Gravity: A Catch-All For Everything

Gravity: A Catch-All For Everything

Note: Sorry for the delay in posting but my computer is in the repair shop and the one I’m using now is an old one that has Windows XP on it and I just managed to get this connected to the internet – which I couldn’t until today. Thanks for bearing with me 😉

Gravity was invented by Newton for a catch-all for everything. Long before he was born, since the beginning of time, man knew that anything heavier than air falls. I’m sure that Adam noticed that rocks sunk in water and that when he through one up in the air it fell. But Isaac Newton had to come up with this thing call “gravity” to explain how people did not fall off a ball earth.

Newton’s imagination was creative but only fantasy – something that would only be found in a little child’s reading book. Gravity is what “scientists” wants it to be. On the one hand we are told that a larger mass attracts a smaller one. While, on the other hand, people and all objects are attracted to the middle of the earth – as we are made of iron and a powerful magnet in the center pulling everything to its core.

We are told that it’s gravity that keeps the moon in orbit around the earth and that the stronger pull of the earth prevents it from travelling off in space. Yet, we are told out of the other side of the professor’s mouth that the Moon is powerful enough to pull the ocean towards it. How is this possible if the gravity of the earth is 6 times more than the Moon?

Water is very heavy and weighs about 7 pounds to the gallon. Now, think of the weight of one square foot of ocean and this area is, for example, one mile deep. So, even if the Moon pulls this bit of ocean 1 foot closer to the Moon, think of the enormous weight it would have to pull. Now, you have a man on a small boat sitting over this water; how is it that he is not pulled up into space until he hits the Moon? It never happens and the reason why it never happens is because there is no such thing as gravity and no such law as the Moon affecting the tides on earth.

But, you may ask, “What causes the tides?” That is another subject, and I just want to keep focused on one topic here so as not to make this article too long. Just let me sum up with this: the ocean is obviously recedes somewhere beneath the earth and rises again.

If the Moon did affect the tides, then why don’t the lakes of the world also have high tide and low tide? After all, they are smaller bodies of water. By the so-called theories of gravity, the lakes and streams should all be sucked up to the moon – never to return again!

What we have, and the reason why everyone is stuck to the earth is:

1- the earth is flat

2 – and we are all subject to the law of density (that which is heavier than air falls)

That is why we can all safely stay in a boat on the sea, while, at the same time, a tiny butterfly can exert energy and fly above our boat. This should make flat earth skeptics think.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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