Inventing Reality

Inventing Reality

Reality has to be invented in order for people to believe in a globe spinning earth, as there is an agenda behind this. There is also big money behind it, too. With this in mind, listen to Michael Parenti talk about how the media invents reality and some hard core examples of it. Reality inventing is key to keeping people from knowing of a flat stationary earth, as you well know.

Mr. Parenti also wrote a book titled: “Inventing Reality” for those who would like to know more about what he says. However, I don’t agree with everything he says, as Parenti has a leftist nature, himself, but enough is said that is true.



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Which Is Science And Which Is Fraud?

Which Is Science And Which Is Fraud?

Consider some of the revealing language used by experts to describe computer-programmed “Virtual Reality” Space Technology:

a work of art

a dream

additional reality

a new reality

a new kind of experience

inventing reality

Watch for these catchy phrases in articles the next time you read about technology.

How about this New Age talk: “a potential virtual reality which can bring a new kind of Spiritual Understanding.” Or, “ computers are reality generators,” or, “realism is a cultural construct dependent on time, place and technology.” Sounds like shades of David Ike!

These sound-bite assurances from several qualified sources tell us what VR technology means to its devotees. They tell us what VR is doing and what it is capable of doing. Obviously, in the minds of its fans, this technology represents a paradigm shift in the role of computers. These advocates are talking about making real what is not real and calling it what it isn’t, namely, REAL. They are talking about a revolutionary Spiritual shift to a dimension of computer use which involves the black art of mind control, i.e., witchcraft….

The critical issues involved here are:

a) Who creates this new reality that is not real?

b) Who inputs it?

c) Is the passion for creating computer-programmed deceptions about Space merely a tax-supported high tech video game for late-developing cyberpunks weaned on Star Treck films.

d) Are some folks with hard-core anti-Bible and even Kabbalist agendas behind these “reality generators”?

e) Does premeditated deception become “Science” because it uses computer technology?

Is it any wonder why people are so mixed up? Why they still don’t see the lie of CGIs? They can’t see through these fake images because that is their reality!


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Flat earth coverage from a TV station in Knoxville, TN.

Some Late Flat Earth News

From a TV station in Tennessee

Click Here

Midlands Express News

Fabricated Truth

Click Here

From the Wacky World of Treehuggers

Click Here







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Lending Money At Interest (Usury)

Lending Money At Interest (Usury)

For the LORD thy God blesseth thee, as he promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee. Deuteronomy 15:6

(Check out the book below.)

We read in the Bible that, when we are in obedience, we shall lend to other nations and they shall not lend to us. That means, that we have the wealth to do so – WHEN we are in obedience to God’s laws.

I read that it was during the Reagan years as President that America went from a lending nation to a borrowing nation. But think of this, even when we were a ‘lending’ nation, we were NOT in obedience to God’s laws. So, is there a conflict with the Bible? No. Though America was lending to other nations, it was not God’s Saxon people (and related white race) that was lending the money – it was the Edomite, just like it is today. So, even before President Reagan’s time, Christians were not benefiting – it was the non-Christians. And that was because we did not have God’s laws as the laws of the land.

John Perkins worked for the International Monetary Fund back in the 1970’s and his job was to convince government leaders to borrow money. This is all recorded in his book, “I Was An Economic Hit Man.” The nations became involved in debt, thus making the IMF able to collect their collateral – which was the natural resources of the nation. The people were sent into poverty as a result of the austerity that was imposed on them. So, it was a curse to the people.

The reason why borrowing money from others – whether it be a private individual, business or government is, that interest has to be paid back. This is not how we as individuals or as a nation is to lend money.

When you hear that a nation lends money to another nation, the people of the nation lending the money certainly don’t receive any benefits and that is because it were banks that make all the money. The people of the nation that borrows money are not benefited because, they have to pay more taxes to try to pay back the loan; businesses close, people are laid off because of the general austerity of the nation; the benefits that the people did get from the nation are no longer available because they don’t have the money, either. The natural resources of the nation now goes to a foreign business and not their local businesses.

America is to be a blessing to other nations and not a curse; other Christian nations are to be a blessing to other nations but are not. The reason is simple, that we are not following God’s laws, and in this case, as it applies to economics.

Now that the American government is doing the borrowing, we are suffering; there is austerity in the land despite what Donald Trump says. When there is a burst of economic activity it’s always short lived. The reason why is, that more money is borrowed but soon it has to be paid back. And the way it’s paid back is by: more taxes, more selling of public works to private business (which results in higher prices) and cut back on government services.

America is not fulfilling its biblical destiny, if they were, they would be a blessing to other nations. You become a blessing to yourself and other nations by doing it God’s way.

With all this in mind, here is a copy of a rare book titled: Usury and the Church of England. Click Here


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Addiction Nation

Addiction Nation

  It seems that we are an addiction nation – there are addictions of all kinds and it’s getting worse. Addictions had always been around but now it’s more than ever. Not only is the percentage of it going up but there are more kinds of addictions that were not possible a few short years ago.

Now, this article is not meant to be one that is researched with all the details, as that would take more time to put out – there are other articles out there now. The purpose of this article is to show, in layman’s terms, the various kinds of additions – even those that the Establishment says are not but really are. So, let’s continue…

Let’s take a look at the older addictions. There is alcohol and drugs. Alcohol is the oldest and probably been with us since the beginning of time. Next is the street drugs that invaded America in the 1950s onward. Later, there have been more addictive drugs such as crack cocaine and others that I can’t even name.

We are told, and witness first hand, that anti-depressants are addictive along with other prescription drugs.


Gambling addition has been around since recorded history but technology has made it worse. Not long ago, the only place you could gamble was out in Las Vegas. Now you have gambling all over. You also have online gambling and because of the speed in which the game is played, it encourages people to play more. No more do you have to travel thousands of miles to lose your money, you can do it right online. It’s the rush and the speed that fuels addictions.

Video Games

Video games, as it has turned out, is an addiction. Naturally, most people who play are not addicted but there are those who are serious about their playing; they ignore time that should be spent around the home dong things and spending quality time with the family. This was not even imagined 20 years ago, as the technology didn’t even exist.


Pornography is another addiction as millions of men watch it every day. Years ago, there was pornography but a person had to go out and buy a magazine or video. Now, all of this can be watched online and it’s free. This is replacing normal sexual relationship that a man should have with his wife.

Acceptable Additions”

Then, there are the acceptable additions, ones that we think noting of, and ones that we are all engaged in to a certain extent. There are additions from sugar, coffee, “energy drinks” (which are nothing more than sugar and caffeine). The energy drinks has made addicts to millions of young children. If it wasn’t for the marketing and the big (but short-time) boost to energy, children would not be added to this. After all, drinking energy drinks is more “fun” than sitting in a cafe with a cup of coffee.

There is the smoker with manufactures deliberately putting chemicals in the cigarettes to make them more addictive.

It Doesn’t Stop There

You think that this would be all the addictions there could be, but it’s not. There is the shopping addition. While “the shop till you drop” had been around for awhile, online shopping has turned this into a real addiction. I’m not saying that just because you buy something on eBay or Amazon that you are addicted, I’m not. There are real needs for purchases. However, because of the speed in which you can buy things seems to be the key to shopping addictions.

While shopping additions do not lead to bad health, it can in the long run. When you buy too much, when you buy something that is not a necessity and not having the money to buy that which is a necessity, your family suffers.

Think about this, traditional shopping requires you to get in the car, drive to the mall. Then walking from shop to shop. Then, you have to go the department you want, find the adult section, and look through the racks. Then, you get in your car again, fight the traffic to go to another shop. In between you stop for something to eat. All of this takes time. But with online shopping you can type in what you are looking for and in a section find it. Then you can scroll down to see other like items. The speed in which you are seeing things adds fuel to your shopping; you get that “feel good factor” with each purchase. Before you know it, you’ve spent $50 or $100 dollars.

When you shop on eBay, you have that adrenaline rush when you win. Then you eye catches something else and within a couple of minutes you find yourself buying something else. It’s the adrenaline rush and the speed that you can get it that helps create an addiction.

One More Major Addiction

There is one more major addictions that didn’t exist 20 years ago, and that is social media. With Facebook and Twitter, people have to see what “their friends” are up to; what pictures and videos were posted. People strive to get more Likes and Followers.

What added a great deal of fuel to social media are the iPhones. Unless someone is actually driving, they are on their phones. And even people that are driving, you see some of them checking their messages. Teenagers and people in middle age are glued to their iPhones. They walk being on their iPhones, they go out for a drink but stay on their phones; they eat with one hand and have their thumb type out a message with the other – probably typing, “Jamie, pass me the salt please.” There literally is no social engagement though it’s called social media. People don’t have friends any more, they have Followers.

You have millions of people that are developing all kinds of emotional issues because of nasty comments they get on their iPhones; they are bullied, called names, made fun of and are even bullied if they don’t show a nude video of themselves. Children have committed suicide while others go on a rampage – all because of social media.

Children and even adults go to bed with the iPhones – being constantly exposed to radiation. They type until they fall asleep; they ignore their studies, their family and getting out in the sun and getting exercise all because of their addiction to social media.


With all the addictions, is there any wonder why we are Addiction Nation? And, it’s not just one nation involved but every industrial nation in the world.

News Flash: Right after I posted the above, I read today’s news item about Facebook and addition. Click Here to read the original article.



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Message to Ignorant Pastors Who Are Against The Flat Earth

Message to Ignorant Pastors Who Are Against The Flat Earth

Also, make sure you check out this week’s sermon under Bible Studies tab (found at the top of this website).



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Doctors or God?

Doctors or God?


My wife, Lisa, just shared something with me that made my day. She said that she has copied into her journal a few verses from the book of Proverbs, and she reads them every day. Because Lisa and I have turned away from Mainstream Medicine (MM), we look only to God and our own sincere efforts for maintaining our health. Pause for a moment, please, and these few verses from Proverbs 3 which Lisa treasures.

3:1 “My Son, forget not my laws; but let thine heart keep my words; for length of existence and years of life, and peace, shall they add to thee. Let not mercy and truth forsake thee; but bind them about thy neck; so shalt thou find favour; and do thou provide things honest in the sight of the Lord, and of men.

3:5 “Trust in God with all thine heart; and be not exalted in thine own wisdom. In all thy ways acquaint thyself with her [God’s wisdom], that she may rightly direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own conceit; but fear God, and depart from all evil. Then shall there be health to thy body, and good keeping to thy bones.

3:9 “Honour the Lord with thy just labours, and give Him the first of thy fruits of righteousness; that thy storehouses may be completely filled with corn, and that thy presses may burst forth with wine.

3:11 “My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; nor faint when thou art rebuked of him; for whom the Lord loves, he rebukes, and scourges every son whom he receives.

3:13 “Blessed is the man who has found wisdom, and the mortal who knows prudence. For it is better to traffic for her than for treasures of gold and silver. And she is more valuable than precious stones; no evil thing shall resist her; she is well known to all that approach her, and no precious thing is equal to her in value. For length of existence and years of life are in her right hand; and in her left hand are wealth and glory; out of her mouth proceeds righteousness, and she carries law and mercy upon her tongue. Her ways are good ways, and all her paths are peaceful. She is a tree of life to all that lay hold upon her; and she is a secure help to all that stay themselves on her, as on the Lord.

3:21 “My son, let not my counsel and understanding pass from thee, but keep them; that thy soul may live, and that there may be grace round thy neck; and it shall be health to thy flesh, and safety to thy bones; that thou mayest go confidently in peace in all thy ways, and that thy foot may not stumble. For if thou rest, thou shalt be undismayed; and if thou sleep, thou shalt slumber sweetly. And thou shalt not be afraid of alarm coming upon thee, neither of approaching attacks of ungodly men. For the Lord shall be over all thy ways, and shall establish thy foot that thou be not moved.” (From the Greek Septuagint Bible of 285BC, the Bible used by Jesus and His disciples)

Oh, how easy it is to read over passages like that when casually reading the Bible! And then, when someone points it out, it is as though a rich treasure is set into your lap.

Right away, my thoughts turned to the great dependence on Mainstream Medicine our people have yielded to. Most of our people have placed their health and their lives in the hands of MM which admits it does not attempt to cure any ailment but only treats symptoms. Huge portions of incomes, especially of the elderly, now go to the Medicine Lords. Many elderly people sit alone and hungry because their monthly checks go first for prescription drugs which their doctors claim are absolutely necessary for their lives. Their quality of life is completely gone, replaced with misery, doctors, and pills. Picture in your own mind an aged person reading his/her Bible daily, praying often, and then trusting doctors with their lives instead of God. I cry in frustration and anger at the sadness in that scene. I want to shake them and say, “Do you fear death so much that you won’t trust Him who welcomes you through that glorious door at the end of your life? Do you think about what you are doing by trusting doctors more than God? Do you not believe that your life will end when God chooses, regardless of how much you pay your Medicine Lords to extend it?”

Lisa and I are 67 years old now, and we haven’t used doctor’s care for nearly fifteen years because we’ve taken our health into our own hands, with guidance from God. While MM doesn’t attempt to cure any ailment, most serious ailments ARE cured fairly easily by Alternative Treatment methods (Natural or Holistic medicine). Let me share with you a little information about Mainstream Medicine that you might not know.

I already mentioned that doctors only treat symptoms. That means if something is causing you pain, they give you pain pills rather than attempting to correct the problem which caused the pain. If arteries are clogged, they roto-root them or bypass them rather than eliminating the plaque by simple and natural methods. If the thyroid gland is impaired, they remove it and you must take a medicine (synthroid) for the rest of your life to do what the thyroid used to do; rather than directing you to take a little iosol (iodine), which can restore the thyroid to health. If you develop sugar-diabetes, they prescribe a lifelong medicinal treatment program rather than suggesting a change in diet which cures diabetes within a few weeks. Many effective cures for cancer have been found, but all have been outlawed in the U.S. Etc., etc. It’s their business which they are nurturing, not your health! Thou shalt have no other health gods before MM. A respected and highly-skilled physician told me, in a private and personal conversation, that it would be a 180 degree turnabout for MM to think of cures rather than treatment of symptoms.

Dr. Mercola ( published a six part series of articles in July 2004 which revealed that iatrogenics (errors by physicians, surgeons or medical treatments) is the leading cause of death in the U.S., above even cancer or heart-disease. Back in the year 2,000, iatrogenics was the Third Leading Cause of Death. In 2006 it is now in first place. Mercola published the research of the following team: Gary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND, Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio MD, and Dorothy Smith PhD. You can do an internet search for details. Their research concluded the following numbers for ANNUAL UNNECESSARY MEDICAL EVENTS: in hospitals (people affected = 8.9 million, of which 1.78 million die), by medical procedures (people affected = 7.5 million, of which 1.3 million die). Total average annual deaths by medical errors = 3.08 million.

Now, I ask you this: would you eat from a restaurant buffet table if you knew that one of the items would kill you. Even if you were starving, would you pay an exorbitant price to eat from that buffet table? If you are having a health problem, would you go to Mainstream Medicine if the danger of fatality is equally risky?

THE DREADFUL HEALTH INQUISITION is the title of an article published in the Journal of Preventative and Alternative Medicine, vol. 4/No. 1, page 3 (318 Indian Trace, #102, Weston, FL 33326).

It is a lengthy article which provides a lot of information about this crisis. For instance, according to the “American Heart Association, heart and circulatory diseases cost Americans more than $150 billion a year. This is about $2,000 per family for the treatment, but not the cure, of heart disease alone!” What is so outrageous is that cholesterol/plaque buildup in arteries can be easily removed by some simple dietary changes and some natural chelation supplements. But, MM would lose your business if they suggested such things. Worse is the fact that any doctor who dares to suggest natural therapies will be attacked by the AMA and the U.S. Government. Recommended readings on this subject are THE MEDICAL MAFIA, by Quebec physician, Guylaine Lanctot; and THE MEDICAL RACKET by New York Times bestselling author, Martin L. Gross. Perhaps the best book on the subject is RACKETEERING IN MEDICINE, by Dr. James P. Carter, M.D., Dr.PH. He is a medical school professor. Dr. Carter writes, “The American public has no idea how politics secretly control the practice of medicine. If a doctor dares to introduce a natural, less costly method, no matter how safe or effective, Organized American Medicine can target this doctor for license revocation using fear tactics and legal maneuverings. Why do holistic therapies threaten medicine? –They involve a major change in scientific thought, –They imply that the current methods are inadequate, and –They threaten huge profits of a powerful branch of medicine or a drug company.” Regarding bypass surgeries and balloon angioplasty, he describes how those money making methods brought fame and fortune to heart specialists, surgeons, and the hospital industry. “No one is disputing the fact that these procedures save lives, but, at the same time, the effectiveness of such hi-tech discoveries were never actually proven to increase the lifespan of patients by unbiased studies.”

WHAT? Did he say that studies show no increase in lifespans for patients who suffered the terrors of modern science? Then, why pay your money and suffering for no benefit to your lifespan? The above article goes on to relate horror stories of many doctors and individuals who were prosecuted for attempting to promote natural cures for ailments which instead make doctors rich by simply treating the symptoms. The U.S. legal system protects the doctors, hospitals, and drug companies.

Christian friends, does the above mean anything to you? Will you think about it? Will you ponder whether God might be more worthy of your trust than the medical exploiters? Or will you run to your doctor at the first sign of discomfort?

I think most readers’ immediate response to the above would be something like: “yeah, it’s easy for Roger to be so arrogant; he doesn’t have my problem!” And you are right! What’s more, I don’t expect to have such problems, UNLESS God wills it. I am totally confident that if I do the best that I can for myself in the care of this body which is His Temple, then whatever He wills for me is simply that: His will. My life belongs to Him, and He can end it at any moment with or without my consent. It’s easier for me that I give my consent in advance, without any reservations. I go to bed each night asking that He let me come home, and I sleep peacefully, happy in the thought that I might get to go home. Each morning, I look at the new day excitedly, thinking it is one more chance to express Him through my life. I don’t care what the day brings; I’ll do the best that I can, happily and enthusiastically, and then will be content when evening comes. I ask you to ponder whether I should change my attitude and call upon doctors to trespass into this Temple which belongs to God. For me it is a matter of SECURITY; where should I place my trust, Mammon or God? Insurance or Faith? Doctors or Prayer? I feel much more secure with God than risking that medical buffet table.

Since 1992 I’ve carried a card in my wallet, in view next to my driver’s license, which reads: “EMERGENCY I hereby REFUSE any medical care beyond first aid at the scene and transport home. I have no insurance and refuse to pay any hospital or doctor bills. I am not responsible for consents I sign while impaired by pain or drugs. It is known by my family & attorney that I carry this card.”

If you need some worldly reasons to consider turning your life over to God, let me share this with you. I don’t pay $88 per month from my Social Security for Medicare Part B. Further, I don’t have any medical insurance payments. I don’t drive to town to visit a doctor, nor to pharmacies to buy prescriptions. And I don’t suffer the health anguishes from trusting in doctors instead of God. I enjoy working outdoors on my little farm, caring for my cow and a couple pigs and some chickens, putting up fences, digging waterline trench, mowing grass, hauling bags of feed, etc. Last winter I began building a small house for my father-in-law on December 10. He moved into it on February 22. I built it by myself, (had some help with the sheetrock) during the winter, in snow and cold. I’m 67.

In the end, all I can say to you or anyone is that if you like your state of health under the Medicine Lords, you might want to stay with them. But, if you aren’t happily looking toward a long and healthy future, you might consider switching allegiances. If you feel fearful about abandoning MM in order to trust an intangible God, you might read again the excerpt from the book of Proverbs, above, to see what promises God WANTS to fulfill, if you will let Him.

Finally, if you abandon medicines with disastrous results and wish to sue me for bad medical advice, be advised that I am not a licensed medical practitioner of any kind, and that I don’t advise you or anyone to try this. This article is ONLY for one who seeks a closer relationship with God; and might find an incentive here toward that end.



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Line of Sight Radar

Line of Sight Radar

A Navy engineer talks about his experience in the Navy and says, in essence, that the earth is flat.




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Carbonaro Effect And How People Are Manipulated

Carbonaro Effect And How People Are Manipulated

Unlike most “magic” shows where talented magicians perform magic in front of people who fully expect to be tricked by apparent magic, Michael Carbonaro performs magic that’s presented as “normal” reality. In other words, he performs astonishing feats of sleight of hand, but then acts surprised when observers express astonishment at what they just witnessed. In most of his bits, he tries to convince the observers that what they just witnessed was completely normal (and even commonplace).

He accomplishes this through the application of social engineering strategies. Think of how everything else is being engineered. Long before there was Facebook and Twitter, there were the newspapers and TV.

How “social engineering” achieves mind control for the gullible masses

“Social engineering” describes the application of verbal strategies designed to invoke the innate social conformity desires of sheeple (i.e. people who don’t think for themselves but who want to fit in with the crowd). This was documented in 1896 by Gustave La Bon who wrote “The Crowd.” Nearly all people are actually sheeple. Very few individuals are willing to question a “consensus” put forth by others, even if that consensus is obviously false or violates the laws of physics.

When you think in terms what we are told about the Earth and the “trillions of planets” spinning and going in multiple directions at the same time, we simply believe what we are told. When you view this short video clip, people are told, “This is how we are doing it today…” and they believe it. So, think when we are told, “This is how Earth looks like and it’s traveling 65,000 mph around the sun…” we simply believe it. We don’t give critical judgement.

This can be applied to other areas, too, such as flu shots. For example, consider how many people are absolutely convinced that flu shots always work and are backed by exhaustive scientific trials, even when flu shot insert sheets openly admit the vaccines have been subject to no clinical trials whatsoever and aren’t backed by any clinical evidence of efficacy.

The point I want to make is, and the Mike Carbonaro videos show, that you can tell any kind of story and people will believe it; they just don’t use logic to see if this is true or not. You do have to tell a story or give an explanation but if people see something they’ll believe it rather than thinking to themselves that this is a trick or an illusion of some kind. Just like the stories that we are given that goes along with NASA’s CGI graphic – people will believe it. Now, we can see how people will believe anything.

In fake news, you can have any kind of video or pictures that go with it, twist and turn it in a completely fabricated story and people will believe it. He we see that you don’t have to be in a crowd and be effected by mass crowd hysteria, as individuals will believe whatever they are told.



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Geoengineering: Could this have caused the Tsunami in Indonesia?

Geoengineering: Could this have caused the Tsunami in Indonesia?

Is there a connection between weather modification and

the tsunami, earthquake and volcano eruption in Indonesian?

Check out this video…




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