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Some “Sheep’s Clothing” Is Better Designed Than Others

Jack Hyles, Who Was He And Why Should I Care?

Here was a preacher who preached some good sermons but there is a dark evil side to him. He had the largest Sunday school in America. Though he is dead now, there are millions of his followers that are still alive. One good thing he did preach is that the King James Bible is the only version we should use (unless you speak another language).

I was doing some research on the KJV only, and came across a lengthy article about this Jack Hyles. When I went to the YouTube link that was given, I noticed other videos on the side bar that had “Jack Hyles Exposed,” so I thought I’d see this and I’m glad that I did. See the other parts of this video if you want to see more. Part 2 has more video clips rather than just talk.

In short, some “sheep’s clothing” is better designed than others.



by Dr Wesley A. Swift May 2 1964

Tonight we are speaking on this subject which has more significance than many understand, and that is that the kingdom of God is in a battle against Witchcraft. The moment that you mention witchcraft, there are very few people who know much about it. They have been told a lot of things about witchcraft and they generally do not believe there is any. And there is nothing the devil would rather have you believe tonight than that there is not any witchcraft. There is nothing a witch or wizard would have you believe tonight, than that there is not any witchcraft. They would be glad to have you believe that there is no witchcraft by those who do not know the difference.

Now of course there are those who say, witches . . . that is one of the sources of superstition that we had back in our earlier Colonial times. Why, they even burned witches at the stake back in our Colonial days. This was a time of great error and a great many people were persecuted and punished unjustly. If someone had something against an older person, or something which they did not understand, they accused them of witchcraft. And this was one of the great blights on our early history. Well, I am not going to cite that they did not have the witches and wizards back in that time, because there are a lot of witches and wizards today. And I am going to cite to you that there have been witches and wizards in the earth ever since the days in which the kingdom of God has been under an assault and attack since the children of God were embodied in earth thru the descendants of the Adamic race. Make no mistake about it, the Adamic race was the issue of the MOST HIGH GOD. And there has been given to us a genealogy of Christ in the New Testament taking you back to Seth who was the son of Adam, who was the son of God. And against this race, and against this operation, its operation in the earth, all Satanic design, and all of the plans of the conspiracy were involved and directed.

Now there is no question of the fact that if there existed no area such as this, then there would be no discussion in any part of the scriptures concerning it. I would also point out that the scripture takes this as a rather serious matter as they discuss the areas of witchcraft. In the 22nd chapter of Exodus, when God bestowed the law on Israel, and HE gave the will of HIS law to Moses on Mt. Sinai, then read in the 18th verse:– “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,” execute quickly. Oh, you say that must have been a superstition. What do you think, God is superstitious? No, do you suppose that the area of wisdom and vision that HE gave to Moses that in this case God was taken in and did not understand? This sounds like some of these strange clergy that we are hearing from in the church today, as they talk about the things which Jesus did not understand. Let me tell you something. God was filled with Omniscience and Omnipotence and all power and all wisdom. There as no part of any creation, or any part of the Universe that HE didn’t know all there was to know about it. There was no power or activity inside of the Universe that HE did not understand. So don’t you worry about Christ making any mistake.

I read the other day in church literature, that if Jesus had had the advantage of modern education HE would have had a different position. I am not sure there is any advantage in a modern education if it changes the position of any individual from the things as they are to the things that they are not. Because God knew all things as they were. I am going to tell you this that when anyone thinks they have reached the height above God, they have reached the total height of pride and beyond all things. For no one but one who is conceited thinks they can compete with God. Of course, this is one of the things that dates the Rabbi. For they think that God has to come to the Rabbi for advice. Thus, they have corrected the scriptures with the Talmud, so God will be educated, you know. We could do well without any of these educators who think that they have to educate God.

Now let me point out this area of the scriptures because I can show you all thru the scriptures that witchcraft is an instrument of Luciferianism, used by his offspring and those that are his servants, to accomplish warfare and success, if possible, in the kingdom by deception. The scripture tells us what to look for . . . one of the things witchcraft seems to do is to go after and capture the consciousness of men and turn them to the support of Lucifer. A wizard is one who is subject to evil spirits and whose power is used to enslave men with error. In Webster, they do not overlook the fact that a witch is not a matter of superstition. But it says a witch or a wizard is one who uses witchcraft. Then turn to the scriptures and you find that witchcraft is the art of capturing the minds of men and controlling the soul of men by evil powers. And then Webster tells us that witchcraft is the controlling of men by workings of evil. And we are told some things concerning this. Someone said, “That is something in the Old Testament that is referred to as opposition.” But this is not true. If you turn over inside of the writings of the Apostle Paul, you find he talks about things which relate to the social order. And as Paul writes to Timothy (II Tim.) he talks about evil powers and evil forces seeking to capture men . . . being seducers of men and deceivers of those who have been deceived. Their operations are evil. They are of witchcraft. Then we turn over to this declaration in the book of Ephesians, and we are told that we are not just battling against flesh and blood. We read in the 6th chapter of the book of Ephesians, Vs:12:—–“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, against principalities, and against powers, and against the rulers of darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Thus it is time to put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

Now someone says, “Who are the rulers of darkness in this world?” These are all of the rulers of pagan kingdoms that war against the kingdom of God. All of the leaders of all false religions, all of the Princes of the false religions are the workers of iniquity working with the principalities and the princes of darkness in this world. You are also told that all of the Priests of those idol temples are users of sorcery and of witchcraft. You know that God has a great purpose in these last days as HE brings HIS kingdom thru these last days in their battle with the forces of darkness and the forces of evil. Then you are instructed in the New Testament to put on the whole armor of God and all of the wisdom knowledge and skills, because you are working against powers and principalities. And not all of them are embodied in flesh, but many of them are, for you are battling against flesh and blood. But not only against that, but also powers and principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. Where are they?—All around the President, in his cabinet, and all thru out Washington, D.C. And yes, they are even all thru out this state, right here also. Why, they are even existent here with their own symbols and their own crafts. And they are working to try to overthrow the kingdom and to try to overthrow everything that is spiritual and good for your nation.

Let me point this out to you then, that within this declaration that there is something that we have called to your attention. That when we deal with the God of our race, YAHWEH-YAHSHUA or JESUS—HE is the only wise GOD. HE is the only Eternal potentate, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORD’S. And we are told that there are no other god’s beside HIM, and HE calls upon this race which is HIS offspring, to totally resist the powers of evil and work for the liberation of the world from every pagan power and every false religion, every occult practice and form of sorcery that they are engaged in.

There is quite a fuss now over a marine cutting the head off of an idol. But I think we ought to give him a medal. Listen—this is today’s newspaper:– ‘Inside of Saigon, it says that U.S. authorities are very disturbed at the Buddhist complaint that a Marine cut the head off of a Golden Buddha image in a pagoda on December 1st. The Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge told the Buddhist today, that we will look into the matter immediately. One of the Buddhist Priests offered to disembowel himself because the head was cut off of the Golden Buddha idol. I hope all of the Buddhist Priests decide to do this. Someone said, “But, Dr. Swift, we can’t think this way.” Well, we better decide to think this way and do it quick, because we have a war tonight with every pagan priesthood understands that tonight. If you are going to send American boys out there to fight, then balance the role. I have great respect for anyone who has the courage to go into an idol temple and chop up ever pagan idol there. And I think that Henry Cabot Lodge is about as low a character that we have anywhere in our government. The Diems’, that Christian regime in Vietnam, were replaced by the Buddhist because of the work of the Lodges’ and the Kennedy Administration. People go around moping because of the assassination of President Kennedy. The Communist did it . . . and don’t forget it. And just remember that this leadership helped eliminate the fine Christian leadership of the Vietnamese. And as reflections go, then don’t cry over divine judgment. America is trapped in unprecedented emotionalism, trickery and chicanery. And they are using this President who did not back up from using all of these emotions, to put over the most evil pattern of legislation in all American history, while America was supposed to recall with sadness the assassination of their President. The devil and all of his imps gained by that assassination, including those who planned to take away our liberties under the emotional wave of it. If the Congress had not been trapped by all of this, the people would have never allowed the 89th Congress to sell us down the river.

Now listen. The Buddhist priests are of Satan’s own household as are all other pagans. Someone said, “But the Buddhist are not going to like you.” Well, I do not care whether the Buddhist like me or not. I am just interested in the kingdom. I want you to know that we are fighting over in Asia and we are supposed to be fighting to stop the spread of Communism. But the strange thing is, that the Christian regime with Diem was the only resistance the Communist had, and the Buddhist Priests were actually behind the lines carrying supplies to the Viet Cong. And the Buddhist temples were actually radio stations in which communications were going back and forth. American boys and our allies were dying because of the pagan temples which were joined with the anti-Christ Communists. And they turned against the Christian, Diem’s because that administration was cleaning out these nests of pagan sorcery. They decided not to let those pagan temples go unmolested, for they had joined the house of their enemy. So they were arresting these Buddhist Priests when they caught them smuggling Communist equipment in and working with the enemy. And our administration, under Kennedy, worked with the revolutionaries to overthrow the Christians in government in Vietnam. When they talk about the Catholicism of the Kennedys, and even when any kind of a Christian is better than no Christian. But the Diem’s were Catholic Christians. And they were 1005 against all of the Buddhist. And here, President Kennedy sold out his own church and he is responsible tonight for this trouble. And then Mr. Lodge was sent over, and was a participant. For after the Diems’, when they had taken over in the Vietnamese area with Buddhist powers, and they had murdered these Christians and the family of Madam Nu, they had a big celebration in the Buddhist temple and Mr. Lodge attended these services. They gave him honor and homage, and they wanted to thank America and, of course, Ambassador Lodge, for turning the Diems’ over to the Buddhists. Ambassador Lodge is a disgrace to America. So you better talk fast and furious. For the only alignment you have in this matter is the alignment with God anyhow. And you better be on HIS side and you better carry out your program against the devil and all of his court. You better be on God’s side and carry out HIS projects. And you better remember that no harm can come to the throne of God. Oh, you say, “This just pushes you thru a lot of processes.” But yes,–but you are going to win.

Now listen. When the Diem government tried to suppress the false Buddhist because they were betraying the land of the Vietnamese and working for the Communists, remember that it would have been impossible for the Communists to take China had it not been for the Buddhist Priests telling the people of China to embrace Communism, that it was the will of the ‘living Buddha’ that they accept Communism. They identified themselves with Buddhism in Tibet and Buddhism across the world. And they said they were backing Communism against the White Christian devils and their influence. This is how they viewed Christianity and they warred against it. The Chinese, under the leadership of Chiang Kai Shek, finally retreated to the island of Formosa. And there under the impact of Freedom, they are worshiping and recognizing the True God and recognizing the false gods and false religions that turned the people over to the Communists which is the politics of hell. Basically, Communism never moves out of a Christian society, but moves out of a pagan religion and all of its falseness.

Now let’s take a look at this position. Let’s take a look at this situation. They say that Henry Cabot Lodge is going to look at this matter. The principal monks are demanding and Buddhists are demonstrating on the streets of Dnang urging that the culprit be punished. What culprit?–Oh, you say, “He did not have any right to go in there and cut the head off of that Buddha?” Well, I don’t know if he cut the head off of this idol, but I hope he did. And I hope we cut the head off of every idol before we get thru marching. Oh, you say, “We have to respect their religion in that land.” We better stop respecting any religion but ours. Raise up the flag of Christianity and cut the heads off of all of the idols so as to free the people of the world. We shall fold up the pagan temples and chop up the pagan gods, and the synagogues, and have nothing but Christianity survive. But Lodge told the Buddhist that all of the damage would be replaced with United States money irrespective of who did it, and that America would fix up the entire temple and replace the golden Buddha, because the Buddha was a equivalent as a crucifix in a Christian church. Let me tell you something. Every American citizen should immediately enjoin the U.S. Government not to spend one cent of our tax money rebuilding a Pagan temple. If they have enough money to start rebuilding a pagan temple of evil, they should not have another cent of American money to spend. And we should know if it is going to go for the rebuilding of an abomination in our time. I think that the Constitution forbids your government from investing in religion like this . . . pagan religion of all things . . . out of the goodness of our nation.

All right. But they tell us that they are afraid that if they do nothing, that this will build up an anti-American feeling among the Vietnam Buddhist. Thus, the Buddhist have now overthrown the regime of the Diems’ and this beheading took place in the Pagoda of Dnang. And they say that several American Marine installations are not far from here. One Buddhist monk says he saw the Marine leaving the pagoda at dawn on the morning of the incident. And immediately, the monk discovered that the big golden Buddha had been decapitated and the ornaments and artifacts were scattered around. And all of the monks told their followers that the pagoda had been contaminated and could never be used again. Our ambassador says he will take immediate steps to apprehend the guilty party. And Lodge says that we will take steps to rebuild, and take immediate steps to secure the guilty party.

Let me tell you something. Any time a Buddha cannot take care of himself, then let him lose his head. This is a fantastic idea that we have to protect false gods. They are Satan gods abomination before the MOST HIGH GOD. I am going to tell you something and I don’t care if the State Department likes it or who likes it or doesn’t like it. The only important thing is what the Bible has to say about something like this. God says that in these last days, HE will cause to pass over you something that will cut off all of the horses and their chariots of the enemy from among you. HE says that HE is going to cut off the cities out of these lands of the strangers, and tear down all of their strong holds. Now “I am going to cut off all of the witchcraft out of thy land.”

When you cut off all of the witchcraft out of our land then the streets will be free and our young people are going to be free once more. Our minds will be released from their satanic attacks. But now listen.– “I am going to see that all of their graven images are cut off and all of their standing images are broken down in the midst of them, and tho shalt not permit the worship of their hands; and I will pluck up all of the false things of the heathens and the pagans and will destroy all of the witchcraft out of the midst of this.” Our God says that we are to cut down their groves and stamp out their worship of these things. And God blessed Abraham when he got brave enough to do this in the temple of his father, when he got carried away under the rulership of Nimrod.

Oh, you say, “We can’t get the U.S. Government involved in fighting witchcraft.” Well, I hope we get the U.S. Government so involved in fighting that they can’t back out. I am going to tell you that as far as the nations of God’s kingdom are concerned, it is time for all Christian nations to stand together, and you do not have any obligation to protect any pagan power and any pagan society. And if we are going to be over in Asia defending a bunch of idolaters, then, my friends, then we better get ready to win and in the process, smash every pagan temple. Then if they do not want our young people because they smash pagan idols, then let’s leave them at home where they are safe. I think it is time we sent over all of these opposition voices that cry about battling the Communists. I think the place for these marching students is on the front lines.

All right, God said, “I am going to execute with my vengeance and my judgement, and my fury upon the heathen such as they have never felt it before, because of their attack upon ME and my people.” I set here this afternoon and listened to Henry Cabot Lodge as he talks about what he is going to do, and then I think of what God said that HE is going to put HIS kingdom over every part of the earth, whether the pagans like it or not. And HE will do it until everyone gets down and kisses HIS feet.

Yes, may the blessings of God rest this day on the head of some courageous Marine who cut the head off of a golden Buddha. May he sleep well and be protected. And may the judgments of God and the illusion of fear fall upon those who would protect these evil temple.

Now let’s take a look at the procedure. One of the most Satanic designs of the enemy, this utilizes the evil knowledge that they possess, and they try to capture the consciousness of men using their own religion, and those who want to worship the right God. You know, remember that when you were dwelling in Egypt and they wanted to take you over, and they would use you over your own people . . . and they would select for special areas the people of God, give them a vacation. And then at night the false priests of Set and Soth would come in at night. And they had a little instrument like a microphone. They would get along side of the sleeping Israelites and they would play their little instrument saying YAHWEH is not God, Satan is god. YAHWEH is not God, but Satan is god. And they would say this for one hour at a time in the ear of a sleeping man until it was recorded in his subconscious mind. This is repetition of witchcraft. And the next time they might say– ‘good fortune descends upon those who worship Sette, for he is god.’ And after the Israelites had been out for several weeks, they would return to their people and those things would be running thru their mind:– ‘YAHWEH is not God, Satan is god.’ And the result is that the children of Israel were exposed to the darkness by this method. And we are having the same things right here now today. And one of the fast ways they thought to get educated was to get sleep records. And these sleep records were all filled with records of the good of the United Nations and of Communism. And if you took a history course in this, you ended up speaking of those things in your mind, and so set up a confusion until it almost destroyed their thinking as a child of God. You may not realize it, but these areas of witchcraft and sorcery have been used against you. And the mastermind is in the plan and in the seed . . . the constant repetition and the constant use of areas of communication to repeat error before people and to place in their minds this constant concept of the error and blot out the truth. They are doing this by every possible process they can think of. They are constantly telling you of the greatness of the ‘great society’ . . . the wonderful program of sharing with the world under the ‘Great Frontier.’ They are telling you constantly about the wonders of the United Nations. And anyone opposed to this is anti-social. And they repeat it and repeat it until people back-off from this and are afraid to be Christian Americans.

Let me tell you something. The enemy does not have power over the kingdom of God. And this kingdom of God controls the destiny of the kingdom in America. They are going to liberate the kingdom here in America when they move with the faith to do it.

I was in San Francisco with Gerald Smith, when they were forming the United Nations, and we were probably the only voices speaking out against this institution while it was being formed. In fact, they did not want this even discussed. And Algers Hiss, the commie traitor, was in charge, and they will using radio to sell America on this ‘great program’ of the devil.

Someone said, “Dr. Swift, they can lock you up, for it is now against the law to speak against this United Nations treaty.” Well, I am not about to be a coward and fall back before a necessary evil that is being thrust on us. Let me tell you, this is absolutely an un-Constitutional evil to invoke any part of the United States under that flag and put these United States under world government any time and anywhere. A lot of people are silent when they should be speaking out. And they are saying that if a church does not abide by the treaty of the U. N., then they will lose their tax exempt status. Well, what are you going to do if you cannot read the book of Ezekiel and can’t believe what God says about joining yourselves to these other nations and building this wall of untempered mortar? I am going to tell you, the instructions are:–‘Come out from among them and be ye separate,’ whether they like it or not. For they are in trouble if they touch the anointed of God, when they are proclaiming HIS words.

Witchcraft? Yes. This is witchcraft. But there is something more powerful than Witchcraft. And that is the power of God. And the most valuable thing which you possess is a sound mind. Listen to the declarations. We are told over here in II Timothy, that ‘therefore God has not given us the theory of fear.’ This is of course, true. For HE has put into us a power, love and a sound mind. The only way witchcraft can take over is to fracture that intellect and give you an unsound mind. They say they can hypnotize you. But you cannot hypnotize a person with a sound mind. Thus, we remember the power of incantation. But the scripture says that you must not suffer to life someone that uses this procedure. We are told that these sorcerers would move on men when they were not able to protect themselves while asleep from this concept of evil. I am going to tell you that your nation is subject to this.

We have been told that a certain way to set up people for the acceptance of witchcraft is to set up a certain vibratory stick that deals with the sensual pattern of human nature, and therefore, a careful study of what we might call neurology is taking place. Therefore, we go to Africa and the witch doctor is holding sway, with a certain rhythm. And from that rhythm comes certain sounds and the person starts to move and the people twist and move and perspiration breaks out on their bodies and they start to sway. And the vibrations of these sound waves that affects sensual portions of their nature bring on utter areas of abandonment making them subject to the witch doctor. This is also happening to you all over this nation. These certain vibrations have been taken by the Jews and sold to you as music. And every time you turn on your T.V., they are trying to introduce unto you certain types of witchcraft. This will cause us to descend into a Sodom and Gomorrah state with utter abandonment. I think that these witches and wizards should not be permitted to live. Oh, I know we have a lot of people who say ‘this is just instant fun . . . we just bob around for a while and we are just passing the time until God takes us home.’ But you have a greater responsibility. And that is to separate your children out of this area and understand what is behind this whole procedure. I don’t care who gave medals to the Beatles. They were a part of it. In fact, John Lennon is a Jew and he wrote a book about Christ and called it a program of garlic eating Christians. And as he wrote this book, he twisted it and produced the product of a Jew mind. And the man who introduced this book said, “I am a Jew, but these Beatles are more anti-Christ than anything that I could dream up.” And here we have American Christians listening to these anti-Christs, evangelizing their minds. But their main design is to capture the minds of the children of America. I am going to tell you that any parents that have permitted this to come into their homes had better clean it up.

Now we are not fixing to please anyone. We are just stating facts. I do not care who you are. This will have to go. For I am going to point out that this music is just a little bit of the witchcraft. And you will find this out. For they are just setting up the whole vibratory reaction of your children. And this will just move them more and more into the areas of evil and into the areas of distress. And we have seen the witchcraft taking its place in your colleges and your schools. And by this deception, they try to transplant out of the minds of our children and out of the minds of our great teachers, the sound doctrines of our ancestors. They are being taught that they must just overlook this simple mistake of their parents in believing such thoughts. For you are to move far beyond the knowledge of your parents who did not understand. You are being taught today that we are moving away from these old ideas, for the are all superstition and must now be set aside. And this program is going further and further. For even some of the questions now asked is to find out just how far our young people go in their faith, how deep it is, and what must now be removed.

Now I am not against the war against the anti-Christ. But why . . . if we can war against in Vietnam, why can’t we war against it here? The strange thing is that this pattern of evil is to be found more and more in the midst of our society. Witchcraft moves in and the whole thinking of a people becomes twisted and warped. The patterns of light and morality are twisted into patterns of immorality and depravity. The Life Magazine has a good outline of this. For I am going to tell you that anytime at a reception when the White man is outnumbered by the Asiatic and the Jew and by the Negro, and the Jew takes over a man at the head of society, then that man and that society is heading for trouble. The scripture warns you that you should never permit such as this to move in and gain superiority over you. So we should have closed the immigration doors a long time ago. Someone said, “But how do you keep witchcraft out?” Well, the best way is to keep out the witches. Anytime you let a large Negro population in, then you are bringing in Witchcraft with them. They are the Voodoo masters. I am not going into Voodoo tonight, but I can tell you that when I was a boy, Voodoo Masters were murdering White boys in New Jersey in the swamps. I am going to tell you that right down here in Watts, there are Voodoo masters along with Witchdoctors and paganism and false doctrines that are working to destroy. And they are thieves and liars and murderers. Remember what Jesus said. “Any man who comes in by any other door, into the sheep fold, is a thief, a liar and a murderer.” Why? –Jesus said, ‘I am the door.” So there is no other door than Christianity and Christ. All others are thieves, liars and murderers. And it is your job to see that there is no other influence on the people of earth that has any other impact upon the people of earth.

As we turn to the declarations of the MOST HIGH, we read: “I am going to come here with judgment, and I will be swift witness against the sorcerers and the race mixers and the false swearers, those who would oppress my people. I am going to bring this judgment, I, YAHWEH, am going to do this.” You find this in the book of Malachi. And there is passage after passage wherein God makes this declaration concerning this area of judgment upon the enemy, saying there will no longer be found among you any that are sorcerers, or a consulter of familiar spirits, or a Wizard. None of these shall be found any more among you. So come out from among them, and any that remain shall be destroyed. So where does this witchcraft come from? Well it comes from the Rothchilds, the Warburgs, the Shiffs. It comes from devils. All of them are devils and we could name them all. Oh, you say, “But they can’t work any witchcraft.” But if they can’t, then how did they get control of the money system of the U.S? If they cannot work witchcraft, then how did they get the power to empower them in the days of President Wilson? If they can’t work witchcraft, how did they manage to take the gold from us in the days of Johnson? The other day the President said, “I do not understand this, for they raised the interest rates and caused the stock market to crash, and that is their money.” Well, let’s do away with it and get some money of our own. Let’s stop printing it for them.

Now listen. Last week we heard from Mr. McNamara; and let me tell you that treason has captured his mind. He is saying that we are going to wipe out our squadrons of aircraft all over the country. Well, the country is exploding tonight for the Red Chinese are exploding and we are going to wipe out our aircrafts so they won’t feel threatened. Our helicopters could not stay in the air if it were not for our fast fighters and bombers, to knock out the enemy. Migs coming in will knock down every one of the helicopters if they do not have air cover. Your cities can put missiles up in the air, but who is going to turn one coming in from your enemy? They tell me that we have too many ships now, more than the Soviet Union. So we don’t need them. We put them in mothballs. But as long as communism wars against the kingdom, and they are 5/6 of the world, then we need everything necessary so as to rise and crush Communism. When someone tells me that we have five times the weaponry than the enemy, then I happen to question the intelligence of our leadership. Why then don’t we conquer the enemy? Without boys dying out there in a limited war, we can give them a total war. There is nothing to this idea of a limited war. This is just war against the devil until you win.

Now under this program, I think there is something that you need to recognize. Remember that Mr. McNamara was connected to the Winebergers, for they have taken him over. I think he is a traitor inside of the Pentagon, and he should receive the star of Lenin as his reward. But now who makes the money when they make a F 11? This should tell you something. One of the most influential men in the security of the United States is David Starnoff, and he is a Jew, and he is from Communist Russia. And he is a Dean of Radio and Broadcast Television, and has great influence. Sidney Wineberger, whose partnership with the Russian Jew Alexander Stacks, and he is involved with counterfeiting of government documents . . . and at the same time is setting up patterns of acquiescence to disarmament. And the program calls for setting up for the army and navy just one supplier. And that a Jew supplier.

Now listen. I am reading now from another newspaper article. And General Dynamics just announced a 75 billion-dollar contract to build the F 11 fighter planes plans. But McNamara is now cutting back on all of these contracts, back beyond the ability for the U.S. to protect herself, let alone fight a war. This is the first step toward disarmament. Let me point this out to you. Anytime you weaken America by sowing falsehoods, it is an attempt to weaken your mind. The program thru all avenues of communication try to remind you that you should not have arms, to arm your self for protection . . . that this is wrong. And they use every avenue to refer to this. They tell you this is evil. It is wrong for people to arm themselves, and it is not necessary. For the government will protect you. I think the days of J. Edgar Hoover are over. He is beginning to join with the other side in his thinking. I want you to know that this nation came out of a race who thru all of history has called on God to protect us from all enemies, and we have so far escaped dictatorship. The ministry of Jesus Christ, we find, that there is no other choice than if you do not have a sword, sell your coat and buy one. So always, we are urged to fight for what is right, for our faith and our nation and our race. JESUS said, “I am sending you out like lambs against wolves, so you better have a sword.

Then we have Henry Cabot Lodge joining them in Vietnam. But we also had the FBI warning us about how there were still communists here in our nation, and how they were down in Cuba and how they were spread all over the world, and how great a menace this was. Then the President says that the ‘right wing’ in America is too far right. For they oppose for America trying to get along with the Communists, and they fight communism everywhere. And he refers to these people as being hysterical. So anyone who opposes Communist is a danger. Thus, this man has already been taken over and we have to oppose him. Someone had to be brainwashed when they appointed a Negro as assistant for J. Edgar Hoover. Someone had to be brainwashed to do this, for there is not a Negro in the United States who is smart enough to be an F.B.I. man. And I will go further. There is not a Jew in the United States that should be appointed to any position which has to do with the secrets of these United States. And if J. Edgar Hoover were to resign and be replaced with this man, then we would say that we have placed a Witch doctor at the head of the Secret Service of the U. S. And the anti-Christ is now in power.

I am not against anyone put in power that is mentally capable of doing their job. But we are today in the hands of people so mentally twisted, so blinded, that they are selling out America by legislation that is unconstitutional, and which meets the design of a Communist World revolution.

Now I can establish this rather easily. Dan Smoots is getting a lot of letters saying that we know the President after reading your reports would have to be very much on the edge of treason and very dishonest if he does this thing. Now, we know that we are supposed to think that he is a great man or he would never have been elected, and that all of these good legislatures would never vote for any of these things that you oppose if there were not a lot of good things in them. So even before he gets thru, Dan Smoots has to be careful of what he says. Then Dan Smoots says, “I am not arguing as to whether the President is wise or not, but if he thinks he has to deceive the people to put over his agenda, then he is wrong. For the people do not want Communism.” We don’t want to be put into the program of the anti-Christ while he is delivering us from poverty. The devil has been trying to buy people from the very beginning. There was another wizard over here in the New Testament, and he had all of the people in his land thinking he was a great and mighty person because of the things he could do with his witchcraft. Peter and Philip came along, and people were being baptized and were healed. And the wizard said, “Oh, they have out-foxed us.” So what did he do? He went down and joined the church. And then he came up to Peter and said, “How much for this power that you have? Will you sell it to me?” So he got his wallet out, for that is all those guys can think of. Buy the power. Maybe they can buy the world order, but they cannot buy the kingdom. Peter looked at this wizard and he said, “Ye son of the devil, ye have neither part nor lot in the kingdom.”

Now the repetition of evil is what we have been so accustomed to ever since the days when Mr. Roosevelt started to say, “My friends.” I think that he had a bad time, for he had so many Jewish advisors and he ran around with them, thus witchcraft had captured the White House. And from that day to this, we have seen our sovereignty and our liberty sold out document after document, until tonight America is not the creation it was at the time when Mr. Hoover was President. Do you realize that up to that time, most of you had never paid an income tax bill? Do you realize that by the time that W.W. II was over, most of you had never paid an Income tax bill of over $20.00? Do you realize that increasing taxation and this surrender to Socialism has brought about massive taxation? And we have gone further and further down this road toward Socialism since W.W. II, until it is almost unbelievable. We can hardly remember what were called the ‘good old days.’ So they took your gold, and they took your silver. And they put in your pocket Federal Reserve notes. And they cheapened the quarters and the other coins and that way they took from you again, their value and let you have 2 1/2 cents worth of material for a quarter.

God says:– “Woe unto these rascals, when I apply the measures, I will be against them.” And Satan knows that the power of his purse is true, and that the love of money is the evil. But by this direction, he controls the minds of the people. The Wizard wanted a profit. That is the reason he wanted to buy the power from the Apostle. Make no mistake about it. The Wizard would demand a profit. So you say, “What is driving on these people to carry out their designs?” I will tell you what. They have been captured by witchcraft and wizards and sorcerers. And they are after the graft and the percentage they can get out of the money system. God also said that HE was going to destroy the race mixers. What is it talking about? HE is going to destroy the adversary who preaches race mixing and inter marriage and so forth.

Today we even have ministers who tell the young people that today this is a great freedom, for now they can intermarry and this is what God’s wants. My friends, this is a lie. This is evil. For God says, “Thou shalt not.” There can be no mixing of Spiritual wisdom with evil. This comes out as violation of Divine law and the lust of depravity.

Now I am going to tell you that you must put on the whole armor of God, for you fight not only against evil here in the flesh, but against principalities and against spiritual wickedness in high places. Spiritual rulers in high places are ruling with wickedness. And it is your responsibility to set people free from this superstition, this massive design that we have to go along with the sorcerers, and this is not possible and you are losing every day by it.

I am going to point out to you that juvenile delinquency is on the rise and it is a dreadful evil. We have reached the time when the dealers in drugs are on the move, and you cannot even park your car on the street and be sure that someone won’t come along and smash the windows and see if there is anything to steal therein. Then we have statutory rape. So it is not wise to walk alone or approach a dark corner. Officers will arrest the criminals and before they get the papers filed, they are walking down the street once more. Lawyers have arrived to get them loose once more so they can repeat their crimes. This is the power of the anti-Christ.

I am going to tell you that a great evil exists in our cities. Los Angeles is going down the drain fast. I think it is time that the kingdom of God wakes up and says, “we have had enough.” We have been told that unless we give the Negro all that he asks, there will be violence. And we are told that Red China will go to war with the United States and they are sure of the outcome. Well, Mr. Rusk said if they are so certain as to what they will do, then we better answer from this side. And what did they discover? They found that the Chinese people were being told that they should fight a war against this American aggressor and there should be no boundary to this war. Do you know that the Red Chinese today use just as many bows and poisoned arrows as they do gun? So they don’t need a great back up force. And they are saying that the forces of Genghis Khan will ride again with their bows and their arrows.

Now what is the road to victory?—I will tell you what it is. —Lift all areas of pagan religion from the earth and all non-Christian philosophy and call for Christian America and Christian soldiers shall walk alone. Take everybody out of your schools that is not a Christian and remove everyone from public office that does not classify under this ruling. This would remove all of the Jews from every national office in this land. And never permit any of them to be members in the Republican Party. Let me tell you something. If all of the legislators on the Republican side of the house were Christians, this would be a program that would hurt the enemy worse than any other idea. Someone said, “But do we just get out and let them take over?” No. You were to occupy. And you better take over everything in America for Christ and the kingdom. For the day is going to come when the children of the MOST HIGH take over, and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our LORD and HIS Christ. And there will be no other sanctuary for any other god.

You can move into the city of L.A. and you can feel the tension that has come over this city. It is the tension of evil. You can go outside the city and the air is clean, and you can relax. But move into this city and you feel right away this tension of evil. If you have the discernment and the spiritual perception, you can feel this. So you want out. I mean that this evil can be felt and many people are thus subject to it all of the time. And if they do not know how to bind these powers of darkness, it will give them defeat and melancholy. So don’t let the devil take your nerve. He will hold your hand, and then while doing that, he will swallow up everything you depend on. So what are you going to do? Are you just going to suffer and do nothing, or are you going to fight? You only have to buy an ADL book to find out who your enemies are, if you have not discovered this before.

Now I see the enemy all of the time. They do not do much walking but their cars watch your house. You go down the road and they are not smiling. I don’t know why they think they must watch the kingdom of God unless they know that the kingdom is to wipe out all evil. And this it will do. It will stay within the law. But when the law breaks down, then it becomes the law as it recreates the soundness of our society. To do this the kingdom will come alive under the guidance of the spirit.

I am going to tell you this. There is a sense of humor that God has given HIS household and it is with them all of the time. You can laugh at the enemy sneaking around or you know who he is. I have sat around dozens of times with Christians and we are talking about the kingdom, and talking about saving America, and they are happy. For they know they are going to win. They are happy, for they have faith in God. And they will say, “You know, I would do nothing else, if I could step out of sight and go into a community that was protected and I would not know anyone like the rest of you, I wouldn’t do it. Because once you know the truth, the spirit of God is a driving force. And you know that the people are trapped under this pattern of evil, and they are being held under this pattern of evil. And it becomes their lives. But you can take them over, for you have the promise of deliverance. You are working for an Eternal God whose words never fail.

I am going to tell you this. That you are faced with a Communist conspiracy. And they are taking over your livelihood. They are taking over your labor unions and they are getting ready to knock our your right to work and make you pay tribute to the anti-Christ. And they are getting support out of Presidents and vice Presidents. And they think they are going to put it over. But, my friends, you are still going to stay free. Oh, there may be a mighty conflict, but you will still stay free. They have plans to ram thru Congress some more of this robbing you of your liberty. But you must not only have faith, but you must have the kind of courage that they had in the days of Benjamin Franklin, as in the days of Paul Revere, in the days of the ‘minute men.’

Today if you stand for some of these men of old, then you are a bad person. And if you stand for Paul Revere, you are a suspect. And if you love America and get a feeling in your heart as the flag goes by and they are playing the ‘Star Spangled Banner,’ then you are suspect. You are unbalanced. Let me tell you something. You are still going to love America. For America is going to stand. And all of these peculiar influences will have no influence left over you. Fortunately, God who is your kinsman, is going to drive out of America those who refuse to walk. And remember, that God is going to destroy the witchcraft. And HE will liberate the people from these areas of error and deception. And most of the deceivers are anti-Christs, so they will be easy to identity. And HE is going to quicken a people and they will lift up the standards and reoccupy. God says,— “I will do it. I will gather out the ‘tares’ and I will liberate my holy army.” And we are going to save the kingdom. For God promised David that HE was planting it in a land where you would no longer have to move and where they would not be successful with their program of witchcraft. HE says, “I will let the judgments fall and they will cry out at the end.” No matter what they do, they will never be able to disarm the ‘right wing.’ Hear this now. The ‘right wing’ is a great spiritual force for awakening America, and it will be responsible in the time of our salvation. They will never be able to disarm the ‘right wing.’ For every table knife is also a weapon. And if they try it, we will run them down like a tank. It is all over but the hand that will be raised in battle. What Samson did with the jaw bone of an ass, will give you a little idea of what we can do with better weapons. I have not even mentioned a gun. And then someone says that they will cut off the ammunition. But the ‘right wing’ is well supplied. And when the battle for America starts, oh, you say it will not start? But yes, my friends, it will start. For George Washington saw it start. And I can tell you this. If our weapons run out, we will take the weapons from the enemy and use his. For America is to be saved out of this. And when it is all over, as George Washington saw in his vision, America still stood and our flag still flies. And we have been liberated. And never again will we have to face this enemy.

I have been told by the scripture that the enemy will come against the unwalled cities in battle; come down out of the sky, disrupt our system of government, and put people in places high in our government that should not be there. But I think that America will stand and do anything they have to do to defeat the enemy. They will in time tear down the pagan temples and say they are battling for the LORD. If we went to Vietnam to stop Communism, then let’s win and not drop our faith in God as we do it.

End of message.