Dr. Leonard Coldwell on Muslim Immigration in Germany

Dr. Leonard Coldwell on Muslim Immigration in Germany

Dr. Leonard Coldwell is well known for his book, The Only Answer to Cancer. Dr. Coldwell talks on many subjects including: Muslim invasion in Germany, attacks on his life, Donald Trump and attacks on holistic practitioners. You might disagree with him here and there but he is fighting the good fight for our freedom – the preservation of our Anglo-Saxon race and for health freedom.

I encourage you to check out Coldwell’s videos on YouTube.

I know that Jeff Rense is a believer in the globe earth and all that goes with it – of which we disagree with – but this interview is not on that subject but on what is listed above.

The flat earth is not the only cover up that the media engages in – as you well know. Other major cover ups are about the immigration problems from third world countries and holistic healing. There are many other things that we are lied to but immigration and health are two major areas. So, if you have ANY health issues there are alternative and natural therapies to chose from – including changing your diet and lifestyle.

Do your research on the internet to find out more. Yes, you’ll have to weed out the bull from the rest. However, alternative research is published on the internet including testimonials from others. There are some goof-balls out there that think you can’t learn anything from the internet. Their reasoning goes something like this, “Anyone can put anything on the internet.” While this is true, at least the truth CAN get out without having to own a newspaper or TV station. Whereas before the days of the internet you had ONLY lies. While these purveyors of lies still put their articles on the internet you at least have good people AND researchers who tell the truth publish their work online, too, like Dr. Coldwell.

With that in mind, here is the interview of Dr. Leonard Coldwell…



Cure on Cancer: The Only Answer to Cancer


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