Why You Should Know About False Flag Events


As a follow up to the previous article, How To Spot a False Flag Event, I feel another article is due. Many people may say, “Why should know I care about false flag events?” To this I reply – I don’t know anyone who likes to be lied to. For those that do, they shouldn’t complain about what the government is doing to them.

There are people who become very hostel when you tell them that 9-11 was a false flag event. I can think of three reasons why someone would act like this.

1 – They are part of the creation of such an event

2 – That their job in some way connected to accepting the official version

3 – Those who don’t want to be socially ostracise from family and friends

The fact that it’s a false flag event, means that person has to keep their mouth shut. They could be part of the problem and not the solution. Their agency may be playing a part in it; they might be one of the “crises actors” in it. So, they keep quite.

If you fall into category #2, you could have a job such as a teacher and you must teach what the text books say. You could be a regular government worker and anything said against the government is not acceptable. If you are a government worker you could be called a “conspiracy theorist.” If you are a teacher, you could be charged with not accepting “the party line.” Finally, if you working in some company, you employer could say that you “are not a team player.”

If you fit in category #3, you don’t want to have a fall out with your family; you don’t want to lose your friends by having ideas different than theirs. After all, who wants to lose family and friends?

Thus, it is left to the few, the brave, like you, who wants to learn the truth regardless of who it might offend.

Assuming you know that the media and government lies, you can act accordingly, you are better able to protect your family. You’ll know that when a politician says one thing he means the opposite. When they say that immigration South of the Border is good, you’ll know it’s bad, etc. You’ll be prepared when to move out of the city or even out of the country, because you can see trouble coming.

There was a FEMA worker who was told to photograph the rubble at the 9-11 bombing. He did, but for some reason other government agencies were on to him. So, as a warning, they killed his wife. The husband actually thought it was a suicide. The husband was taken into custody, sat in jail for about 6 months before the court heard his case. The conclusion was he was found not guilty. But because of what he discovered in the filming, he knew that he had not heard the last from them. So, in safety to his own life, he fled the country. By being aware of the 9-11 false flag event he was able to leave the country.

Not Exactly a False Flag

There are other news items that are just plain lies and not a false flag, that you should know about. When you get to the stage in your research that you can’t trust the government and certain corporations, you can better protect your family. This category is just plain lying. Such is the case with vaccines. We are told that vaccines prevents different kinds of disease or conditions; that they are safe to use. If you have done research you’d find that vaccines are responsible for weakened immune system, learning disabilities, neurological problems and even death. Don’t believe me – just do your own research. For starters you can do a YouTube search with the words: “vaccine dangers.” Or use other words such as: exposed, fraud.

Here is one video to check out:

Once you know about the dangers of vaccines, you can avoid them; opt out and say “no.” If vaccines should become mandatory, as it is in California now, you can move to another state. If it should become mandatory in all states – than move out of the country. A South American country safer for your children.

I could go on and on about other dangers and areas we’ve been lied to. Though this is not a false flag event, it is always important when you are being lied to.

When you are aware that the government and media is so corrupt that when they say “such and such is good for you” you can bet the opposite is true. It’s so bad, that if you don’t know the truth but the government says one thing, just do research for the opposite position. In many cases you’d find that the exact opposite is the truth. You know that we have been lied to about the earth and the so-called billions of stars and galaxies. So, it should come as no surprise that the government, media, educational system and certain corporations would lie to us.

Well, we have been lied to about much of what the Bible actually says. We know that preachers either ignore verses that talks about a stationary earth or, IF they know about these verses, they interpret it as just the opposite of what it actually says. A whole book can be written about other lies we are told about the Bible which is not what the Bible says. I hope to more articles on this topic in the future.

Until next time, double check and do your own research when big news articles comes your way.



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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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