Flat Earth and the Word of God

Note: Many of the original videos that I had a link to came from YouTube but they have since closed the accounts of those who put them up because of violating so-called “Community Standards”. Preparing for such a day four years ago, I had my own videos on a hard drive. Now, they have been uploaded to another site where I can share them with you. They are not the best of the flat earth videos but at least it’s something to show others.

Short video on the flat earth and the word of God – quotes from Scripture.

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NASA’s Fake Ball Earth vs True Flat Earth

Videos of NASA’s spinning ball earth and what is wrong with it. Also shown are Masonic leaders.

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Why Zetetic Flat Earth UN Map is Correct


This 14 minute video shows why the Zetetic Map is the correct one for the earth.
The Arctic Midnight Sun and the Phenomena of Sun and Moon opposite each other have been widely observed and video recorded by regular and average people. They are visible from the Northern Polar Circle. No regular civilians have recorded such events from the Antarctica – Southern Polar Circle. Why? Because first of all we don’t have an access to it and secondly because the South “Pole” doesn’t exist. There is a southern rim continent – Antarctica surrounding the flat Earth

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