Chicago Skyline: It’s No Mirage

Chicago Skyline: It’s No Mirage

Here is a fascinating video by Rob Skiba who went out to Lake Michigan to film the Chicago skyline. You may remember that sometime back there was a weather reporter that showed a picture taken of the Chicago skyline and he said it was a mirage – which was a lie! The purpose of having this on the weather time of the news was to insinuate that the earth is a globe. Of course, if you saw this video (which is on YouTube) you will know that it’s not a mirage as you don’t need to be a weatherman to determine this. But many people are fooled and fell for the junk science that was spewed from the mouth of the weatherman.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to Chicago Skyline: It’s No Mirage

  1. silvernblacksabbath says:

    Excellent!!!! Keep spreading the truth!


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