The Global Warming Obsession

The real story behind the increasingly impassioned rhetoric of global warming advocates is very different from “the sky is falling” arguments about melting glaciers and all the rest.

The pressure from the all-knowing “Theoretical Science Idol” is what is driving all the hype. The USA has been a holdout on bowing to some of the dictates of this Idol–most especially on the issue of evolutionism–and this global warming concept is handcuffed to that “theory”. Indeed, its climatological models are based on an earth that has allegedly been evolving for over four and a half Billion years.

Never mind that historical records plainly show that comparable warming periods–and “little ice ages”–are cyclical phenomena, not doomsday scenarios.

Never mind that the same ozone patterns have been around since anybody started looking.

Never mind that the elevation of the Maldives Islands out of the Indian Ocean (av. 3 ft.) has not measurably changed in spite of all the hoopla about how much the icecaps have melted and how coastal cities around the world will be flooded in fifty years.

Never mind that billionaires like Richard Branson owns islands. If they fear that islands will be the first to go, they would have sold their islands or never have bought them in the first place.

Never mind that China and India and other big polluters of the earth and its atmosphere–and their quiet refusal to get on the Kyoto bandwagon– doesn’t excite the passions of the global warming zealots like the U.S. holdout does.

So why is the political, scientific, and economic offensive to get the USA on board with the Kyoto agenda so intense? Just about everyone agrees that profit-driven corporations, etc., will pollute land and sea if they aren’t controlled by law. So such control is not the real motivation behind this Global Warming Obsession.

There is a deeper, seemingly mystical, transcendental motivation which causes environmental extremists to go way beyond championing reasonable regulations and initiatives relating to the environment. That motivation often takes the form of describing the peril of a certain snail or bird or plant as something sacred that must be protected above reasonable human concerns. This kind of quasi-religious zealotry has found in the global warming mantra its perfect expression, its true apotheosis. The endangered owls and snails have been localized issues. Ah, but the “Global Warming” issue’s real importance lies in its name, i.e., it is GLOBAL in its outreach!

As the world of sovereign nation states morphs into a global economic, cultural, and soon-to-be political and religious system, the long-hidden chief goal behind all of it comes into focus. That over-riding goal, that long-sought but now achievable political triumph over nation states is, above all else, religious. And not just religious, as we shall see, but specifically anti-Bible, anti-Christian religious. In point of fact:

Global Warming is one among many deceptions aimed at securing a final victory for a Religion that has one overriding goal which it is achieving through its control of the “theoretical” science establishment: That goal is the final destruction of all remaining resistance (in the USA particularly) to the acceptance of billions of years of Evolution as the one true “scientific” factor of how all that exists came to be as it is.

For the past few days, at the time of this writing (21 September, 2019), there are young teenage demonstrators marching in the streets of the UK. It just so happens that these past few days there are clear skies of the UK with the clouds forming a perfect cameo around it. There is also no chemtrails to mess up the picture the global warming crowd is pushing. In other words, I think that the cloudless skies that are over the UK now is just a show – by creating warmer than normal weather and lower rainfall in order to get doubters to believe in global warming.

Don’t worry, you can be that there will be heavy chemtrailing by Monday (23 September).

Back in the late 1980’s there was talk of acid rain – remember that? Well, what do they want to do now? Spray sulphur dioxide in the skies. Two years ago, the media said that there was no such thing as chemtrails. Now they are admitting it and want to spray sulphur dioxide. You can’t make things up like that, lol! They want to spray to block out the Sun’s rays, which is what they have been doing the past 20 years but now they are admitting it.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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