The Age of Illusions

The Age of Illusions


Note: As a flat earther, we all know about illusion and how the government has made us believe in a globe world. Well, it goes much deeper than that; there is illusion all around us. Ed.)

by Pastor Don Elmore


Being sixty-four years old, I remember a time in America when there was no obsession with sex; no obsession with drugs; and no obsession with revelling. LSD, cocaine, marijuana, crack, speed, downers and meth were unknown substances in the 1950’s in the area that I lived. A few people took some prescription drugs—but no one took the amount of drugs that are now taken for just about any kind of physical or emotional ailment.

But then in the late 1960’s, a sudden, societal revolution took place that forever altered the course of the culture of this country. Millions of young people began to embrace:

• Sexual permissiveness and perversions
• Degenerate dressing style
• Long hair on boys
• Drug usage and abuse
• Abortion
• Eastern Religions
• Multi-culturalism
• Feminine movement
• Pornography

It happened quickly and successfully. It was a war—a war against Christianity. And Christianity was slaughtered. Even children who had been brought up in churches, who had been baptized, went to Sunday School and church, professed to be believers, suddenly were living by an altered value system. It was puzzling to many—especially their parents. What had caused their children to be swept into the drug and sex culture?

Many a parent’s heart was broken as their children became hippies or Moonies; pregnant (unmarried) or diseased (STD), defiant and/or rebellious; indifferent or drug addicted; argumentative or run-a-ways.

Many lamented, “What happened? She was such a sweet, wonderful child. She never gave us any trouble. Then, out of the blue, she changed. Now, she has run away and lives with drug addicts and participants in sex orgies.” It was like a powerful force had swept over the land overnight and lured the children away from their parents and church.


It invaded quickly. It was greatly underestimated. It was a well-planned attack by the Communists, the Church of Satan and the Masons. The forces of ‘hell’ (Genesis 6:5) launched their masterful plan under the radar of most Christian churches. And after forty years, it still lies virtually undetected as the catalyst of the revolution.

For today it is virtually everywhere. Everything today seems to march to its rhythm and its danger is not understood. In fact, to expose this danger is dangerous.

It is more dangerous than teaching the Israel message. It is more dangerous than teaching against the women’s movement. It is more dangerous than teaching against aborticide. If a preacher would preach from the pulpit that ROCK AND ROLL music (and that includes what is known as “Christian” Rock) was and is used to shape the hearts and minds of the world’s youth and to steal them from their parents and from the God of Christianity, (and I wonder about some so-called Country & Western music as well!), he would be violently opposed by many people in his congregation (or even in his own house). Probably even warned by the deacon board that if he preached on that sub-ject again he would be fired!

It doesn’t matter that one of the early leaders of the Communist Party, Vladimir Lenin, stated:

“One quick way to destroy a society is through its MUSIC.”
It doesn’t matter that David Crosby of Crosby, Stills and Nash said:
“Through his music he could alter his audience’s value systems and in fact, STEAL THEM AWAY FROM THEIR PARENTS.”

It doesn’t matter that Eddie Manson said:

“Music is used everywhere to condition the human mind. It can be just as powerful as a drug and MUCH MORE DANGEROUS, because nobody takes musical manipulation very seriously.”

Without the invention of the portable transistor radio, the record player with its inexpensive 45 rpm records, television and the car radio—the assault to launch and maintain the sexual-drug-rebellion revolution would not have been so successful. These inventions made it very difficult, if not impossible, for parents to monitor what their children were listening to. Prior to this, with one stationary radio in the house, it was very easy for my grandparents to have censored any radio show—now with the iPod and unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of songs….

The pentagram, is a symbol of black magic, used in the ceremonies and in the satanic invocations. When it is placed upside down it forms the head of a he-goat which has always symbolized Satan. The use of this sign is very frequent in the realm of rock music.

When the slavers brought in 1619 the first slaves to America, they didn’t bring only human bodies for selling, as they thought, but also their customs, traditions and especially their music—a ceremonial music of the ancient African religion whose power had its origin in the HYPNOTIC rhythm which leads to a state of trance. In these religions that the slaves practiced, the wizards and the pagan priests of the idols and of the cult of voodoo, invoked, also using animal sacrifices, the evil spirits (demons), who instantly came to the satanic ceremonies.

To verify these origins, just listen to the words of three famous rock and roll musicians:

John Lennon of the Beatles: “Rock-n-Roll’s sound came from the jungle.”

Note: We can also add rap-music, which is not music in any shape or form, regardless “IF” it has a good message in it or not – which 99% of it doesn’t. Ed.

Jimmy Hendrix: The drum player for Jimmy Hendrix was a native of Uganda-Africa whose pagan priestly father dealt with Voodoo and magic. This drummer was astonished by the rhythm and movements used by Hendrix which were similar to those used by his father.

Mike Fleetwood: His band’s soloist, as did other rock’n’roll stars, traveled in the depths of the African jungle in order to learn the rhythm of Voodoo and to enrich the sound of his music.

New Orleans was the center of Voodoo music in Amer-ica. Therefore, it was not a coincidence that most of the original rock-n-roll musicians lived near New Orleans. With the beat of the Voodoo, the music swept over America via the radio, record 45’s and television, as messages reached into the subconscious of its listeners.

Its repetitive beat produced the same result in America as it had in the jungles of Africa. It:

• Summoned the powers
• Created a sexual activity
• Created an atmosphere drug (sorcery) activity

And to the amazement of all naive Americans—it did it in a hypnotic, altered state of consciousness—that its listeners did not even understand its influence. Lenin was right: The quickest way to change a society was through its music. And they used rock-n-roll to change America and Western society.


Today’s generation do not know of a time in their life when there was not rock-n-roll music. They are the second generation, for some even the third. It is now virtually everywhere. from sports arenas to commercials that peddle everything from tennis shoes to alcohol; from the sound tracks of movies and television; from iPod, radios, CD’s that serve the pulsating rhythm that reverberates endlessly.
No wonder it has crept into church services. The people are addicted to this powerful force. Studies show that the average American teenager listens to over 11,000 hours of rock-n-roll music between the 7th to the 12th grade! That is twice the number of hours than they are in school. How many hours does the average teenager read their Bible during this same period? How many sermons do they hear?
So, a parent takes their children to Sunday school and church. Takes them to youth groups and/or Catechism class. (Interaction and fellowship with believers of like mind) Home schools them or sends them to a private Christian school (Catholic schools are NOT Christian!). But buys them a record player and a portable radio (in the old days); but buys them a cell phone (which now display pornography!) and TV, iPhones, iTunes or iPod and doesn’t monitor or guard against the music that they listen to (almost impossible to do)—and are mystified when their behaviour changes to ungodliness!
Then they are allowed to go to parties or school dances. The lights are dim. The music is loud with a majority of songs resonating with the Voodoo beat. Drugs are usually present—so is alcohol. This is a Christian atmosphere??? Or they are permitted to go to a rock-n-roll concert. Could one describe what happens at these concerts as being the “fruit of the Spirit”?


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. Richard says:

    What an amazing article. Right to the point, with no deviations… Thank you, Lord God, I didn’t have any kids… I can’t even imagine the agony parents go through knowing their son/daughter is lost forever.


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