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Ways To Reduce Your Risk To EMF Radiation

Ways To Reduce Your Risk To EMF Radiation   Identify major sources of EMF, such as your cellphone, cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth headsets and other Bluetooth-equipped items, wireless mice, keyboards, smart thermostats, baby monitors, smart meters and the microwave … Continue reading

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Dumbest People In America

Dumbest People In America If you wonder why it’s hard to tell people about the flat earth truth, this is on reason why. It’s hard to believe that these people were not taught in schools such common facts in school, … Continue reading

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How To Tell If Someone Is Lying In 5 Minutes Or Less

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying In 5 Minutes Or Less How would you like to tell if someone is lying to you in five minutes? You can if you know what to look for. We have all been … Continue reading

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How to Dumb Down a Nation

How to Dumb Down a Free Nation   From 2010 Easy. Destroy its literacy, and you’ve dumbed it down (new word to the dictionary ;-). And once dumbed down, it becomes the potential victim of any unscrupulous power that wants … Continue reading

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Exposing Editorial Lie About Flat Earthers

Exposing Editorial Lies About Flat Earthers Exposing editorial lies about flat earthers is not hhard to do. This one came from The Globe and Mail. And they are talking about the flat earth – what a joke! Of course, they … Continue reading

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Flat Earth In The News, 28 September, 2019

Flat Earth In The News, 28 September, 2019 Retired Champion Boxer Carl Froch Claims The Earth Is Flat Click Here Limerick Astronomy Column: More on the flat earth conspiracy Darren Barry Darren Click Here They Really Hate Us One sick … Continue reading

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Truth Is “Hate Crime”

Truth Is “Hate Crime” Will the belief in the flat earth one day be classified as a ‘hate crime’? We already have other labels that we are called such as ‘conspiracy nuts, idiots,’ etc. “Hate Crime” is a new name … Continue reading

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The Global Warming Obsession

The real story behind the increasingly impassioned rhetoric of global warming advocates is very different from “the sky is falling” arguments about melting glaciers and all the rest. The pressure from the all-knowing “Theoretical Science Idol” is what is driving … Continue reading

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