Mike Adams Injecting Invading Aliens Into Earth’s Problems

Mike Adams Injecting Invading Aliens Into Earth’s Problems

Mike Adams had recently been to Branson, Missouri where he was a speaker at Oblivion Agenda. This convention talked about how the government and corporate leaders are reducing the world’s population. There were many speakers there including Adams.

Adams gave a 90 minute talk where he mixed in with the facts he did talk about, that it’s the Aliens who are really behind this! That they are giving instructions to our world leaders! He goes on to talk about “…the billions of planets in our galaxy with the billions of galaxies and that there must be life on some of them, that you would be crazy not to think so.”

This mixing of facts (the ways that corporations are using to making us sick and eventually killing us off) with Aliens and billions of planets will discredit all that we say. Ironically, there is a video that is Adams video platform (brighteon.com) by Mark Sargent of how the earth is contained (which you can see below). If the people in the audience had seen this, they would not be taken in by Adams talk, which included, how we can travel space, bend time-space and gravity nonsense.

CLICK HERE to see the flat earth video.

One thing I have to say is about Mike Adam’s video hosting platform, Brighteon.com , and that is you are now finding better results when you type in ‘flat earth’ than you do on YouTube. You’ll also find some videos that are against the flat earth but at least you can find what you are looking for on Brighteon.

If there was a speaker at this meeting that talked about the description of the earth as stated in the Bible and God’s plan for all of this, people would not be so depressed. If only people read the Bible to find out that it will be God’s enemies that will be destroyed and that His people, will inherit the Earth, that we will be victorious, people would have left the meeting with confidence. The people who were at the meeting and who will be buying the DVDs will have nothing but disrepair and sadness after seeing what these speakers talked about.

Yahweh, God knows the beginning from the end, and that includes all the things that are happening today. In fact, part of what is happening today is a result of our disobedience (read Deuteronomy chapter 28). But after Israel is judged, God’s enemies will be judged. We all know about the parable of The Wheat and the Tares, that Jesus spoke about. So, have faith that we will be victorious and this System, this World Order will be totally destroyed along with sin. Amen!


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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