Links to Good Websites

We have been lied to so much, for so long and in so many areas of life, the average person doesn’t know he’s been lied to. And, when he/she does realise, they don’t know where to turn. When a person is seeking the truth, God will lead the way. Think of how you were led from truth in one area of life to truth in other areas of life. It took a long time to learn all the information you know, at least for me it did.

You probably have your favorite websites that you go to, but check out this list below as there might be something new here.

While I don’t agree with everything on all the sites, I feel that the following websites do have a lot of truth. As time goes on I’ll add more links. In the meantime, here are a few websites with great content. By the way, for those that are not subscribers to this site, I hope that you bookmark Christian Flat Earth Ministry so you don’t forget about us : – ) You see, there is a ton of information these other websites that you can get lost in.

The links listed below will have a brief description of what it contains so you know if you’ll be interested in it before you go there. But there is nothing better than actually checking out other websites so you get a better idea.

Mission to Israel No, this is not the modern-state Israel we know about today. The title is in reference to the biblical Israel only. But the sermons are great by Pastor Ted Weiland and there are over 1,000 of them! Be prepared, they are not “politically correct” but they are biblically correct. Check it out at:

America’s Promise Ministries This is by Pastor Dave Barley which includes sermons by Pastor Sheldon Emry (deceased). Great biblical truths found here.

Whale This site has a ton of information regarding the medical racket and how they lie to us and poison us. You’ll be a long time at this site, too. (The extension is “to” it’s not a typo.)

World Net Daily This is a good site for daily news – to help you fight all the fake news out there.

Institute for Historical Review This site has tons of info about correcting our history. While it concentrates on history, it does have a lot of coverage of current news events.

Rex Research  Hidden Technology Online. Thousands of Inventions Kept From Public View