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Magic and Demons

We have all seen magic tricks and enjoy them. As a child did some magic with a toy kit that I got. People normally think of magic where there is a trick involved and we think that ALL magic is like that – well, it’s not.

There are what I call three types of “magic.” One is the old trick, where it’s really a trick involved. The second one is, that it’s all staged or some video editing is involved (which I hope to post an example here in the near future). Finally, there is a type of magic that is not magic at all but where there are demons at play. This is the third type of “magic,” is really dealing with the occult. The example below is from a famous magician by the stage name of “Dynamo.” There are other videos that include interviews with the magicians who admit that they have sold their soul to the devil.



American President Looking for Conflicts Around The World

If there is a conflict somewhere in the world, the United States exploits it. If there is no conflict, it creates it. What the United States is doing now is not nothing new, it has been doing it for a long time.

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International Bankers – the Real Enemy

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