The Theory of Gravity and Evolution

The Theory of Gravity and Evolution

Moon 1When discussing evolution and gravity, evolutionists tell us that the universe began with a “Big Bang,” and with it, the stars and planets created; all matter moved out in their own direction, and with it, the stars, planets, and galaxies formed. When talking about evolution and gravity, evolutionists also tell us that the fossil record supports evolution. Now, everyone here is aware that this is complete bunk, including the millions of Christians who do not subscribe to the belief that the earth is flat. By the way, I say “millions of Christians” rather than “all Christians” since there are some Christians who believe that creation and evolution can coexist. However, there is a different topic that will be discussed in this piece.

I believe that using this brief remark and question as a method to rapidly quiet evolutionists is one approach to accomplish this goal. Please share your opinions with me…

“Gravity is a very complex thing, don’t you agree?” (The individual will most likely respond with a ‘yes’ to your question.)

If everything evolved over the period of billions of years, then explain to me how gravity and all of its intricacies could have arisen in an instant. (While you wait for a response.)

You have succeeded in getting the evolutionist or Christian who believes in evolution to doubt their view if they admit that they don’t know the answer to your question. This is a start in the right path. Reinforce your query by stating something along the lines of, “All the complexities of gravity could not have evolved in billions of years or even a couple of years.” If they come up with any form of explanation, you may utilise this to your advantage. It would not be possible for it to form into spinning balls that revolve around a central axis if it did not already exist in its finished state at the time of the second “Big Bang.” Otherwise, you would be left with a lot of dirt, rocks, and gases floating around.

Another one-liner you may use with anyone who doesn’t believe in a flat planet is this: “What’s the tallest mountain in the world?” “I’ve witnessed a lot of explosions, but I’ve never witnessed one in which the debris formed balls; instead, all of the debris that I’ve seen has been in the shape of irregular bits of varying sizes. Have you ever witnessed an explosion in which there was debris in the form of balls? 

Now all you have to do is wait for his or her answer and watch them wriggle. They would be forced to respond with a ‘no.’ There’s always a chance that some of them may come back with another lie that will make you chuckle. Those who are truly interested in finding the truth will need to cast doubt on this and devote more time to researching the flat earth theory. Those that don’t should be let to continue on their foolish path.

A little aside: I recently learned that Jupiter was produced from the sun, and that the earth was formed from Jupiter. Both of these theories are interesting in their own right. Therefore, we have a gaseous sun that forms something solid, which then forms a planet, which eventually forms the earth. It’s incredible how all of these round balls can come together to form a new round ball and put it in motion.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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1 Response to The Theory of Gravity and Evolution

  1. Jay says:

    If gravity is a force that can hold trillions of trillions of pounds of water down to Earths surface. Why can’t gravity hold down a feather, balloons, or us? Seems to me it would take less force to lift a feather than it would to lift a bucket of water or all of Earths Oceans.


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