Gravitational Wave Hoax

Gravitational Wave Hoax

This “wave” was detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and reported by cosmologist, Lawrence Krauss at Arizona State University.

Many of you may have heard the news released 11 February 2016, that scientists have discovered a “gravitational wave” – thus proving that there is something we can identify with gravity. This, of course, fools the public in that the earth has gravity. It also insinuates that there is a whole universe of stars and planets. Remember, this is all part of the game perpetrated on the gullible public – specifically, a gravitational hoax.

From the New Scientist, we have this headline:

New rumours that gravitational waves have finally been detected

They admit it’s a rumour.

In the UK newspaper, The Guardian, they have an article that says, in part: “…press conference to announce the discovery of gravitational waves, but others have since pointed out that the signal could be due entirely to space dust…”

Here that – space dust. So, they are already hedging their statements.

This gravitational wave has been attributed to what Albert Einstein theorised that such a wave could exist. Well, what many people don’t realise is that Einstein was a plagiarist – among other things. Just do a search on the internet with the words: Albert Einstein fraud or similar words. Or, check out this link:

Another authority that the news reporter went to is Stephen Hawking. Certain individuals are using this poor guy, and keeping him alive by all means possible because of his ‘great genius.’ Granted, he may have been smart but if you were to look at him in any interview of the past several years, there is no way that he can communicate. He can’t talk, he can’t move in the slightest, so how in the world can he interact with a computer to get it to talk for him – read his mind?! Anyhow, they used Stephen Hawking as earth’s great oracle of truth; using him to give support for any non-Christian theory that man can come up with.

For those who are new to this blog, you may ask, “What is gravity?” It’s not what we are told. What keeps us on the earth is simply the law of mass – things simply fall to earth. There is no such thing as mass attracting mass as we are told that planets do. It would take another long article to explain it all. In fact, it what gravity actually is, is covered elsewhere on the Christian Flat Earth blog site.

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