Christians and the Flat Earth

There are many people who know about the flat earth truth but are not Christians. In fact, some of them are hostel to Christians; they don’t want to hear others bring Christianity into the flat earth debate, yet, they have the gall to criticize Christians. I won’t mention any names but you’ll probably come across them in your research on the flat earth.

Well, I thought it was about time to bring Christianity into the picture and how it RELATES to the flat earth. I can’t do it on their forums, as I would be kicked off; I can’t do it on their websites as they don’t have a way for you to respond to their readers. Thus, the only way I can fight this ignorance and hostility is by having my own blog and forum. That is why I created Christian Flat Earth

Flat earthers have no right to criticize Christians in their discussion with the flat earth. They know they are hiding the truth – it’s not done out of ignorance on their part. The reason why I can say that is, anyone who researches the flat earth and have read the early books and pamphlets know that the early flat earthers (late 19th and early 20th Century) know that these people were Christians; they often had Bible quotes telling you about the true nature of the earth, sun and moon.

The Bible has everything to do with the flat earth, as it was the Creator who created the earth so, don’t you think He would have something to say about His creation? Of course He would but some flat earthers would like you to ignore it.

Then, you have some flat earthers who do quote about the verses that says, for example, that the earth is on foundations and it is fixed. This, of course, would plainly tell you that the earth does NOT rotate nor does it move through space. Yet, they don’t want to have a talk on this subject any further – just quoting some verses is the most they will do.

Now, if these non-Christian flat eathers are sincere, they would want to find out what else the Bible says about how to live our lives. But they don’t want to go there as they will have to make more changes in their beliefs and the world around them.

(You can find some of the verses of what the Bible says about the earth within this blog, so I won’t go into it here.)

As you study the flat earth, you’ll find that this subject is not the only one that the government/education/media has covered up – there are many other things that has been concealed from you, too. That is why you’ll see on flat earth sites another category of, what is called, Conspiracies, as that is what is happening.

Learning about the flat earth and the true nature of the Sun, Moon and stars, you’ll see why it’s so important that the world leaders don’t want you to know the truth. After all, what reason would the so-called elite have in the public knowing that the earth is flat and we are the only “planet” out there? You are probably asking yourself – and rightly so – what difference would it make to them that we are told that truth? “After all,” you may say, “they are already making all the money off of us that they want; they are already controlling what little freedom we have, and telling us that the earth is flat instead of round would not change anything else.”

This is a good question and one that needs to be answered. The reason that the anti-Christs, or whatever you want to call them, is that they don’t want you to know that there is one God and that God is of the Bible; they don’t want people to start reading the rest of the Bible and find answers to their problems.

For centuries now, those in power have been successful in keeping us from knowing the truth about all of our earthly problems such as: health, relationship to one another, judiciary, economy, military, etc. After all if the people don’t know the truth, the Jews and others who work with them will be able to control us by keeping us poor, sick and ignorant. This is where they make their money. The answers to these problems are in the Bible, so, centuries ago, they have kept us from really reading and studying the Bible and CONTROLING what we read. The descendants of the ancient Edomites and Khazars have used various methods with success to do this. One example is that for centuries the Catholics did not allow their people to own and read the Bible. Now, that succeeded until Martin Luther came around and the invention of the printing press.

After people became Protestants, where they were allowed and encouraged to read the Bible, other methods of control had to be implemented. Then, in the 19th Century came Darwin and his push for evolution. About the same time was the Jew Karl Marx and his book on Communism called Das Kapital (The Capital).

The Jews, who had infiltrated both the Catholic and Protestant churches changed the meaning of the Bible by changing what the priests and pastors said from the pulpits.

Midway through the 20th Century changes came in the form of new versions of the Bible, where words were changed and whole verses taken out. Such corrupted versions are: New International Bible, The Living Bible, New American Version, The New King James Version, etc. Then, you had the big move of, what is known as “Christian Zionists” (an oxymoron if I ever heard of one) – those who favour every little thing that Israel is doing in the Middle East. These “Christians” support the bandit state of Israel with their money, time, votes and moral support. Many young men gladly go off to war in the Middle East to fight for the Jews in Israel.

After one method of control wears off another method has to be invented and implemented. So, NASA had been given the task to do this, along with the twisted science of what is called modern day astronomy and astrophysics.

Those who really control the destiny of America have figured out many years ago that if they can get the people to believe that there are billions of galaxies with trillions of planets out there; and that we are just one of billions of planets that harbours intelligent life; that there are many Extra-Terrestrials out there visiting earth, it would make any Christian feel insignificant. And for those who are not Christian, they have no reason to become one – after all, they think, “What importance are we to God when He has billions of others planets to visit.”

Then, if that wasn’t enough, people like Jordan Maxwell and David Icke say Aliens have created us, they have changed our DNA. This, of course, takes God completely out of the equation or at least delegates Him to a position of no direct involvement in the affairs of men.

In short, all of this keeps us from finding the answers in the Bible.

You see, philosophy can keep people ignorant for only so long before someone wakes up and learns the truth and starts telling others. Such control of the people through words include reading other Bible versions instead of the 1611 King James version. The philosophy of Communism is easy to see through for anyone that has half a brain. But with the technology age, more and more people look towards physical things they can point to, see and feel; this is the space agency.

With the advent of the American and Russian space programs, people can see and say, “Look at that rocket going to the moon!” or “We are sending satellites to other planets – look at the pictures that are brought back to us!” or “Look at those beautiful galaxies that the Hubble Telescope took!”

These things are more “real” to the average person; certainly more real than some old book about “Evolution of the Species.”

So, you will still look towards the astronomers and scientists who work in NASA, Boeing and Martin-Marietta for your reality instead of the Holy Bible.

But when people wake up and find out such things that earth is flat and stationary (as the Bible says); that the Sun moves and not the earth (as the Bible says); that there is a firmament (dome) above (as the Bible says), and that Heaven is above us (as the Bible says), then knowing that we truly are the centre of God’s creation, perhaps people will treat each other better. And by treating each other better, we will follow the Laws, Statues and Judgements of God Almighty. When that day comes it will be the end of this old Babylonian System – Amen.