Proof This Was All Planned

Proof This Was All Planned

I don’t want to use certain key words, as this could get me banned, but the picture tells it all. This picture is from the film “Captain America, First Avenger” which was made in 2011. Notice the ad over the guy’s right shoulder and the one over his left. Also, look at the ad that is over the car (it has a picture of a face mask). Think of all of this and what does it tell you? Things like this is not by accident but by design.

For those that are not American, there is a beer called C*r*na.

When big events are planned, there is often symbolism placed in films years before. What another example? 911 event in NYC. There have been a number of films and even cartoons that has 911 in it. An example is a film that has Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. He was in a pick up truck going down a drainage ditch in Los Angles that had a bridge over it and was marked 9′ 11″ . Now, people might dismiss all of this but if you look for such videos you’ll find them. Some are in your face more than others.

You may ask why this is done? The reason is, that the people who really control the country are into secret societies like the “Skull and Cross Bones,” where they believe that they must reveal ahead of time what they plan to do; this will exonerate what they are doing. It’s part of their pagan belief.

When you think of the above picture, this is not by accident. For, what are the chances of this happening?

How they are able to spread this hoax throughout the world would take a book to write. If you say “People really died,” yes, they did, but what did they die from. All of what’s going on today has been planned long time ago. Now, there is another planned event that is taking place at the same time, but I’ll leave that for another article.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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