Australia Not Down Under

Australia Not Down Under

Australia downunder

      A Mariner’s compass must be level or it will not operate accurately. For this reason, various means of suspension we used to keep this instrument level. When not disturbed by local influences, the positive end of the magnetic needle always points north.

      The accompanying drawing will serve a double purpose, showing ship A on a flat earth, and ship B on a globe. Notice that the position of the North Pole is on top of the globe, and it the center of the flat earth.

      Ship B is represented at about 45 degrees south latitude on a globe, and shows how impossible it is for the compass needle on this ship to point worth, for a compass needle on this ship to point north, for a compass never indicates north to be down in the ground.

      Ship A is represented in about the same latitude, but on a plane earth, and shows now the compass needle on this ship can point north without any contortions whatever, since it is constantly on the same plane.

      Ship C represents an impossible position in space which, if the North Pole is on top of the drawing as on a globe, must be occupied by any ship that is hundreds of miles from the Pole, and still the compass needle pointing north, from the level position.

      If the earth were a globe, the needle of the compass on ship B would point out into space, as shown by the dotted arrow. The black arrow at ship B, shows the direction the com pass needle must point, if it points north from this position on a globe. Notice that the direction is down through the water into the ground.

      The black arrow at ship A, on a circular plane earth, shows the natural way in which the compass needle points, maintaining a constant level, and always in the same plane as the north magnetic center. This method is the only one in accord with both reason and the facts.



      AUSTRALIA could very well be the Key or the catalyst to the DESTINY of the human race and the Future of the World! The answer could be my friend in this IF, so much hinges on this little word as Kipling has so well said… “If you can keep your sanity, when all about you are losing theirs…” If Aussies could as a people overcome their natural reticence and their deference to Crazy English Scientists… who have kept them “down under” you, for so very long, come out of the closet and Lift up their voice and speak up with one voice and state what they all know to be true, they are not hanging head down by their feet… under the world!

      Well anyway, the doors have opened over there. How it will all end, I don’t know, Early April I was interviewed by a man in Washington D.C. April 14, the interview verboten was on front page of Washington Star, D.C.! Next, the news went all over. Then Australia got it, and had UPI news service come over from L.A. to get pictures of us both. Australia wanted them! April 24, Aussie time I have a live interview on ABC Radio, Sydney, Australia, via telephone with Carylin Jones (Australian Broadcasting Co.), 15 minutes I told ALL A couple of hours ago I did again broadcast in Australia, Melbourne. This time an interview with Burt Newton, Radio Australia, Melbourne. It will be MAY DAY there, in more way than one, May 1. Also, newspaper articles are running ALL OVER AUSTRALLA. I will tell them they CAN BE the catalyst in the REVOLUTION THAT WILL END ALL REVOLUTIONS, a return to Sanity and God’s Flat Earth. Will they, CAN they do it? TIME will tell. (This paper will go to many in Australia.)

      We broadcast via telephone in MONTREAL, the Paris of the West covered QUEBEC. The Pommie Scientists and the rest of Canada saw it at CBC Canada TV. Didn’t have the money this season to send for us. Have broadcast from Salt Lake City, covered Las Vegas etc. Many other fine articles from our wonderful FREE PRESS,  How blessed we are to live in a nation where total freedom of speech and press is and THOUGHT is allowed! I thank each writer for your thoughtful article. May the Eternal God of Truth bless and prosper each newspaper, magazines or radio stations or network, and each and every person who has shown an interest in THE TRUTH! Amen.




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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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