Where The Billions Of Years Came From

Where The Billions Of Years Came From

  Q) What religion and what science are providing those eons of time?

A) Writing in Kabbala in the 1st century A.D., Pharisee Kabbalist Nechunya ben HaKanna–using a 42 letter name for g’d–determined the age of the universe to be 15.3 billion years. This is the same age that is in today’s textbooks. Other concepts of today’s Pharisaic cosmology (relativity, heliocentricity, Big Bang, expanding universe, superstrings, parallel universes) are found in 13th, 16th, 20th century Kabbalist writings.

Q) Does this Pharisee religion and this Kabbalist “science” have a g’d; or is it atheistic? Or, can it be either so long as it keeps the billions of years of evolution??

A) As long as the billions of years of evolution are retained, this Religion with its mystic Kabbala writings can accommodate both atheists and any g’d or g’ds or “Force”, etc., just so long as the God of the Biblical six day creation is eliminated.

Q) What religion and what science is there which explains the creation of everything in six days without any evolution whatsoever?

A) The Biblical Creation Account of the Christian religion (& some Orthodox Jews) teaches a God who had the power and resources to create everything in a literal evening and morning six day time frame with zero evolution involved…and ALL known science confirms this Account.

There is something else important that is true about those billions of years of the Pharisee Religion providing the indispensable “scientific” basis for teaching and promoting the Global Warming Movement: It violates the Establishment Clause of the U. S. Constitution!  Tax money funds textbooks, canyon markers, Foucault Pendulums, etc, all over the world. All of these venues regularly state that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old; that life began 3.8 billion years ago; that alleged epochs (e.g., Pleistocene, Eocene, etc.) lasting many millions of years have passed, and that modern humankind emerged as recently as Cro-Magnon Man 30,000 years ago.

All of these alleged “scientific facts” are the bedrock of the Global Warming dependency on billions of years of evolution. It is religious and it is illegal in the USA (and probably in other countries). If you don’t think so, try teaching and promoting a six day creation on a 6000 year old earth, and get ready to face a platoon of ACLU lawyers approaching with copies of the Establishment Clause in their pockets.

But, obviously, these evolutionary earth-science numbers are NOT THE SOURCE of those indispensable 15 billions of years. No, no! The earth is not the “beginning” of “creation” in the Pharisee Religion’s evolution-based “creation model” as it is viewed in the Christian Religion’s “creation model”. The 4.6 billion year earth age is merely the time of the alleged formation of the earth out of space gases and flotsam from the Big Bang, which textbooks tell us came c.11 billions of years after that mystical explosion started the Pharisee Religion’s “creation scenario”.

Thus, when Global Warming Zealots point to a host of “scientists” who support their dire warnings, they are not only pointing to scientists who are strong believers in the evolution model that encompasses billions of years of climatological change on the earth, they are pointing with equal conviction to a universe that is many billions of years OLDER than the earth. That is a fact, Jack.

What they have not known (or have ignored!) is that a BIG FACT has emerged in the last dozen years or so which puts an entirely new face on everything that is dependent upon or otherwise connected with “evolution science”. That fact tells the world: a) That a 15 billion year old cosmos is the first of several indispensable concepts that make up today’s Big Bang Cosmology, and; b) That it and ALL of the other essential concepts have their source in century’s old “holy Rabbinic writings” found in the mystic Kabbala, and; c) That those concepts, i.e., these Kabbalist “holy writings”, constitute today’s textbook cosmology which is an alternate, contra-Biblical (and contra-Koranic) “creation or origins scenario”.

This “scenario” has been conceived and nurtured in secret over many centuries by Pharisee Kabbalist Sages, and has been erected by a Theoretical Science Establishment made up of conspicuously Kabbalist-friendly “scientists” in all fields of “knowledge”. [See: Knowledge Impact] Moreover, this whole masquerade–which has deceived the world into believing its “science” was entirely secular, but which doesn’t have a secular bone in its body–has now been taught todo el mundo to be the scientific cornerstone of all “knowledge” with public funds. What a trick! What a deal!

Clearly, this now-out-of-the-closet fact automatically re-labels and transfers all of the “science” that is based on billions of years of evolutionism into a new category. All such “science” is automatically re-labeled and transferred out of the “secular” science category of information into a “religious” category of information. It is impossible to overstate the importance of this re-labeling of evolutionary “science”. Scientists–and all the rest of us–have been taught that “evolution science” is “secular” science with no “religious” agenda or source or connection of any sort. We now know that all of that teaching was wrong.

So now what!

Faced with these pregnant, easily confirmed facts, scientists (and all others) who value Truth and think they are furthering it by lending their voices to the Global Warming Movement, now have two choices: 1) They can try to ignore the dastardly–some would say, diabolical–level of deception involved, and the illegal financing of the Pharisee Religion’s evolution-dependent alternate “creation scenario”. Such an effort to ignore the nature and cost of this deception would clearly cancel any claims to be motivated by truth-seeking in this endeavor. A further conclusion that cannot be dodged is the one that shows that Pharisaic evolutionism has always served as a destroyer of the credibility of the Bible’s Creator God and His Word in both Testaments. Ultimately–for any who genuinely love deception and hate any truth that causes its revelation (II Thess.2:10)–one resolution will be to denounce Christianity and become Pharisees. 2) If a love of Truth outweighs all else, unwitting supporters of all evolution-dependent concepts (such as Global Warming) will do whatever is required to change and repudiate the deception in all of its guises.

Exposing the truth where “evolution science” is concerned carries with it a promise of loosing a “Truth Blitzkrieg” the likes of which the world has never seen, yet one that was written about in considerable detail over 1900 years ago…. In the end, God’s Truth Wins.

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