So-Called Gravitational Stress


Note: I have a new video posted in Video 3 Page. The title is: “Missile expert talks about flat earth”

In one of the videos by Kent Hovind on the flat earth, which I think is video 3, he talked about comets and said words to the effect, “Sometime comets break up as it comes to earth because of internal stress caused by gravity. The pull on the front end as it approaches the earth is greater than on the back end. This creates internal stress and the comet breaks up.” Now, when you think about this it’s really foolish! It makes me laugh.

If there was such as thing as “gravitational stress” then why doesn’t it happen to astro-nots when they return to earth? If this really happens, then you’d have the astro-nots pulled to the front of the space capsule as they return to the earth, while the “lessor gravity” is pulling his legs; then there would be internal stress and pull him apart – as it’s suppose to do with the rest of the capsule. You didn’t hear NASA saying that the Apollo capsules (when we were going to the moon) pulled apart upon entry.

When ‘we are told’ that satellites go to other planets, fly by them and continue on, we are not told that they are pulled apart. We are told that we have space probes on Mars and that they are taking pictures, taking soil samples, etc. Thus, they have not been pulled apart. Of course none of this exists but since we are told that they do exist, somehow these satellites are not broken up like comets. In short, what we are told about space by NASA and other space agencies is not consistent. And for a scientist like Kent Hovind believing this – it makes me wonder about him.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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1 Response to So-Called Gravitational Stress

  1. Dan Vulgaris says:

    A large majority of well known pastors are having “ego stress” when it comes to recognizing the fact that they were wrong regardless of the topic.


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