Oxygen Levels Proved to be Dangerously Low by Wearing a Mask

Oxygen levels proved to be dangerously low by wearing a mask.


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What I would like to see is, the same test with a medical mask! I hope that the guy who performed this test will do one with a medical mask. The O2 levels should be lower with a medial mask, as there are more layers and smaller pores. There are some people, unfortunately, that wear medical masks in public.

Note: On this video, don’t be surprised that Osah.gov changes what is “safe” oxygen levels to tell people that it’s safe to wear face masks. So, take a screen shot while you can.

Some people might say, “Doctors wear masks during operations, so it must be safe; there must be good scientific reasons to wear it.” Well, consider this, when they do wear masks, do notice how often nurses whip the brow of the doctors. It’s not heat but a lack of oxygen.

We are told by doctors that the mask is to protect the patient and not the doctor from things like: sweat, sneezing and other germs from getting in the opening. That is what they are told and that is what they believe but that does not make it true.

Think about it, why is it OK to have vaccinations that contains heavy metals, carcinogens and diseased cells from a monkey’s kidney; why is that OK, but water in the form of air molecules is dangerous? Well, it’s not. But that is what they are told and repeat without thinking. Common sense should tell them that it’s nonsense to wear a mask during an operation. At the very least, allow your nose to be free from the mask.

Have you ever wonder why some operations go wrong? And, there are thousands that do each year. Could it just be that the doctor can’t think straight with a clear mind because he doesn’t have enough oxygen!

A child can tell you this, so you can act on this advice.

“You don’t have to be a doctor to know that low oxygen levels can kill you, but if you are a doctor you might not know this.” 😉

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