More on 5-G

More on 5-G

A conversation:

Tom: We got to get rid of government!
Bob: What would you replace it with?
Tom: What do you replace cancer with?



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Julian Assange and former Ecuadorian President Correa

Julian Assange and former Ecuadorian President Correa

  What a neat coincidence. Former Ecuadorian President calls Lenin Moreno greatest traitor in history for handing over Assange, and gets suspended from Facebook for… wait for it… reposting an account number of Moreno’s offshore account that was leaked by Wikileaks. That account number was posted many times on FB by other people, but only Correa with his 1.5 mil followers got slapped with a ban.

In a separate tweet responding to Moreno’s announcement of the handover, Correa further tore into what he called “one of the most atrocious acts [and the] fruit of servility, villainy and revenge.”

“From now on worldwide, the scoundrel and betrayal can be summarized in two words: Lenin Moreno,” the popular former president added.

The removal of Correa’s page for violating Facebook’s “community standards” is an unprecedented move, and the former statesman is the most high-profile public political figure to ever be removed from the social platform.

Also, the current President of Ecuador, Moreno, received $4.2 billion from the IMF. Could this have anything to do with an agreement for allowing the UK police to kidnap Julian Assange? I think so!

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The So-Called Spinning Ball

One Video Removed About The Spinning Ball Earth

There was another video that I was going to show about the ‘spinning ball’ earth that I saw two days ago. When I clicked on the link today, I notice that it was ‘removed by the User’. Well, if you don’t see this other video about a ‘spinning ball’ earth, then you’ll know that it was not removed by the User but by YouTube! The reason, of course, is to continue to hide the conspiracy of the flat earth as they do other conspiracies. So, here is a screen shot of the video. Time will tell if this is taken down, too.

The video I was going to put up is Click Here. But as you see, it was removed!

In the meantime, download all videos you think might not be online in the future so you can share with others.



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Thought For The Day: Ignorance

Thought For The Day: Ignorance

If a man is born ignorant, to parents that are ignorant, in a society that is ignorant, lives a life of ignorance and eventually dies in ignorance…ignorance is a norm. So indoctrination can be called education, hypnotism can be called entertainment, criminals can be called leaders, and lies can be called truth, because his mind was never truly his own.


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Tides Prove That The Earth Is Flat

Tides Prove That The Earth Is Flat




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A Reader Comments On Why The Sky Is Blue

A Reader Comments On Why The Sky Is Blue

  I thought I would include a very nice comment by a fellow Reader. I’ll leave his name out for privacy.

I’ve never given thought to why the sky is blue but, this morning as I’m looking up into a perfectly clear blue sky it made me think that the only possibility is that this blue we see on a clear day must be/has to be the waters above the firmament, was this the holy Spirit of God that made me think of this blue sky phenomenon, it absolutely has to be the waters above the firmament spoken about in the Holy scriptures that can explain this beautiful blue sky, why after 52 years of my life did I give thought to y this guy can be blue if we are in the outer space of the universe which is filled with darkness so again just more proof that the holy scriptures R-Truth anyhow thank you for your explanation as to why the sky is so blue and beautiful it has to be the waters above the firmament no other explanation is possible, NASA and other space agencies are nothing but lying deceitful evil agencies put in place by the devil to deceive us even more, so thank God this Revelation came to me this morning as I am sitting out looking into this beautiful blue sky and why the thought crossed my mind only God knows but that is the only true explanation for us seeing a blue sky it has to be just like the Holy Scripture say when God separated the waters above and below the firmament the Bible is so true if only we can read it and allow the words to come alive and explain to us in our spirit all of these questions only God himself can give us and again NASA and all of the other agencies that perpetrate lies and deception about things concerning Earth and the outer atmosphere and outer space I don’t believe we could ever send anything and get it to go beyond the firmament the governments of the world spoon feed we the People or we The herd a bunch of lies hoping we will buy there lies okay thanks again for educating me or helping me understand why the sky is blue, so God bless have a blessed day, and amen!


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Why We Have Poverty In America

Why We Have Poverty In America

Weekly Sermon, 31 March, 2019

After watching a documentary of poverty in Seattle, Washington, I heard about some solutions in the video but none of which got to the core of the problem. So, I did a search on YouTube with the words: God’s solution for poverty.

Now, I knew the reason why we have poverty but I wanted another confirmation and I got one. When you do a search on YouTube with the words: God’s solution for poverty, you’ll see the same thing that I did.

The top three videos on Page 1 in YouTube you’ll find videos in three parts that give the biblical answers for why we have poverty. And sadly to say, these videos have views of 11, 10, and 2 and they have been up for 2 years! There are other videos below that happen to show up with this search and they have Views from a couple of thousand to 700,000. But they are NOT solutions. In other words, the reason why even the average man in the street do not know the REAL solution for poverty is that they are not looking for them! It’s not that these videos are on Page 497 or something like that; they are on Page 1. People either are not even typing in the search words and those that do, look for answers that ‘tickle their ears’ as the Bible says. (The context is, that some people will not endure sound doctrine but rather have their ears tickled. And this surely must be the case.

Americans (and other Christian nations) don’t expect your problems to go away when you deliberately avoid God’s solutions.

Part 1


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What Is Happening To America?

Seattle Is Being Destroyed by Leftist Politicians and Drug Addicts

If you want to see what America will become, look at the cities that are leading the way now. This video is focused on Seattle, Washington. It’s filled with dirt, disease, drug use and crime. The homeless is caused, in large part, by drug use. The cops are not allowed to do anything. You’ll see one scene where about 5 cops acted like snowflakes to take in one person who didn’t even have a weapon. The court system is lenient and let the criminals go. Seattle is like Hollywood films like ‘Escape from New York’. I think a time will come like you see in films like ‘Dirty Harry’ and the Charles Bronson films where people will not take it anymore.

Cities like Seattle is why millions of Americans have moved to other countries where there is more freedom, less crime and less government interference.



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What Government Really Is

What Government Really Is

The problem starts with the people believing that their government is doing the right thing. It’s when people let authorities be their truth rather than Truth be their authority.

Anything that is inherently righteous, like working together, voluntarily cooperating and organising, defending themselves from attackers and thieves, these things don’t require any special authority. You don’t need a badge or uniform, you don’t need to be elected or appointed in order to have the right to do things which are already righteous and good! In short, so-called authority is nothing more than permission to do bad things.

Governments have killed more people, have stolen more wealth than all the criminals combined – and they call it ‘law and order.’ ‘Law and order’ has really become an oxymoron! The most oppressive governments in the world have plenty of laws, but do they have the order that the people wanted? The only ‘order’ they really had was marching in a single file to their cell in some gulag camp.

Click Here to check out this video; there is no mincing of words as it gets right to the core of the problem.


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Pro Vaccine Hit Piece

Pro Vaccine Hit Piece

Click Here for original article.

Here is a lying piece of propaganda from Big Pharma – the supposedly safe vaccines. Though this has nothing to do with the flat earth, we must be mindful of such articles like this. Carefully read them and you’ll be able to see the trend that is taking place.

Basically, we are told that anti-vaccine people are a danger to society. The media and so-called medical schools that feed them this bull, also ties us in with others who believe in conspiracies. While this is true, that the pushing of vaccines and saying they are safe IS a conspiracy, but here are some the buzz words to be mindful of that are in this article. Here are some things that this Yahoo article said and my comments on it.

“embracing weird new conspiracy theories”
Vaccines are a poison as medical research has shown (but they don’t want you to know about it; they don’t want you to know they are not united in their stance that vaccines are safe).

“HPV virus can be cured by eating yoghurt”
This is nothing but setting up a “straw man” where they can easily knock it down. The fact is, that people like Dr Mercola, David Wolfe and Markus Rothkrantz will tell you that it’s nutrition and avoiding poisons that will prevent you from getting polio and other diseases.

“people worried about safety, and people peddling conspiracy theories”
The aim here is, if they can make it illegal to refuse vaccines they will also make it illegal to educate others about the dangers, then the pharmaceutical corporations will make their next move – going after the next conspiracy that they are not in agreement with, i.e. : alternative medicine in general, false flag events, people who are against third world immigration, the NWO, people who believe in owning guns, and, of course, flat earth believers. But all this takes time, so they are going after us one at a time.

Witness the recent Mosque shootings in New Zealand. One of the aims of this is to silence people who are against Muslim invasion.

“Every year, 1.5 million children around the world die from diseases which can be prevented with vaccines”

It’s getting pretty blatant now; you can see the insinuation here, that if you are an anti-vaxxers, as they call us, we’ll be blamed for being heartless about deaths. And, indirectly be responsible for people coming down with the diseases that vaccines are said to prevent; and be blamed for deaths. Therefore, we must be silenced.

“The main factor leading to the outbreaks are parents refusing to vaccinate children”
Here, the pro-vaxxer crowd is outright lying, but what do they care when it comes to profits. Speaking of profits, just in the news the past few days is about how death

This is where I see it all leading to: control of the people and make more money off the sick and dying.

Big Pharma Poisoning People

Ironically, there is in the news now of Purdue Pharma’s being taken to court for being behind the opioid epidemic. So, who says we can trust pharmaceutical corporations?

Click Here for article.

As a side note, many pharmaceutical corporations have been sued successfully for lying on their research saying that their products are safe, but that would require a book to cover it all.

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