Flat Earther David Dees Died

Flat Earther David Dees Died

David Dees, 1957-2020

David Dees, a political art illustrator, died 30 May, 2020. He was an illustrator for Jeff Rense’s website. A few years ago, he became a flat earther, and, as a result had a falling out with Rense. Jeff Rense, as you know is a big promoter of UFOs and the heliocentric Universe.

It’s the illustrations that Dees is noted for which are very thought provoking. To find out more about David Dees. Click here Rense page, then here for the article.

Make sure you check out the illustrations that Dees had done. You might want to download them. Also, be sure to listen to the last interview he done with Rense. Surprising Dees mentioned the flat earth in the interview.

Most of all, David Dees was a kind and giving man. His website is: ddees.com Make sure you go there before it’s taken down, which I presume it will be when the bill for the hosting and domain name is due.

Click here for the audio interview.



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