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Proof This Was All Planned

Proof This Was All Planned I don’t want to use certain key words, as this could get me banned, but the picture tells it all. This picture is from the film “Captain America, First Avenger” which was made in 2011. … Continue reading

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Another Hoax Exposed: Fossil Fuel

Another Hoax Exposed: Fossil Fuel With the recent post of dinosaurs being a hoax, you may ask, “Doesn’t oil come from dead dinosaurs?” No, it doesn’t. “Doesn’t oil come from plants and other living matter?” Again, the answer is no. … Continue reading

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Rapture Hoax: A Doctrine of Irresponsibility

Rapture Hoax: A Doctrine of Irresponsibility Hoaxes abound and this one is from the church; its been pushed for the past 100 years or so. It’s called “The Rapture.” Listen to this week’s sermon under the Bible Study tab at … Continue reading

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