Mike Adams: Critic of Flat Earthers

Mike Adams: Critic of Flat Earthers


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  Mike Adams of Natural News came up with another dozy of an article! This one is attacking flat earth believers. You can go to the above link to read the full article. Below is my comments on what he wrote; his comments are in italics.

First, I do want to give credit to Mike Adams for allowing flat earth videos on his video hosting site at: Brighteon.com

Mike starts off by comparing flat earth belief to Joe Biden and his comments on guns – it’s really a poor analogy but anyhow…

We are accused that flat earthers have a poor understanding of the laws of physics. As you know, it’s just the other way around. In this article, Adams goes on and on about gravity, yet even the advocates of gravity doesn’t know how it works. So, how does Adams know?!

Similarly, Flat Earthers really don’t care how gravity works, either, and some of them deny the existence of gravity altogether. Trying to explain gravity to a Flat Earth advocate is a pointless exercise. They will argue for the existence of an entirely different set of laws that govern the universe, even though their laws are not consistent with observable reality.

Sure, we deny gravity altogether as it doesn’t exist! So, why should we pretend. But with all this talk about gravity, Mike Adams never once mentions what we DO talk about and that is, bouncy or the law of density! This takes the place of gravity. You know the simple law of physics known as “anything heavier than air falls.” If he did, the readers will know that flat earthers talk about physics.

Their latest argument — which they claim is “proof” the Earth is flat — centres around the claim that since the planet is in a slightly elliptical orbit around the sun, the changes in Earth’s velocity relative to the sun as it traverses this elliptical orbit is “proof” that the planet is accelerating and decelerating in a way that you should be able to feel.

What flat earth believer says Earth is a planet, and that we move around the sun? We don’t!

We know that if you are moving and there is no change of speed, you won’t feel the speed BUT you will be blown off the Earth! And, not only blown off the Earth but at the speeds that we are told we are traveling (such as 66,000 miles an hour around the Sun, Earth itself will not be here). Again, Mike doesn’t mention this!

I tend to think of Flat Earthers as being passionate but misinformed. They aren’t stupid, or evil or insane, but they do lack the kind of basic science education that I was taught in high school. They’re also not very good thinkers, generally speaking, because critical thinking combined with some simple observations would convince any rational person that the Earth isn’t flat.

It’s the flat earth critics that lack basic science education. Mike knows about junk science when it comes to health but he thinks that the Establishment tells the truth when it comes to the universe. As far as observation, it is the flat earthers that tells others about “observations” – of what our senses tell us. Our GOD GIVEN senses tell us that the earth is flat and stationary!

It is not rational to believe that just because NASA is lying about the existence of microbial life on Mars, therefore NASA must have faked every space mission, moon landing and photograph of the Earth from space.

Since Mike Adams believes that NASA lied about microbial life on Mars, how does he believe that there is life on “planets” we haven’t even seen? (He does believe in Aliens.)

Because I don’t call Flat Earthers idiots, from time to time they invite me to “debate” them on Flat Earth theory. This, too, is pointless…

Why doesn’t he debate us? After all, if he has the truth, why not debate us? Well, Adams gives us the same brush off that he is given when he is willing to debate those who support vaccines, GMO food – they GIVE HIM the brush off and says “it’s pointless.” That means the medical doctors can’t debate him and win, just like Adams can’t debate a flat earther and win.

Mike also calls flat earthers fanatics. I guess this is suppose to be bad. Dying for what you believe in is the most fanatical you can be, right? Well, Christ died for what He believed in, so did the Apostles, the Prophets of old and even Christian from the time of Christ up to today. So, being a fanatic is suppose to be bad? Adams is accused of being a fanatic by the medial profession. Does he not do what he can to get the truth out about vaccines, GMO food, chemtrails, chemicals in our food? You bet he does! So, a flat earth tries to the best he/she can to get the truth out.

Adams owns some guns and is willing to defend his life, which implies that he is willing to die for what he believes in. Of course, it’s better to get the enemy to die for what they they believe in 😉

If defending the globe earth model wasn’t enough, he believes that Aliens gets here by bending space/time. And if that isn’t far fetched enough, wait until you read on…

In Mike Adams latest post, which was made New Years Eve 2019, he says in one article that stars are missing in the universe and claims that Aliens are using this to fuel their travels through space; that they actually use up stars for their energy to travel throughout the galaxy! He goes on to say that we will someday do the same thing!

I haven’t even heard this among the si-fi stories and films out there! I guess someone on Earth got a message from Aliens that told him this is what they do! Lol. IF Extraterrestrials exists, as Adams believes, how does he know they are telling the truth? Has he thought of other possibilities of stars not being in the sky – without going to this wild conclusion? Such as:

  • they faded out
  • some stars falling to Earth (as the Bible says, and in which he says he believes in)
  • that NASA just altered a picture and lied about it

Adams has in his article about warping space/time and using pulsar stars for energy as one picture (CGI) showed. In one frame, a set of stars and in another, one star is missing. So, this is proof that a star is missing! “Hey, Mike, I can make a whole galaxy disappear!” If this was issued from NASA and a story was given along with it, that Aliens are storing this for energy, this would make a great article – according to him.

How can even globe earth believers swallow this? Or was just Mike Adams and a few others fell for this BULL! For those who believe that Aliens are using the power of the stars to propel their space ships, there are some other major problems; there are some things that make it wilder than believing in gravity, they are:

  • How do they store this huge amount of energy?
  • How can a ship be large enough to store it?
  • How can the container not melt?
  • What about the weight?
  • It would too heavy to move.
  • Finally, with carrying such large amount of mass, according to gravity theorists, it would attract planets and smaller suns as they fly by; attracting them to the space ship and destroying the ship itself.

Well, this is the most fantasy BS I’ve ever heard!

As a side note, one day stars will disappear but not because some Extraterrestrials will be using it for fuel, but what God said. We are told that at the end of the age, the stars will fall from heaven. Which tells us that they are just lights, that they are small and that it will NOT destroy the Earth. But in the meantime, this is just another CGI lie from NASA.

In other words, if the universe worked the way Flat Earthers describe it, the universe as we know it would have never come into existence in the first place.

How would Adams know? Is he the Creator? Was he given the secret of how God made Earth? In other words, it sounds like Adams believes in the Big Bang Theory of the start of life and not that God SPOKE Creation into existence.

In Mike Adams own words (hold on to your seats), Additionally, I’ve proposed ideas on harvesting pulsars and magnetars to produce antimatter fuel which would be necessary to power warp bubble projection systems. This also explains the economics of the cosmos and why pulsars and similar collapsed stars are so valuable as the “cosmic oil wells” for intragalactic travel.

Yea, “cosmic oil wells!” And where are these “oil wells” stored? On some planet that is larger than the star? If this was possible, how would this aid spaceships that are 1,000 light years away?

This means there is enormous competition for energy sources such as stars in their various forms (i.e. pulsars), and that there are very likely star eaters in our cosmos — civilizations that literally consume entire stars to achieve greater conquest and territory.

If this was the case, why hasn’t there been “missing” stars since man has been looking through telescopes?

Dream on Mike Adams, dream on!

In Summary

If you read Mike Adams article at the link above, you’ll notice certain things that are common to people who don’t want to research the other side to see if it’s the truth or not; not just about the flat earth but also topics that are close to Adam’s heart, too.

Mike Adams did the same thing that others do to him that refuse to listen, they are:

  • setting up a “straw man” so he can easily knock down the argument
  • not bringing up other topics that flat earthers believe in
  • using an example that most flat earthers don’t use (acceleration of the Earth)
  • accusing the other side of what you do yourself are guilty of (re: physics)
  • not debating your opponent (“it’s pointless”)
  • not doing adequate research which included seeing videos on the flat earth

If you were to use the above tactics, you could make up any wild story and make the other person look wrong and you right! You do this by controlling the conversation, or, in this case, the article. Make wild assertions, ignore what the other person believes in, and end by saying you are right! So, this is how you make flat earthers wrong.

IF, and that is a big IF, Mike Adams sees that he is wrong, will he admit it? Who knows. But one thing we do know is, that well known people who are identified with holding a certain position on any topic and changes rarely admits they are wrong. It takes guts to do so. If that person has many followers because they believe him, they will not want to risk losing their followers, which many of them are also his customers. The whole issue will no longer be discussed with the hope that their people will forget it.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. stayhumbleinhim says:

    “It is he that sitteth upon the GLOBE of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as locusts: he that stretcheth out the heavens as nothing, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in.”…Isaiah 40:22 Douay-Rheims Bible the earth is not flat but a round circular GLOBE. Flat earth is a cult of the uneducated and gleeful ignorant. Even the Bible proves it is a globe!


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