Fake Stars verse Real Stars

fake stars

The fallacy of billions of stars and galaxies

Exposing the fake stars that astronomers tell us.

We all know that the reason why we have telescopes on mountains are for two reasons:

  • There is less atmosphere/pollution
  • There are no city or road lights
  • The light close by will drown out weaker light that is further away

As a teenager I had a telescope and looked at the moon and stars from my backyard. Of course, what could be seen was mainly the moon as there were the ambient lights from the road. We all know and were told in school that lights from the road and homes will block the view of the stars, so that is why observatories have their mammoth telescopes on mountains. Well know and understand this. However, I thought that the so-called stars from trillions of miles away would be impossible to be seen – IF, they were trillions of miles away  away.

If, what we are told is true, that there are trillions of stars, how can we see these stars? If you were to set up a telescope that you know can see the Big Dipper but you set it up where there are street lights, you won’t be able to see them. Now, you know that it’s strong enough to see these stars but you can’t now. We know the reason is – that there are other lights, closer by, that is drowning out the light from the stars. Yet, if you look at some of the photos of the universe we are given, you’d see lights of various magnitudes. In fact, you’d see galaxies of lights and some of them have bright sections that go far beyond the range of an ordinary star. (That is a subject for another article.)

exposing fake stars

Yet, we are shown pictures of other galaxies that are further away. So, I’d like to ask the astronomers, “How in the heck can you take pictures through all the light that is in the forefront?” The fact is that they can’t, because we are not shown “photos” but computer generated images.

In other words the only way that these pictures could be real would be if light defied the laws of physics in order to shine through and be captured by telescopes on earth. How can a star behind a huge “galaxy” shine through? How can one galaxy shine through another? How can anything shine through one of these masses of coloured lights that take up a large section of a galaxy (as pictured above)?

In reality, if there really was a universe that contained trillions of stars and billions of galaxies, we wouldn’t be able to see them. As the lights from those closest to us would wash all the light from behind it – just as you have with street lights washing out the stars lights that would normally be seen in a telescope.

All of this proves, at least to me, that the stars we do see are close by; they are within the firmament and they number in the thousands not millions – certainly not trillions. And, that for galaxies – they are all created by graphic artists or by computer. Yes, stars are real – but they are not burning suns – they are points of light. They are something else then just lights, as the Bible tells us that the stars sang with joy after the creation of the earth. And, as far as the galaxies, there isn’t even one. There isn’t even the Milky Way – as that was created in the mind of some godless man.

In short, it’s impossible to see so much light – even by the strongest telescopes. Another “nail in the coffin” of heliocentric believers.

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What Unites All True Flat Earthers

What Unites All True Flat Earthers

Flat Earthers acknowledge that:

The Bible speaks about a stationary Earth.

We seek truth in all things.


Earth is not a sphere or an oblate spheroid. No one has ever proven that earth curves.

Earth does not move. It is stationary. No one has ever proven that it spins.

The sun, moon, and stars are small local lights. They are not hundreds of thousands, or millions, or trillions of miles away.

Eclipses are not caused by earth’s shadow.

What they call planets are not spherical, faraway objects, but are more likely wandering stars.

Space (as we know it) is fake. Every mission by NASA and every other space agency is a hoax and no object or person has ever left Earth’s atmosphere.

Satellites are fake. No satellite is now, or has ever been, in orbit. GPS and cell data transmission are done by cables, tower triangulation, and bouncing signals off the ionosphere.

Stationary earth can be proven by many simple and repeatable observations and experiments. Many everyday tools could not function if earth were curved and spinning, e.g. the compass, gyroscope, radar and lighthouse.

The physical properties of water, specifically that it always seeks its level, prove that oceans do not curve, and oceans could not adhere to the outside of a spinning ball.

Gravity is a hoax. Rather, density and buoyancy govern how an object behaves in a given medium.

Antarctica is not an island located at the bottom of the globe. It is more likely an ice ring that extends around our realm.

An enclosure, called the dome or firmament, exists above our sky.


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Australia: Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

Australia: Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

directed energy weapons

When I thought of the fires in Australia, I thought of the fire that is mentioned in Revelation. Here is the verse:

Revelation 13:12-14 King James Version (KJV)

12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

This sounds like the fires that have raged out of control in the US and now Australia. Also, the purpose of these fires is to make us believe it’s the result of climate change/global warming. And, are they not deceiving us to believe in this lie? Well, we know in the end that those are part of the Beast System will be destroyed, as told in Revelation!

It looks like the same thing is being done to Australia as it was to California – man-made fires using DEW. Notice how the same abnormalities happened in Australia as in California and other states. This is not caused by normal fires, as the article explains.

The purpose of evil men creating these fires is to blame it on nature and making it look like global warming.

Article is here.

Video is here.


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21 Commonly Asked Questions About The Flat Earth

21 Commonly Asked Questions About The Flat Earth

Here is a video that will help you answer 21 commonly asked questions about the flat earth. You might have something to add to it. As for me, when the first question is asked, “What is beyond the Antarctic?” The answer is that there is more land. Whether there is or not, the earth is still flat.

I hope that this video helps you answer the flat earth critics.

Direct link, Click Here

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Evangelist Texe Marrs Discovers the flat earth truth

Evangelist Texe Marrs Interviews a Flat Earther

Career air force officer, former professor Austin University, Texas, and founder of Power of Prophecy has discovered the flat earth truth. Texe is the author of many conspiracy books. In this interview, the guest connected some of the dots in the grand conspiracy.

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Fake Weightlessness In Space

Weightlessness in space proves there is no such thing as gravity

fake weightlessness

We have all seen the pictures and videos of astronauts in their space walk and those on the ISS as they float along doing their “work.” We are told that there is weightlessness in space. If this is true, by their own words they contradict themselves.

Consider this from what we are told. That the moon attracts the tides of the ocean; that the mass of the moon has enough influence to pull up zillions of tons of water and release it; that all planets, by their mass attract one another, and that the sun does, too.

OK, with that in mind, how can there be no attraction power when astro-nots are closer to the moon than on earth and they are just floating merrily along the way? This is all part of the illusion to help maintain the heliocentric model of the universe.

In reality, we can’t get in space – if space actually exists. There is the earth, its atmosphere, Heaven above, and what is beyond that – I don’t want to guess. Perhaps this is the “outer darkness” that God speaks about. But what it consists of exactly, I know that it’s not stars and planets. Earth is man’s possession and this is where I’m happy to be.

What makes things fall?

In short, what makes things fall is DENSITY. Things that are heavier than air fall – it’s as simple as that! It’s no need for this convoluted thinking to create a thing called “gravity.”

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Biblical Flat Earth Documentary

A Biblical Flat Earth Documentary

The Global Lie explores the truth about our world and exposes the satanic lies that have been in motion for over 500 years. A shocking discovery that will change the way you think about our past, present, and future. The world is not what you think it is.

Note: Check the latest Post under Other Conspiracies. There are three videos on the Wind Mill fraud and the real cost involved.


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NASA Is Not The Only One Faking Pictures

Faking Dinosaur Pictures

dinosaur-fake-hoaxNASA is great at faking satellite pictures, planets and space walks, but they are not the only ones that do faking. Take dinosaur pictures, for example. Sure, they know and expect people to know that all pictures of dinosaurs are CGI but by making them makes the illusion real. Take the pictures that I made here. One is a small T-Rex and the other is a large T-Rex. Now we all know this was done – with CGI – but look at how real it is; and consider that this was done by me – an amateur. The point I want to make is, how easy it is to fool the public with space walks, mission to Mars and satellites. We take them as real because:

  • it’s happening now
  • it come from NASA
  • it comes from the universities

…and they wouldn’t lie to us, right?

dinosaur-fake-hoaxThe whole dinosaur business is a fake. I was a believer in dinosaurs for all my life until last year when certain things were pointed out (as explained in the video in a previous Post). Take a look at this Tyrannosaurus-Rex. We are told it was the MOST ferocious dinosaur that lived. Yet, look at its front arms or whatever you want to call it. Do you think it could fight with them? Now, look at how top-heavy it is. If it falls down – which must have been a lot – its massive head would hit the ground and knock him out. How good would you think that would be in a fight? No, this creature is top-heavy; its centre of gravity is off. But since it’s a fantasy creature it really doesn’t matter.

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How Critics Attack Flat Earthers

carry-their-liesHow Critics Attack Flat Earth Believers

The enemy is prepared in all case scenarios in their plans lying to the people. When it comes to the flat earth, they have their plans. They know that one day people will wake up and know the truth, so they have their plans for when this happens. To better know how the enemies of Christ react, you’ve got to think like them. I know, it’s a terrible thought but just do some imagination; pretend you are in a film and your role is to play the bad guy – what will you do?

I thought about playing this role, for, in order to know what to expect, you’ve got to know what your enemy probably will do. So, what will they do when it comes to the flat earth believers?

We already know much what they do, such as:

  • being ignored
  • being ridiculed
  • actually be censored in some way
  • defamation of character, etc.

These are the common things that we have all seen and, some of us have experienced. But is there a more clever design that the enemies of truth is using; that is slipping under our collective radar? I believe there is.

We have all heard of The Flat Earth Society and it is not the bastion of truth as it was back in the 1970’s when the leader of it passed away. Now, they do advocate the flat earth and one great thing they do have on their site are the old flat earth books. To this, we give them credit. However, in some of their posts or in their interviews, they claim that ‘gravity’ is the result of the earth ‘travelling 3 metres a second upward’ that gives us gravity. This is deliberate misleading. There are other such things that they do or say that would make anyone turn away and think they are loonies. This is exactly what the government wants – to have people react this way.

More Insidious Method of Discrediting

Believe it or not, there is a more insidious method of discrediting flat earthers, or to get people ‘turned off’ by the idea that the earth is flat and stationary. Now, without mentioning names (you can figure that out for yourself), there are others that are true flat earth believers and they have put out good articles and videos. The videos are professionally made and better than I can do. But it is PART of their message that it totally wrong. That is ridiculing Christians and making blasphemy statements against Christ.

Now, think of this attack Christians and the teachings of Christ; what this would have on Christians who are learning about the flat earth for the first time. A Christian would come to a flat earth site, starts thinking about it, then he/she comes across an article where they read a blasphemy attack on Christ. What would they do? What would you do? They would get turned off, go back to their other reading and be left with the thought that all flat earthers are non-Christians and simply plain kook’s. When someone else approaches him that is a Christian and believes in the flat earth, they won’t even listen to them. I know if I came across such an attack on Christians, and it was my second or third article that I read on a flat earth site, I know that I wouldn’t have been back to read more. But, by the grace of God that was not the case. In fact, the site I was first on to learn about this was Eric Dubay’s site – a person known for having nothing to do with Christianity. But it was many articles later before I read  anything negative about Christianity.

People in NASA, people who call themselves astronomers, astrophysics or what have you are part of this cover up. They are, for the most part, atheists or agnostics. So, they are quite happy to have people turned off the the flat earth news after being on a website that is suppose to enlighten them.

This technique of mixing lies with truth is effective. You can see videos of conservative Christians, good people, who came across the flat earth news, thought it was rubbish and made a short comment to their congregation.

There are a few flat earth sites, like this one, that shows the harmony of God’s word with the flat earth. It’s time that we get in the forefront of the flat earth believers. Unfortunately, those who are not Christian and mixes lies in with the truth are getting all the followers and support. You wonder how many of these follows have adopted the flat earth truth but dropped their Christian beliefs? What a trade off; what a loss? They know about the true shape of the earth but they’ve lost their Creator, and thus, living in Christ’s Kingdom.

First, and foremost, keep your belief in Christ and the Bible truths along with the flat earth truth, too. After all, the flat earth truth was first mentioned in the Holy Bible.

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Privacy and Health Danger From Fire Alarms

Privacy and Health Danger From Fire Alarms

Remember the days when a fire alarm was actually a fire alarm? Well, not any more. After you watch this video, you’ll see that the fire alarms can spy on you – even if you have no computer or mobile phone. And, the fact that it constantly sends out microwave signals, it’s not good for your health.

When the government offers you a free fire alarm, like they do in the UK, there is usually a sinister reason for it. If they offer you something that is subsidised, it’s also for a sinister reason.

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