Flat Earthers and God

Some Flat Earthers Believe in God But Not the Bible

It’s strange but I have read some posts and saw some videos where some flat earthers do not believe in the Bible and even ridicule it, but they believe in a creator God. This doesn’t make sense. They think that they are so well schooled in conspiracy theories and the false flags that the US Government has done but they don’t see that they are being lied to when it comes to the Bible.

I don’t know where you are in your studies but say if you are one of them, let me ask you some questions. First, since you are a “flat earther” and do believe in a creator God, you agree that the whole of creation (earth) is beautiful with all the provisions that mankind needs such as: water, abundance of food, animals, including domestic animals that help us move heavy objects. There are the basic materials we need to build homes out of wood, trees, hemp, rocks, mud and steel. There is all the minerals and rare-earths elements we need to make everything from bicycles to trains from shirts to computers. We all agree with this.

The intelligence and the foresight of our Creator to provided all of this is beyond what any mortal man could think of. After all, God could have just provided us with materials that would only keep us living in mud or wooden huts; to have us with only the materials that would keep us in a primitive state, but He didn’t. He has materials here on earth for the most basic construction materials to the most advanced.

Everything is in perfect balance, too, from plants to minerals to the ratio of land to fresh water. This, we are all in agreement with.

So, with that in mind, I ask these agnostic people why wouldn’t God have an instruction book for us for how to have a successful, happy and healthy life?

Think of this for a moment, what would you think of a person who invented a board game (those old fashion games before computers came along) and he provided no instructions. You take it home and look and all you saw was a small slip of paper that said, “You can play this game as you see fit. You can cheat, you can change the rules as you play. In short, you can use ‘situation ethics.’ ” Would you like this game? Would you think it would be fun to play? What would you think of the inventor who made the game? You probably wouldn’t like the game; you would lose most of the time; and, you would think that the inventor was an idiot.

So, why would you think that God, in His mighty wisdom would not provide us with an “instruction manual” for the game of life? Well, He did and it’s called the Bible and He inspired certain people to write it. But this is the book that is ignored by most of the world, and by Christians. These Christians might as well be Muslims as they are ignorant of it. There are “flat earthers,” too, who ridicule the Bible as much as the atheists and agnostics who believe in the globe earth.

I notice that most people who know the flat earth truth wants to see a better world, they also want to expose lies that we are told, whether it be in current events, history or science. They are well aware of the lies being told them by their governments and media. Yet, they don’t consider the lies that are being told them about the Bible. Haven’t they stopped and thought that most of the attacks are not on the Muslim, Buddhist or Jewish faith but on Christians? Haven’t they given a second thought that the same sources who attack 9-11 Truthers also attack the true Christian faith?

If these flat earthers did more research into why the Bible is attacked they will find the answer. Not only will they find that it’s done by the same tribe of people, but the reasons behind. They will find that the reason is that God tells us how to have a happy, healthy and prosperous life, and the Jews don’t want us to know about, as it would break their monetary grip over us.

So, is it really that much trouble for you to give back to God the little that He asks? All that God asks us to do includes:

A little of your time in reading His word each day

Tithing your income (as His law requires no income tax or other taxes)

Believing in Christ

Following His Laws, Statues and Judgements

That’s it. Is that too much trouble to ask? Look at all the things He gave you? (Of course, you’d have a heck of a lot more when you live by God’s laws instead of the Pharisee’s laws.)

Yet, there are those who call themselves “Christians” who say they don’t want God to rule but it’s OK to have men to rule? What sense does that make? So, they don’t want to do the little that God requires but they do the tons of paper work that is required by an oppressive government that we have today.

God said, take my burden as it is light (comparing it to man’s burdensome laws).