Hate Crime Laws Are Anti-Christian

Hate Crime Laws Are Anti-Christian

“…a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate.” Eccl 3:7-8

The Scripture is clear, hate is a thought pattern which people are suppose to have. When hate is involved we adopt a certain emotion just as we do when we love. In society people are expected to hate tax protesters, people who have gun collection and those who resist the government. Hating evil however, does not seem to be the “in thing” these days, mainly because that which is good is now evil and that which is evil is now good. (Isa. 5:20)

Our government and certain others have made hating certain people a crime. Hating gays for example, and speaking against them will be and now is (in many countries) a crime. But what is a crime?

Bouvier’s Law Dictionary says it is “An ACT committed or omitted in violation of public law…” Webster’s says it is “An ACT which violates a law, divine or human.” In order for crime to exist some unlawful ACT must be committed. Is quoting the Bible or expressing an opinion a crime, even if it offends others? Again, there needs to be an unlawful ACT associated. What is an ACT? Mr. Webster defines it thusly: “To exert power; to be in action or motion; to move.”

Calling a homosexual a “sodomite” is biblical. Generally however, killing a homosexual without a trial is not. It is bad enough Christians have allowed man to “legalize” homosexuality but now homo-perverts and government must keep others from speaking truth about their crimes. Darkness “hates” light and cannot afford to be exposed – for TRUTH always prevails in the end.

Webster defines hate as: to dislike greatly; to have great aversion to.” In other words, it is a thought pattern which may determine our ACTions or behavior. Examine the phrase HATE CRIME next to MURDER CRIME. Murder is a crime (not to be confused with killing), whereas hate is not. There is NO biblical law against hating. And until now, not even man had laws against it. Keep in mind that man is not authorised to make any law that violates or amends Yahweh’s Law.

It is fine to try someone for an unlawful ACT (crime) committed against a person which is motivated by hate – but it is quite another to try someone for having the motivation who has not comitted any unlawful ACT (crime) violent or otherwise.

Technically, there cannot be “hate crimes” because hate is not an “ACT” unlawful or otherwise and therefore is not a crime.

“You’re being pharisaic playing with words,” you may say.

Words, my friend, are used to enslave people and are regularly, like clock work, twisted by our government to make you think one thing while they mean something entirely different (especially in court). What we are doing now is defining and unscrambling the words.

Case in point: Trick language. A sheriff’s department published in a newsletter called “The Neighborhood Watch.” The lead story is called “Sexual Assault.” We quote, “Sexual assault is ANY uninvited or unwelcome touching or TALKING about the private parts of your body.” (Caps are mine.) “Many states now define all forms of sexual conduct carried out against a person’s will as a crime.” I do not condone rape, or even verbal sexual overtones. I want you to notice though how cleverly the “verbal” is included as a crime.

Be careful next time you say “Thank you honey,” to the young lady behind the counter because women (especially lesbians) are encouraged to report “ANY KIND” of sexual assault and told “don’t feel guilty or ashamed.”

THOUGHT CRIMES is what we are facing. If you verbally express a thought (free speech) that is against government policy you can be tried and punished regardless of whether you have physically injured anyone.

I have to laugh when I see on alternative media websites or hear an audio by a conservative Christian who says, “We are not a hate site,” or words to that effect. Christians have been conditioned over the years that to hate anyone or act it not Christian. All I have to say is, “Read your Bible”. Just do a word search of “hate” in the Bible and you’ll see that it is scriptural to hate.

What the State is doing is, along with hate crime laws is forcing THEIR religion on us and wanting us to abandon Christianity.

Keep the Laws, Statues and Judgements in the Bible as God gave them to us!

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. eldermike547yahoocom says:

    Good post. Job was, as scripture states “perfect and upright, and one that feared God.” He also hated. Job hated evil/sin. Christians are to hate, evil. So hate is not wrong in every situation.

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