written this guy wrote about what happened the day before.

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Sadistic Videos for Children on YouTube

Sadistic Videos for Children on YouTube

Videos, both on the internet and in the theatres are getting sicker and sicker. On YouTube there are videos for children that sexualise them, show them doing harm to each other, and having needles stuck in their butt. But it doesn’t end there, as there are videos that who cockroaches crawling on their faces and a big spider crawling on a child’s stomach.

For those who think this is made up, they can do a search themselves to see this. I just don’t want to have people go there and increase their views. That’s why there are no links here. The fact that Google doesn’t take down these videos shows the sickness of those in control. The only videos that are taken down are those by the Christian/Patriotic/White Nationalist groups.

From a website I’ve been to to write this article, it goes on: “Viewing these videos in order to write this article was a disturbing experience. Most of them trigger that gut feeling that something is wrong and that children’s innocence is being preyed on by twisted minds. Although there’s an absurd amount of this type of content on YouTube (this article could have been 10 times longer), I attempted to expose the various reasons why these videos are cancerous. Using underhanded and manipulative ways, these videos deliver disturbing content directly into the brains of very young children.

“One wonders how these “amateur” channels can even exploit the likeness of these children’s characters without being hit with copyright infringement lawsuits. Also, many channels are clearly sponsored by major brands to produce videos that brainwash children into consuming their stuff (I recall watching a video where The Hulk eats Kinder chocolates for like 4 minutes non-stop). Obviously, there is big money and big corporations behind these cheap-looking videos.

“However, the true aim of this article is not about YouTube moderation, it is about vigilance: Keep an eye on the videos watched by children. Analyze their contents. It only takes a few taps on a touchscreen for children to end up watching videos custom-made to poison their minds and shock their very core. And don’t be surprised if some of these video channels are linked to actual child abuse systems.”

Inside the Fashion Industry

With the above in mind, there is the sickness in Hollywood. This, they have been doing since the establishment of this industry, though back then it was mild. And as the years went by it became more and more anti-Christian. With the film, The Neon Demon it shows the inner workings of the fashion industry. (No, I didn’t see this film, I just read a review of it on the internet.) Though this film failed at the box office, it did show the mind-set of those in the fashion industry.

When you look at Melania Trump, with her cold emotionless squinting eyes, you wonder how her mind is messed up – being that she was in the fashion industry herself.

In Conclusion

“After watching The Neon Demon, it is not surprising to learn that it failed at the box office. It is an indulgent, self-aggrandizing, promotional piece by the industry and for the industry.

“And no, the movie does not aim to “expose” or “reveal” anything. It actually attempts to make everything cool, trendy and fashionable. What makes this movie more disturbing is the fact that there is actual truth behind the fiction. People at the highest levels of these industries are indeed steeped in systematic abuse, exploitation, and all kinds of other sickening practices. They are so protected by the system that they can make movies about this crap and nobody interrupts their fun.”

Though we don’t see these videos that are on YouTube or produced by Hollywood; and, though our minds are not infected by such filth, that is not the point. The point is, that there are many millions of people who do. It could be your neighbour, the classmates of your children who do see this. And when thee people carry out their sick-o fantasies and do harm to others, that is where the danger lies.

What is going on in society is all the more reason why we need the teaching of God’s Laws, Statutes and Judgements in our society and taught in our schools. And for those who think we shouldn’t, here is a prediction for you. Until that time comes, we will continue to have the problems we have and they will get worse. No, I’m not a prophet and I can’t predict the future but I do know history and I do recognize trends. I have been saying this for decades now and guess what? I have been right, as the problems we have today are worse than 40 years ago; and, there were problems we had back then but we do today.

In conclusion, keep to God’s Word and pray for His People to return to Him.


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