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Pro Vaccine Hit Piece

Pro Vaccine Hit Piece Click Here for original article. Here is a lying piece of propaganda from Big Pharma – the supposedly safe vaccines. Though this has nothing to do with the flat earth, we must be mindful of such … Continue reading

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Doctors or God?

Doctors or God? Source: http://www.divinepageant.com/doctors_or_god.htm My wife, Lisa, just shared something with me that made my day. She said that she has copied into her journal a few verses from the book of Proverbs, and she reads them every day. … Continue reading

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Dr. Leonard Coldwell on Muslim Immigration in Germany

Dr. Leonard Coldwell on Muslim Immigration in Germany Dr. Leonard Coldwell is well known for his book, The Only Answer to Cancer. Dr. Coldwell talks on many subjects including: Muslim invasion in Germany, attacks on his life, Donald Trump and … Continue reading

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How Vaccines Harm Everyone

How Vaccines Harm Everyone The dangers of vaccines is explained by famous brain surgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock. With the recent push in the United States of making vaccinations mandatory with over 30 bills pending, now is the time to know … Continue reading

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