Outrageous Claim By Globe Earth Believer

Outrageous Claim By Globe Earth Believer

New Ager and Flat Earth

  The claims by critics of the flat earth are really outrageous, even funny! So, I do like to get comments by them, as it gives me something to write about. That probably wasn’t their intention but we all like to get a laugh at their expense. One comment by a flat earth critic is, that by believing in the flat earth you are led down the path of a New Ager! Now, that really made me laugh! But let’s take a look at it to see if it’s so.

Note: I’m using the term from the 70s, “New Ager.” These people now call themselves by other names or no names at all. These are the people who sit in circles meditating and burning incense. They are the people who have a very liberal, and thus, anti-Christian belief system, though they might claim to be Christian. With that in mind, when you read “New Ager” in this article, I’m sure you know the people that I’m talking about. Now, on with the article…

If believing in the flat earth leads to being a New Ager, nothing can be further from the truth! As many New Agers believe that there is no God – meaning the God of the Bible. There are those who attribute God so some kind of energy force; others believe in a god like the Hindus or Buddhists believe in. This is not Yahweh, God of the Bible. They believe in a spinning earth going through the cosmos; of being visited by Aliens. They talk about their “space brothers and sisters,” of their “extraterrestrial guides,” and talk like that. These are the New Agers of today, though, like I said, they do not use that name, per se.

If someone is a flat earther first, than hears about the New Age beliefs and philosophy, they would know that such is nonsense – as flat earth believers know we the centre of God’s attention and that we live in an enclosed dome. So, if someone starts out as a flat earth believer, they will not fall for the philosophy that is making the rounds today; they will not fall for the eastern philosophy that is attached to energy healers or other natural healers (which has nothing to do with healing in the first place).

Now, if someone starts out as a New Ager and learns about the flat earth, and comes to believe it, then they throw out all the heathen philosophy that they previously learned and become ardent Bible believers. I know, as there are two people that I know well, whom I introduced the flat earth to, came to the realisation that there is a Creator God and not some Jedi energy force that brought us here. They, in turn told another friend of mine who was into this eastern philosophy, that realised differently. The fact of the matter is, that talking about the flat earth will more likely get people to read the Bible then to discard it.

Being in the flat earth movement for three years now, and reading a lot of other peoples articles, I have NOT come across flat earthers converting over to the philosophy that is part of the New Age. Obviously, this person who, is deluded by the media, just pulled this one out of the air. He obviously did not see the many videos and articles written by flat earthers or he would not be saying this.

There are people who are critics but are just asking honest questions. I don’t mind getting email from them. I’m talking about people who just spout hatred. It is these peoples’ emails that I read once, and then mark it Spam. The result is, all future times they write I never get to see it; they might as well be writing to the wind! : -)

I just write on what they say in their first and lonely email that I do get, so you can see the kind of people who are opposed to us.



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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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