Stephen Hawking: Zero Gravity Simulation

Stephen Hawking and Globe Earth

We are to believe that Stephen Hawking is one of the smartest people in the world. Well, consider this:

  There are other anomalies as well. He has managed to live with ALS up until the grand old age of 73, even though most people are diagnosed in their 50’s and die within five years. He was diagnosed with motor neuron disease when he was just 21 years old. How has he managed to fend off this disease for over fifty years, without even needing a breath ventilator? Nobody knows. We are supposed to believe this outstanding genius could not read until he was eight and had mediocre grades in school. Then there is the question of his voice synthesizer and cheek twitching.

Here’s how “Stephen” says his computer works:

“Since 1997, my computer-based communication system has been sponsored and provided by Intel® Corporation. A tablet computer mounted on the arm of my wheelchair is powered by my wheelchair batteries, although the tablets internal battery will keep the computer running if necessary.

“Through EZ Keys I can also control the mouse in Windows. This allows me to operate my whole computer. I can check my email using the Eudora email client, surf the internet using Firefox, or write lectures using Notepad. My latest computer from Intel, based on an Intel® Core™ i7 Processor and Intel® Solid-State Drive 520 Series, also contains a webcam which I use with Skype to keep in touch with my friends. I can express a lot through my facial expressions to those who know me well.

“I can also give lectures. I write the lecture beforehand and save it on disk. I can then send it to the speech synthesiser a sentence at a time using the Equalizer software written by Words Plus. It works quite well and I can try out the lecture and polish it before I give it.”

We are to believe he can do all that. If that wasn’t enough, we have Hawking put in zero gravity. And with Stephen Hawking in the picture (literally) people are led to believe the earth is a globe speeding through the universe. Of course, you don’t question a man like Stephen Hawking or you are nuts.

Yea, sure!

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Is Stephen Hawking Dead, a Double or an Illuminati Puppet?

Is Stephen Hawking Dead, a Double or an Illuminati Puppet?

Here is something to consider, then decide for yourself.


You can do more research on your own by typing in YouTube search box words such as: “Stephen Hawking exposed”, or “Stephen Hawking fraud”

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Stephen Hawking and the Flat Earth

Stephen Hawking and the Flat Earth

  While Stephen Hawking said nothing of the flat earth he was reporting in saying we have to move to the moon and Mars.

The UK The Daily Telegraph, page 4, 21 June, 2017, is a headline saying:

We must start evacuating Earth within decades, says Hawking

It goes on to say that the earth faces dire problems such as: global warming and over population, etc. Hawking went on to say that we have 30 years before world-wide catastrophe! Can you believe such non-sense?

First, as you know, it’s a question if this guy and can think of anything – seriously. He can’t move, he can’t speak, he can’t communicate in anyway, so how can he have said all this? Yes, we are told that he can communicate with his computer. Yea, sure. How? Did take a look at this, what looks like a 1980s piece of electronic instrument? But I digress, as another article could be written on this.

Here are the points that were brought in what he told a audience recently:

we are running out of resources
over population
climate change
we will be hit by a devastating asteroid

For those who believe in a heliocentric universe and what Stephen Hawking says, consider this:

If we are running out of resources (which we probably are), where will we get all of this to go from the primitive state we are in now to manning colonies on the moon and Mars? We would need a huge amount of rare earth minerals and we will have to develop other technology that would require living on these other “planets.”

Hawking believes in climate change, which is a hoax, but that would require a book to cover that, too.

Finally, Stephen Hawking, who must have a crystal ball, says we will be hit with a devastating asteroid. Even taking in his “probability,” of it happening, how would he know that it will be (by implication) within the life time of anyone living now or even in the grandchildren of the youngest people living?

For flat earth believers and for those who really know the Bible, this is not how the world will end. In fact, the world will not end but be made new. Only this Age will end but not the end of time or the end of earth. Heliocentric believers live in fear and they also fall for every lie that the Establishment puts out. Have you ever noticed that everything that Stephen Hawking says is acceptable to what science – falsely called – believes? Hawking is just made a big media figure as if he was modern-day Einstein.



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Creation versus Salvation Or Illogical Christians


We are often advised by well-meaning Christians, who are ignorant of the bearings of our contention, to allow the subject of the plane earth to “drop,” and to join with them in proclaiming what they are pleased to call “ the gospel.” As we are going to press we have received another

gratuitous piece of advice of the same nature. Our friend writes :— “ You believe the earth is flat and stands still. I may give it a passing notice. I am surprised to find a man of so much intelligence and learning should persist in such notions. Is it not a clear fact that we can determine the approximate size of the globe? And if you go in a straight line in any direction you will come to the place from which you started, and how do you account for the Seasons, and the difference in the length of the days at different Seasons ; and tidal motions, etc. I think you would be better engaged in helping to swell the world-wide cry of the Gospel. Don’t you think so?”

In answer to the last question we say decidedly, No! not at the expense of leaving off teaching the plain truth. It is undeniable that the Holy Scriptures teach that the Earth is stationary; that it rests on

“ foundations” and ‘‘ pillars” ; and that it is “ established so fast that it cannot be moved.” (The book of Mormon is not part of Scripture and it would take a long article to go into that, which will get us off tract of the subject I herein want to cover.)

We therefore contend that if, as some of our Christian friends would have us believe, the Bible is not true in its material teachings respecting the Universe, it is not reliable in its promises of spiritual blessings. But we maintain that the Bible is true; true to fact and to every day observation ; and that the earth does not move. In future numbers we hope to give good proofs of the earth’s immobility for those who need them ; but in the meantime we have a right to ask for some one proof, and we only ask for one, of the earth’s supposed terrible motions? It appears stationary. It feels stationary. Then why should we give up the evidence of our God-given senses for the sake of a mere astronomical and unsupported assumption?

There is much more behind this question of the shape of the earth than our good natured but illogical advisers are aware of. If we are credited, as we are by those who know us, with at least an average share of common sense, and a little more than the average amount of “intelligence and learning,” how is it that our advisers—who for the most part have never really studied the question—how is it they cannot credit us with understanding this subject, which I have studied, and with

understanding its importance as supplying a good foundation for our confidence in the sure Word of God ? We maintain that if the Bible is not true respecting the material Creation, it is not reliable it its promises of Salvation ; and that it is perfectly useless to preach the Gospel of Jesus the Christ to men who have lost their faith in the inspiration, or truthfulness, of the Word of God- It is, moreover, a great pity when Christian friends unite with sceptical foes in support of a godless science, falsely

called “ science, ” which strikes at the very foundation of the truth of the Creator’s Word. They incur a grave responsibility in so doing. Let them take heed.

In answer to our correspondents questions, we say. It is not “ a clear fact that we can determine the approximate size of the globe.” It is not a clear fact that the earth is a globe at all. Let proof be offered.

And again, it is not possible “ to go in a straight line in any direction, and come back to the place of starting.” Any straight line ” is an impossibility on a spherical surface. But apart from this self-evident fact, no one has ever travelled or voyaged due North, or due South, and come hack to the same place again. The great ice barriers would prevent this.

Yet our correspondent thoughtlessly says, “in any direction”! Men can go round the World in an easterly or a westerly direction ; but this is also possible on a plane. Hence it is no proof of the earth’s spherical shape. But our opponents do not seem to be able to discriminate in these things. It is the fault, doubtless, of our system of “ education,” which crams young minds with other men’s ideas, instead of teaching them to think for themselves, and to think cautiously and accurately.

Let us hope that The Earth Review will help, at least, to raise enquiry, and so teach men to think for themselves; and not to leave all their thinking to professional and interested preachers of science.

There is an evident need of such a paper as ours, even apart from its advocacy of the truth of the Bible, if only to awaken candid enquiry. Let us hope that all lovers of truth—natural truth or spiritual—and all lovers of original ideas, possessing true freedom of thought, will rally round us, and help us on towards a world-wide circulation of The Earth Review.

Now, this is a new one for me and that is, that some people think that the universe is a ball but the earth is flat. Now, figure that one out! And, that the earth is stationary but the other planets are moving at enormous speed. I won’t get into this as it’s really not worth my time to argue it, as I could make many valid points.


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Science’s Quarrel with the Bible

Science’s Quarrel with the Bible

Extracts from Lectures by Walter Rowton, Esq.

Without, so far as I can see, a single fact in support, it has been assumed that man’s earliest ideas of a God, of his own origin, of the earth’s age and form, of the sun, moon, and stars, originated with himself; that the cosmogony by Moses, if he wrote Genesis, was a mere jotting down of ignorant doctrines in themselves— the residuum of speculative traditional ideas which had been afloat in the world for ages ; ages whose backward reach did not terminate at Adam, but whose years in the aggregate, with their lost records o f pre-Adamic man, most probably amounted to millions.

But, on the other hand, there is a Book, believed to be the oldest in existence, which distinctly ascribes a ll man’s knowledge of God, himself, and the universe to the Divine Being ; not as it would seem superstitiously, but because such was the matter-of-fact experience of the then good men, and among them of those whose histories in part this record gives. Because the Book of Job happens to be one of the books of the Bible, is it, as evidence worthless! Please to remember that in Job’s day there was no Bible. You must consider therefore the history given as it originally stood, by itself; having none of our theories to advocate, and none to oppose; knowing, in short, nothing whatever about them.

Job’s one discreet friend, Elihu, said, “ The Spirit of “hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.” {Job xxxiii. 4.)

How did he know that; not a line o f the Bible being then in existence ? Was it borrowed from the heathen I We have no right to assume that so far there had been any heathen worship, excepting of the sun and moon.

Was the notion human? From its sublimity it would seem not.

The highest capability of notions, purely human, has not at any time shown itself equal to higher conceptions than the invention of atomism, culminating in Darwinism. Whenever men have left these conceits in search of higher, their exploration result less, they have had to return to them again. And the latest return was but yesterday.

Was Elihu’s notion a tradition ? Perhaps ; but its source seems more probably God Himself than man : for the latter, cultivated as he may be, whenever he gets away from the gross worship of idols, never witnesses for anything more definite than an “ unknown God ; ”a supposed, not a perceived or realised Being. Again : this, if tradition is traceable to God rather than man ; because the world’s tendency has ever been to prefer a god or god’s of its own invention; it has always objected to a revealed God. And again : this, if tradition, is traceable to God rather than man, because of its many subsequent reiterations, to all appearance officially, naming Him as the Authority.

Was it to Elihu an unauthenticated tradition ? There are good reasons for thinking it was not. Remembering that the inhabited earth according to the usual computation, was in existence for some 2,300 years before Moses wrote in God’s name to His chosen people— were these all that while left to their own notions ? Were they without communication of any kind from the could they are stated to have first known in Eden, and to !have thenceforward acknowledged ? The evidence of the book of Job is, that the relations of God with good men were as realisable then as at any subsequent time o f which we have particulars. So on the face of it we might infer ; otherwise it seems impossible to account for their religion having remained wholly uncorrupted for 2 for years; Job’s religion and that connected with the garden of Eden being as much one as though no interval had occurred.

Before the Christian era, the most difficult thing men ever tried was the remaining true to the unseen God. Left for awhile to themselves, the bulk of them invariably forsook Him for the worship of idols, and preferably idols of their own making. Moses but forty days absent, and down went the Israelites before a golden calf ! Repeatedly convinced that God was, directly He intermittent confirming His existence by signs and wonders, that instant men began to doubt His being and withdraw from His worship. Again and again shown that Dagon fallen upon his face, his head and hands cut off, and only the stump of Dagon left to him, ( i Sam. v. 3, 4), was nothing in the world but a sorry cheat, yet they set Dagon in his place again and bowed to him as usual. Yes ; even the children of Israel, who in this respect actually did worse than the heathen “ whom the Lord had destroyed before them ” (2 Chron. xxxiii. 9) ! These seem to be the common instincts o f men— and especially of those whose melancholy falling away from Aaron to Zedekiah are so minutely recorded in the Bible— I say that the unswerving loyalty o f the unseen God’s worshippers for 2,000 years, from Adam to Moses, is quite inexplicable unless the record be true; unless God, before a line was written in His name, really had the constant communications He is stated to have had with the elect families who professed His service. How was it that Job, towards the end of those 2,500 years, although tried to the utmost of human endurance, never once thought of denying God.

How was it there was not a single unbeliever in God amongst those “ miserable comforters ” who did their best to alleviate by aggravating his calamities ? It is impossible to account for it, except upon the hypothesis that the Being of God was, in those days, so indisputably confirmed to His worshippers by the habitual intercourse he is represented to have had with them, that denial of His being was simply out of the question. Had Job’s religion been merely the in organised superstition it is the fashion to consider it, severely tested as it was, and with nothing tangible to hold it together, surely, so empty, so powerless, so comfort-less a sham would not have retained his allegiance for an hour.

How is it that those we esteem our greatest philosophers seem quite unable to talk science without venting second-hand sarcasms at the expense of men’s religious delusions! I say “ second-hand sarcasm,” for whence gained they their superlative contempt? Every jot of it from the Bible ! Who has denounced the imbecilities of superstitious worship with such witheringly scorn as the Bible’s God ? He not a whit more real than the Baal he proves a myth ! So indeed they tell us ; but from such sticklers for least we expect conclusions according to evidence, not contrary. Whether they accept the Bible as from heaven or of men, this much is proved : its writers were as free from superstition, and as much alive to the follies of visionary and spurious religions, as the most enlightened free-thinker who ever lived.

Agreeably, then, with the marvellously concurrent testimony of the Book of Job and the Book of Human Nature, it appears that Eiihu knew God had made and given him life ; not of his own knowledge, but by reason of that information having been God’s revelation ; first, perhaps to his ancestors, and confirmed from their day to his own.

I f this be true, there should, one would think, be contemporaneous statements and evidences establishing that God gave it, and how it was given. Well, there are such statements and evidences.

Note: gods Of The New Age

There is a new video posted at this link on our website. It’s about occult infiltration in society. Click Here.

Also, a new post in the News section of this website, under 20th June.


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Seeing With The Eyes and a Telescope

Seeing With The Eyes and a Telescope


  The surface of all water, when not agitated by natural causes, such as winds, tides, earthquakes, etc., is perfectly level. The sense of sight proves this to every unprejudiced and reasonable mind. Can any so-called scientist, who teaches that the Earth is a whirling globe, take a heap of liquid water, whirl it round, and so make rotundity ? He cannot. Therefore it is utterly impossible to prove that an Ocean is a whirling rotund section of a globular earth, rushing through “ space” at the lying-given-rate of false philosophers.

When a youth, I stood upon the Dover shore of the English Channel, and was told to watch a departing ship. “ See! There she goes; down, down, down! The hull has disappeared! She is out of sight! Now, my boy, you have had an ocular demonstration that the world is round (meaning globular in shape) AND SEEING IS BELIEVING.” I walked up to an “ old salt” who had a telescope, and said: “ Can you see that big ship through your glass that’s gone down the Channel, and is now out’ of sight?” “ Yes, my son, look!” The big ship immediately came into view again, as I peered through the old sailor’s glass! “ Why my —– told me the Earth was round, because that ship I can now see had turned down over the horizon!’ Aha! Aha!”

“Sonny, I know they all says it ! Now, I have been all over the world, but I never believed it. But, then, I have no learning, only my senses to rely upon, and I says SEEING IS BELIEVING.”

I now, after many years, endorse the old sailor’s experience, that the world is not a globe, and I have never found the man who could prove by any practical demonstration that he, or I, are living on a whirling ball of Earth and water! How is it that the atmosphere goes round with it? By what law does the dense Earth and the rare air rush around together? Declare, ye scientists, IF YOU KNOW! The Scriptures of God’s inspired Prophets contradicts the unreasonable, illogical, unscientific delusion, and false philosophy, that the fixed Earth is a hollow fireball with several motions !

There is an old adage, by which you can fix them,
There is not one lie true, no, not if you pick them.



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The Puzzled Cleric

The Puzzled Cleric

From the Earth Review, July 1895


The PUZZLED CLERIC depicted in our illustration shows the quandary thousands of his calling, as well as many other sincere people unexpectedly find themselves in after expending their time in schools and colleges poring over mind staggering- literature to imbibe the numerous ASSUMPTIONS which originate in and ramify from MODERN THEORETICAL SCIENCE (so-called).

We advise all who are in this unenviable position to courageously climb back to the MOUNTAINS of COMMON-SENSE and resolutely keep to the track which leads away to the right towards TRUTH, where they will discover the solidly constructed BRIDGE of ZETETICISM, by which the ABYSS of DOUBT and INFIDELITY can be easily overcome without fear or perplexity.

Many superficial thinkers may be inclined to doubt the position of the Puzzled Cleric, but those who have passed through the general course of education, especially that of the Higher Grade, will admit that it cannot be successfully carried out without a large amount of THE MODERN THEORETICAL SCIENCE being imbibed, and in such an insidious manner that it is almost impossible for anyone destined to become an expounder of REVELATION to be otherwise than biased by his THEORETICAL SCIENCE training; but putting aside for the moment this particular phase of the subject and viewing it from a purely secular point, we have good authority from one of Modern Theoretical Science’s most admired and be-lauded champions, which is condemnatory of this falsely so-called SCIENCE, we allude to Professor HUXLEY, who has candidly said, “ True science is connected knowledge; connection between its conclusions and their first principles must be capable o f demonstration, that it (True Science) differs in nothing from common knowledge, save its accuracy and constant testing and verification, that it sees FA C T S as they are, or at any rate without the distortion of prejudice, and reasons from them (the FACTS) in accordance with the dictates of sound judgment. TRUE SCIENCE IS SIMPLY COMMON SENSE AT IT’S BEST, that is, rigidly accurate in observation, and merciless to fallacy in logic.” To condense the above, we may say, true SCIENCE is positive in its character. This question therefore remains for all of us, viz. :— Is there any really positive character in MODERN THEORETICAL SCIENCE ? After patiently investigating in every COSMOGRAPHICAL, ASTRONOMICAL and GEOLOGICAL direction, we are compelled to answer in the negative, as we find and PROVE this so-called SCIENCE nothing more than a mass of groundless ASSUMPTION and SUPPOSITION.

We will now take another glance at The Puzzled Cleric, and also think of those in a like position , quibble or sophisticate as he or they may, the bridging of the ABYSS of DOUBT and INFIDELITY, from the MODERN THEORETICAL SCIENTIFIC ground, by any amount of WARPED INTERPRETATIONS or “ HIGHER CRITICISM ” so-called, is as impossible as attempting to bridge the ATLANTIC with a cob-web ; so called Right Reverend Fathers, Doctors of Divinity and Theology, with Professors “ galore,” have (honestly in many cases) attempted times out of number, to accomplish the business, with the results, that many have candidly owned themselves beaten outright, while others have sunk abashed into the Abyss of Doubt and Infidelity ; and yet with all this, to as much as hint dissent from the original and generally accepted THEORETICAL PREMISS (viz. THE GLOBULARITY OF THE WORLD) of Modern Theoretical Science, is sufficient to raise a sneer in some, and make even those who openly call themselves Christians, put their tongues in their cheeks, or at most, secretly pity what they are pleased to call THE IGNORANCE OF THE DISSEN TER S, and then complacently walk off to their various PLACES OF WORSHIP like so many infallible oracles or popes, with their Bibles (which contain THE TRUEST SCIENCE extant, but which they do not virtually believe in) tucked tightly under their arms, and their robes of sanctity and self satisfaction wrapped around them, as much as to say, “ thank God we are not as other men are ! ”

We again analogise to Mr. Foote for the use of his admirable suggestion.— Iconoclast.


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Captain Scott and the South Pole Exposition

Captain Scott and the South Pole Exposition

(From an old flat earth magazine called: Monthly Magazine)

Pics: Mt Erebus. Ross island, mt erebus Antarctica

(In the UK Daily Mail there was an interesting article about the South Pole for those interested in a plane and motionless earth. But, unfortunately, it was in 1904.)

The return of the Discovery in search of the “South Pole” was professed to be described in a full narrative by Capt. Scott, R.N., Commander of the Antarctic Exploring Expedition, which sailed from New Zealand in December, 1901.

From the account it appears that the Discovery, and the relief ships – Morning and Terra Nova – arrived at Lyttleton, N.Z., on April 1st, after voyaging 2 ½ years in the Antarctic regions. As the Expedition was assisted out of the National Exchequer, whatever facts may have been elicited ought to be made public.

It may be stated for our readers’ information that it was in January, 1902 (six months after sailing from Cowed) that the discover entered the ice-field; a month later, when 2,000 miles south of New Zealand, she became gripped in the ice. This occurred in a region near the volcano Erebus, an active crater, named after the leading ship of the expedition commanded by Sir James Clarke Ross, about 60 years ago.

In that voyage the evidence pointed to the fact of the earth being a plane, the extremities of which ware bounded by vast regions of ice and water, and irregular massed of land.

I believe when a true plan of the earth is known, it will be found to have four “corners.” Three of them are known, and the fourth exists, possibly under the water. It has not yet been discovered. Mr. E.E. Middleton, I am convinced, is on the right track.

That the sun’s path has been moving southwards in a concentric course may reasonable account for the changes in temperature that must have taken place on portions of the earth’s surface, where remains of verdure that could only have existed in a different climate are found. We may note the discovery that certain specimens of flora found in the North polar regions exist in the southern ice fields. The fossil remains of plants discovered by certain explorers, are thought to point to the fact that, at some period in the past, the now icy south was once warmer. At present, at the point to which the Discovery expedition penetrated, the mean temperature for the year is below zero; they once experience 100 degrees of frost. In such a locality scanty moss, with a few lichens, form the only plant life.

  When the explorers were sleighing through a blizzard, we are told that “if their glovers were not securely fastened on, they would instantly be blown away” (!) This corroborates our personal conclusions, viz. ; that the furthest south being beyond the vision of light and darkness – or day and night – is piercingly cold, and subject to boisterous winds, which seep with intense force across the clashing icebergs.

The narrative given in the above named papers, is, as far as it goes, favourable to the deduction that the earth rests upon and within the waters of the great deep, and that it is a floating island, or serie of islands, buoyed up by the waters, and probably supported by submarine land connected with other land beneath the ice in the extreme south.

Commander Scott, on describing his winter sojourn in the wild Antarctic regions of solitude, was most preserving in his attempt “to look on the frozen page of God, and see what the letters meant.” by his sledge journeys into the interior of the unknown continent, he says, he has succeeded in finding it to be a bleak plateau (elevated plain) rising 9,000 feet above the sea, “and stretching interminable to the south.” This goes far to put the stamp of proof upon what we have expressed as our belief in respect to what exists far south.

Captain Scott, with Mr. Skelton and party, found a new route to the West, and established a depot 2,000 feet up the glacier, 60 miles from the ship. On October 6th, 1903, one section of the explorers started for the strait in lat. 80 S, and they found it contained a large glacier formed from the inland ice ; and they obtained information as to the point of junction between the barrier-ice and the land. A depot, established the previous year, was found to have moved a quarter of a mile to the north. Six of the party reached a point 160 miles S E of the ship, travelling continuously over a level plain. No trace of land, and no obstacles in the ice were encountered, “and evidence was obtained showing this vast plain to be afloat.”

It is something to know that the expedition was within 500 miles of the so-called “South Pole,” and that all this way off the compass was reversed.

During the return journey the Possession Islands were found to be more numerous than shown on the charts ; but Wilke’s Land, Right Gold Knoll, and other lands marked on the chart, were apparently not in existence ; and the Discovery sailed right over the spot where they were supposed to be located.

  When steaming along the great Ice Barrier, discovered by Sir James Clarke Ross in 1842, at the furthest easterly point Captain Scott discovered new land, which His Majesty has been pleased to have called after himself, viz. : “King Edward VII Land.”

We may note that the Discovery, in settling down into winter quarters in February, 1902, was frozen in, “and endured a long dark winter, with a night of 122 days, when the temperature fell to 62° below zero, and it was unsafe to venture from the ship, for even a mile, because of the blinding blizzard that raged almost continuously.” This quotation is an excerpt from the statement of Lieut. Shackleton, of the Discovery. “Does the phrase, ‘a night of 122 days’ mean that the sun was not seen for that long period?” was a question put to me ; and I replied, “Certainly.” And as such is undoubtedly the case, I ask, how would it be possible to experience !a night of 122 days,” if the earth be a globe careering round the sun, as they say it does?

It is with decided satisfaction that I read of a western route having been located, and a depot being established up the glacier, 2,000 feet above sea level ; but it appears to me a little premature for the Royal Society Executive to determine that the form of the presentation to Capt. Scott shall be a silver globe, with the route marked to strengthened the hypothesis that we are living on a globe. If a globe is a suitable present on which to mark the route of the ship, why was the ship, in the first instance, not navigated by the aid of a globular chart? We do not think that the gallant captain would have ventured out to sea with a globular chart ; had he attempted to do so, I feel assured that the voyage would never have been as successful as it has.

I would suggest, therefore, as a more suitable form of present, a large silver block in the form of the great “level plateau,” which he discovered, “stretching interminably to the south.”

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The Flat Earth: Degrees

The Flat Earth: Degrees

  This is a technical talk on the flat earth, specifically about the sun’s orbit, so it might be hard for some people to follow this.

A “degree,” according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, is the 360th part of the circumference of a circle, which part is taken as the principal unit of measure for arcs and angles. The degree (°) is divided into 4 minutes of 60 seconds. Astronomers assume that the earth is a globe, and each 360tyh part of a circle all round it is called a “degree;” it is also assumed that the earth moves, though it is the sun which appears to do so.

The position of the sun in regard to the earth’s surface is changed one degree in four minutes; in other words: 15 degrees per hour, and 180 degrees (or half the circumference of the earth) in 12 hours; hence the hour is on a time-piece is divided into 60 minutes. The sun’s time varies, but clock time does not vary.

In regard,however, to the earth’s surface, we are told that the distance between parallels of latitude in different latitudes is not uniform, the length of the degree being greater at the equator than at the poles.

The length of a degree perpendicular to the meridian has been computer and compared with the length of a meridional degree in the same latitude, giving the proportion of the poles to the equatorial axis. The result differed considerably from the obtained by meridional degrees.

Degrees of longitude radiating from the North have been stated to gradually increase in extent as they approach the equator, beyond which they are again said to converge and gradually diminish in extent towards the south. This is the popularly accepted theory.

The matter might be decided by measuring some distance to the south of the equator at right angles to a given meridian (with non-expanding rods), and between two points where the sun is vertical at an interval of 4 minutes of solar time – i.e., as one degree is a 360th part of the sun’s whole path over the earth so is the period of 4 minutes a 360th part of the whole 24 hours, which the sun requires to complete his course; therefore, whatever space on the earth is contained between any two points (where the sun is on the meridian at 12 o’clock and 4 minutes past 12) will be one degree of longitude. If we know the approximate distance between any two place in the South, on or about the same latitude, we can calculate the length of a degree of longitude.

No shadow of doubt rests in my mind that the degrees South converge the same as they do in the North, so that the length of a degree South grows less as we go further from the equator. “Parallax” taught otherwise. I believe I have seen the quotation from his book, but have not read the work through.

If meridians converge south of the equator (as I believe they do) then a degree would measure less at 30° south than at the equator. But taking the ration of the supposed globe degrees at that distance, both north and south would be about 47 miles long.

I have heard such scientists as decide these things admit that they are far from their measurements of degrees; and I am convinced that no man has yet “perceived the breadth of the earth,” nor measured it practically.

The globular idea must be stamped out from a man’s mind before he can see things from a true position, and think of the sun’s rays, as he proceeds above his pathway in the heavens, falling upon and directly touching the earth’s surface so as to form a circle, and the extreme limits of his rays of light forming a larger circle within a larger circle, where sunlight comes to an end, and beyond the limits of day and night.

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A Message of Health to Flat Earthers

A Message of Health to Flat Earthers

I posted a video that I pray you find informative to keep you in health. Check it out under the link at the top of this page, under Bible Study/Health titled: Enzyme Deficiencies Or Click Here.



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