Ukraine Holocaust 1932-33

Ukraine Holocaust 1932-33

Ukraine Holocaust 1

With all the charges laid at Russia in this current Ukraine Russian War, you’ll never hear what happened their historically – the deliberate mass famine done by the Soviet Union. As watch this video, keep in mind it was NOT the “Nazis” that did it, but the anti-Christ Communists. Also, you will not hear how the Ukrainians welcomed the National Socialists (“Nazis) during WWII.

When you hear (from Russia) about the Ukrainian “Nazis” they are really mass-murdering Communists. When you hear from the EU that the Russians are “Nazis”, that is wrong, too. This just goes to show the governments of the world deliberately mislabel people and groups in order to fulfil their agenda. America, the EU and Russia better learn their history and not throw around labels and attaching it to the wrong people/groups.

#hidden history

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