The Core Issue That Is Never Mentioned

The Core Issue That Is Never Mention By Most Truth Seekers

Have you notice that those who are big in the alternative media and knows about the covid conspiracy and other such topics – not one of them touch on the core issue. That is – while we are having these troubles in the first place and how to get out of it. Yet, they call themselves Christians. If they only read the Bible they would know. To sum it all up, if they just read Deuteronomy chapter 28. The whole Bible is repeats that theme – of why we have the problems and why the enemy is against us. It’s because of our disobedience, our sin. If the people just repent, change their ways, turn to God, wait on Him – THEN He will heal our land and our bodies. This is the secret weapon that we should use. It’s secret in that most people don’t know about it, yet it’s no secret because it’s in the most popular book that ever sold. That is why the Edomites hate Christianity, as the formula for their destruction in right in the Bible. We will not see victory until the people do that; we will not see Christ coming with a Sword and with the Host of Heaven until we turn to Him. Remember, Christ said He will not come with peace but with a sword. It’s only afterwards will the sword be turned into a ploughshare – as there will be no need for it, there will be no sin.

Deuteronomy 28 is so important that it is mentioned twice, in the book of Leviticus, word for word.

Think of this, one of the sins is against usury/interest. If the people woke up to this sin and only this sin, they would have more prosperity. But if they ignored the rest, look at how terrible it would be. Sure, the people would more money, be debt free and so would corporations and governments, but guess what? The people will have more money to engage in their lying, stealing, perversions and addictions. So, stopping all sin is the key.

How can the government stop us than? How can they stop us from praying in our homes? They can’t and that is what they are afraid of. But we don’t hear this from people who are suppose to be leaders in the patriotic movement know. However this is what will need to happen as that is what scripture says.

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Little Known Secrets of the Flat Earth

Little Known Secrets of the Flat Earth

Could the Earth Also Create It’s Own Metals?


I happened to be listening to an audio tape the other day that had nothing to do with the flat earth. In the beginning of this tape the speaker told about a news article that appeared on the front page of the Phoenix Gazette. This audio was made in 1982 and the speaker said the article was in a Saturday edition of the newspaper. No date was given.

The article said that divers in a submarine discovered 6,000 feet below the surface of the ocean, off the coast of California, what looked like chimneys rising 100 feet up with of a streams of oil coming out. They described it as seeing oil in the making; that there were different grades of oil. They also identified, upon examination, that this column was pushing up zinc, copper and iron oxide. The observers described it as earth’s oil fracking plant; that the earth actually creates its own oil. Now, this we have learned in recent years but to read this back in the 1980s shows that this information has been kept under wraps.

The interesting thing is, that could earth create its own minerals? Could earth create at least some of its own minerals? Or, was this minerals already deep underground? Since oil is created could minerals also be created? According to this old article it sounds like it. Think of the magnificence of God’s creation!

In recent years there have been talk on alternative news sites that the earth create its own oil. In other words, oil does NOT come from decaying plant and animal matter. During the time of the Soviet Union they had notices that some of their old oil wells that had gone dry filled up with oil again years later. Americans then discovered this same process but this information has been kept secret. The reason being is, to make it look like oil is in limited supply and thus keep the price of oil high.

Could the earth also be creating its own minerals – given a certain amount of time, pressure and heat to do so? Don’t expect to hear the truth from mainline media.

Now and then the truth comes out in the media – even if it’s by accident. Could this news article that appeared 34 years ago be one of them? Could the media been told not to report any more on such a topic?

Yahweh God, in His great wisdom, not only created the earth and all life therein but had planned from the beginning what would be needed thousands of years in the future? We are told in the Bible, for example, about Job; that God knew him from the foundations of the earth. Since God knows one person and how he’ll be, He also knows about each and everyone one of us. God also knows what man will and will not do, and plans things accordingly. In other words, God is not caught by surprised when some evil man does something and thereby messes up His plans. This is contrary to the false teachings that we have in churches today. If you talk to the average Christian they will tell you that God had Plan A, then when that didn’t work He had Plan B. An example would be that God chose the Jews but because they didn’t accept Christ as their Saviour, He had to go to Plan B and accept the Gentiles. (That is another whole story.) The point I want to make is that God had thought EVERYTHING out to the final conclusion.

You might want to do your own research on abiotic oil. Here are a couple of links to get you started:

Discovery backs theory oil not ‘fossil fuel’

I believe that God had created the earth and all the chemicals, metals and other materials that man needs. And that if we follow His Laws, Statues and Judgement, we will not be short of anything! Contrary to what the “fear mongers” would have you believe that we will run short of this, run short of that, etc. No, God has provided EVERYTHING for us in the right measure.

In conclusion, this is another secret of the flat earth, namely, that the earth produces its own oil and at least some of its own minerals. What a wonderful God we serve!

Hidden Gold

Talking about the earth producing its own oil and possibly its own minerals, the fact is that we do have more minerals in the ground than what is reported. My brother-in-law used to work in the South African mines many years ago digging for gold. There were mostly Black workers but he is White and was a good worker. He told me that on three occasions in his life he came across a vain of gold that was huge. He told his boss and the company was about ready to celebrate but the word came down from the very top of the company to remain silent and close up the shaft they dug! Get that: keep silent and close up the shaft.

Why was this? To keep the price of gold high! The exact location was market and the company kept a record of it, of course. So, when more gold is need, it’ll be there.

Hidden Diamonds

About the diamonds, I heard this from some reporter on the internet where she was shown by a rich Jewish owner of a diamond mine some diamonds. She was asked if she would like to see more diamonds, and she said yes. (What woman doesn’t want to see more diamonds 🙂 Anyhow, it wasn’t just a couple of rings or a small tray but crates of diamonds stored in a warehouse! Now, you can believe it or not. But knowing how the billionaires think it does not surprise me that they want to keep this hidden in order to keep the price high. You may ask why did this guy show this to the reporter in the first place? My guess is, that some people just have to tell someone else about a big secret, to brag a bit. But about him being afraid that this news would get out, he knows that would not be a problem. First off, the media is controlled. And IF the story gets out they can say it was not true and then not mention another word of it from then on. They also know that people have a short memory and will forget about it, too.

In short, this great flat earth of ours has enough treasure for all of us, it’s just that we are not told about it.


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Fear Tactics About the End of the Earth

Globe earth believers are great in “predicting” coming disasters to the earth. In a recent article on a website called, Terra Daily, we are told of six cosmic disasters that will destroy the earth. (Oh, really!) They are:

high energy solar flare

asteroid impact

expanding sun

local gamma ray burst

nearby super novas

moving stars

You might remember a time when you believed in such nonsense. I know that I did but at least I didn’t worry over it. Here, people are told that life will be destroyed in 7 billion years! Even if that was true, is that something to worry about? It’s amazing how “scientists” know what is going to happen in billions of years. Heck, they can’t even get next year’s prediction right on who is going to be President of the United States!

As a flat earth believer we now know that such science is really junk science. As Christians we know that Christ’s Kingdom will be set up on earth and there will be no expanding novas or giant asteroids on a collusion course with the earth.

Where I found this story was from an alternative news site by someone who is informed about the lies in the media, the New World Order, false flags and such, but he is clueless on some of the most important things we should know – namely, Bible truths. But such is they way things are today.

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Fake Alien Invasion Planned

Fake Alien Invasion Planned

You might want to download this if your computer is always buffing – which I find common on alternative video hosting sites but not on YouTube. There has been much news coverage of the possibility of alien live. As flat earth believers, we know this is a lie as it’s really the military involved in all this. Click Here

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Covid News That Is Not Covered Elsewhere – This Will Affect Everyone

Covid News That Is Not Covered Elsewhere – This Will Affect Everyone

As I mentioned previously, from time to time, I find it necessary that other news is covered here. News that affects everyone. Here is what I just learned that I thought important to share with you. Check out the links below for the full story.

What happened to a lady who took covid-19 test

Click here

Touching someone who was vaccinated

Click here

Video: stay away from vaxxed people

Click here and here

Vaccinated people and erratic driving

Click here

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Short Holiday

I’ll be away for a week for a much deserved holiday so stay tuned!
God Bless

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Fossil Fuel Hoax

Fossil Fuel Hoax

In our study of the flat earth it’s good to know about oil. Oil, we are told is limited and that it comes from dinosaurs and vegetation. Well, this is another lie that has been told us. Here are two videos for your consideration.

Science of Abiotic Oil

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Flat Earth School

Flat Earth School (from an old article)

Note: The following article is copied as it appeared in the The Bismarck newspaper of North Dakota. It’s sad that the flat earth facts are not taught in schools and churches today.

Zion, Ill. Oct. 20 – Zion schools of which Wilbur Glenn Voilva, the over-seer of the colony is president have adopted his new theories of a flat world and the absence of gravitation, and the 1,000 high school pupils that believe them implicitly, according to their teachers.

The public school maintained by the state board of education and attended by the children of non-members of Voliva’s Christian-Catholic Apostolic church still teaches, however, that the world is not a globe moving through limitless space and that it was the attraction of gravity which caused the apple to fall on Isaac Newton’s head.

New Course

At the Zion schools the new course of study teachers that:

The earth is a flat circular world, with a north pole in the exact center, no south pole and surrounded by a wall of ice which keeps venturesome mariners from falling off the rim.

That the earth has no motion but remains stationary in space.

That the sun is not thousands of miles in diameter and 91,000,000 miles away, but is really a little orb 32 miles across and only 3,000 miles from the earth.

That the law of gravitation is a fallacy and when object are thrown into the air they continue to rise until the force which propelled them is expended, and then fall back to earth because they are heavier than air.

A standard map of the world, on Christopher’s projection, is used in the schools to demonstrate the flat world theory. This map, which is used by navigators and scientists in making time and longitude calculations, differs from the usual Mercator’s projection familiar in other schools, in that it shows the earth as it would look to an observer directly above the north pole, with the continents and seas projected on a flat plane. As a result of the north pole is in the center, and instead of a south where the Antarctic regions are indicated by a white ring about the outer circumference of the circle. This ring, according to Voliva, is the ice barrier which keeps mariners from falling off the edge of his flat world.

The Christopher projection was made 30 years ago, prior to the discover of the south pole and before much was known about the Antarctic regions, so only a bare outline of portions of the southern ice land is shown.

Believer in Theories

Miss Mary Thompson, principle of the Zion school system, and an ardent believer in the Voliva theories, has propounded a question which she believes will trip scientists and navigators. Showing on her flat map that the tropic of Cancer, 43 degrees from the north pole, is a much smaller circle than the tropic of Capricorn, 47 degrees farther away, Miss Thompson says:

“Navigators on a globular earth would find if they were to sail completely around either of these tropics that they would be identically the same length. On a flat earth, however, the tropic of Capricorn would be much larger than the tropic of Cancer, and would take much longer to sail around, because on a flat earth Cancer would be nearer the center, or north pole. Why don’t some of the globular earth believers try sailing around the two tropics and find out whether they or we are correct? The globular people certainly can’t prove curvature of the earth.”

Miss Eva Baker, teacher of geography demonstrates to her classes that the sun is only a tiny orb a few thousand miles away, instead of an orb thousands of miles in diameter and 91,000,000 miles from the earth. If the sun was so large, she says, it would light up all the world, instead of confining its hottest rays to a 3,000 mile wide belt between the two tropics. Voliva himself, in a recent sermon at Shiloh Tabernacle, said God certainly would not have made a sun to light the world and then placed it so far away.

“A man would be a fool,” the overseer added, “to build a house in Zion and place his parlor light in Kenosha Wisconsin.”

“World is Flat”

Miss Thompson, principal of the schools, says the children prefer their new flat world to the old fashioned round one in which Columbus believed.

“The student in Zion schools,” she says, “grasp the theory of the flat earth readily because their minds are not full of globular earth teaching such as older folks have had drilled into them. Therefore, they accept the flat earth teaching without question, not because they have to, but because it appeals to them as rational. I don’t believe there is one student in the grades who has questioned it. The flat earth seems more reasonable to them. The globular, unreal.”

Wilbur Glenn Voliva, who succeeded John Alexander Dowie as overseer of Zion on the latter’s death in March, 1907, was born near Newton Indiana, March 10 1870. In 1897 he received his B.A. From Hiram College, Ohio, and in the same year a degree from Union Christian College at Merom, Indiana. In 1889 he has been ordained at minister in the Christian church at the age of 19, and held a pastorate at Linden, Ind., from 1889 to 1892; Urbana, Ill., 1892-93; studied theology at Stanfordvile, N.Y., 1893-94 and supplied the pulpit of Chestnut Street Christian Church at Albany, N.Y.; filled a pulpit at York Harbor, me., the following year; and was pastor of the Christian Church at Washington, C.H., Ohio., in 1897-99.

In 1899, Voliva joined Dowie’s church and was ordained an elder and placed in charge of the Zion tabernacle in Chicago. In 1900 and 1901 he represented Dowie at Cincinnati; and then was sent to Australia as overseer of the Dowie settlement of Zion there. He returned to Zion, Ill., in 1906 as assistant to Dowie.

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Comparing Smoke In The Car to Earth and Our Atmosphere

When we use this analogy, it’s good to inject the word “atmosphere,” and “clouds” when we are talking about the cigarette smoke in the car. This way, while you are still taking about the car, it will make critics of the flat earth compare it to the spinning earth.. When they see the absurdity of one, they will see the absurdity to the other – we hope.

When you give your talk, ask and answer the typical questions people will have, the message will go over better. When you do this during your talk, it will save a lot of Q&A time afterwards. Also, you might bring up objections that they haven’t thought of, which is good.

It could go like this:

Astronomers tell us that the atmosphere moves with the spinning earth. If this is true, why doesn’t the smoke in the car remain with the car? The reason why it doesn’t is because the windows are open. We know that with the windows shut tight only then does the atmosphere remain inside. Therefore, for it to be the same comparison with Earth, there would have to be a shield protecting Earth. Again, we are told that we have been to the Moon; that we have sent satellites to the edge or our solar system. IF there was a shield, our satellites would not be able to penetrate it. If the earth is spinning at 1,000mph, the shield will have to be stronger than in a normal car.

People who believe in the heliocentric model have to admit that there is no physical barrier, yet, somehow believe that different atmospheres exist side by side.

But there is another problem with comparing the car to Earth and that is the wheels of the car that is turning and not the body of the car, not the chassis. When you are in a car, you have the spinning wheels and the non-moving chassis. When making a comparison with the spinning Earth and the atmosphere in a car that is enclosed, it’s NOT the same. When your feet are on the floor of the car, the floor is not spinning. When we are on Earth, the Earth is not spinning but critics tell it is and somehow it’s OK with them that we don’t feel it.

If Earth is spinning we would certainly feel it – and you know that it’s not possible. Your feet cannot say on wheels going 50mph, and it certainly can’t stay on “wheels” of Earth going 1,000mph!

Clouds would not be able to slowing drift by if the Earth was spinning (not to mention many other things). Just like smoke will not be able to stay in a car that has no windscreen when travelling.

They should understand how birds can fly, how they can throw something straight up in the air and come down in the same place – and not 100 yards away from the spinning earth.

To say, as many heliocentric scientist would say, that the spinning Earth is like a car with its own atmosphere moving along the road is wrong. Firstly, it ignores what I just said. Secondly, there is a shield in the car example, and that is the body of the car, including the windows. If you removed all the windows, it will not have it’s own atmosphere. If you still insist our atmosphere moves along with Earth like that of a car, it would have to be because of some shield that is keeping our air from blowing away – like in a car. There are two points I’d like to bring up on this:

1 – That it’s the Earth spinning – that which we stand on, that which we have our homes on. With the car example, it’s not the floor of the car but the wheels.

2 – Ignoring the above (which you can’t in science, but we’ll do so here) – where is this shield? This shield will not only have to be strong enough to protect us from 1,000mph speed, but also for 67,000mph, 500,000mph and for the speed of light? Why do I say all of this? Because this is what we are told by astronomers, people who work for space agencies and our teachers.

This has to be a God made object. So, where is it? We are told that we have sent men to the Moon. Since we are told they went there, they didn’t pass such a shield. Nothing can penetrate something that strong. We are told that we sent satellites to the end of our solar system and beyond. So, this shield is not anywhere between earth and Pluto. Where is it?

I heard Dr Kent Hovind, a science teacher, talk when refuting the flat Earth, he compared the spinning Earth to what is inside of a car while traveling; he said that this protection is like a blanket around the round earth. But he never thought of what I just wrote, and he probably will never bring it up, either.

As a side note ,there is a dome or firmament, as the Bible states, and it is above the Earth but its purpose is different and it only fits with a stationary Earth; Earth that is NEITHER spinning nor moving forward. Here, I just want to talk about a shield with Earth that is moving from 1,000mph to the speed of light (about 670 million miles per hour).

There is no shield that has been discovered. Now, if this shield did exist, like Kent Hovind claims and many others like him, it would have to be the whole shield spinning too. But somehow, some magical way, it would have to take the atmosphere along with the spin. It would have to take the Earth as well. So, you have a spinning indestructible shield, along with all objects spinning in perfect timing with it, that will include man, airplanes, birds, butterflies and even the gases that make up the atmosphere – they would have to turn at the same time in order that we will not be able to detect it.

This shield, could be pictured like this: Above this hollow shell would be the blackness of space for billions of light years. Then the shell, the Earth’s atmosphere and the Earth itself. Now, somehow, this spinning shell would have to be connected to the solid earth, too. But mankind and all living creatures would somehow not feel this force, see this force or test this force in anyway. That is the only model that heliocentric scientists, like Kent Hovind represents. Only this model can explain their claim of how the Universe is. In short it’s all hogwash – an impossibility. All of this defies logic, physics, common-sense and reality. In fact, it’s not even good science fiction. And we are to believe this?

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Do Not Love The World Nor The Things In The World

Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever. ” – I John 2:15 -17

Yes, in the beginning, in Genesis, we read that God created the world and it was good. We must think back to when He said it – it was before all the evil and violence that occurred. Not only do we have wickedness among the people but certain wealthy people have corrupted what God created. Such things as damaging and even changing our DNA. They have poisoned the water we drink, the food we eat, the soil and air they have polluted.

When you talk to those who are not Christian, they love the world, meaning, they love the world political and economic system. Most of the wealthy are very materialistic, that they think nothing of starting a war in order to rape other nations of their natural resources, or to get them trapped in the ungodly usury system and get them tied into the world banking system. This, in short, impoverishes the people and makes certain people extremely rich. Yes, they love the world and all that is in it. As Christian people who know their Identity, we do not love this world system.

If you look up the Greek word for “world” here it means, “cosmos” or “world order.” This is what we are against, are we not? We are against just about everything that this “world order,” or “New World Order” is pushing. So, don’t think I mean being against the Earth and all of God’s beautiful creation.

That doesn’t mean that Christians should not like nice things and have a better standard of living, it’s that we are not to love the Beast System that we have in place.

It’s plane to see that loving the things in the world order is contrary to God. Yet, the Edomites are pushing people to be materialistic. Just look at Madonna and her song, Material Girl – making being materialistic look cool. The antichirsts uses technology to push their system; they know how music and films can be used to make people think “it’s the cool thing to do.” They know psychological programs and triggers work to get you to join the crowed; to make you feel as an odd ball if they don’t join your friends; that if you are different, you are a racist and Nazi. Maybe it is this group of people, along with others, that they fear most, so that is why those use such labels. Check out what the opposition really believes and don’t let the enemy tell you what they believe; when you do this, you’ll find the opposite is true.

Think of the world system (cosmos). Do you love:

anti-Christian films?

anti-Christian “music”?


GMO food?

allopathic medicine?


dumbing down of our children?

fake news?


usury banking system?

immigration and allowing the kinds of people in?

forced integration in our neighbourhoods?


Do you like this? Of course not! Then you should be against the world – the world system. For any Christian who really loves God and His Laws, it’s quite easy to be against the “New World Order,” as they call it. There really is nothing “new” about this; it’s an age-old system used by the enemies of ancient Israel, some of whom were the Canaanite and Edomites, and whose descendants are with us today.

Do we not stand opposite of globe earth believers? Are we not opposite of Evolutionists? This is all part of loving the world. We love the world as Yahweh, God, created it and not what has become now.

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