How Many People Have To Be Involved In A Conspiracy?

How Many People Have To Be Involved In A Conspiracy?

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A question asked by this astro-not is, “How many people have to be involved in a conspiracy?” (Part one of this video was shown in a previous post.) How I would answer this is, by definition, if you have two or more people who know something that the public doesn’t know, it can be called a conspiracy. Now, this guy thinks that it would be impossible to have many people in on a conspiracy. This is not true. A prime example is, The Manhattan Project. This was a research project that was started my the Americans to make an atomic bomb. Do you know how many people were in on this? Records show 25,000! Now that is a lot. Yet, this this secret was successful – not only being hidden from the American public, but also from the Germans.

The fact is, that you don’t need that many people involved in a conspiracy. Take, for example, that we didn’t fly to the Moon. Sure there were people who had to keep their mouths shut but many of them really didn’t know that we didn’t fly to the Moon, though they worked on the project. Because everything was compartmentalised.

People who worked on making part of the space capsule didn’t know that the footage was faked. The fact that they worked at Martin Marietta, for example, would not question the official stand. After all, if their company was given work and millions of dollars, they reasoned that it must be real. The same thing can be said for those who worked on the rocket casing, the rocket engines, the spacesuits, etc. They could not conserve that the end result would be faked. They were told that we went to the Moon and they accepted it with question.

Those that worked at Martin Marietta were not different than those who work at an air plane factory. They did their job, operate the machines, took their lunch break, and went home to enjoy a relaxing eventing. The only difference is that one group of workers thought they were working to put a man on the Moon.

Even the crew aboard the Navy ships would honestly think that they are retrieving astronauts that came from outer space. You look up, see a space capsule coming in, and you assume that it came from a quarter of a million miles up. So, the vast majority would not be knowingly in on the conspiracy. But of course, this guy in the video, who flaunts his knowledge, thinks that it is us, the flat earthers, are lying. In fact, in Video 1, he said, “Most of the flat earthers are trolls; some sincere but most of them are trolls.” Where did he get this? Did he take a pole? Did he read the minds of flat earthers? No, he just pulled this out of the air!

Only the astro-nots would be in on the conspiracy, as well as the highest up in NASA.

Astro-nots are told to lie. In fact, to them, there is no problem because most of them belong to a Masonic Lodge. Part of being in such an organization is, that you have to keep secrets and lie. While others have no qualms of lying – because they believe its in the the interest of national security. Others would be told to sign a secrecy agreement and if they reveal anything, they would face prison. Now, like most people, these people who work at NASA have a family and have bills to pay, so they go along. The people that are highest up in various space agencies around the world are not Christian; they hate Christ and Christians. And one way to “fight” back is to make the world believe that there is an impersonal God and that the Bible was written by man who just made up all these stories.

To sum up:

It’s easy for a conspiracy to be kept going
You don’t need that many people involved
Most of what is done is compartmentalised
The people that are at the most high places are simply antichrists

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Flat Earth Debate on Radio

Flat Earth Debate on Radio

Andrew was debating an “astronaut” who actually paid his way through to fly on a Russian rocket. Of course, the “astronaut” lied, but that is all part of the matrix.




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William Shatner vs. Neil Degrasse

William Shatner vs. Neil Degrasse

William Shatner expodes the so-called astro-physists. Especially watch at the very end.


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Operation Dumb Down

Operation Dumb Down

Do you wonder why it’s so hard to get people to accept the flat earth truth? One reason is, that people are being deliberately being dumb down.


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Difficulties in the Bible

Difficulties in the Bible

Who of us has not found things in the Bible that have puzzled us? Yes, that in our early Christian experience have led us to question whether the Bible was, after all, the Word of God? We find some things in the Bible which it seems impossible to reconcile with other things in the Bible. We find some things which seem incompatible with the thought that the whole Bible is of divine origin and absolutely inerrant. It is not wise to attempt to conceal the fact that these difficulties exist. It is the part of wisdom, as well as of honesty, to frankly face them and consider them. What shall we say concerning these difficulties that every thoughtful student will sooner or later encounter? The first thing we have to say about these difficulties in the Bible is that from the very nature of the case difficulties are to be expected.

Some people are surprised and staggered because there are difficulties in the Bible. For my part, I would be more surprised and staggered if there were not. What is the Bible? It is a revelation of the mind and will and character and being of an infinitely great, perfectly wise and absolutely holy God. God Himself is the Author of this revelation. But to whom is the revelation made? To men, to finite beings who are imperfect in intellectual development and consequently in knowledge.

The wisest man measured on the scale of eternity is only a babe, and the holiest man compared with God is only an infant in moral development. There must, then, from the very necessities of the case, be difficulties in such a revelation from such a source made to such persons. When the finite try to understand the infinite, there is bound to be difficulty. When the ignorant contemplate the utterances of one perfect in knowledge, there must be many things hard to be understood, and some things which to their immature and inaccurate minds appear absurd. When beings whose moral judgments as to the hatefulness of sin and as to the awfulness of the penalty that it demands, listen to the demands of an absolutely holy Being, they are bound to be staggered at some of His demands; and when they consider His dealings, they are bound to be staggered at some of His dealings. These dealings will appear too severe, too stern, too harsh.

It is plain that there must be difficulties for us in such a revelation as the Bible has proved to be. If someone should hand me a book that was as simple to me as the multiplication table, and say, “This is the Word of God; in it He has revealed His whole will and wisdom,” I should shake my head and say, “I cannot believe it; that is too easy to be a perfect revelation of infinite wisdom.” There must be in any complete revelation of God’s mind and will and character and being, things hard for the beginner to understand; and the wisest and best of us are but beginners. The second thing to be said about these difficulties is that a difficulty in a doctrine, or a grave objection to a doctrine, does not in any way prove the doctrine to be untrue. Many people think that it does. If they come across some difficulty in the way of believing in the divine origin and absolute inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible, they at once conclude that the doctrine is exploded. That is very illogical. They should stop a moment and think, and learn to be reasonable and fair. There is scarcely a doctrine in science generally believed today, that has not had some great difficulty in the way of its acceptance. arose, as most all of those in the Bible.

Another lie that critics make is, they quote something from the Bible that is clearly against God’s laws. They don’t look to see who is speaking. And example of that is that Satan said, “you shall not surely die.” What it is, is that God is recording what others said and inspired Moses (in this case) to write it. God records what others said or did. Depending on the situation, mortal man might be right or might be wrong.

An example is, statements that we attribute to world leaders. Yes, they really said it but that is not what they believe. They are just quoting what others said. Case in point, “If you tell a big enough lie others will believe it.”

Most critics of the Bible, parrot what another critics said without doing any checking themselves. Some critics might say, “I read the Bible and couldn’t understand it.” In other words, they read it one time, like some cheap novel, and think that they are an authority on it. If you were to tell them that the Bible needs to be studied, they would say, “I don’t have the time.” Well, if they don’t have the time, why talk like you are an expert on it?!

Then you have critics who “go with the flow.” They don’t want to labelled a nutter, a religious zealot and they don’t want to be ostracized by friends.

Another type of critic, and I’m talking about an honest one and not a Pharasee/Edomite, is a person who thinks that because they don’t know the answer the Bible must be wrong. It would be like someone who can’t figure out a math problem and think that the formula is wrong without going to the math teacher to find what where they went wrong.

Then you have a critic who looks at the smallest difficulty and ignores all the other truth that is in the Bible. The critics do the same whether they are arguing about WWII, 9-11, medical fraud or the flat earth.

Speaking about the flat earth, have you notice that critics disregard the physics of ‘water seek its own level’ as if that is of no importance and pick another aspect? Then, when you try to answer them, they immediately talk about another ‘difficulty’ of the flat earth. In short, they are afraid of having their questions answered.

Sad to say, there is a group of flat earth believers do not believe in the God of the Bible. They point out the Bible verses to support the flat earth, but become like the rest of the Bible critics and don’t believe the rest of the Bible. Can you figure that one out! Eric Dubay is one person that comes to mind. The last thing we need is a the flat earth movement taken over by people who don’t believe in the Bible and the answers it has to solve everyday problems here on earth.

I believe that one reason why there are difficulties in the Bible is for God to test His people; to see if they have faith or not. An example is, that of certain cities mentioned in the Bible that could not be found. This was what the ‘higher critics’ of the 19th century used as an argument; these men who pride themselves on the degrees they have from prestigious universities. Then, some archaeologists discovers the city where atheists said never existed. Then another city was discovered, and another one. Such reports were put in a book that was printed in the 1950s. I believe the title was ‘The Bible as History.’


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Mother Loses Child For Being a Flat Earther

Mother Loses Child For Being a Flat Earther

This is nothing more than government kidnapping, which under God’s Law, is a capital offence. What other beliefs will they arrest you for? In the future they might arrest you even if you don’t have children but simply because you, personally, believe in the flat earth.



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Walking Across the Antarctic

Walking Across the Antarctic

Recently we read about a man from the UK hiked across the Antarctic. Some people might use this as proof that the earth is a globe or that you can freely travel across it the Antarctic.

What most people don’t realise is that you are not walking across the middle of this “continent.” That when there are foolish people doing this, they are given a map of where to go. What they are really doing is walking across a slice of the Antarctic; if they were really walking across the interior, they would be stopped by the military of one country or another. So, they are told where to go and these brave explorers assume that the military is giving them a true map across the middle of it. What they are given is a trail that is far enough inland that they do not see the ocean. And a trail that would be the length of what the Antarctic is suppose to be on a globe map.

I would not be surprised that the starting point name of some base and the ending point name is placed on a map that looks like it’s on the opposite side of the globe earth Antarctica. Whereas, in reality, they just hundreds of miles apart. This is easy enough to do.

It was sometime in the past that world government military leaders (mostly the US) decided they had to have a false map, as people will want to walk across it. Otherwise people would wonder they they can’t trek across it. So, this was the plan.


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China Lands On Far Side of the Moon – Yea, Right

China Lands On Far Side of the Moon – Yea, Right

In the latest story to prop up the globe earth fantasy, we now read of China landing on the far side of the Moon. Click Here to read the full story.

I had thought about what NASA does, and this is my theory mind you. I wonder if the US along with certain other countries, that try to foster the globe earth belief, if they get together  and have an agreed upon image of how the far side of the Moon is; of how a new planet or asteroid will look like. Then foster that picture from hence forth. After all, since the “planets” don’t look anything like what you see in a telescope, there has to be an agreed upon CGI that all space agencies and universities use, otherwise it would be too obvious of the lies that are being fostered.


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How To Identify An Anti-Christ

How To Identify An Anti-Christ

We hear the word “Anti-Christ” batted around by many pastors and laypeople. They say, “Here is the Anti-Christ,” or “There is only one Anti-Christ and the Pope is it?” Well, the Bible tells us what to look for, as you’ll hear in this message. You’ll find out that there are many, many people that fit the role of the Anti-Christ.

A small comment, around the 26:30 mark the pastor makes a comment that I disagree with, as concerning Christ speaking; He was talking in a literal sense concerning His remark to the Pharisees and Sadducee, but the pastor took it as spiritual.

What to know who is behind the New Age Movement? Listen starting 41:00 in the tape.

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Flat Earth News January 2019

Flat Earth News January 2019

How I became a flat earther

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United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

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Nikon P-900 Camera and the flat earth

Good 19 minute video with this article

It’s interesting that this flat earth video is sponsored by Dashlane – a VPN program to keep your surfing safe.

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