Biblical Truth About Satan, Lucifer, Devils and Hell

The Biblical Truth About Satan, Lucifer, Devils and Hell


There is no hell, at least in the sense that you think of and of what most people think of. Many Churches will have you believe that “IF you don’t believe in Christ, you’ll go to hell and burn,” or say something along those lines. Well, what kind of loving God is that. When people hear that there is “a hell fire and this is where non-believers burn forever,” this is what will drive people away from God. This sounds like what the anti-Christs will want people to hear. And, this is how this, “Satan, devil, hell-fire” got started.

Now, read what the Bible says about: Satan, Lucifer, devils and hell. After your read this, then make up your mind.

Give the Devil His Due

By Pastor Sheldon Emry

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