Water Turbulence To Create Electricity

Conspiracy of Alternative Energy Devices

You are probably aware of the free energy devices, or very low cost energy devices. Here is one that I came across today that shows how something very simple that can produce electricity for us.

Of course, this is not for everyone as you need land and a stream running though it. But if you do, ideally, a 3 meter drop over 100 meter stretch is the best. If you are looking to buy land, here is something to look for; the value would be worth a lot more than what the Seller realises.

There might be some critics that say, “You don’t know physics or engineering” or some other remark. That is fine. I say, let them pay the electric bills while others laugh all the way to the bank! Don’t forget the System needs useful idiots. Anyhow, if you want to get as much out of the System as you can, and one way to do it is to become as self-sufficient as possible.

Naturally, with some of these devices, you have to know what to do and you will have to invest some money. In this case, you hire a local person who does know how to build what you see in the video and it does require money for the materials. But this (and many other free energy devices) will pay for itself in a short time.

PS. Don’t tell you neighbours what you installed as some municipality don’t like such devices. Remember it’s all about control (from our enemy’s point of view).


For more info:





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Where’s The Fuel On Turbo Jets?

Do Turbo-Jets Run On Air?



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More On The Fake Chemical Attack in Syria

More On The Fake Chemical Attack in Syria

I guess you all know by now that the chemical attack in Syria was fake. But in case you don’t know or have doubts, here are some links to check out. This goes to show that the governments of UK, France and the US will do whatever it takes to start a war or to control another country. It looks like this will be the third time the Allies are starting a world war!

However, the people are waking up, or at least a segment of them. If you check out any video that exposes the fake, the vast majority agrees with it; if it’s a video that claims it was real, the vast majority of Comments say it was not. People are starting to have harsh words about “their governments”. Speaking to some people recently, who are not political, they have said to me that the Syrian chemical attack is fake or that we have no business being there.

Aftermath of ‘chemical attack’. Doctors not wearing cloves.

Russia says chemical attack was faked!

Dead girl opens her eyes – amazing!

“White Helmets” treat victims without protective clothing.

The “White Helmets” are being looked at in the same light as ISIS.


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National Debt Scam


National Debt Scam

Easy to understand economics in 16 minutes.


Our Sick Society, As Illustrated In A Cartoon



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A Double Minded People

A Double Minded People

“How long will you halt between two opinions?” I Kings 18.21


God talks about a double minded people and asked us, if God be God then follow him. If Baal be god than follow him.

Today we use terms like hypocrite and Hegelian Dielectrics. And, more recently we use the medical profession’s term of Cognitive Dissonance. Hegelian Dielectric is a Communist tool whereby, you have:

a form of reasoning based upon dialogue of arguments and counter-arguments, advocating propositions (theses) and counter-propositions (antitheses) and, finally, synthesis.

Theses, Antitheses, Synthesis

In this video, the pastor gives examples of what he encounter personally, how to spot it in newspapers, and the result is produces on the people. The result is, that it makes people docile, passive and complacent. This is exactly what the haters of Christianity want.

No, Communism is not dead, the politicians are just wearing a “different hat.”

Since the time that this sermon was made (in the 1980’s) we have much more in the news where contradictions are present and the people accept them both as true! For example, you read that we have Black university or an all Black organization of some kind (theses). But then we read that such-and-such person has an all White organization (the antitheses); finally, we are told that we must accept both (synthesis), which really means we must mix our races. The result is, we have a complacent population.

It’s like showing a picture of the globe earth where the United States is small, and another one where it’s large; you show the two pictures to someone and but both are accepted as true (synthesis)!

For a little “home work” look for the Hegelian Dielectrics in the news  this week and see what you come up with.



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Fake News Reporting On Fake News

Fake News Reporting On Fake News

Here is the proof: it’s all scripted. Let us hope that these media giants go bankrupt!

Is it any wonder that the media talks with “one voice” when it comes to the flat earth and all things “politically incorrect”?


Target Evil Policy Rule

Bankruptcy is exactly what these companies face. Consider this: Target adopted an anti-Christian policy of allowing those who identify with the opposite sex to allow customers to go in any restroom. Recently a man exposed himself to a girl in the ladies room and the police are now searching for him. Since Target adopted this evil policy in 2016, since then the value of their stock fell $10 billion. Well, it’s time to sell the stock short (making money while they lose)!

The Stranger Within

The Bible warned us (the descendants of Abraham) of what happens when we allow the stranger to rule over us! This is so wild you will not believe it. Click Here

43″The alien who is among you shall rise above you higher and higher, but you will go down lower and lower. 44″He shall lend to you, but you will not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you will be the tail.…Deut. 28:43

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The Conspiracy That Has Murdered Millions Of People Each Year

The Conspiracy That Murders Millions Of People Each Year

There is a conspiracy that I’m sure you have all heard of, and that is the medical lies that have literally murdered millions of people each year. I’m sure you know of some lies that we are told by the pharmaceutical companies such as: there is no cure for cancer, there is no cure for diabetes, there is no cure for (name your disease).

Then, there are the lies we are told that you must have: chemotherapy, radiation, or that you need (name your drug) to get well. If you believe all this, then you think that man simply can’t live without modern-day doctors and their modern-day medical devices. Well, such is not true. There are many things that you can do to keep yourself well; there are many things you can do to over come what illness you have. If you have a fatty liver, poor kidneys or diabetes, for example, you can over come it by using God-given herbs, natural fresh juices, vegetables, etc.

I don’t know how knowledgeable you are about natural healing; you may know some of the lies but you might still feel you must see an allopathic doctor for what particular problem you have. With that in mind, Christian Flat Earth Ministry is now offering books that deal with common problems that millions of people have. More about that later…

I have to insert here that I’m not a medical doctor – Thank God! And that if you are sick, you have the freedom to consult with any medical doctor you want, other health practitioner or to go on your own.

As a Bible believing Christian, I believe that Yahweh, God created life, created our bodies where they are self-healing and self-repairing – provided IF we give it the nutrients that it needs and let the body take care of itself. There are times where we should not do anything, and simply get out of the body’s way and let it heal itself. This is known as fasting.

If we are sick, the chances are that we brought it on ourselves. There are times when there are situations where it was out of our control – such as poisoning, but aside from there, it’s our own fault if we are sick. So, if there is something that you have done to make yourself sick, then there is something you can do to get yourself well. But you have to know what to do, which is what I will be putting up, as time allows.

Power of Prayer

I believe in the power of prayer and that we can be healed by this; we can also pray for others and they’ll get healed. You may recall that Peter and the other Apostles healed with the power of their touch. Now, it was through Jesus Christ that really did the healing. So, if you think that you can eat, drink and smoke what you will and that you will be healed by just praying to God, you are mistaken. It is true that people who have a bad lifestyle have been healed by prayer, but don’t expect to be healed each time and go back eating the food is biblically condemned.

Paul was given the power to heal, too. But if you recall, there was a time when Paul left Timothy when he (Timothy) was sick. You may wonder why Paul didn’t just go up and touch him. Why didn’t he? We are not given the reason why but there was a reason. Thinking about this, I came to the realisation that we must do our part to stay healthy. IF God was to do everything, then why did He give us food laws? Why are we told not to eat pigs and shell fish? Because they will bring on disease – not right away but in time they will.

I don’t want to get side track but I know many people will think, and you may think, that “God did away with the Law.” No, He did away with the rituals, the animal sacrifice – as Jesus paid the price by shedding His Blood on the cross. A book can be written on this but I want to stay on the topic at hand.

Now, this is my thoughts only but I believe this is in line with story of Paul leaving Timothy when he was ill. That, we have to do our part to stay healthy and God gave us instructions on what to do in the Old Testament. God established all the laws we have, including biological laws that govern our body creation. We are designed to eat certain foods and not others; while certain animals were designed to eat food that would kill us. Pigs are scavengers and it’s OK for them to eat garbage and waste products – that is why they were created. But we are not to eat the pigs that eat the abominable thing. When we do our part, God does His part and that is keeping us healthy. This is done by the biological laws that govern our existence. So, Timothy just had to do what was expect of him (and of us) to get well.

There have been people who had a terrible diet and had turned to God for healing. Some people are were healed right away while others were given instructions on where to go for true information on healing; what people to listen to. Then they do what they are told to do and they get healed.

Some people are healed right away though they had a diet of junk food. But you can look at this as an emergency. Often you have heard about people saying that they prayed to God and said they would dedicate their life to Him if they just got well. This wellness can come in the form of instant healing by prayer or it can come from learning about natural healing. With God guiding them to the person (or website) they would get off their “pig diet,” start eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and regain their health that way.

Remember the words of Christ, after He healed someone, “Go and sin no more.” Now, think about it, that person should stop sinning. What was their sin? Looking at the context of this verse, it was probably the sin of eating the foods that were condemned. In the Book of John, the definition of sin is, “the transgression of the Law.” It could be any law, and that would include dietary. Maybe Paul and the Apostles said those words, too, but as you know, the Bible is not a diary of every words that was spoken by those who are in the Bible. If it were, a library could not contain all the words; it would not be one book as we know it today.

So, what do you do if you have a specific disease? This article is not about that but just let me say that if you go to the link below, you can find out about specific diseases.


A lot more can be said, and I’ll add more as time allows. Though this site is primary about the flat earth, knowing about the flat earth is just the beginning of the world-wide conspiracy that is keeping us in bondage. And with the lies told to us about health, this has to be talked about in much greater detail here. When you learn about, what is called: natural hygiene, alternative medicine, vegetarianism, then you will be better prepared to keep your family healthy. And that is what you want to do, right?

For more in-depth discussion of healing, kindly check out the books at the following link.


Books On The Medical Conspiracy

Are you sick? Would like like to get well naturally? Would you like to know how to stay well? You’ve come to the right place. Below are books on how to get well and stay well.

If you have no insurance, don’t worry, you don’t need it if you follow God’s plan on healthy living.

More books will be added as time permits. For now, we have books that will get you started.

Great articles will be posted on this blog that will help you in your goal for regaining health. So, be sure to bookmark this site, as a lot more “politically incorrect” healthy healing books will be added as time goes on.

Thank you and God Bless you and yours.



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Why Do Christians Get Sick?

Why Do Christians Get Sick?

This could be the most important videos that you see!

Why do Christians get sick. For many Christians they think that this is normal – after all the rest of mankind gets sick. Those that are not Christians think that we have no special protection (that’s why they are non-Christians). Finally, there are Christians who do wonder why we get sick; they often ask where is God’s protection for his people. Well, this article is addressed to them along with the video clips below.

The problem with Christians is that they don’t read their Bibles! If they did, they will see God’s instruction for his people. After all, we are promised that if we DON’T obey God, that we will get disease and the plagues of Egypt (Deut. Chapter 28). Well, if this is the case, then there is something that we can do so as NOT to get sick. This, you’ll find in the first part of Deut. 28 when God says if we listen to his voice, if we obey (that means that we have to obey his Laws, Statues and Judgements). Now, this is where modern-day Christians get it all wrong and why they think that they are like the rest of the world. They are told by their false preachers that “the Law has been done away with.” Since Christians DON’T follow his Commandments is precisely why we do get sick – and get all the other evils that come with disobedience.

Now, if they put aside what they are told, if they ignore their Baal Priests, then follow God’s Commandments, they will find out that they will get well; that God will heal them. So, put aside what your preacher tells you; put aside all the politically correct things you were told and DO what is biblically correct and you’ll see miracles in your life.

One other thing that leads Christians astray, and what modern-day false prophets (who come in Christ’s name) say is, that the Bible is just for our spiritual life and not earthly, physical life. This is another lie. The lying prophets use the excuse that this is what the New Testament is all about. No it isn’t! Christ said that heaven and earth will pass away before on iota of the Law is done away with.

So, with us to still have the Commandments, that includes the food laws that we are told to keep. When we do this, you’ll find that we will not have “the plagues of Egypt upon us;” this is for our personal lives as this is something that we can change now. As for our country, we STILL have those curses but that’s because we are breaking laws that should be done on the national level.

With that in mind, kindly listen to Pastor George Malkmus. You will learn how to get well and how to stay well.

Hallelujah Diet

How to Eliminate Sickness

by George Malkmus

1 hour, 30 minutes


If you would like books on how to get well, check out this link, where you’ll learn more. ( This is my Google Blogger site by the way.)

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NASA Bloopers

NASA Bloopers

Always good for a laugh…


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Syrian Chemical Attack – Again

Syrian Chemical Attack – Again

Here we go again, another chemical attack by Syria! Yea, sure! You may notice that this has come on the heels of the so-called Russian chemical attack on a Russian double agent in Salisbury, England. The fact that this story is unwinding and the world seeing it as a false accusation, a new lie has to be started. This time, instead of accusing Russia of a chemical attack, they are saying Bashar al-Assad, did it. And, because Russia supports Assad, the West is using this as a reason to tell Russia to stop their support of Syria; in effect, to get out of Syria.

Why would Assad use chemical weapons and incur the wrath of the West? They are already winning the war against the America military supplied of ISIS; they have Russia with their military might, so why use chemicals?

My Theory

This story was made up or someone did it (but not Syria or Russia), because the ligament government in Syria is winning – that is why!

Donald Trump hopes that Russia gets out of Syria by using this ruse. If Russia does, it gives the United States an open field of supplying terrorist troops in Syria, and, therefore, pave the way of a regime change.

But I think the US knows that this will not work but this gives an excuse for more sanctions on Russia. Why? So, eventually, there would be a regime change in Russia and with it, the stealing of natural resources like it was under Boris Yeltsin. Well, this is not going to work.

Russia is strong economically and as a people; they really don’t need the West. They have their own huge domestic market AND they have the 1.3 billion Chinese to trade with. Russia will be able to get any all manufactured goods from China, and China can get all the natural resources from Russia to make the finished products.

My prediction is, that this story will die a slow death, too. I read the comments on Yahoo News about this story of the chemical attack in Syria, and a vast majority of the 86 comments did not believe the lies that this story was trying to convey. People are waking up!

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