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More Hidden Dangers On 5-G

More Hidden Dangers On 5-G Here is a lot of information about the hidden dangers 5-G (more than what you hear on most sites). This interview is well worth listening to. Jeff Rense interviews Joe Imbriano. We know what the … Continue reading

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5-G Kills Hundreds Of Birds What Will It Do To You?

5-G Kills Hundreds Of Birds. What Will It Do To You? . Agenda 21: Making everything more expensive Start at 30 minutes if you want to get to the meat of this. .

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The Government Is Charging You To Steal Your Land!

Communism Comes To The United States Big Time With the California fires and other fires, homeowners can expect the following to happen to them. This is all part of Agenda 21 and bio-diversity to get you off your land and … Continue reading

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Energy Beam Fires in California Again!

Energy Beam Fires in California Again! This video is from last year but the fires in California is identical in that there is that same strangeness. It seems like there is another energy beam fire in California as it was … Continue reading

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