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Outrageous Claim By Globe Earth Believer

Outrageous Claim By Globe Earth Believer New Ager and Flat Earth   The claims by critics of the flat earth are really outrageous, even funny! So, I do like to get comments by them, as it gives me something to … Continue reading

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Flat Earth and UFO Alien Deception

Flat Earth and UFO Alien Deception This continues where the last post left off.        

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The New Age Agenda, UFOs and the Flat Earth

New Age Philosophy, UFOs and Flat Earth By Richlion What does the New Age agenda, UFOs and the flat earth have to do with each others? I shall attempt to “connect the dots” to the New Age, UFOs and the … Continue reading

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Flat Earth and Yoga

What does the flat earth and yoga have in common? Not much, unless you are a flat earth believer and you do yoga. Since flat earthers are into conspiracies, because the fact that the earth is flat is one huge … Continue reading

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