Other Conspiracies

Introduction to Other Conspiracies

Welcome to the world of Other Conspiracies. I know that the liberals try to put the words “conspiracy believer” in the same category as “flat earth believers” but that is OK. For us flat earth believers we have got used to it. So, we might as well get used to this. In fact, we are proud that we are flat earth believers, just like we are proud to be Christians. So, let’s stand up for being conspiracy theorists.

In order for the Conspiracy section not to dominate the flat earth site, I’ll just put a brief intro to the topic along with a link. Some of these websites have a ton of info on it. So, if you have any doubts, just read what they have. I do not necessarily believe in 100% of what some of these sites have but enough to put a link here for your further research and consideration. Some of the links are to books which come from some of these websites.

Look for updates to this Page. You might get a notice if you subscribed to follow me. (I don’t know if notices are automatically sent out when a Page or Post is updated or not.) With that in mind, here we go…

Wind Mill Fraud

The so-called Climate Change/Environmentalist don’t consider the cost of creating wind turbines, their operational costs and their disposal costs. Many of the parts of wind turbine are not renewable, so they are put in land fills.

30 Minute Talk to Students

Farmer Discuss Sneaky Tactics of Wind Mill Manufacturer

Changes in the Bible

Many Bible versions have come out of the years and the changes are not what we are told they are (for example, claiming to put the Bible in modern English). Another big conspiracy, like the flat earth, in keeping the word of God from us.

Another Bible Another Gospel

Bible Doctrines and New Versions

One of the biggest crimes committed on Christians is that of charging interest on money. The Bible uses the word usury, so what modern preachers AND bankers say is that “We don’t charge usurious rates, we have interest – this is different.” Well, it is is not, as the Bible clearly states “an increase.” Find out what usury/interest does to a nation in these easy to understand booklets on the subject. You will never look at a banker the same way!

Billions for the Bankers Debts for the People

Merchants of the Earth

Is there a dinosaur cover up?

This video makes a lot of sense about dinosaurs never existed. We know that Evolutionist and Creationists believe in the dinosaur (and so did I!). Evolutionist use this as support that the earth is billions of years old; while Christians use this pointing to some verses in the Bible as dinosaurs existed with man. The words used in the Bible (that Creationists say means dinosaurs) are: Leviathan and Behemoth. But were they dinosaurs or some other extinct creature?

Here hoow whole story of the “first discovery” of dinosaurs is suspicious. For thousands of years no ordinary person, or farmer discovered giant bones of pre-historic animals. But when palaeontologists go out and dig, they usually find them – how strange!

“But what are all those skeletons we see in the museum of?” Good question but to find out more, watch the video…

9-11 Cover Up

I hope that most of you know about the 9-11 cover up – the bombing of the World Trade Towers. If you don’t, there is a lot to learn. It was the bombing in NYC of the World Trade Towers, Building 7 and the Pentagon that woke millions of people up that governments cannot be trusted – certainly not the U.S. Government. It’s the the first time that governments and certain international corporations were behind conspiracies. In fact, conspiracies have been here since recorded history. But it was the event on September 11, 2001, that was so in your face, such blatant lies, that even the dumbest – IF they thought about it – would know that the official story was not the truth.

Now that you know the cover up of the flat earth truth, there is the 9-11. I encourage you to do your own research and see what you come up with. Your research can be on YouTube, as there are many videos and documentaries concerning the 9-11 conspiracy.

Here are some words you can type in Google or YouTube to find out more about what really happened on 9-11. 911 conspiracy, 911 cover up, 911 lies, 911 hoax. Yes, there will be some government versions pop up, but keep looking and you will hear the other side. Then, stop and think – does this make sense? And you’ll find out that it does. You’ll find enough 911 truth that it will keep you busy for weeks reading and watching videos.

The Nuclear Industry

Are Nukes Fake, Too?

Are nuclear bombs fake, too, or are they just tons of high explosives? There are some strange things going on with the nuclear industry and stranger, still is their history. One thing for sure, they are using the nuclear weapons as a big scare for the people. What is your take on this AFTER viewing this video?

It certainly makes you want to think about this.

We do know that there are nuclear power plants and they do produce electricity. And we do know that there is radiation and that this is real and it can kill but just watch this video and see if these areas are addressed.