The New Age Agenda, UFOs and the Flat Earth

New Age Philosophy, UFOs and Flat Earth

What does the New Age agenda, UFOs and the flat earth have to do with each others?

I shall attempt to “connect the dots” to the New Age, UFOs and the flat earth.

The New Age movement is not something that passed away in the 1980’s but is very much with us today. Years ago it was decided (by whom, I don’t know) that the term “New Age” would be dropped because of the stigma it got. This stigma goes back to the 1970’s with people taking pot, cocaine, free sex, and the life style that went with it. However, the trappings of the New Age is very much with us today. If you are into one of the many Eastern philosophies that are out there; if you are into some of the “alternative healing” practices; if you practice some of the mediation, listen to people like Deepak Chopra, and others who claim to improve your health. If you are into crystals therapy, Riki, the Law of Attraction, this is all basically the New Age repackaged.

Hold on and stay with me. I know that many of you think that I’m nuts. At one time I thought a person would be nuts if they told me what I just told you. I “thought” I knew about the New Age agenda and that what I was into was the truth and something different than what was going on in the flower-child age of smoking marijuana. Just give a few minutes to explain.

In the book, Inside New Age Nightmare by Randall Baer is a revealing book. This author was heavily into the above topics and more back in the 1980’s. So, he is not a critic looking for something to criticise, but one who was in the inside and really believed in the leaders of this movement were saying. Finally, be became one himself.

Before I go on, you can get Inside New Age Nightmare by Clicking Here.

Back in the early 1980’s, Santa Fe, New Mexico was the place to be for the “enlightenment” to take place. This is where the “enlighten” people were to gain “light bodies” and be “activated.” One of the “leaders” was called John and he said that part of the “Divine Plan.” John said he was beamed up and was greeted by the fleet commander. He was told that Project Beam-Down (also known as Project Second Genesis) was about to happen after several millennia of waiting. This, of course, never happened.

Randall Baer said that 75% of New Agers hold a completely unshakeable belief in the reality of UFOs. He said this is probably an understatement and that the figure is more like 85-95%.

Even big names got into this. John Denver made public the belief that he originated from a place called Lyra nebula. Shirley MacLaine, author of Out on a Limb, plays a major role in cosmic vision. Even today, believing that you’re from Orion, Sirius or Pleaides, among others, are very popular New Age beliefs among the New Agers.

When big entertainer names are involved, many people tend to believe what they say, and, in turn believe their false philosophy. UFOs play a big role in their involvement of deliverance of the world from its suffering and tribulation. The Aliens of the UFOs then will usher in the enlightened “One World Government” that is to take place.

We are told that the Aliens don’t get involved and cannot intervene directly until humanity is ready for their help. These extraterrestrials happen to have a philosophy the same as the New Age philosophy. In fact, if you are in the New Age movement and you don’t believe in UFOs, you are considered weird.

Again, I want to say that the words New Age is not used; you have to look at what the philosophies of the people who in the Law of Attraction, energy healing, or who are on the speaking circuit of the “enlightenment” is.

There have been many books written and recordings made of the so-called “transition” that mankind is going through; dates of our freedom from the troubles that face the world have been given; all of this have gone and went. No UFO contact, no angelic being appeared, nor will it happened as it’s all based on a satanic lie. Yet, people still hold on to the lies. When an excuse is given by a guru who wrote a book on the subject, gives some excuse of why it didn’t take place. And the sad thing is, people believe it; yet they are ready to have another go at it again; they queue up to buy the false prophet’s next book “of revelation.”

The reason why these earth-shaking events don’t take place is because it’s a big lie. For those who know about the flat earth also knows that there are no other planets out there; thus, there are no extraterrestrials who will deliver us. Once you realize this, ask yourself, what other lies have been told you by those who sell books and DVDs on UFOs. Just go to a “Health, Mind, Spirit” conference, look around and see the Tara Card readers, the psychics; see the people who sell books by those who promise you can have a ton of money by just visualising it and you’ll also find that the majority of them believe in extraterrestrials. You might even find people who believe that they have been reincarnated but actually came from another planet.

In other words these people are wrong in one major area (beliefs in extraterrestrial life), ask yourself what other areas are they wrong in. in order to do this, you should go to the Bible. After all, the Bible tells of a geocentric earth, so check out the rest of the book.

In the Bible we read many verses where we are told that the earth is fixed, it has foundations; that the sun moves around the earth; that the earth has ends to it (which a globe earth can’t have). Now, read the verses in the King James Bible where we are told that there will be false prophets, false Christs; that we are not to consult mediums, those who have contact with spirits. You can find some of these verses in Deuteronomy 18, II Chronicles, Titus.

If people were Christians or remember the verses in the Bible when they got involved in all this esoteric stuff, they would know that much of what we hear from these gurus is exactly what Satan said in the Garden of Eden, when he said you shall be like God. If you are in the esoteric movement you would have heard things like: “you are God, we are like gods, we can create out reality”. In short, they are saying that we don’t need a Saviour; that we can save ourselves. This is exactly what the great Deceiver said in the Garden of Eden.

In fact, you’ll hear these same old lies in some big churches in America today. This is what Christ warned us about – about the false prophets in the world. Televangelist, Ken Copeland said words to the effect: “God said we are the sons of God. So what does that make us? Gods. Dogs have little dogs, cats have cats, so God has gods.” This, of course, is taken completely out of context – and he knows it. Copeland also blasphemed God by saying: “I am that I am; likewise, too, I am the I am.” Taking what God said about himself and saying it about himself (Copland), too.

So, you don’t have to go to listen to some New Age guru in order to be lied to; church leaders use the exact same words. You can go to a mainline church and find this, too. Thus, you have to know your Bible and you have to know the church that you are attending. Since Satan is a great deceiver, he has influenced others to carry out his work. In the past century there has been many new versions of the Bible. The purpose of this is, to have a Bible that supports the lies that are said in churches. The Bible you should be reading – for English speaking people – is the 1611 King James Version. You can get a copy online for free if you don’t find it in book stores. (Beware, don’t buy the New KJV, as that is not the original KJV.) With that in mind, you will be on the right track in searching for the truth.

You want to learn about success, great relationships, good health? The Bible has the answers, you won’t find it in the material that are sold at conferences such as the “Health, Mind Spirit” ones.

You want to find out about happiness? You can go to do a search if you have a Bible software that allows you to do this. In fact, you can go to and do a search there. Check out all the verses that relate to this, check this with your 1611 KJV to make sure of the verses, and you’ll have the answers for “happiness.”

The Flat Earth Connection

If you are already in the philosophies that goes with the New Age and you learn about the flat earth and if you come to accept it, you’ll have to reject the “Aliens will save us” mantra and belief. If you know about the flat earth then are exposed to the many teachings of the New Age philosophies, you’ll see the lies right away.

I had told some people I know who were heavy into the New Age garbage, and after the accepted the flat earth information, they had to reject some of their previous beliefs. Though they still have a ways to go, it’s only because they are so deep into it that it has become part of their identity. Demons have a great hold on you the more you buy into their lies; ask anyone who has been involved. The author of Inside the New Age Nightmare, Randall Baer, will tell you. If you have just started to read the books on the eastern philosophies, and realise it’s all a lie, the hold on you is not nearly as great as those who, have been in it for years (like my acquaintance).

If you have learned about the flat earth, your next step in research is to find out the other lies they have told us about the Bible. Studying about the flat earth, you’ll see in your research the many Bible reference to such. This, of course, should lead you to find out more about the Bible. After all, since the flat earth is a Bible truth, it only stands to reason that other major things that the government and educational system has told you is also a lie. You can discover, in part, what they are by simply reading the Bible; read it as it is, without caring “if it’s going to offend some religious group, without fear that it is not “politically correct,” ” and you’ll find out that you’ve been lied to in other areas as well.

Some Bible Verses

Some Bible verses to check out – in regards to contacting spirits – are:

  • Deuteronomy 18:9
  • Deuteronomy 12:29-31
  • Leviticus 18:26-27
  • II Thessalonian 2:9
  • Matthew 24:22
  • Matthew 24:24
  • 2 Corinthians 11:14-15

I pray that this article has helped you. Do your own research and check out what I said is true; pray on it and ask Christ to lead you – and you will be lead to the truth!

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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