Architects and Engineers for Flat Earth Truth

Surveyors and Engineers Never Factor in a Curved Earth During Construction

Surveyors, engineers and architects are never required to factor the supposed curvature of the Earth into their projects, providing another proof the world is a plane, not a planet. Canals and railways, for example, are always cut and laid horizontally, often over hundreds of miles, without any allowance for curvature.

One surveyor, Mr. T. Westwood, wrote into the January, 1896 “Earth Review” magazine stating that, “In leveling, I work from Ordinance marks, or canal levels, to get the height above sea level. The puzzle to me used to be, that over several miles each level was and is treated throughout its whole length as the same level from end to end; not the least allowance being made for curvature. One of the civil engineers in this district, after some amount of argument on each side as to the reason why no allowance for curvature was made, said he did not believe anybody would know the shape of the earth in this life.”

Another Surveyor and Engineer of thirty years wrote to the Birmingham Weekly Mercury, Feb. 15th, 1890 stating, “I am thoroughly acquainted with the theory and practice of civil engineering. However bigoted some of our professors may be in the theory of surveying according to the prescribed rules, yet it is well known amongst us that such theoretical measurements are INCAPABLE OF ANY PRACTICAL ILLUSTRATION. All our locomotives are designed to run on what may be regarded as TRUE LEVELS or FLATS. There are, of course, partial inclines or gradients here and there, but they are always accurately defined and must be carefully traversed. But anything approaching to eight inches in the mile, increasing as the square of the distance, COULD NOT BE WORKED BY ANY ENGINE THAT WAS EVER YET CONSTRUCTED. Taking one station with another all over England and Scotland, it may be stated that all the platforms are ON THE SAME RELATIVE LEVEL. The distance between Eastern and Western coasts of England may be set down as 300 miles. If the prescribed curvature was indeed as represented, the central stations at Rugby or Warwick ought to be close upon three miles higher than a chord drawn from the two extremities. If such was the case there is not a driver or stoker within the Kingdom that would be found to take charge of the train. We can only laugh at those of your readers who seriously give us credit for such venturesome exploits, as running trains round spherical curves. Horizontal curves on levels are dangerous enough, vertical curves would be a thousand times worse, and with our rolling stock constructed as at present physically impossible.”

Engineer, W. Winckler, wrote into the Earth Review October 1893 regarding the Earth’s supposed curvature, stating, “As an engineer of many years standing, I saw that this absurd allowance is only permitted in school books. No engineer would dream of allowing anything of the kind. I have projected many miles of railways and many more of canals and the allowance has not even been thought of, much less allowed for. This allowance for curvature means this – that it is 8” for the first mile of a canal, and increasing at the ratio by the square of the distance in miles; thus a small navigable canal for boats, say 30 miles long, will have, by the above rule an allowance for curvature of 600 feet. Think of that and then please credit engineers as not being quite such fools. Nothing of the sort is allowed. We no more think of allowing 600 feet for a line of 30 miles of railway or canal, than of wasting our time trying to square the circle”

“If the earth be the globe of popular belief, it is very evident that in cutting a canal, an allowance must be made for the curvature of the globe, which allowance would correspond to the square of the distance multiplied by eight inches. From The Age, of 5th August 1892, I extract the following: ‘The German Emperor performed the ceremony of opening the Gates of the Baltic and North Sea Canal, in the spring of 1891. The canal starts at Holtenau, on the south side of Kiel Bay, and joins the Elbe 15 miles above its mouth. It is 61 miles long, 200 feet wide at the surface and 85 feet at the bottom, the depth being 28 feet. No locks are required, as the surface of the two seas is level.’ Let those who believe it is the practice for surveyors to make allowance for ‘curvature’ ponder over the following from the Manchester Ship Canal Company (Earth Review, October, 1893) ‘It is customary in Railway and Canal constructions for all levels to be referred to a datum which is nominally horizontal and is so shown on all sections. It is not the practice in laying out Public Works to make allowances for the curvature of the earth.” –Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny

The London and Northwestern Railway forms a straight line 180 miles long between London and Liverpool. The railroad’s highest point, midway at Birmingham station, is only 240 feet above sea-level. If the world were actually a globe, however, curveting 8 inches per mile squared, the 180 mile stretch of rail would form an arc with the center point at Birmingham raising a full 5,400 feet above London and Liverpool. Adding the station’s actual height (240 feet) to its theoretical inclination (5,400 feet) gives 5,640 feet as the rail’s necessary height on a globe-Earth, more than a thousand feet taller than Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in Great Britain!

“In projecting railways on a globe, the datum line would be the arc of a circle corresponding to the latitude of the place. That the datum line for the railway projections is always a horizontal line, proves that the general configuration of the world is horizontal. To support the globe theory, the gentlemen of the observatories should call upon the surveyor to prove that he allows the necessary amount for ‘curvature.’ But this is what the learned men dare not do, as it is well-known that the allowance for the supposed curvature is never made.” –Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny”

“In a long line, like that of the Great Pacific Railway, extending across North America, the supposed curvature would, of course, be proportionately great, extending to many miles in height, but not one inch was allowed by the engineers for curvature during the whole course of the construction of that vast line of Railway. And, if we think of it, how could it be otherwise? All Railway metals must, of necessity, be straight, for how could any engine or carriage run with safety on a convex surface?” –David Wardlaw Scott, “Terra Firma”

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Before Christ verse Before Current Era

Before Christ verse Before Current Era

For many years now we have read in articles where the initials B.C.E. are used instead of B.C. For example, when we read something about ancient Greece, we read now, 258 BCE. This is when a writer is given a date for some event, person or artefact that is over 2,000 years old. We have also read when the date related to the article is less than 2,000 years old the initials C.E. instead of A.D.

First, let me give the meaning of these letters for those who don’t know. B.C. means and B.C.E., which, by the way can be written as: BC and BCE.

BC, means, of course, Before Christ. BCE, which is now being used means Before Common Era.

Now we go on to AD verses CE. AD, which is used with many articles of persons, events and objects comes from the Latin meaning anno domini. This, of course is used after the birth of Christ. Now, this is replaced with CE, which means Common Era.

So, why the change when we already have initials?

The real reason is simple – that the people in Oxford University – who make the changes in the English dictionary, wants to take any reference to the word “Christ” out of our dating, thus, out of our writing.

Now, you can be sure that these professors were given orders by those not only hold the real power but also are anti-Christian. There are people who actually make it part of their religion to attacking Christ, Christians and Christianity.

Writing and speaking is also accommodating to “political correctness,” where you don’t want to offend anyone. With all the Muslims in England and America and with the other non-Christians and those who simply have no religion, the “powers-that-be” don’t want to offend anyone.

What is sad to see are those who call themselves patriots and people who love freedom using BCE and CE. They know that it’s the government, media and educational system that is pushing for political correctness. The patriots and conservative Christians know of the extreme that the laws go to where they enforce such “p.c.” language. For example, in England you cannot use the word “gypsy” as this offends those who are. You can be fined and even jailed for using this “dirty” word.
So, why in the world don’t these people who know that p.c. is based on a lie and used to destroy our language and culture cater to those who use the BCE and CE?

Have some fun with the anti-Christ’s

Y = You
H = Him
Y: Does BCE mean Before Christ Era?
H: No, it means Before the Current Era.
Y: So, what date do you use to establish this era?
H: (He gets fidgety and thinks for a moment.) We use the birth of Christ.
Y: So, why don’t you use BC that had been in use for over generations?

Now, this is when he gets nervous, moves around in his chair more. He could say a number of things such as, “We don’t want to offend those who are not Christian.”

Ask the person you are talking to if he is a Christian. If he says yes, ask why he is putting himself under the control of non-Christians. If he is not a Christian, ask him if he is offended when it is used? If he says yes, tell him that for thousands of years there were no complaints from them. So, they were conditioned by the media to have a negative reaction to something they didn’t have before.

So, if people of other religions get offended – TOUGH!

I will continue to use BC and AD in my writings. And if I’m reading something to someone I will insert BC or AD to establish my right for my belief in Christianity.

A.D. vs C.E.

The same thing can be said for C.E., which stands for Current Era, or Common Era.

Common Era or Current Era (CE) is one of the notation systems for the world’s most widely used calendar era. BCE (Before the Common Era/Before the Current Era) is the era before CE.

Wikipedia says: The year numbering system used with Common Era notation was devised by the Christian monk Dionysius Exiguus in the year 525 to replace the Era of Martyrs system, because he did not wish to continue the memory of a tyrant who persecuted Christians. He attempted to number years from an initial reference date (“epoch”), an event he referred to as the Incarnation of Jesus. Dionysius labeled the column of the table in which he introduced the new era as “Anni Domini Nostri Jesu Christi”.

But why has it all of a sudden being used now? Simply because it detaches it’s self from the incarnation of Christ. And, it’s ‘not politically correct.’ This is all the more reason why Christian should continue to use BC and AD.


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The Recent Blood Moon Media Slip Up

The Recent Blood Moon Media Slip Up

Did you catch the Blood Moon slip up?

Blood Moon seen around the world recently has video (see above).

People from: UK, Los Angeles, Cuba, Argentina, and Africa saw it? IF the world is round, how can people see through the earth? How can people see something if they are looking in the wrong direction?

Take out a globe and point in the directions that people would be looking if they live in the respective countries. Place another ball a distance from the globe Earth. Now, how can they see it if the earth is a globe.

Place the ball the same distance but scaled down as the Moon is from the Earth. Now, if the Earth is 8,000 miles in diameter and the Moon is approximately 234,000 miles away. That would mean that the ball you use for the Earth should be a distance of about 30 balls away. So, imagine yourself on this ball – would you be able to see the Moon? Well, the fact is, that the Moon was seen, pictures were taken. That means that the Earth is flat; it’s the only way for everyone to see it.

Globe earth believers can’t hide it anymore. They can continue to lie but people are waking up. The internet is helping people see the truth. Since people from around the world can post pictures and videos, and anyone is free to see them, that means they can see what is going on live. Just like the video that was posted in this, ever so politically correct, The Guardian.

Try doing this when discussing the flat Earth with someone for the first time. Don’t mention the world ‘flat Earth,’ but tell about the video. Say you have a question, ‘How can people from all these places see the full Moon at the same time (about the same time)? They are looking in different directions and they can’t see through the round Earth.’ You might even draw a picture to help them visualise this in their minds. Wait what they say.

Now, people who are confronted with this would have to do one of the following:

1 Say they don’t know and show no other interest.

2 Really start thinking about it.

You might give a little hint and say, ‘How would all the people have to be positon to see the Moon at the same time? Let’s talk about simple physics here.’

You might go a step further and draw figures of people looking up, the Moon above them, and arrows drawn from each person to the Moon so they can see the relationship.

Hopefully they would say, ‘Do you think that the earth is flat?’

‘Wow! I never thought about that.’ 🙂


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Quebec Municipal Councillor asked, “Who decided that the Earth is round, and why should we believe it?”

Quebec Municipal Councillor asked, “Who decided that the Earth is round, and why should we believe it?”

Click Here to read more.


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No Satellites in the Sky

Satellite-dish-1  There are no satellites in the sky. I know this is hard to believe but just consider the following.

Point 1: They say we can see satellites in the sky with the naked eye. Now, they are anywhere from 100 miles up to hundreds of miles up. We are told that they are the size of a school bus. With that in mind, how far away can you see a school bus as it does down a straight road? Not far, as in a couple of minutes it’s out of sight. So, how can you see something that is 250 miles up? Even with the light reflecting off of it by the Sun, that light would be so small – you’d wouldn’t see that either.

Point 2: Did you ever notice that you can’t get mobile phone signals in the woods or in many valleys. Why should that be when satellites would beam it down to you from above. This is because the signal goes from one tower to another.

Point 3: Why are satellite dishes pointing along the horizon? Why aren’t they vertical? IF there were communication satellites, many of them would be over head and all satellite dishes would be closer to 90 degrees up but they are not. Go out and look at homes that have satellite dishes and notice the angle they are pointing. They are pointing more level to the ground because they are picking up relay signals that are also on the ground. This is how ALL mobile phones operate.

Point 4: With the proliferation of the mobile phones, especially in the past 15 years, you also see a proliferation of cell phone towers. Look at the tops of higher buildings in your town; perhaps your apartment building has one. The reason for all these microwave towers are, in part, to relay all the phone signals. This should not be necessary when one satellite could cover one country or a good part of it. Satellites would be a lot cheaper and more effective than putting up thousands of relay towers that you see.

When people get lost, it is not satellite information that is used by rescue workers, it’s from the nearest phone tower to the person that went missing that is used.

You may ask, “Do I need a satellite dish?” And the answer is, “No.” You can use an antenna – which are cheaper and not unsightly as satellite dishes. So, in short, you are being scammed into buying a satellite dish when you can use a good, tall antenna to do the work.

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Twisted Thinking of Globe Earth Thinkers

Twisted Thinking of Globe Earth Thinkers

Flat earth critics use twisted thinking to keep the lie going.

Here an article by a globe earth believer (Click Here for original article.) His words are in italics.

When confronted with direct evidence that they are profoundly wrong, they typically give a handwaving explanation such as, “It’s an optical illusion.”

The optical illusion that heliocentric believers claim we engage in is what they actually do. Do you recall the meteorologists from Chicago tried to explain being able to see the city across Lake Michigan? He said it was a mirage.

If this writer is referring to ships going over the horizon, he is wrong there, too. The fact that a ship IS going out of sight, is not an optical illusion – it’s that our eyes have a limited ability to see distant objects. To the untrained person, he could believe that it’s because the earth is round. And that is because he is given a wrong interpretation of what happened. But when we show him by having him look through a telescope and the ship comes back into views – it’s not the result of optical illusion that a telescope bring the ship back in sight. Another lie for the heliocentric believer.

They can’t really explain what they mean by that, or they try and hopelessly fail…

We are very precise in our explanations and we don’t fail. We can’t help it that the person is either totally controlled or not too smart (to say it kindly) that he/she can’t follow along.

And of course they have to resort to, “It’s a conspiracy,”…

It certainly is a conspiracy! When you have a group of people hiding something from another group – that is what you call a conspiracy! This writer should look up the word in a dictionary.

…to dismiss all the actual direct photographic evidence.

We don’t dismiss all photographic evidence. If someone took a photo from a plane and it shows a flat horizon, that is what it is. But if this photo shows a curved horizon, it is still a real photo BUT with a fish-eye lens. However, the photos of the earth that is suppose to be taken from space is a fake; if it’s a video it’s a fake, too.

It seems that some flat-earthers start out as dedicated conspiracy theorists first, and for them the flat earth is the ultimate conspiracy.

It’s a fact, that you know about conspiracies before you find out about the flat earth, or if you did not believe in conspiracies before can be applied to anything. You either know or you don’t know. But once you learn about the flat earth the next logical question is: “What else are they hiding from us?” Then the new flat earth believer starts his journey on learning about all the other lies and cover ups on just about every other topic that affects mankind.

What’s In A Name?

Is this a joke or what? I had to laugh when I saw the author’s name – it’s Steven Novella. Do you see the humour in this? I don’t make fun of people’s names but in cases where some does not do honest reporting, makes me wonder.

What does ‘novella’ mean? “Something that is longer than a short story but not a novel; between 17,000 and 40,000 words.” The root word, ‘novel’ is FICTION, it’s basically a lie. Which is what his article is! Now, is this a pen name chosen by a government worker, or is it ironically his real name?

But there has been a number of times that people have names that I come across, that is related in some way to what they are doing or what they are trying to pull off.


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For Those Trying To Debunk The Flat Earth

For Those Trying To Debunk The Flat Earth

The topics that Rob Skiba uses is good to keep in mind when you are faced with debunkers of the flat earth.



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Are Skeptics Honest?

Are Skeptics Honest?

As flat earth believers we are often faced with skeptics. Now, a healthy skeptic is good but what we face today are people who are very hostel to what we believe. So, let’s examine this a bit further.

We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, the press destroys information, and false religion destroys morals, and banks destroy the economy. We are all in general agreement with this. So, I might add, that astronomers destroy astronomy.

A true skeptic seeks evidence and is always open to accepting or rejecting a new hypothesis based on that evidence. But more than this, it is necessary for a skeptic to remain skeptical of their own skepticism.

People who identify as skeptics more often than not, they are in fact, pseudo-skeptics who falsely claim to be impartial not swayed by ideology or prejudice.

These debunkers usually begin with their conclusions, and are overly fast to ridicule anything outside of the status quo. Acting as self-appointed thought police, they are highly dismissive of any evidence which doesn’t conform with their world view. In the name of ‘science’ they actually sabotage new science and discovery.

As a side note, it’s remarkable that these skeptics blindly accept any doctrine that the scientific and medical establishments promote, and assume these institutions be free from corruption and politics.

A person who is turned off by any additional information, and thus becomes a skeptic, is that their foundation is based on a false premise. Naturally, anything that is built on a false premise, that person will never be able to come to the truth. It’s like a house that is built on a crooked foundation – not matter how high you go, the house is going to be crooked. Failing to admit that the foundation is off, you will never be able to test what you believe is really the truth or not.

When a foundation of any topic is laid either academia, for example, then you will accept anything else that they tell you, rather than examining the foundation. Like the spinning ball earth, if that is your foundation, then everything that is added to it, has to conform to it – even if it requires twisting the truth, lying outright, and using funny math that no one can figure out. It requires fake Moon landings and computer generated images to create a fake reality to conform to the heliocentric model of the earth that is given us.

We accept the foundation because we can’t fathom that they would lie to us. If you are willing to suspend the belief that you are told, honestly look at alternative information, you would be able to honestly examine it to see if it’s the truth or not.


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Debunking the “Top 10 Reasons Why The Earth Is A Globe”

Debunking the “Top 10 Reasons Why The Earth Is A Globe”

When confronted by heliocentric believers, it’s good to know how to answer them. This video will help you do that.



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Remembering Christian Holocausts

Remembering Christian Holocausts

  Though officially we don’t have a ‘Christian Holocaust Week’ but it would be good to start one. We always hear about the Jewish holocaust. They have monuments and museums around the world – least we forget. But what about the Christian Holocaust? Actually, since the very beginning of Christianity, Christians have been persecuted for their beliefs. And I don’t mean just in ancient Rome or in China under Mao, but throughout the ages. If you don’t know about this, it’s understandable, as the media (as always) hides this kind of information.

The events listed below will give you an idea of some of the things that Christians had to suffer. While, there have been invasions that were not specifically directed against the Christians, such as Genghis Kahn’s invasion of Europe, who were the victims? Christians!

You can go back earlier in time before Christianity. We can go back to our ancestors – the people of the Old Testament, and they were persecuted.

Now, let me say this, the reason why we were persecuted was the effects of not obeying God, and when this happens, we are enslaved, taxed and killed.

The short list of events that led to the murdering of millions of Christians were:

  • Roman Empire
  • Genghis Kahn
  • Muslim Invasion
  • Communism in 20th Century

  Young people are not taught of the horrors of Communism and there is a reason for it. You see, we have Communism today, it’s just called by another name; the people are wearing different ‘hats.’ It’s called ‘Democracy.’ Perhaps it should be given a negative name like they give to us when a truly representative form of government arises. Maybe these people should be called demonocracy! (Pronounced: de-mon-oc-racy)

Two good books that you can find online for free are: Fox’s Book of Martyrs and The Black Book of Communism (over 900 pages).

The number of Christians murdered far exceed the number of jews killed that we were told in WWII. Under the antichrist Soviet Union, it is estimated that 40 million died. So, why don’t we hear about this? I think you can answer that.

By having a day or a week to remember this each year, it will call to mind of our disobedience to God for having these persecutions.

  Persecution of Christians have not stopped in this day in age. I don’t care what country you go to. If you know the laws of God and what he wants us to live by, try getting people in a group that advocates this and see what happens. Depending on what you are saying, you will be called: haters, extremists, fanatics and even fascists. You will lose your job, and your social standing in the community. If you get a big enough following is when the trouble will start. For example, if you have enough followers and force a petition on the government to do away with central banks and their usury/interest scheme; if you advocate that only the government has the right to create money and issue it into circulation debt free, you’d be lucky if you are still alive.

If you advocate that certain individuals, because of their lifestyle, are given capital punishment, you’ll be attacked in the street. If you have a job, you might find out that you’ll be fired. Of course, there’ll be some pretext for it, so as to make it look like your government supports freedom of speech but this will just be a cover-up.

So, if the above is done in your country, you’ll see how quick Christians will be persecuted.

So, why are Christians not persecuted now? Because most of them have so water-downed what they should be saying, that they completely conform to the system. And when the government sees this, they don’t care that they believe in Christ because they have changed so much that they might as well be atheists; because these ‘Christians’ are absolutely no threat to them, that the government sees no reason to put them in prison or murder them.

It’s like in Roman times, you could believe in whatever god you want (as they had many) but it’s the State that you should obey. Back then, the Romans had the State festival days, and you better attend, pay taxes and go off to war if they want you to.

Not only do Christians have a water-down belief but they keep it within the four walls of the church. To this, the antichrists are very happy.

Think of what the Prophets of the Old Testament did; think of what Christ did; think of what his Disciples did after him. They were hounded by the people in the towns they went to and driven out. Others were put in prison. And, of course, many paid with their lives.

So, Christian Holocaust is still with us today.

Let the Jews remember their holocaust. But let Christian remember their holocaustS!

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