Complete Inside of a Passenger Jet Exposed Hoax

Complete Inside of a Passenger Jet Exposed Hoax

Here is a very good video showing the inside of a passenger jet. Take note at the beginning where it shows you complete inside of the jet plane, including the wings, passenger section and cargo section. So, the question is, where is the 100-260 tons of fuel stored? Nowhere!

Take screen shots this video while you can. This would be good to show family and friends who likely will not believe you.

I typed into Google’s AI “Bard” and gave the prompt of, “Tell me what mechanical things are inside of jet passenger planes. And, give me a website link that show this.” What it did was type something out, but the second that it did, I realized that I should have put in the word, “wings,” and had refreshed the pages to do so. When I type the same prompt in again, it said, “I’m unable to help, as I am only a language model and don’t have the ability to process and understand that.” In other words, it coverup the information that could reveal the hoax. I had to laugh! I mean, what is that that it doesn’t understand?! Ha, ha.

AI’s are like the brainwashed programmers!

So, I just typed in a regular Google search, words like above and got what I was looking for.

This video is made by someone who knows what they are talking about or went to a source that did, and entered that script. This video is a real eye-opener if you know what you are looking for.

Good Critic Questions

I used to live in a place where occasionally passenger planes would fly over and smelled fuel that they dumped. Some would say that it’s “proof” that they fly on fuel.

My answer to that is, “Yes, it was fuel, but that does not mean the plane carried 150 tons of fuel! The only explanation I can give it is, it’s done for show.; that the little fuel that it does carry is dumped for safety reasons.

Remember to keep in mind, the middle name of government is “Liar”! It’s not below them to lie to coverup what we’ve been told. It’s also called, “predictive programming.”

The other question asked, “I’ve seen videos of military jets fuel other jets in mid-air.” The reason for that, as explained in a previous video post, is that jet fighters need extra speed and in order to do that, they do need extra fuel. But again, not in the range of many tons of it. The other video showed how carefully this fuel has to strapped down in their rubber-type containers because of the slosh of the water when making turns. In short, these fuel-carrying plans cannot mauver as a passenger jet or a fighter jet, the reason being is that any liquid of that amount would have to be flown very carefully.

If cars had tanks the size of their boot (trunk), the car would go out of control at speeds that we do to take corners – it’s a simple law of physics which critics conveniently ignore when it suits them!


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