1. The Trump family bought and controls the most expensive single building ever purchased in the United States, at 666 Fifth Avenue, a street symbolizing money and greed. The building appears in the movies The Exorcist II: The Heretic and The Wolf of Wall Street.

The 666 high-rise is also home to Lucent (Lucifer) Technologies and its RFID microchip (mark of the beast).

2. The Trump family paid $1.8 billion for the most expensive building on record. 18 is 3 x 6 = 666. It is controlled through Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and her Jewish Wall street bankster husband Jared Kushner.

3. Another Trump Fifth Avenue property, the famous Trump Tower, is 203 meters tall = 666 feet. Donald Trump lives there in gold-enameled opulence on the 66th floor.

4. Donald Trump inherited his grandmother’s real estate empire when she died on June 6, 1966. Her name was Elizabeth Christ Trump. (Wikepedia)

5. Trump claims to be the Savior – “the only one” who can fix and save America from disaster

6. Donald Trump is a self-admitted germophobe and “clean hands freak” who hates to shake hands with other human beings.

7. Trump commented publicly about his daughter Ivanka’s hot body and that he would date her if she wasn’t his daughter.

8. Trump said, “Hillary Clinton – be at my wedding”, and she came to my wedding. She had no choice because I gave to [the Clinton] foundation.”

GOP Primary
Trump 666
Cruz 413
Marco Rubio 172
John Kasich 142

When the the trumpets sound in the Book of Revelation, they announce the apocalyptic end times. Another coincidence? Read on… Donald Trump supporters view him as an independent rebel rallying against Washington…but the evidence shows that he is used as a “false flag candidate” to impose Jewish left-wing Communism on America for a planned nation-wide war against the White race. Not convinced? Trump claims to be Presbyterian, yet he gave his approval for Ivanka and Eric to be married to Jews.

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Dutch Elite Banker Reveals

Dutch Elite Banker Reveals

The way the people think that the world works and the real way the world works.


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NASA and Weird Science

NASA and Weird Science

There is new website up that is called Weird Science News and is about science that is simply weird, according to the owner, Mike Adams. Well the website should be called ‘Junk Science’ as it has an article that Adams says: – Covers strange, bizarre stories from the world of science. Some of these stories are intriguing and other are just plain strange. Did you know, for example, that there’s a giant hexagon on Saturn that’s larger than planet Earth? (It’s true: NASA just returned new pictures from space…)

Notice, he said, “It’s true.” This shows how people can be fooled; really, a hexagon on the planet! Looking at the picture above – like just about all pictures of “planets,” – that it looks like it’s made by a potter working with clay; notice the resemblance. The colors are in a swirl and of a uniform tan color. Even the “rings” are of the same color. Then, compare that to some earlier pictures and notice how the colors are different. You can say this for just about any planet and not just for Saturn. When you have someone who believes in planets, ask them how can colors remain the same in a uniform stretch around a planet. Also, ask them is that color in the soil or atmosphere. In either case, this is not nature.

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released new images of the mysterious hexagonal-shaped cloud pattern circling Saturn’s north pole.

You can read more of it here:

By the way, as your globe earth friend how fragile antennas can withstand the tremendous speed flying through space; and, who took the beautiful picture?


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Simpson’s home is the dome

Simpson’s Home is the Dome

They are telling us something for those who can read between the lines.




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Viking Route To North America

Viking Route To North America

  I was reading a book called, “God’s Blueprint,” by Christopher Knight. This book is about how the earth was made for man. While this author talked a lot about what we disagree with, some of which is the age of the earth and the heliocentric model of the Universe, there was a very interesting and revealing part that Knight wrote about but did not realise the implications of.

On page 50-52, Knight talked about his phone conversation with Fred Olson, a Norwegian shipping magnet. Olson said that the Vikings made Bristol, England their jumping off point to North America. This was was before Christopher Columbus, of course. Fred Olson said that there are old archives in Bristol that tell of where the Viking sailed. He said that the Vikings never lost sight of land when they sailed to North America and he listed the islands that they sailed passed when traveling from England to North America. They were:




North Ronaldsay

Fair Isle


Then from Shetland it was 150 miles to Faroe Islands

Then the long stretch to Iceland 240 miles

Then 150 miles to Greenland

Finally, 180 miles to Baffin Island in North America

What not mentioned in the book was that the Vikings sailed NORTH and not directly across the Atlantic as one would expect.

Now critics might argue, “How can you see land if something is 240 miles away?” Good question but I thought of this. Just because the distance is 240 miles (maximum mentioned), that doesn’t mean that land was 240 miles away. The 240 miles is the distance between Iceland and Greenland. When you sail away, one land mass is receding and the other is coming into view.

The distance that you can see depends on several variables. They are:

how clear the atmosphere is

how high you are above sea level

how good that person’s vision is

Thinking back to 1,000A.D., the air would be very clean. The explorer would be up a mast and he might have had good vision, too. So, you are looking at – in this example – one half of 240 miles, which would be 120 miles. If you recall, if you have read Posts on this website, there is a record of a man seeing a ship at sea that was 200 miles away. This was back in the 1800s I believe. So, seeing land while between Iceland and Greenland is quite possible.

Another thing to consider is, that the Viking went North and West, not directly West, as one would expect. You can be sure that all ships today traveling from Europe to North America travels a north-westerly route, too.

When you think about it, if you lived a millennia or two ago, why would you travel far out to sea not know if and when you will reach land. You would naturally want to keep land in sight and this is what the Vikings did. This was their assurance that if something happened to their ship they could head to land. I believe that God arranged the land masses the way he did with a purpose; that all of creation has a purpose and that includes the layout of the continents.

Ships and planes would travel the same route, in the above example, by following the land mass as much as they can. In this case, it would be (going from the UK to North America) in a north-westerly direction. I don’t recall if a pilot tells the passengers of the land masses or countries they are near. Maybe you may recall if they tell the truth and that they are flying North, when everyone would expect to be flying directly West.

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What Globe Earth Belief Makes Us Scared Of

What Globe Earth Belief Makes Us Scared Of

Limited energy
Global warning
Insignificant on a cosmic scale
Asteroid wiping out the earth
Big Bang
We came from monkeys
Man makes his own laws
By believing in the above, by implication, we are told that man can solve all the problems. Oh really? Look at the state the world is in today. In virtually every area of life, we have problems and they only get worse each year. Yet, we listen to “people in authority,” we vote for the same people, we believe the promises that they make. Now, look at the swamp we are in. The people who brought us this mess also believe in the above.

While not all flat earth believers are on the “same page,” we, for the most part believe in:

The God of the Bible
Free or nearly free energy
No global warming
Special creation by God
No alien invasion
Living under God’s laws, where solutions are provided.

So, let’s start living the way we were meant to be!

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Melting Ocean Water

What Does Melting Ocean Water Do?

Flat earth and melting sea water

With all the ‘gloom-and-doom’ we hear about ‘global warming,’ this video exposes one of its lies – that the melting icebergs will raise the sea level and flood millions of homes. ‘Global warming’ is all part of the fear (and tax) campaign that is being waged by the Beast System as told in Revelation.

For those critics who say that the water isn’t rising because of the steam, this is not so, as the heat was so low that there was no steam. The heat was so low that it took about 4.5 hours to melt the salt water.


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An Old Film From the 1950s On How to Stay Healthy

An Old Film From the 1950s On How to Stay Healthy

Natural Hygiene and the Keys to Health

This is what I studied many years ago under T.C. Fry

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Are You a New Ager?

                             Are You a New Ager?

Yoga exercising

If you are a New Ager, you are blinded to many truths, including
that of the Bible. If you were a former New Ager, you know
what I mean. Now, there are those who do not call themselves
New Ager but follow the teachings of many modern-day gurus
who now call themselves “Law of Attraction” crowd. It’s one
thing to be positive thinking BUT there are many teachings that
have crept in that are of heathen philosophies.

Being a New Ager or Law of Attraction crowd, you are likely
blinded to the flat earth truth – of which this website is all about.
Anyhow, let’s continue…

Any conscientious effort to present the gospel to a New Ager
eventually leads to a discussion of the Bible. Although such a
debate is engaged on Christian turf, it is often the New Ager, not
the Christian, who afterwards feels satisfied with the discussion.
For example:

Christian: Do you believe in Jesus?

New Ager: Yes, I believe in Jesus — and in Buddha, and
Ramakrishna, and my own guru, too.

Christian: But Jesus said in John 14:6, “I am the way, and
the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through

New Ager: That’s right! _I Am_ is the truth and the only way.

Christian: What?

New Ager: The _I Am Presence_ or spark of divinity in each
one of us!

Christian: Wait a minute. Jesus was speaking about

New Ager: Yes, and only when _each one of us_ can say with
Jesus, _I Am,_ will we realize God as Jesus did.

Christian: But 1 Timothy 2:5 says _the man Christ Jesus_ is
the only mediator between God and men.

New Ager: Oh, that means the only mediator is our Christ
Consciousness or Higher Self.

Christian: You’re taking the Bible out of context.

New Ager: The problem with you fundamentalists is you hang on
its every word. We’re in a New Age and much of the Bible is
obsolete! Yet there are also timeless truths within it, and only
when you accept the Universal Wisdom in _all_ religions will you
recognize those truths.

Christian: Second Timothy 3:16 says _all_ of Scripture is
God’s Word and profitable, so you can’t prove what you’re saying
from the Bible.

New Ager: You quote the Bible to prove the Bible and then
tell _me_ I lack proof? Actually, my guru does prove her teachings
from the Bible, because she can unlock its esoteric meaning. But
you fundamentalists are so obsessed with literal meaning you don’t
understand your own book. [End of discussion.]

In such a conversation the New Ager’s faith in mysticism and
his guru have hardly been shaken. The Christian, on the other hand,
has hardly become encouraged about further witnessing to New Agers.
Their words seem to miss each other as they speak from very
different presuppositions. How can the Christian scale this barrier
to effective evangelism? Let me suggest a basic approach.

Underlying the Christian-New Age debate is the question of how
much respect one should show the Bible. For Christians the Bible is
the authoritative Word of God. All of its teachings are true and in
agreement. Each passage has one objective interpretation that must
be sought.

To find the Bible’s true meaning, careful consideration must be
given to context — in the immediate passage, Scripture as a whole,
and the surrounding historical situation. In this way the Bible can
speak for itself.

New Agers, on the other hand, not only disregard the Bible’s
claim to be uniquely inspired by God – they don’t even show it the
respect any piece of literature deserves: to be understood
objectively, on its own terms. This is because they approach it
with biases derived from the authorities they do respect:
intuition and experience.

Because they have drunk from the well of mystical and psychic
experience, and because they have become immersed in the occult
teachings drawn from that well, New Agers usually accept only those
ideas that seem to confirm their own intuitions. For example, if a
teaching denies the divine oneness of all things and the underlying
harmony of the world’s religions, they reject it. However, since
Christianity is one of those supposedly harmonious religions, many
New Agers cannot accept that its Scriptures actually deny that
harmony and oneness – it must be that the “fundamentalists” are
misinterpreting them.

New Agers consequently have great difficulty allowing the Bible
to speak for itself. They always look for its hidden or mystical meaning,
they completely miss its obvious historical meaning — that is to
say, its true meaning. For biblical revelation has always been
primarily exoteric (plain and public) and not esoteric (cryptic and
exclusive) (Isa. 45:19; 48:16; Mark 4:22; John 18:20; Acts 26:26).
The God of the Bible made Himself known _in history_ through
prophetic words and miraculous deeds. Biblical salvation is
therefore _objective:_ it is first presented to the mind from
outside sources as received through the five senses.

When New Agers subjectively remold Scripture in the image of
esotericism they make a mistake a seeker of truth should never
make. They presuppose that their own understanding of Ultimate
Reality is the only possible one without seriously looking into
opposing claims to truth.

We Christians should point out to such New Agers that they,
too, are guilty of the “sin” of exclusivity. But while we exclude
other views by forthrightly denying them, they do so by dishonestly
affirming (i.e., redefining) them.

We are not asking them to blindly accept our interpretation of
the Bible, but to seek an objective understanding of its teachings.
If they find that it does present a view of reality in conflict
with their own, we further ask them as truth-seekers to seriously
consider the evidence in support of its claims before rejecting

Once New Agers agree to approach the Bible objectively, we have
grounds for calling them to honesty when they take the Bible out of
context. And once they begin to consider the claims of the Bible in
context, the power of the gospel will have an opportunity to
penetrate their minds and hearts.

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Kim Jong-un So Called 2,000k Missile Test

Kim Jong-un So Called 2,000k Missile Test

Recently we heard of Kim Jong-un, President of North Korea, tested a missile that we were told went 2,000 kilometres high. We, flat earth believers, know that man has never reached an altitude of 2,000k. This so-called flight of North Korea’s missile is a lie. It might really have been launched but it did not go to the altitude we were told.

Readers of this website know that there is not enough atmosphere to push off from. A video posed somewhere here explains that; you can’t fly in a vacuum or even a partial vacuum. When we see rocket launches we can see that the rockets make a parabolic curve and heads out over the Atlantic Ocean. If a rocket even went up to 400k (the altitude of the so-called International Space Station), why would it arch at a must less altitude and parallel the earth? It would still keep a vertical flight until it was out of sight; rockets going that high or higher would be going straight up until it was out of sight THEN it would enter orbit and circle the earth. But this is not what we see.

Kim Jong-un rocket was more like 2,000 METRES up and not KILMATRES up!

Talking about North Korea’s rocket launches, remember when Trump said that the next time Kim Jong-un tests a rocket America would go to war. Well, it exploded on launch. We had read some reports that it was destroyed by some ‘particle beam’ weapon. Now, this could be true, as the US military has many secrets some of which are weapons that are far beyond what we have now and that they are used in times like this. If this is true, it looks like it did not work this time around. Anyhow, Donald Trump said that there would be war if Kim Jong-un launched another missile. Well he did. Donald Trump did not declare war. Could it be, and this is just my thought on the subject, that someone high up in the military disobeyed his command? Could it be that some level-headed person knew it would start WWII? I don’t know, but it’s just a thought.

Finally, when people say “What difference does it make if the earth is flat or round,” I say it makes a lot of difference. By knowing that the earth is flat and knowing the related truths that go with it, flat earth believers – like us – can see through the lies of the media and government; and this recent news article is one of them. Flat earthers can see though lies such as:

That we went to the moon

That we sent satellites to Mars

That earth might be hit by a giant asteroid

In short, we don’t have the fear that many other people do.


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