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The UFO/Alien Deception and a Rebuke for Creationists

The UFO/Alien Deception and a Rebuke for Creationists Rob Skiba talks about Creationists and the good job they have done but there is one one area they are wrong in and that is cosmology. People like Kent Hovind exposes the … Continue reading

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Jeff Rense and the Flat Earth

Jeff Rense – the big UFO believer – has a link on his website to an article/video by one of his contributors. This doesn’t mean that Rense believes in the flat earth but it MAY mean that he is thinking … Continue reading

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Flat Earth and UFO Alien Deception

Flat Earth and UFO Alien Deception This continues where the last post left off.        

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UFO Believers and the Flat Earth

UFO Believers and the Flat Earth Do you believe in UFOs and Aliens visiting us from other planets? If you do, you’ll probably have a strong bias against the flat earth theory. If you have made your reputation on UFOs … Continue reading

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