Evolution and Gravity

jupiter-earth 2

Talking about evolution and gravity, we are told by evolutionists that the Universe was started by the ‘Big Bang’ and with it the stars and planets formed; all matter went out in their own direction and with it, the stars, planets and galaxies formed. Now, we all know this is a bunch of bull and even millions Christians who don’t believe in a flat earth know this, too. By the way, I say “millions of Christians” and not “all Christians” because there are those who mix creation with evolution! But the point of this article is something else.

I think that one way to quickly silence evolutionists is with this short statement and question. Let me know what you think…

“Gravity is a very complex thing, do you agree?” (You will usually get a ‘yes’ from the person.)

“If everything evolved over the course of billions of years, then tell me, how can gravity and all its complexities come about in an instant?” (And wait for an answer.)

If the evolutionist or Christian/evolutionist say they don’t know, then you got them to question their belief, which is a step in the right direction. If they come up with some kind of excuse, reinforce your question by saying something like, “All the complexities of gravity could not have evolved in billions of years or even a couple of years. It would have to be present in its completion at the second of the ‘Big Bang,’ otherwise you would have a bunch of dirt, rocks and gases floating about; it could not form later into spinning balls going around a central axis.”

Here is another one-liner you can ask anyone who doesn’t believe in a flat earth. “I’ve seen many explosions but I have yet to see an explosion where the debris form balls – they are ALL irregular pieces of various sizes. Have you seen an explosion where there were balls of debris?”

Now wait for his/her response and watch them squirm. They would have to say ‘no.’ Some might come back with another lie that will make you laugh. Those that are really seeking the truth will have to question this and look into the flat earth more. Those that don’t, let them go on their ignorant way.

As a side note, I recently heard news that Jupiter was formed from the sun and that the earth was formed from Jupiter. So, where we have a gaseous sun forming something solid and then that planet form earth. Amazing how all these round balls can give birth to another round ball and set it in motion!

I always do like a good laugh!

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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