False Preachers

Here will be listed false preachers or prophets as the Bible calls them. More information will be added here over time as I come across them. So, make sure you check back in the future. Some preachers are much worse than others. We’ll start off with some of the big names that we see on American TV.

Each of these preachers that you’ll see in this video has 10s of thousands and even 100s of thousands of followers. What is worse is that most of the most Christians, even though they are not on these preachers mailing lists, will agree with what they say. With this in mind, it any wonder why we think that Christ will return soon?

I encourage you to do your own research. Just Google any of the names below with the word “fraud, hoax, exposed” after it and see what you come up. Doing your search in YouTube will be better as you’ll see videos of them carrying on. The video below is a good compilation of these antichrists.

Dangers of the Word of Faith Movement, Wealth and Prosperity, Name It and Claim It Ministries

It is ministries such as these that are led by the likes of Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Ken Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar and others that are satanic in origins. What you’ll hear preached by the people is what we read what happened in the Garden of Eden. Is it no wonder why the world is in such a condition at it is. When you watch this video you’ll hear some of the act words that are used in the modern New Age Movement. The only difference is that what is used by these so-called pastors is packaged in words to make it sound like they come from the Bible.