How to Control a Nation and Its People

How to Control a Nation and Its People

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There are certain things that have to change in order to control a nation and its people – IF you want to do it without too much violence. In the past nations were controlled by invading armies. This usually resulted in much death on both sides and the wealth of the nation destroyed. But if a nation is to be controlled without much resistance, the way to do that is to change the beliefs of the people. If the people are religious, and in their religion there are laws to keep them free, then this has to change. Their holy books have to be given another interpretation. Such is the case with the Christians.

Those who hate Christ and all that He stands for knows that they have to change the beliefs of the people. Since Christians use the Holy Bible as their guidance, the meaning of the Bible has to change. When they are successful in doing this, the antichrists can flood the nation, gain control and tax the people pretty much at will. In this article we’ll look into how this is accomplished. (I write “antichrists” with a small “a” as there are many in the world.)

Changing Beliefs

Each nation has a set of beliefs and this usually comes from their religious background. This sense of right and wrong flows over into their political laws. So is the case with Christian countries. Of course, with Christianity taken out of our public life, there is no reflection in our laws as it once were. Without jumping ahead of myself, I’ll just say here that the laws that govern us today have no resemblance to Christianity. For many, they think this is good, as they believe that there should be a “separation of church and state.”

Each new belief serves a purpose

Each new belief that is forced on us serves a purpose for those who wish to control us. The change in what we should believe – according to God – has happened over many centuries but most of it has occurred in the past 100 years.

Putting yourself in the shoes of the enemy, think of what needs to be changed in order for you to remain in power; think of what the Bible really says and what had to be changed. When you do this, you’ll find this is exactly what has happened.

Israel lost

One of the first things that needs to be changed is the identity of the people. This was started centuries ago. It took time to gain root but just about all of Christendom now believes this and that is Israel is lost. You have heard of the lost tribes of Israel and that preachers tell us, “We don’t know where they are. We only know of one tribe and they are called the Jews today,” or words to that effect.

The people who consisted of the ancient Israelites are not lost but only in a sense that they don’t know their own identity. But they are not lost in that they all died out, all mixed with other races. I

It would be too much to go into detail here, so I will have some links for further reading at the end of this article. I don’t expect you to believe me, but just do your own research, pray on this and ask God for guidance. In the meantime, all I can do in this one article is to give an outline. Let’s continue…


By getting the people to believe in pacifism would effectively disarm the people even if there are still laws that allow for the purchase and use of such weapons. This way, when the people are disarmed it’s easier to control them.

There has been a big push in recent years that Christians should be pacifist; to fight, to defend yourself is not Christians, so they claim. You even hear this from otherwise conservative Christians and even those who know what the New World Order is doing to us. But is this true?

A causal reading of the Bible will tell you that God told us to fight and how to fight. There are even rules of warfare. And when we followed what God told us to do, we were blessed (another confirmation). The New Testament did not contradict this; Christ did not contradict this. He said, “He that hath not a sword, let him sell his coat and buy one.” And the Apostle John answered, “We have two swords.” And Christ said, “That is enough.” This is certainly a physical sword Christ was talking about.

Not to Judge

God’s enemies don’t like to be judge because if they are judge what happens? They could be taken to court and pay the price. They would like the people to “turn a blind eye” to what they are doing. And in many cases, change the laws so they can legally get away with doing whatever it was.

You’ve often heard (out of context), “Thou shalt not judge.” But if you look in the verse that this is quoted from, IN CONTEXT, is that we should not judge someone for what we have done. In the words, don’t judge for stealing if you just stole something and have not repented.

What do we read in the Bible? We have the books of the Judges. This was a time when the nation of Israel was TO JUDGE, to have a system of judges and not a democratic system (which is not Christian).

Then we have Judgement Day where everyone is to be judged. Say you are an ice skating champion, you practised all year long, then you entered the “big event,” don’t you want to be judged? What if you were told you were not going to be judged? You wouldn’t like it, would you? You will not get your reward.

The only way you can have an orderly, peaceful society is IF people are judged for their crimes and sentenced accordingly.

God’s Laws Done Away With

When you can get a people to believe that certain laws were done away with, then you can do pretty much as you please. Including: stealing, coveting your neighbor’s wife, charging interest on money, eating food that is forbidden, worshipping other gods, etc.

One of the biggest lies that are told Christians is, that the Laws, Statues and Judgements are done away with; it was nailed to the Cross. No, the Laws were not nailed to the Cross but the rituals, the animal sacrifices. Christ said that heaven and earth would be gone before one iota of the law is changed. In short, God’s Laws will always be here.

How do you define sin? We are told this in the New Testament – sin is the transgression of the Law. Since we still have sin, we need the law.

Obey Caesar

Having Christians “obey Caesar” is a high goal for the globalist. Everything depends on “obeying the government.” Now, you have Christians using Romans chapter 13 as a sample of “obeying the government.” They say, “Render under Caesar what is Caesar and render what is God’s, God’s.” Getting the sheeple to obey all these antichrist laws is the goal for world leaders today.

What they haven’t thought of is, Caesar or the government wants everything, so there is nothing left for God!

If you read Romans 13 in context you’ll find out it doesn’t mean obey the government. In fact, during the American Revolution, preachers used Romans 13 to fight the British.


The false Rapture doctrine was started by a Jesuit Priest centuries ago. Then it was re-introduced in the early 19th Century. The Rapture doctrine is now believed by most Christians today. This serves the antichrists in that it neutralises Christians. When you talk to them about the troubles in the world, they usually respond with, “My home is in Heaven; I’ll be whisked away before the trouble starts.” If you were the enemy, this is exactly what you want people to believe as they will not put up any resistance to you.

Only one Anti-Christ

We are told that there is only one Anti-Christ. This fits perfectly in with the so-called Elite in that the people will look for only one person rather than the thousands who are responsible. People will put all the world’s problems on the Pope, for example, rather than the descendants of Cain.

Christ said that there are many antichrists in the world, and since that was 2,000 years ago, why do people think that there is only one? We are told in Scripture that anyone who denies Jesus is the Christ is an antichrist. The Jews, for example, deny Jesus is the Christ.


Christians think that it’s good to bring in people who are of a different culture, ethnicity and religion. If they only read the Old Testament there would be many examples people were excluded from living in Israel, such as the Canaanites, Hittites, Edomites and others.

When Scripture is given an entirely different meaning, when you have Bibles printed with different text, the Christians are led to believe that it’s OK to have just anybody come in. Witness the Muslims and their heathen religion who are causing so much crime in European countries today. The leaders of the various European countries can only get away with it if the Christians are really dumbed down. With the Christians believing that allowing anyone in the country is OK fits in perfect with the EU Super State.

Fitting in with the immigration problem, you can put under it:

  • everyone is equal
  • everyone should mix
  • all religions are equal

I hope you can see with all the false doctrines that are taught to Christians it serves the antichrists plan perfectly. Of course, what the Christians believe in, 98% matches up with those who are: heathens, gnostic, atheist or of any other religious belief. Don’t Christians know that we are to be separate, called out, not believing in the things of this world? Not only are Christians to have a different life-style than those who are not, but our morals and values should be different, too. Unfortunately, they are not.

Here are some references that goes into more detail on some of the topics I covered. If you don’t understand something, don’t get mad at me, but read what the Scripture says. Pray on what you are studying and ask God to lead you to the truth.

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