The Two Bloodlines Of The Bible

The Two Bloodlines Of The Bible

By Rob Skiba

I find one point that I disagree with and that is about dinosaurs. We had already discussed this in a past post on this website. I don’t want to get into details now. Specifically, Rob Skiba quoted from the book of Job that this animal had a tail like a cedar tree. And that old Bible scholars attributed this to the hippo. Well, I agree with Rob that it could not have been a hippo, as their tails are very small. However, there is recorded throughout history of dragons. In fact, the Bible uses the word dragons. This is what you see of St. George slaying the dragon. Though this animal is much smaller, their tails, according to drawings were much bigger.

Think about it, God would not have these huge creatures eating up all the food supply of man, or we would not be here today.

Near the end of the video, Skiba said he doesn’t believe it’s a race issue. Well, many do, including myself. Just look at what the government, media and certain corporations are pushing today.




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Questions For Globe Earth Believers

Questions For Globe Earth Believers

Here are some questions for globe earth believers. A very important questions is, why we don’t see curved frozen water on a huge lake like Lake Baikal!





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The Truman Show: The Hidden Symbolism

The Truman Show: The Hidden Symbolism

Much in The Truman Show film is symbolism – they are telling us something. Like Truman, most humans follow a false belief; it’s a created reality where the truth is hidden from us. Keep your eyes open, do your research and you will see the Truth that God wants you to see.

The only way all this corruption can go on is, if we are lied to. When this happens, we can be controlled like the sheepeople that we are.

If you’ve ever seen the movie The Truman Show, you can see how it’s a lot like waking up. Waking up to this fake reality that we find ourselves living in. News stories are completely fabricated and are crafted to instil fear into the population and divide the people along with religion and politics. The education system is a brainwashing machine in place to teach slaves how to function. The allopathic medical system harms people, instead of healing them or teaching them how to heal themselves. The food isn’t real, the drinks aren’t real and the movie, music, fashion and adult film industries are all highly responsible for fuelling this toxic environment that’s constantly degrading around us. When one begins to see all this and awaken from a lifetime of deception, it’s very much reminiscent of the character Truman of the Truman Show. Not to mention living under a dome on a flat earth is actually a reality that we all share. Unlike the Truman Show dome, the dome you dwell in is a natural part of your cosmology. Since as far back as we know, all the cultures of the world have embraced living within this dome.


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Co-Pilot Of 737 Is A Flat Earther

Co-Pilot Of 737 Is A Flat Earther



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Liar for NASA, Neil deGrasse Accused of Raping Student

Liar for NASA, Neil deGrasse Accused of Raping Student

Globe earth believer and liar for NASA, Neil deGrasse is accused of raping a student. Total of there women come forth with charges of being drugged and raped. Well, this is to be expected by a liar and so-called scientist. For the full article, Click Here.

Neil deGrasse Tyson the Bill Cosby of science? He drugged and raped an astronomy student; sexually assaulted two other women, say claims

In this video are 10 big liars for the pharmaceutical corporations, and guess who made the list? Two well known flat earth debunkers! LOL.



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NASA Spots Strange Object On Mars

NASA Spots Strange Object On Mars

Another Mars Hoax

Check out this trashy news from NASA. This article has a close up picture of the object. Anyone could have taken the object, and, of course, it would be taken right here on earth. You don’t even need Photoshop to full the public. Here is an example where you can have a real picture and put a story to it that will give it an entirely different meaning.

I will try to keep up with any space news and give a flat earth believer’s interpretation of it. This will be a good way to answer a globe earth believer that brings up current space news. Click Here for the article.

Make sure to check out the sermon of the week in the Bible Study section of this website.


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How Your Future Home Could Look Like Under Agenda 21

How Your Future Home Could Look Like Under Agenda 21

Part of Agenda 21 is how people will be living after they are driven off the land. It will be a “pack-and-stack-em” existence. These dwelling units are already being built. Check out this video…


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Flat Earth, Alex Jones and Other Topics

Flat Earth, Alex Jones and Other Topics

This guy normally doesn’t talk about the flat earth but in this video he does; he questions why Alex Jones makes fun of flat earth believers and why Jones doesn’t bring up other topics. You might want to start in at 24 minutes if you are pressed for time.


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More Hidden Dangers On 5-G

More Hidden Dangers On 5-G

Here is a lot of information about the hidden dangers 5-G (more than what you hear on most sites). This interview is well worth listening to.

Jeff Rense interviews Joe Imbriano.

We know what the solution is, and that is to believe in Christ and follow His way of life as best as you can, and that includes advocating God’s laws. God knows the beginning from the end, and He planned for this. His enemies will not win. But you don’t hear this as the solution.

I went to this man’s website ( ) and I came across a section called, “Cosmology.” I was very pleased to find the following…

The Bible is either wrong or NASA is wrong. Either The Bible is a lie or NASA is a lie. The Bible clearly states the earth is flat covered by a dome. NASA claims the earth is round and revolves around the sun. From ancient civilizations to modern times we are told that the earth is flat with a dome Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian, Babylonians, Chinese, Indians, Greeks, Poets, Philosophers, Historians and modern evidences tell us that the earth is flat. So why does everyone believe what NASA tells us? Which one is it? You decide whether or not The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork.

This man is a flat earther. Our message of truth is getting out – praise God!

Author’s blogs:


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Replica of Noah’s Ark

Replica of Noah’s Ark

There are people who are critical about Noah’s Ark tourist site. There was the assorted atheists who oppose this but let shout. It would be nice had a drawing of the people who laughed at Noah and his family; then point their finger at the sign and at them.

If you are in the area, it would be well worth seeing.

Check out the weekly Sunday sermon under Bible Study.


More on the Ark by the sponsors



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